The Top 20 Health Benefits Of Wasabi – How Healthy Is It?


We all know that Wasabi is a Japanese ingredient, and that’s all. Few of us know that it’s also called Wasabia Japonica and Japanese Horseradish. It has developed a reputation for setting the taste buds of your mouth on fire. But there’s more to the humble root than just taste. This brings me to the topic at hand; the 20 health benefits of Wasabi.

Wasabi is not only a part of sushi dishes. It is also present in delicious snacks like wasabi-flavored peas and roasted nuts. The green plant has a rich content of fiber, minerals, and vitamins. But this doesn’t do justice to the list of health benefits that wasabi has to offer. So it’s time discuss each of them in detail below. Let’s begin!


#1 Natural Defense against Bacterial Infection

Here goes the first one out of the 20 health benefits of wasabi. And kind of an important one. Do you know why wasabi is always a part of sashimi or sushi? Do you think it’s because of its strong flavor? That is correct, but there’s more to it.

Since raw fish contains more bacteria, wasabi acts as an antimicrobial agent. It reduces the ill effects of such bacteria. Thus, preventing the development of severe health conditions.

#2 Rich Antioxidants

Maintaining healthy cells and encouraging the formation of new ones are essential. This helps in keeping the body fresh and miles away from major health issues like cancer. So keeping that in mind, you’ll love wasabi as it contains rich, natural antioxidants.

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#3 Protection against Seasonal Allergies

Bacteria are the primary triggers when it comes to allergies. And wasabi has excellent antibacterial properties. This means it has the ability to fight bacteria that often give rise to allergies.

#4 Reduces the Chances of Strokes

Our body, including the brain, requires blood to function properly, right? This blood is distributed evenly throughout the body with the help of our heart. So it’s only logical to assume that the heart fails to pump blood due to a stroke. And during this time, the brain as well as the body suffers.

But consuming wasabi on a daily basis prevents such a tragedy from taking place. And that’s because wasabi does an excellent job of keeping the heart in good condition.

#5 Boosts the Immune System

Vitamin C is responsible for making the immune system stronger. Even as little as one teaspoon of vitamin C daily can boost immune health. So you will be glad to know that wasabi is considered to be one of the best natural sources for vitamin C.

#6 Cuts Down Heart Attack Risk

A blood clot in your arteries tends to affect blood circulation to a great extent. And this is when you get a heart attack. So to avoid the formation of such blood clots, one should make it a point to eat wasabi on a daily basis. It goes a long way in keeping these kinds of life-threatening diseases at bay.

#7 Prevents the Formation of Osteoporosis


Out of the 20 health benefits of wasabi, the prevention of osteoporosis is the most important. And that’s because osteoporosis has now become a common condition.

Few people are aware that wasabi contains isothiocyanates. This particular compound does an excellent job at maintaining bone integrity. Such activity also helps in reducing joint swelling. Now we all know that joint swelling is a common symptom of osteoporosis.

#8 Keeps Cholesterol in Check

Another important fact about wasabi is that the root has an anti-hypercholesterolemic nature. Such a characteristic lowers the amount of bad cholesterol or LDL in the body. Once again, this helps in preventing the formation of blood clots.

How to Reduce Bad Cholesterol

#9 Protection against Cancer

The compound isothiocyanates present in wasabi does more than just maintain bone integrity. It also eliminates free radicals found in your body. These radicals are often responsible for producing cancerous cells. So it’s better to get rid of them, isn’t it?

#10 Anti-Inflammatory Properties

As humans, we should know that prostaglandin in the body gives rise to pain. So we need to do whatever it takes to block the formation of prostaglandin. And you can do that by consuming wasabi. This is how the green root offers anti-inflammatory benefits.

#11 Prevents Cavities

It is a condition that develops in warm and wet areas such as the mouth. It leads to the formation of bacteria known as streptococcus. And this is a result of high acidic properties and sugar in the oral organs. So at such times, wasabi’s antibacterial characteristics restrict the bacteria growth.

