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The 13 Vacuum For Stairs of July 2022

If you’re interested in cleaning your own staircase, read about our top 10 picks and our buyer’s guide. Such vacuums might change the way you maintain your house. Plus, they’re good for business because of their extended warranties. And practical features!

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Buying the best vacuum for stairs doesn’t have to be difficult. You can read about each of our picks and the best that industry can offer. The comparison table below jots down every important factor to consider. This should give you a good summary of the best of 2018 and why it’s the ideal pick for you.

important factor to consider. This should give you a good summary of the best of 2018 and why it’s the ideal pick for you.


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Built with HEPA filtration, this vacuum can run for 40 minutes on a single charge. It has a spacious canister which holds a lot of dirt. And new cleaning mechanism which scrapes the sides of the bin for when it’s getting empty. It ejects dirt right into a bin with the Hygienic Dirt Ejector. So, you do not have to transfer the dirt canister to a bag. And then transfer the bag to the bin.

At max power mode, this best vacuum for stairs runs for about 7 minutes. The max power mode gives you the strongest suction. This suction is necessary for cleaning carpets, corners, and other difficult areas.

For storage, the docking station holds the vacuum’s attachments. You can dock the vacuum cleaner on the wall or in a laundry room. The docking station makes sure the upright vacuum doesn’t tip over and is always ready for use.

The V8 comes with a direct-drive cleaner head which means it has more brush power. With this, you can drive the vacuum on ground-in dirt, especially on staircases, in one sweep. This saves you time and leaves you untired.

The cleaner head and crevice tool let you reach hard places. While the 150% more brush power sucks in more fine particles and dirt. Which is the ideal combination for cleaning hardwood, carpeted, or other stairs.

​This model gets loud when switched to its Max Power Mode. Using the Max mode isn’t necessary unless you have never once cleaned the stairs in months. The Max mode also uses too much battery which leaves little room for other suction modes. So, use the Max mode of the V8 to the least and only when it’s needed.

Reliable HEPA filtration.
Up to 40 minutes run-time.
A durable docking station.
The Max power mode is too loud.
The motorized tool drains the battery quickly.


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This best vacuum for stairs is satisfying to use, intuitive, and durable. If you want something easier to use, the Welikera is better than the competitors.

For starters, it features Smart Charge technology and lithium-ion batteries. These features allow the unit to stay on for longer. And promote fade-free power for 30 minutes on a single charge. In addition to this, it has a stainless steel filter and cordless design. This handheld vacuum is good for cleaning hard-to-reach corners at any time of the day.

You can reach narrow gaps and tight corners without trying too hard. If you have a tiny room under the staircase, which is often so hard to clean, this will take care of that too. It takes care of everything on a good charge.

The appliance even features an LED light. Along with Pet Hair Eraser for accurate performance! This Dust Buster needs to know that it’s getting the job done. The manual might say 20 minutes, but the Welikera holds a charge for at least 30 minutes. With strong suction and good cleaning performance, it’s hard to beat!

The extra tools and attachments are functional and practical. It works for removing dust, dirt, liquid, ash, food crumbs, and pet hair.

The product includes a stainless steel filter, crevice nozzle, brush, a soft pipe, and a carry bag. I found that the crevice nozzle and brush are ideal for cleaning staircases. With one sweep, it gets rid of grounded-in dirt, crumbs, and hair. Especially when you have carpeted hardwood floors!

For glass or metal steps, the crevice nozzle is good for cleaning stains and liquid. The suction is so strong and sharp that it leaves nothing behind.

​The device is good for cleaning staircases only. This is because the battery life is a bit short for cleaning the entire house. Unless you live in a studio apartment with not much floor area to cover!

Portable and durable.
Good airflow and suction.
Reaches narrow corners and other difficult areas.
Short battery life.
Not suitable for cleaning an entire home.


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Want something with a warranty? Try the Dirt Devil Simpli-Stik. It’s an upright, corded, and bagless vacuum. With a powerful 1.25-amp motor, it is perfect for cleaning hardwood floors. If this best vacuum for stairs can clean up after a pile a dog hair, it can do anything!

The best part about it is the filter cup – it’s rinse-able. The stick design converts into a handheld design making staircase cleaning efficient. The built-in crevice tool reaches corners and fits between tight spaces.

The cord is 16-feet long which is enough when you’re cleaning a long flight of stairs. The innovative design of the Dirt Devil will keep you satisfied. It gives you no reason to look the other way. Especially when you want a practical, useful, and effective pick!

If you shelter many dogs, especially those that shed a lot of hair in a day, this vacuum will help. It will help clean the mess up that you used to do by hand or with a scrub brush. This vacuum follows no such protocol for cleaning dog hair. The suction and washable filter make cleaning along hardwood or carpeted floors easy.

