Going out in the open gives you that freedom that you can conquer everything and that no one can stop you. The boundless horizon speaks a language that quenches your soul and renews your energy. Until you fell into a ditch and your off-roader got stuck. Good thing it didn’t topple over at least! Right? I know it’s embarrassing. But it becomes more embarrassing if you don’t have the means to get out of that ditch! Now, before your next adventure, make sure that you have decided between Superwinch vs Warn.

Ditches will always be ditches. They will be there ready to trap you and get you stuck! But with a winch, you can manage to recover and get out of that sticky situation. But you know what, if you are thinking about Superwinch and Warn, you are on the right track.

These are two of the best winches available in the market that have an excellent towing capacity. They are known for top-notch quality, excellent customer service, and amazing aftermarket services.

History of Winch

Before winches where invented, what do you think people do when they get stuck? I think they prayed hard that someone would pass by who has some kind of rope and a strong enough engine to help them pull out the stuck vehicle!

But don’t get me wrong. It’s not like winches are something that is recently invented. There are accounts that point out that winches were being used since 480BC! So, this tech is quite old. But, we have improved it a lot since then.

Today, winches are not manually operated and can be driven by a wide range of methods. Winches could either be manual, hydraulic, pneumatic or driven by a combustion engine. However, the most popular winch for outdoor and vehicle use is hydraulic winch. It would be too much of a hassle to bring a pneumatic winch when off-roading because you would need an air compressor to use it!

Now, let’s take a look at two of the most popular brands of winches in the market and see which of them has better performance.

Superwinch VS Warn

Superwinch has more than 45 years of experience up to its sleeves. Believe it or not, Superwinch started as Ford Motors Company. Fred Tolsdorf has a pretty simple idea. He loves engineering, and he wants to make the best of his abilities. With this in mind, he simply built a winch, and it ended up with amazing quality. They started catering yacht and other boat equipment and pursued smaller models that are fit to recover vehicles from ditches.

On the other hand, Warn is an equally amazing manufacturer of winches. They are twenty years ahead of Superwinch and basically building winches before the latter put up a company. This Oregon-based company is one of the preferred brands of hobbyists and the military. Arthur Warn, the founder of this company, is a dedicated man that paved the way for the modern winches. He started inventing and revolutionized winches during his time.

To clearly see which one is better for you, let’s take a look at some of the important features that you need for your activity.


When choosing a winch, the first thing you should answer is how heavy your vehicle is. Winches can pull you out of muds and ditches. However, a winch that cannot support your vehicles gross weight would not budge. So, before anything else, check your vehicle’s weight and add the weight of all the upgrades you had. Remember, bigger tires and steel bumpers add substantial weight to your vehicle’s gross weight.

As a rule of thumb, it’s important to get a winch that has a capacity of at least 150% of your vehicle’s gross weight. Twice your vehicle’s weight would make sure that no matter how heavy your vehicle, your winch can pull you out.

Steel Cable Vs Synthetic Rope

Another factor you should consider when choosing a winch is the cable material. Both steel and the synthetic rope has its pros and cons. Steel cables have unmatched durability and tensile strength. However, in the unfortunate event that steel cable breaks, it becomes dangerous. When steel cable snaps, the loose ends become projectile strings that can cause major injuries. Imagine the potential energy this cable has before it breaks. This poses a danger to the operator.

On the other hand, synthetic ropes are far safer and recoil in a predictable linear fashion when it snaps. However, it has a lower tensile strength and load capacity. Synthetic ropes are often effective on lighter off-road vehicles.

Quality of Make

Many manufacturers claim to have the toughest and most durable types of material that they use for every product. They heavily advertise about the capacity and durability. However, not every company has a name that backs up their claims.

Superwinch and Warn are two of the most reliable winch manufacturers in the market that you can rely on. They have been in the business for long and have proven that they make high-quality winches using top-notch materials.

Superwinch and Warn Winches

Over the years, both manufacturers have designed and reinvented winches to adapt to the varying needs of hobbyists, enthusiasts, and the military. Here are some models of Superwinch together with their Warn counterpart models in greater detail. Let’s have a look at both ends of the spectrum from a standard capacity to extremely high capacity!

