What Does Eel Taste Like? Is It Worth Buying For?

The price of eels is very high, and because of this people becomes curious about its taste and why some spend a lot for this. People might be wondering, what does eel taste like that it costs thousands of dollars per kilogram? This article will not just answer your question, we will also provide you some information about the eel and why it is worth its cost.

Understanding the Nature of Eels

You can find eels in salt water and in fresh water. There is a slight difference in their taste but the most important factor to note is that eels found in salt water have tougher skin and flesh, which makes them, cost less as compared to the freshwater type. Some people have their own fish pan and raise their own eels as underlings until it is big enough for consumption.

Those that are raised in a fish pan have a special preference as compared to the ones that are caught out at the sea.

The Taste and Texture of Eel

The Taste and Texture of Eel

This type of fish has a light sweet taste if you eat a popular Japanese dish known as Unagi. The texture is similar to salmon but with a firmer meat. There are some people who simply soak the eel in soy sauce.

​They say you will have a hard time distinguishing which is salmon and which is the eel. Others say it tastes a little bland, but if you like squid, you will also like this. But squid and eel differ in texture.

Some people who cook eel observe that it feels like chicken but others think that it was not that hard. Actually, it depends on the way you cook it. There are lots of eel recipes that you can find online.

Also, there are some authentic eel restaurants particularly the Japanese ones that cook really good tasting eel. The eel meat tastes really good and is very absorbent with sauces and other seasonings that you prefer.

Another way to describe its taste is if you compare it with catfish. This type of fish shows a lot of eel characteristics except that catfish is much cheaper than an eel. Furthermore, people compare the taste of the eel to other exotic foods like frog and snakes.

So, if you have eaten frog or snake before then you will have an idea how eel tastes like. For my personal opinion, I think catfish is the closest among the three foods mentioned.

Japanese Favorite Food

Japan was in an uproar in 2012 when the price of eel shoot up to more than three times as compared to its normal market price. They have been importing eels from the US for $2000 per pound that send hundred old businesses into bankruptcy. There are lots of eel restaurants that could not cope up with the high costs of importing, and the prices they had to sell their meals are higher that an ordinary Japanese cannot afford it anymore.

​The reason why Japanese are very concerned with this situation is because eels are very much part of their traditions and culture. The “ushi-no-hi” festival that they have been celebrating is the day for eating eels. Lack of supply and not being able to buy eels because of its high price is a big deal for them. It’s the same as having no turkey during Thanksgiving.

​They also believe that including at least one meal of eel in their everyday diet will assure that their men are fit and healthy, and women will not just be fit and healthy, but beautiful as well

​Health Value of Eel.

Sushi Suzuran Japan Foods Trading

Keeping the women fit and healthy and beautiful is not just some sort of promotion so people will purchase eel. Studies were conducted about eels and they have found out that eels are the most nutritious food that an individual can take.

​Eels are not just rich in protein, it also contains unsaturated fat, calcium and a lot more. Eels likewise contain vitamin E, which is very helpful in improving skin conditions, which only proves that they are not wrong when they say that it can keep women beautiful.

​With lots of nutrients that you can get from eating the eel, it is safe to say that it is definitely one of the healthiest and tasty food that you can add to your regular diet. There are lots of recipes available online that you can follow.

Final Words

At present, the eel industry is now the most profitable industry and it looks like there is no way stopping it, particularly in Japan. The country mentioned is known to be the largest consumers and exporters of eels, and there is no specific study yet as to why their eels are now gone. It only proves that our supplies no matter what we do will be gone soon if we will not able to find ways on how to propagate it effectively.

To answer the question, what does eel taste like and if it is worth its cost, the answer is that it tastes like a catfish or salmon, and the nutritional value that you can get from it is priceless.​

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