Discover Best Rolling Papers (2021) – Buyer’s Guide


You no longer need to hold out on buying the best rolling papers now that you have this guide to look forward to. The significance of buying exclusive rolling papers is set to rust.

Most people aren’t AWARE of the quality and effectiveness of rolling papers. And in spite of smoking for years, they choose to remain in the dark about its specifics regarding taste and practicality. Are you one of them?

Buying the right kind of paper can get you closer to an unforgettable experience. So if you don’t know where to start from, knowing this will open doors to the best choices for your cigarettes.




In the past, rolling papers were available only in a handful of varieties. Now, the solution to patchy and tar-mouthed papers is finally here! Brands like Raw King and Elements have blown the lid off quality rolling papers. You can enter a store and ask for specific rolling papers instead of settling for standard tobacco ones.

So what are these best rolling papers I keep talking about so much?


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You don’t want to miss out on buying the Raw King Size Rolling Paper. If you smoke every day, you’ll be able to use this rolling paper with ease and comfort. The simplicity and efficiency of it beat down the rest of the contenders on the market. Furthermore, you won’t believe how quick it is to roll a joint.

When a brand is this popular and versatile, it’s clear that they’re at their top game in terms of quality and value. This rolling paper is what you would love to use liberally and feel good.

The Raw King comes with a durable rolling tray that helps rev up the rolling process. For someone who has never used a roller before, using this will be a learning experience.

This package consists of natural, organic hemp rolling papers. It’s unrefined which means it offers a good filler blend.

The rolling papers have a pleasant texture, something that’s easy to make and clean up. But most people make a mess which means you would too, right? Not even close! With the big rolling tray, there will be no crumbs falling on the ground anymore.

One more feature that makes it one of the best rolling papers on the market is the vegan-friendly standard. Now anyone who’s environmentally conscious can use it.

This brand doesn’t kid around when it comes to manufacturing the best rolling paper on the market. It offers a special brochure that tells you everything you need to know about how this product came to be.

From its history to manufacturing, Raw is passionate about making rolling papers for you.

However, the only thing you need to be worrying about is how much you fill in your joint. If you add a little too much, the rolling paper might tear or become too tight. To be able to use to correctly, massage the joint with your fingertips to loosen the filling inside. This should do the trick.

Suitable for beginners.
High-quality, authentic rolling papers.

If you put in too much, it may tear.


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The Juicy Jay’s Flavoured Cigarette Papers offer a great value and great filler blend. Mingled with its versatile flavors such as blueberry, it’s an ideal buy! Each booklet comes with 32 high-quality rolling papers. And there are ten different options to devour.

Each rolling paper is 80mm in size, making it ideal for all kinds of users. If you have a rolling machine with you, you can use it with this.

Plus, you can even roll these rolling papers in a king-sized joint roller. So there’s plenty of room for you to experiment with and make the most of your efforts.

They’re as durable as you want them to be. So if you’re rolling by hand, as most beginners do, they won’t tear. The slow burning rate and unique essence add to its quality. While most other flavored rolling papers have an over-powering taste, these don’t. So with all your best efforts, you can make the best cigarettes or joints of your life.

The rolling paper quality and feel are great. The slight aroma of each paper mixes well with your blend to give you a mild, but pleasant aftertaste. When can flavor your blend with tangy, but delectable flavors-why wouldn’t you? That’s precisely why I like these rolling papers. They offer maximum flavor infusion without causing any hassle.

These rolling papers may be slightly pricey, but it’s worth it. Not to mention, you’re using ten different flavors, ranging from absinthe to a classic fruit blend. You should know that Juicy Jay triple dips the papers to offer an incredible aftertaste. Not too overwhelming, so it’s just the way you like it!

However, for some of you, the flavors you order may not be the ones you will receive. This isn’t a setback unless you have a preference and are looking forward to it.

Flavor infusions are excellent.
Smooth rolling with maximum durability

You might receive random flavors and not the ones you ordered.


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Another one of Raw’s all-time favorites is the Raw Classic Cigarette Rolling Papers. It’s ultra-thin, sturdy, and organic rolling paper. With four packs consisting of 50 sheets in a single box, these are the best rolling papers for the informed buyer. Made with natural gum, these are vegan-friendly and additive-free.

For someone who loves to use authentic and natural products, these are easy to roll. Have you ever heard of a rolling paper being healthy to use? Well, this time it’s for sure!

The classic touch on these papers is worth considering, even if you’re a beginner at hand. They are surprisingly easy to hand roll, they burn great, and leave a mild aftertaste I know you’d love.