Superwinch LT4000 (2000lb Capacity)


For ATV enthusiasts, this model will give you enough pulling capacity of 2000lbs. On average, ATVs weigh around 1000lbs. This winch will be able to pull your ATV from holes, ditches, and muds without a problem. The pulling capacity of this winch is double the gross weight of your ATV. That’s a lot of surplus pulling capacity.

You can rely on the heavy-duty latched hook inserted on a thimble attached to the steel cable. It has a 5/32inch wire rope that spans 50ft. It has a 1HP motor that runs on 12V battery. This unit has a solenoid brake that automatically disconnects from the circuit when the engine is turned off to conserve your battery.

This model is fairly light at 14 lbs which makes it a great portable winch. It comes with a limited one year warranty in case you encounter faults and problems under recommended use.

WARN 89020 Vantage (2000lb Capacity)


Warn’s Vantage 2000 is Superwinch’s LT4000 counterpart. It has the same pulling capacity that can rescue your ATV from a ditch.
has a 2000lb pulling capacity with an enclosed motor that is sealed from the harmful environmental elements. For a vehicle weighing a thousand pounds, this device would safely pull you without worrying about failing.

It is equipped with a 50foot 5/32 steel cable that is made with top-notch materials. It has a 0.9HP motor that also runs on 12V DC car battery. It’s slightly lighter than Superwinch’s counterpart model and makes it a better portable winch. However, it’s double the price of Superwinch’sLT4000.

Superwinch Winch Tiger Shark (17,500lbs)


Superwinch boasts their top of the line series that has up to 17,500 capacity. The Tiger Shark series is made with top quality materials that won’t give up on you in tough situations. It’s available in 9,500, 11,500, 13,500, 15,500, and 17,500lbs. How heavy is your vehicle? I think Superwinch can accommodate your ride!

It has high-end safety features that you won’t find on the entry level winches. It is equipped with a sealed solenoid break that is protected by a circuit breaker to prevent further damage to the unit in case the circuit shorts. With a whopping 6.5HP motor, you are sure that you will be out that ditch in a jiffy!

It has a half inch diameter steel rope that spans 90feet that you can rely on. It weighs 150lbs and comes with a 2-year warranty.

Warn Zeon Platinum (16,500lbs)


Although the highest capacity of Warn’s Zeon Platinum series is 1,000lb short of the Tiger Shark, still, you have yourself huge capacity. Its lack in capacity is compensated by a high-speed motor that has a faster rate of pulling capacity.

It’s also equipped with safety features that decrease the likelihood of the winch failing. The state-of-the-art cone brake holds advertised capacity without failing. The internal parts are housed in a weatherproof enclosure to extend its life.

It comes with their patented Spydura® Synthetic Rope that can withstand 16,500lbs of load capacity. Although the half inch diameter of Superwinch’s Tiger Shark series is astounding and is highly unlikely to break, the Spydura® is a safer choice in case it breaks. It will not send dangerous strings of projectiles if it breaks.


When you go to the wild without a winch, it’s like inviting nature to ensnare you with perilous quicksand and ditches! Bring a winch whenever you go off-roading to make sure that you will be able to recover yourself! If you look at Superwinch vs. Warn, they have a wide array of reliable winches available.
Both have great craftsmanship and amazing quality. The entry levels are quite affordable and can serve its purpose well. For heavy applications, Superwinch offers a model that has an outstanding 17,500lb capacity! Although Warn’s top model is short by 1,000lbs, it comes with a far safer Spydura® Synthetic Rope.

Have you ever been to the river fords? Can you imagine yourself traversing sand dunes? How about going deep in the jungle and camping off the grid? Well, before you get there, you need to ride something. A horse, perhaps? That may be a little too old fashioned, but it does sound great! But, that’s not why you’re here. I know you are having trouble between choosing Toyo Open country AT2 vs BFG AT KO2. You, my friend, have a pretty amazing taste. It can be really hard to choose between these two!

Even if you are not planning on a nature trip or weekend getaway, AT tires will get you through the difficult and challenging terrain. And besides, you already have a pretty monstrous ride. Its only fitting to equip your truck or your SUV with tires that will match its character.