Assembling it isn’t difficult either –the 3 parts need to stick together until you hear a snap! It consists of the bottom sweeper, the middle handheld body, and the top handle. With no screws or bolts needed, the lightweight design is intuitive, user-friendly, and functional.

The lack of a canister bag can be a putting-off factor for many people. This is because a bagless model requires you to remove the filter covered with dust and hair by hand. Then you have to dump the collected dirt from the filter into the trash.

And if there’s too much of hair stuck on the filter, you might have to use to brush to properly get the hair out. This wastes time and requires more effort on your part.

Strong suction power.
2-year limited warranty.
Stick-to-handheld convertible design
Doesn’t contain a bag.
The handle grip is a bit short.


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This one is a lithium-ion powered handheld vacuum cleaner. Its top features are Cyclonic action suction and a Rotating slim nozzle. Both these features make cleaning carpeted areas and rugs easy.

The intuitive design makes emptying out its bagless vacuum canister quick and effortless. You can even rinse the dirt bowl. This is necessary when cleaning out something that might leave a stench behind.

It comes with mounting hooks that make the vacuum good for storage. You won’t have to deal with any hanging wires or cords since it’s a cordless model.

The transparent design of the Black and Decker makes cleaning effortless. You can see what goes into the canister leaving nothing behind.

The lightweight design uses 50% less energy; thanks to its Smart Charge technology. You get twice the powerful suction and half the energy it takes to get there.

You’ll also love the 2-year warranty, 4-hour charging capacity, and automatic shut-off. These features make the Black and Decker a tough competitor for quick home cleaning.

The Cyclonic power suction of the device has a rotating edge to it. This means the vacuuming head scrubs out the ground-in dirt from thick carpets. While keeping the suction strong and airflow going. Once the nozzle starts to rotate, move the vacuum in a straight line for accurate cleaning.

​The vacuum has a long charge time, but a short run-time. It can hold a charge for about 10 to 15 minutes only at its highest power suction settings.

Portable and extendable pickup.
50% less energy-efficient performance.
Short battery life.


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We looked many handheld and corded vacuums with a wider nozzle for suction. At the end of our search, the Bissell Deluxe ranked to the top of the list. It has a lightweight design and a curved carrying handle for easy handling.

With an 18-foot power cord, this vacuum for stairs beats the others. It works great when you want to get rid of dirty floors. Especially when the floor isn’t kept clean for a long time.

You don’t have to use any attachments with this handheld. It cleans crevices, narrow gaps between steps, and corners quick. The long cord helps when you want to clean the adjoining wall around the steps. The rubber contour nozzle scrubs and extracts all fine particles. This includes the soft and hard ones.

The area where all the dust collects is transparent. This works as a smart dirt indicator. So, you know when it’s time to empty out the collected dirt.

Both the filters and canister make performance easy and useful. But you must know how to maneuver the vents on the side. They might blow the dirt around for a while but finessing the vacuum with the help of a hose can prevent that. So, make sure you make use of all its attachments proactively. Including the hose-adapter nozzle, 2-foot hose, and crevice tool.

​But the Bissell isn’t as powerful as our top pick. It isn’t a heavy-duty performer but it is lightweight. Good enough for cleaning small steps – carpet, hardwood, or metal – in a short span of time.

Lightweight with multi-level filtration.
Good for people struggling with allergies.
Not as durable as other high-priced models.


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This stick vacuum is a solid choice if you want a strong suction power. This pick helps when you’ve got less than an hour to clean. It assembles easy, is lightweight, and the canister collects and empties the dirt well.

The fade-free lithium-ion batteries are strong and replaceable. This increases the vacuum’s shelf life without adding costs. What I liked the most was the Wind Tunnel technology!

This technology creates a unique channel or flow of strong air to remove the toughest dirt. If you have carpeted stairs, this suction power helps remove deeply-embedded dirt.

With recline handle and edge cleaning; it’s a solid competitor on the list. The fuel gauge lets you know when the battery is reaching its low. All this with the help of a smooth and durable stick vacuum!

Imagine you’re holding a weak vacuum that lets you feel the heat every time it sucks in a dirt particle. Doesn’t feel right, I’m sure. This happens because of 2 reasons: weak suction power and narrow nozzle mouth. The Hoover eliminates such disturbance in performance. It works perfectly-well through thick rugs or solid hardwood floors.

​But this vacuum is not the ideal choice for removing pet hair(pet allergies). The hair particles get clogged up in the filter. Removing chunks of collected hair from the filter is time-consuming.

Lightweight and durable.
Edge cleaning performance.
Not good for cleaning up thick pet hair.


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The Shark Rocket consists of all important features. For starters, it is a convertible stick-to-handheld vacuum. Ideal for cleaning the ceilings, walls, and floors!

The long hose is good for reach dark corners under and around the staircase. You can switch between design with its Quick Release foot pedal. Which allows you to reach high above the staircase on down below. All this without you having to move a single inch!