One thing that affects most rolling papers is that they need to be re-lit very often. But that’s not the case with these. Not to mention, it comes with an additional yellow paper folded in it that tells you when you’re about to run out. So it’s authentic as much as it’s efficient to use. That’s an interesting combination, isn’t it?

These rolling papers also work well with a rolling machine or a joint roller. The glue the rolling paper uses is unyielding. And the unbleached papers are sturdy. Despite being ultra-thin, they don’t tear if you blend filler by hand.

The unique feature on these rolling papers is more efficient than you think. The thin yellow paper finely-folded underneath knows when the blend is running out. This is particularly useful if you’re new to the world of natural rolling papers.

However, the rolling papers are comparatively slippery to roll with by hand. That’s because unbleached papers are smoother in texture than bleached papers.

They lack an unpleasant taste that most bleached papers have.
100% vegan-friendly and additive-free

They are a tad bit slippery to roll by hand.


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The ELEMENTS 300 Rice Rolling Paper is perfect for people who have decent rolling skills. If you’re buying rolling papers, you should know that the thinner the rolling paper, the harder it is for you to roll. And if you’re a beginner at rolling, only practice makes you perfect.

So using a thin rolling paper without making any mistakes is only possible once you know how to make a joint.

With that out of the way, these rolling paper don’t fold, wrinkle, or tear under pressure. They’re made of rice and are 100% chlorine and chemical free. I think most of you will be very happy with the look and feel of it. And because of its thin texture, it hardly leaves any ash behind. The pace at which it burns is also impressive.

If you want a big pack of high-quality rolling papers that’ll stick with you for a long time, this is what you should get.

Elements 300 is a great product, especially when you want something honest. It comes with clear instructions on how to moisten the paper because it wants you to have a good experience.(Health effects of marijuana)

What I like about this product is that it’s unapologetically honest. Unlike many brands, this one doesn’t have unrealistic performance reviews. It tells you what you need to know.

For example, you will find a little forewarning that it might curl in low humidity. So this keeps you in the loop about what you need to do to roll liberally and often.

However, no product can last perfectly for long. These rolling papers don’t work well with a rolling machine. And if you’re rolling by hand, you need to possess certain skills. Otherwise, you would end up wasting a lot of papers.

Minimal ash leftovers.
100% authentic and pure taste.

The rolling papers might curl in humidity.
Not usable with a rolling machine.


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Are you looking for pre-rolled rolling papers? The RAW Organic Unrefined Pre-Rolled Cone is here to stay. It offers 100% authentic, organic cones with tips. So if you’re new and don’t know how to hand roll, buying these rolling papers will take away your misery.

The pre-rolled cones will be good for people who hate to hand roll. Not wanting to hand roll isn’t a big deal when there are so many products that do it for you. And the RAW Organic Unrefined Pre-Rolled Cone is one of them.

It’s equipped with a straw that helps compress the blend inside the cone. And the tip doesn’t allow the mix from falling out. It’s all convenient and quick to use if you ask me. It offers a pure bud taste, and there’s hardly any aftertaste to deal with.

The exclusive criss-cross watermark keeps it from burning out. So you get to smoke something that works smooth and has no additives in it. The natural hemp and GMO-free standard keep things easy. You don’t even have to worry about it being bleached because it’s not!

There’s much to say about this product, but only so much can be said without you experiencing it by yourself. The clean, natural taste of these rolling papers is better when bought in bulk. So they last for long and give you more room to make that perfect joint.

This is how you might use these rolling papers. It comes in a well-packaged box with 32 unbleached hemp cones. Since they’re already pre-rolled and pre-tipped, all you have to do is fill in a right blend. It comes with a straw to condense in without it falling. Do all this in just a few minutes, and you get unparalleled quality and usability.

However, since it’s organic and unbleached, the paper burns faster than other blends. So you can factor these in when you want something easy and quick to work with.

It’s an ideal choice for beginners.
Quick and easy to use.
No clean-up needed.

The paper burns fast.


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The RAW CLASSIC King Size Slim UNREFINED is easier to roll than the rest. It’s for the natural-minded smokers. They offer a fantastic blend of additive-free and unrefined papers. Not to mention, the criss-cross print makes the sheet less likely burn out quickly.

It makes the blend less prickling once you inhale it. That said, it feels a lot smoother on your throat, especially when you smoke daily. The reason being that it’s all-natural hemp without the need of chlorinated fibers. So it’s surprising that these rolling papers are a healthier choice. The medium-size makes it easier to roll by hand without it creasing or tearing.

Using this rolling paper is your chance to learn the skills of rolling a joint. It’s that simple, efficient, and sturdy. And there’s nothing better than preparing a joint that burns slow and has minimal upkeep. All you need is a good blend, and that’s about it.