The Best Among The Rest

How many companies do you know that has reached a hundred years old? Only a few right? And all of those century-old companies have one thing in common. These companies have an incredible reputation and authority in the market. BFGoodrich is just two years shy of one and a half century.

Their length of operation makes them one of the biggest and most dominant tire industries, not just in the US, in the whole world.

Although Toyo Tire & Rubber Company is just about half the age of BFGoodrich, this Japanese company is, like their motto, driven to perform. Toyo is dedicated to delivering world-class tires that continue to research and innovate to be ahead of their league.

Both of these companies outperform most tire companies in the industry. I understand your dilemma. It’s a tough choice, my friend. But because we care about you and we want to help you choose the best set of tires for your needs, we did a thorough research to list down, cons, and best use of both tires.


Do you still remember your first crush? You were starstruck with the glimmering beauty, well, maybe you were the only one who saw the glimmer, but nevertheless, you fell in love at first sight. Yeah, now you know where I’m getting at. The looks matter.

Although performance is what makes a great tire, good looking tires are not bad, won’t you agree? Both tires have impressive designs. The sidewalls are popping with aggressive design. This design is not just there to make the tires look handsome. This is the evidence of how much reinforcement these tires have.

BFG AT KO2 has a wider spacing between tread blocks that give it that macho look. It has a standard five-rib structure with interlocking tread block design. Closer inspection would show you that each tread block has two to three sipes that improve handling over paved surfaces.

On the other hand, Toyo Open Country AT2 has narrower spacing between the tread blocks. Nevertheless, it still oozes with aggressiveness. It has the same five-rib anatomy like most all-terrain tires. The tread blocks are designed with a repeating geometric pattern that forms a lightning bolt-like appearance. To provide excellent traction on pavement, Toyo etched zigzag sipes on each tread block.

Yeah, I know, having this information, it’s still hard to choose.

Sound and Vibration

One thing you must consider when changing tires is noise and vibration. Heads up! If you have been driving HT tires since you had your first car, you will find AT tires to be a little bumpy. AT tires have stronger reinforcement to handle tough terrains. This makes AT tires stiff. Yep, even when the tire pressure is a bit low, it still stiff.

The wide space between tread blocks gives these tires noisy. Put this in mind, AT tires, no matter how expensive they are, even when the manufacturer claims they are silent; still, they are noisy. You will hear this low-frequency hum, especially on paved roads at high speed.

Both tires have this noise. The only thing you could do about it is crank your car stereo to the point that it safely cancels out the hum. But between the two, BFG AT KO2 has a more noticeable hum compared with Toyo’s Open Country AT2. This may be attributed to Toyo’s narrower tread block spacing.

If you are planning to switch from HT to AT tires, expect that your ride would be a little stiff and accompanied by this low humming frequency.


Both tires have excellent handling. You may not even feel the difference between HT tires and these two. Both tires respond very well on the usual paved roads. It has excellent grip on pavement and a remarkable grip on snow. Both of them have two to three sipes on each tread block that bites well even on wet surfaces.

The only notable difference between the two is cornering at high speed. BFG AT KO2 doesn’t budge on corners which results to a stiff ride. Toyo Open Country AT2 is not as rigid, but still, it’s stiff. Not as stiff as BFG, but they are still notably stiff.

Off-Road Performance

Remember that saying about “don’t judge a book by its cover?” Well, this time, go ahead and judge these tires by its looks. Both tires are made with excellent craftsmanship and top-quality materials. It’s tough to say which is better in terms of the build. However, BFG AT KO2 has larger tread block spacing that translates to more traction off the road. Toyo’s Open Country AT2 has excellent grip off the road. However, BFG AT KO2 has better performance over the former.

The wider spacing and larger tread blocks of BFG AT KO2 allows it claw on rocky plains and stony fields. It gives more advantage over loose terrains such as wet sand, fords, and soft mud. The shoulder lugs have stone ejectors that keep the tire free from stuck pieces of dirt and stone giving you excellent traction all the time. The tough, aggressive, stiff, and reinforced shoulder lugs will allow your off-road vehicle to traverse safely over sharp stone.