#12 Low in Calories

Out of the 20 health benefits of wasabi, this is the only one directly related to weight loss. The green root contains little fat along with low calories. Wasabi also has a rich fiber content, which means an improvement in metabolism. Now you know why people who want to shed some of those extra kilos consume wasabi on a daily basis.

#13 Acts as a Natural Sanitizer

Did you know that wasabi is an ingredient added to toothpaste and hand sanitizers? And do you know why? It’s because wasabi offers excellent antibacterial properties. And they have the ability to fight all types of bacteria. These include staphylococcus and e.coli.

#14 Improves Respiratory Conditions

Are you dealing with respiratory issues like sinuses and nasal condition? If yes, then you can add wasabi to your diet for some relief. The plant provides the body with isothiocyanates. These compounds are responsible for keeping the respiratory triggers under control.

#15 Natural Detoxification

Due to our unhealthy eating habits, detoxification is necessary. Many people tend to opt for medical methods such as consuming certain drugs. But it’s always better to do such things as naturally as possible.

This is where wasabi comes into the picture. It consists of a photochemical compound. And that eliminates all the toxicity present in the liver.

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#16 Aids in Digestion


When listing down 20 health benefits of wasabi, digestion plays a significant role. Since wasabi has a high level of fiber content, it improves metabolism rate. And this, in turn, helps the body flush out unwanted or harmful substances.

A healthy gut means a better and more comfortable life, doesn’t it?

#17 Keeps the Oral Organs in Good Shape

Most of the bacteria that enter our body do so with our mouth, don’t they? This means that our oral organs contain the most amounts of bacteria. When you find out something as important as this, you should make it a point to eat wasabi regularly.

Tooth decay is also a common condition, isn’t it? So by consuming wasabi, you’re exposing oral organs to its antibacterial properties.

#18 Keeps Food Poisoning Away

Japanese cuisine consists of wasabi, doesn’t it? Ever wondered why? It’s because wasabi offers strong flavor. On top of that, it also has potent bactericide and insecticide properties.

Consuming raw fish means increasing the chances of food poisoning, right? But with wasabi present in the food, the risk factor gets eliminated.

#19 Relieves Symptoms of Eczema

If you want to know how to treat the condition of eczema in the most natural manner, then you’re in the right place. You don’t have to read all the 20 health benefits of wasabi for that. This particular point is enough to provide that information.

Wasabi is one of those green roots that have the ability to relieve the common symptoms of eczema. This is why many people incorporate the plant into their daily diet. It makes the condition more bearable.

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#20 Improves Bone Health

Here you need to know two things. The first one is that wasabi provides the body with enough calcium. And the second important point is that it contains certain active compounds.These are responsible for preventing or reducing inflammation. This means better bone health with no joint pains.

The Final Take

So these are the 20 health benefits of wasabi. But before I end the article, let’s address two important questions. Is wasabi bad for you? How much wasabi can you eat?

It’s best to consume small quantities of wasabi on a daily basis. And that’s because everything in moderation is healthy for your body. Wasabi also contains hepatotoxic. This is one of those chemicals that tend to damage the liver when consumed in large amounts.

There’s another important point that you should keep in mind. Imitation wasabi is not the original Wasabia Japonica. So don’t expect these health benefits from a product like that. This kind of wasabi consists of artificial flavorings that do more harm than good.

The Truth About Wasabi – What is Real Wasabi

So don’t forget that you need to buy real Wasabi or Japanese Horseradish. This you can grate into condiments to add to your daily dishes. Such a practice goes a long way in boosting health. And if you’re into powdered wasabi, then make sure that you select a reliable and organic brand.

So tell me, have you ever tried wasabi? And did you know that wasabi had a sea of health benefits to offer?

Please feel free to share any delicious wasabi recipes you have in mind.

I hope you enjoyed reading the article. And I also hope that you make wasabi a part of your daily diet.

Thank you for dropping by. Have a beautiful day!

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