For someone who’s been using rolling paper for years, you know this one is reliable. The unrefined standard and natural hemp gum line make everything better. And the patented criss-cross mark proves that it runs for the longest and smoothest time.

On a final note, what you probably might have missed out on the previous picks, you can make up for with this one. It’s a stellar product offering continued and accurate function. Plus, it offers excellent value for money.

The organic, unbleached texture of the rolling paper feels plain but homely. Unlike other brown bleached papers, these offer better quality and less toxicity. So you can bid farewell to chlorinated fibers and other additives. If you’re making a joint, nothing unnatural and chemical-laden is worth your blend.

However, these rolling papers do not fit well with rolling machines. So the only two options left are to roll by hand or use an 110mm joint roller.

Ready to use.
​Genuine paper quality.
It contains no chlorinated fibers.

It doesn’t fit in rolling machines.


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​If you’re a beginner, you’ll love rolling with ZigZag papers. Especially the ZigZagUltra Thin Cigarette Rolling Papers! The brand is quite popular when it comes to manufacturing super-thin quality paper. So if that’s what you have in mind, there’s no reason why you shouldn’t opt for this pick.

The ZigZagUltra Thin Cigarette Rolling Papers offer consistency and reliability. Something that beginners require the most! They are almost transparent, which means they don’t give rise to any paper taste. Also, ZigZag papers burn slow and produce clean smoke.

But here’s the best part. The ZigZagUltra Thin Cigarette Rolling Papers, in particular, don’t tear easily. And this is what makes them such a suitable option for beginners and occasional rollers.

So here’s the bottom line. ZigZag papers don’t disappoint. This one is ultra-thin, which equals to slow burning. Without having to deal with the heavy burnt taste of paper!

​Using the first ZigZagUltra Thin Cigarette Rolling Paper itself will lead you to appreciate the different texture. Even though tough in quality, it feels very delicate. And as a beginner, there’s nothing else you would like to work with!

I’m going to be honest here; there are no drawbacks that caught my attention. But only for the sake of presenting the complete picture, you should know that the packaging is not up to the mark. But to be fair, it doesn’t really matter.

The ZigZag papers are extremely thin and long.
The glue doesn’t disappoint.
Slow burning is a huge plus point.

Packaging is poor.


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The Kufox Hornet Variety are flavored rolling papers. Even though they’re flavored, they offer a subtle taste and aroma. Nothing about these rolling papers is overpowering to the senses.

Made of natural gum, they offer non-chlorinated fibers that are healthy to smoke. Plus, they have a slower burning rate than other flavored papers on the market. If you want rolling papers both flavored and inexpensive, you wouldn’t mind these. They’re pure gum, unlike bleached flavored papers. And they avoid overdoing both the smell and taste after burning.

So why would you want to spend money on these instead of our previous picks? This product makes it little harder for beginners to fail. It doesn’t tear, crease, and shrink in size. Humidity isn’t a primary concern here, considering how subtle it is. It fits well in rolling machines and doesn’t give you a hard time if you’re rolling by hand.

All these compelling reasons paired with the fact that it’s cost-effective. You will love the taste and smell of its versatile flavors.

Unlike other flavored rolling papers, these come in a special pack. You get flavors such as coconut, apple, grape, chocolate, etc. Such great variety at a low price is something no one should ever avoid.

Not only that, but you also get blended flavors such as pina colada, cappuccino, and bubble gum. Now, isn’t that a treat!

However, these rolling papers are flimsier than other flavored ones. This makes them a bit difficult to roll without licking the gumline correctly. Once you do that, the paper burns well and even.

It doesn’t tear easily.
High-quality rolling papers.

Flimsier than other flavored rolling papers.


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The Shine 24K Gold Rolling Papers 2 Sheet Pack is not for a faint-hearted. It’s expensive, and it’s authentic. So if you haven’t yet mastered rolling as a skill, don’t invest in such an expensive rolling paper. Contrary to what you might think, smoking these are safe. Shine boasts of 100% authenticity when it manufactures its products.

That said, buying these rolling papers might cost you big bucks. But using them is a whole new experience. They have the same texture and feel as other high-grade rolling papers. The only difference here is that these are gold and those aren’t. For someone who smokes, you know this makes all the difference.

The gold leaf rolling papers have a distinctive taste, but it’s not unusual. They have the highest-quality material design. Plus, they don’t tear, crease, or wrinkle. They don’t burn up quickly. And neither do they run out soon.

When heading to a get-together, taking these along is not a bad idea. Nothing says celebration quite like a gold cigarette or joint. It is of the perfect size and texture to have on hand during a party.