Unquestionably, both Toyo Tires and BFGoodrich employ astounding craftsmanship and use top-notch quality materials. There is no doubt that their years of success is the result of outstanding products, straightforward services, comprehensive warranties, and excellent aftermarket support.

BFG AT KO2 tires are covered with 50,000mi treadwear warranty or 6 years. You can be confident that, under normal recommended usage, your tires can last up to six years! In terms of transporting or towing heavy stuff, you can rest assured that these tires are up to the challenge. KO2s are available in a wide range of sizes and has a load rating of 100 to 128. That is about 0.8 tons up to roughly two tons capacity! So, if you multiply that by four of your tires, you have up to 8 tons load carrying capacity!

Toyo Open Country AT2 has a 65,000mi treadwear warranty that trumps BFG’s warranty by 33.33%! This simple warranty coverage says that these tires will last very, very long. This model is available in 108 variants for different sizes of wheels. It has a load rating of 99 up to 129. Again, that gives you a bit less than a ton up to two tons of load capacity. If you plan on carrying or towing something that weighs up to eight tons, you can safely transport it without worrying about your tires!


Is it clear now? Have you decided what tires you would get? Or did we just add up more confusion on your side? Well, I really do hope I didn’t! But I can’t blame you if you are torn between the two! You have narrowed down your selection to two of the best already! I mean, whichever you choose, you are a winner. With the quality and aftermarket support that both companies boast, you will end up with a long-lasting and reliable tire.

However, if you will be using your tires mostly on paved terrain and you are quite particular with the tire noise, Toyo Open Country AT2 gives you a softer hum. Remember, it’s not silent, it will just give you a softer hum.

Now, if you want excellent off-road capabilities and you frequently go off the grid (or maybe your workplace is remotely situated off the grid), BFG AT KO2 is your best bet. It has astounding traction over soft terrain and rough build that could withstand sharp rocks without a problem. It has a better grip over wet sand, soft mud, rocky plains, and stony fields. For the tire noise, just crank the volume of your car stereo, and it will be gone! Seriously! Try some death metal, and you would find that these tires are silent!

Do your research carefully and determine how you intend to use your vehicle. Remember, AT tires gives you better traction over challenging terrains. If you are thinking about the extremes and most challenging off-road sites, you might want to consider bigger and angrier mud tires.
Taking a deeper look at Toyo Open Country AT2 vs BFG AT KO2, you will see that they both are great tires that would give you great miles.

Can you imagine yourself going to a place where there is no electricity, no wifi, no internet, and no computer? Hard to picture, right? How can we live in such remote places? But when you are saturated with your repetitive day job, a nature escapade is a great retreat! Well, you probably can’t imagine yourself without the internet for long, but a weekend off from the busy life is a great way to empty that stress bucket and recharge!

But these places, these beautiful places, they are not, err, that accessible to normal vehicles. Your highway terrain tries won’t make it through challenging terrain. You would need some specialized tires that would bring you there.

If you are wondering which among BFG KO2 vs Duratrac is better, you have come to the right place! We’ll take a look at them side by side to see all their features and how one is better than the other. These two are made by amazing manufacturers, and both have high quality, so choosing one may be a tough decision.

The Companies Behind

BF Goodrich and Goodyear are not just good, and they are two of the best tire manufacturers in the world. Both these companies have more than a century of existence since its establishment! The former is just two years away from fifteen decades while the latter is twelve decades old.

These two companies have extensive experience in tire manufacturing and have been in the industry as early as the invention of automobiles! Would you look at that? And still, they are thriving today and providing the world with improved transportation experience with their tire innovation.

Outward Appearance

Highway terrain and slick tires have one thing in common, they don’t stand out! Let’s face it. Men are first attracted by the looks. Isn’t that right for most of us? Although performance trumps looks, it’s not bad to have something that does what it does best and still maintain style and good looks.

BFG’s KO2 has an interlocking puzzle-like design that runs along its five-track. It’s reinforced sidewalls, which is what’s prominently seen, is designed with wide and protruding gaps that make it look like a monster that would engulf anything on its way!