This best vacuum for stairs produces effective cleaning. All thanks to the 2-power speeds and 2x the canister capacity for collecting dirt.

This upright vacuum helps you hunt down the smallest particle on hardwood floor. The hardwood floor attachment dusts away all the fine particles too. The smart design and features make it the best reassuring competitor on the list.

The dust cover of this design is protected with durable plastic. The entire housing is heavily-padded and can stay upright without tipping over. One of the attachments is of microfiber quality which is great for cleaning hardwood floor. Microfiber never misses a particle in its way. Vacuum in a circular motion to reap its benefits too!

Floor-to-ceiling cleaning performance.
Features 2 powerful suction modes.
Large dust capacity.
The canister is hard to clean after use.


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If you liked the Dirt Devil Corded Upright but want a handheld version, go for this. It features a lightweight and portable design. You can carry it around and it won’t feel a bit heavy. So lightweight that it weighs less than 4 pounds.

This is a good compact vacuum for most people. But don’t let its small size fool you. It has a 16-foot power cord and a quick-flip crevice tool. The latter uses more space to do the cleaning. And the former saves space to clean more efficiently.

I found that the quick flip feature is good for vacuuming corners and tight spaces. Back this up with the vacuum’s 7-amp power motor, it’s a power-packed beast in a bagless design. It can also clean out sand particles and tiny pebbles.

For extra detailed cleaning, the components come with a 3-year warranty. The bagless canister is well-supported by its lightweight design. It doesn’t create a mess or left-over debris after emptying.

If you want to clean stray hairs on the carpet, you wouldn’t want to suck up the fibers of the carpet during vacuuming. So, what do you do? I suggest you use the vacuum’s extension brush to increase the suction area. This way, the nozzle doesn’t come into contact with the carpet but sucks in the air comfortably.

​Being a compact appliance, the vacuum can get a bit noisy. So, if used late at night, it might disturb family members or even the neighbors. That is if you live in close quarters.

Compact and lightweight.
Long power cord.
Quick Flip button for crevice brush.
Too loud every time you turn it on.


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The Bissell is an impressive choice for most people. It features a Cyclonic system with a TurboBrush tool. This makes it last longer and stronger for cleaning all kinds of surfaces.

The 25-foot cord length and OnePass technology make it tough. It has a strong suction which means your stairs stay cleaner for longer. It’s so fast and effective that you won’t need to clean every day! (Causes of vacuums losing suction)

The onboard tools include a crevice, dusting brush, and an extension wand. With a simple push of a button, you can empty out the dirt. Place the mouth of the opening above a trash and press the button.

The canister’s opening gets narrower toward the opening. This makes it easier to empty the collected dust without making it mess. Most other bagless models have a wider mouth. So, when you open the canister, the dirt and hair fly everywhere but into the trash can. Which is why this best vacuum for stairs is essential.

​Those hose feels extremely stiff when vacuuming. A more pliable material would have been perfect to reach higher areas.

Lightweight design.
Multi-cyclonic power suction.
The hose is inflexible to manage.


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This best vacuum for stairs is our exclusive pick on the market. It is incredibly-lightweight and durable. Has dual storage features with a detailed nozzle for fast cleaning. It would make a good convertible choice for full home cleaning. The swivel steering nozzle and dust-away attachments make cleaning quick and effortless.

Something about this feels more comfortable. Maybe it’s the ultra-lightweight body with power control features. If you need something that lets you clean everything, go for this pick. You will find it easier to assemble and store this vacuum. All thanks to its dual storage design and simple mounting capabilities.

It also stays upright in a sturdier fashion than the other models we considered. This means you can relax while vacuuming and get the job done faster!

With pets around, there’s only so much you can do to get rid of pet hair. The best way to unclog hair from the filter is with the vacuum’s dusting brush. You can clean away all the deposits in one sitting when it’s time to empty the canister. But the dirt cup is so secure and sturdy, that you would have to use a tool to detach it.

But here’s something you might not like. The hole in which you hoist cover plates is too small. And I can’t say that this is not troublesome. Even though it’s not a major problem!

Smart and effective features.
Lightweight with a secure dirt cup.
The vacuum doesn’t stand on its own.

Final Note


Do you find it hard to clean your staircase with a standard vacuum? The better option is to buy a corded or handheld vacuum for your staircase. With a strong suction power and edge cleaning features!

You can get a smart vacuum cleaner for cheap. With a durable hose and multiple cleaning tools! Such appliances transform the way you do chores. Thus making the time of your day more efficient!

If you’re looking for a practical choice, go for the Dyson V8 Absolute Cordless Stick Vacuum Cleaner. Cleaning the steps yourself becomes much easier with this best vacuum for stairs. It’s quick, affordable, and effective at what it does.

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