Duratrac has the same five-rib configuration. The outer ribs are linear while the three ribs on the middle have finer nodes and are arranged like a double helix. The sidewalls have simpler designs, but nevertheless, they are also reinforced.

The Noise


As expected from all A/T tires, there are some unavoidable noise. It comes from the larger gaps between the tread blocks. The noise is especially noticeable during highspeed runs on paved roads. The noise, mostly, starts to become noticeable at around 40mph on both tires.

If you’ve had mud tires before, the tire noise of these two are tolerable. Without your car stereo on, the humming sound is noticeable and can be a bit annoying. Turning your music up easily cancels the noise. But between the two, Duratrac has a higher pitched hum which is a tad bit more noticeable compared with the low-frequency hum of the BFG KO2.



Thanks to traction, our tires are able to propel our vehicle and keep our vehicles connected to the ground. When it comes to challenging terrains, normal tires would have lesser traction. Without specialized tires, some places would be difficult to reach by automobiles.

With these tire company’s extensive experience in manufacturing tires, they have innovated and improved traction on different types of terrains. Yep, there’s a reason why snow tires have more traction on snow compared with your everyday HT tires.

BFG KO2 has excellent traction over mud and soft terrain, thanks to its sparse tread block distribution. This tire claws on sand, wet sand, mud, soft mud, river fords, and rocky terrain. You won’t have to worry about sharp-edged stones.

Goodyear’s Duratrac has wider gaps on the outer rib which allows it to easily tread through soft mud, wet sand, rivers fords. The wide gaps give it more clawing ability on sand and mud.
Although the sparse tread block distribution means lesser grip on pavement, Goodyear compensated with the serpentine sipes.

Both tires have good grip and performance on pavement. However, in this category, Goodyear is better optimized for all seasons.

Off-Road Performance

Wider tread block spacing enables off-road vehicles to claw on challenging terrains like mud, wet mud, sand, wet sand, rocky plains, and even river fords. Mud tires would not let you down and take on the murkiest mud puddle with little effort. Compared with mud tires, all-terrain tires may be left behind. But maybe you don’t find mud tires practical for everyday use.

Most people may still be on the pavement more frequently than off-road. This makes all-terrain tires more useful and practical than going for mud tires.

BFG KO2 has aggressive sidewall design that is optimized for tough environment. These tires can take a beating and virtually puncture-proof sidewalls. The interlocking puzzle-like tread design easily catches traction on stony fields. The grooves are designed with stone ejectors to make sure that you have most tire surface contact with the ground. This tire also features “DT” (different tread) compound that has a superior chip and tear resistant strength.

Goodyear’s Wrangler Duratrac has an equally aggressive outer side block with wide gaps. This design allows you to plow over soft mud, wet sand, and even stony fields. If you carefully examine the tires, you will see teeth between the gaps. These are Goodyear’s patented TractiveGroove Technology™. These teeth give you more grip over mud and other soft terrains.

Reliability and Durability

Aside from performance over the payment and extreme environments, tire manufacturers want to make sure that their tires would last longer.

On average, Depending on the nature of your trip, or your work, you may be or towing a lot of stuff with you. It’s important to know how much your tire can safely carry. Both BFG KO2 and Duratrac has 50,000mi treadwear warranty. They are confident that these tires won’t give up on you for at least 50,000mi. Under normal usage, if premature treadwear is proven, these companies offer prorated rates for replacement tires. Both these tires are tough and would serve you years before you see noticeable tread wear.

BF Goodrich’s KO2 has a huge selection that fits 15-20-inch rims. They are very dependable and capable of handling heavy loads. Depending on the tire variant, you can get 100 up to 128 load rating. That translates to 1764lbs up to 3968lbs of load carrying capacity for each tire. Now, multiply that to four tires to get how much load your vehicle can carry.

Wrangler Duratrac is also available in many sizes that fit with 15inch up to 20inch rims. They are also optimized for load carrying. Duratrac tire selection has a load range of 104 to 129. Each tire can safely carry up to 1984lbs up to 4079lbs! Imagine what you can haul with these tires without breaking a sweat!

You can count on with these tires for a long time. It would take several years before you will need a replacement, of course, under normal usage.

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