Who doesn’t like rolling hemp rolling papers? Now combine that with gorgeous, edible gold and what do you get? A handcrafted, authentic rolling paper designed for class. There’s not one single thing I didn’t like about these rolling papers.

I mean, they’re pure, offer a superior burn, and don’t have any adverse effects. Plus, they come in a regular 1.25-inch size that’s perfect for all types of smokers.

However, these gold rolling papers offer a hard-hitting taste compared to regular blends. So if you’re a beginner, you might want to steer clear of this.

Slow burning rate.
High-quality look and feel.

Not meant for beginners because of its price and taste.


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The Bob Marley Cigarette Rolling Papers are pure hemp rolling papers. With six booklets and 50 sheets per booklet, these are perfect for the casual smoker. They’re cheaper and more efficient than standard rolling papers.

They also have one of the smoothest burns of all time. So it’s time you upgrade your preference to these.

The booklets make the process much simpler as the rolling papers are accessible. It’s a good deal for someone who loves to smoke outdoors. Thanks to its compact and portable packaging. Each sheet feels light and smooth to handle. And if you’re rolling by hand, it won’t crease or tear under pressure.

Beginners might get a real kick out of this due to the affordability. The value and quality of each hemp paper leave behind what you might have had to compromise with in the past. And the fact that they have a “Made in Spain” label makes all the difference. It’s a good way to keep Bob Marley in your thoughts while you enjoy your smoking experience.

Using simple rolling papers built with hemp isn’t difficult at all. Compared to other rolling paper types, hemp is most uncomplicated and hassle-free to roll.

On a side note, this product comes with a subtle reminder when you’re about to run out. Each booklet comes with a reminder note before the last five sheets. So you never run out before you know it.

However, the glue strength and burning capacity of this paper are sufficient. It lacks a smooth burn in the sense that it burns unevenly from time to time. Plus, the glue that holds everything together might break loose over time.

High-quality paper for the price.
Easy to use and maintain.

Burns unevenly over time.
It lacks rugged glue strength.


From material to size, I’ve covered every last detail about rolling papers for your benefit. Now that you’re here, and trust me when I say this, buying rolling papers isn’t that challenging. All you have to be aware are the best products and features.

Out of all my favorites, the most striking quality of a rolling paper is how it impacts your smoke. If it fails to do that effectively, then you’re rolling the wrong one. It might take some time to find the ideal fit for you, but it’s not impossible. The process of buying rolling papers for the first time (like this) always ends up positive. At least that’s what I’ve heard!


Which rolling paper material have you used? Was it something with a medium burn rate and very similar to cigarette paper? You’ve been rolling wood pulp all this while without knowing its basics. Wood pulp is the most commonly used rolling paper on the market. It’s same the material used for printer paper and cigarettes around the globe.

But have you tried to use hemp or rice rolling papers? Here’s a simple read about each ones’ nature and individuality.



While hemp may be 100% natural and unprocessed, it does have a nicer and thicker texture than others. If you prefer a particular kind of paper thickness, hemp offers it all. Rolling paper made of hemp comes with a smoother texture for secure grip and rolling. So if you want something unbleached for a change, buying rolling hemp papers are good enough.

Not only that, hemp is the only environmentally conscious rolling paper on the market. It offers a mild, overwhelming scent and taste that burns better. And if you don’t like a big mess, going for hemp is the easy way out.

Wood Pulp

The popular choice isn’t one to take lightly. If you’ve used all types of rolling papers, you’ll know wood pulp is the easiest to handle. They offer a not-so-fast burning rate and don’t light quickly during breezy days. The next best thing about it is they come in both bleached and unbleached quality.

Be that as it may, wood pulp is the least environmentally conscious and tidy to roll. The aftertaste isn’t as pleasant and mild as hemp. And the after-effects of using wood pulp leaves you in ashes.


After hemp and wood pulp, rice rolling papers are gaining popularity. Rolling papers made with rice often contain other additives such as flax and sugar. You should remember that rolling papers of this kind are the thinnest you’ll ever find. So if hemp is on one end of the spectrum, rice rolling papers are on the complete opposite end.

Rice rolling papers lack an aftertaste, and they have the slowest burning rate of all. But the texture and quality of rice are worth experiencing. That said, you will need to get in some practice before you roll a cigarette first-hand.


Believe it or not, size is a major factor to consider when finding the best rolling papers on the market. It directly impacts taste, rolling ability, and burn rate. So why wouldn’t you want to know more about the various rolling paper sizes?


Like wood pulp, single rolling papers are the most common. They generally measure 2.6” long and 1.4” wide. If you’re new to rolling, you won’t run around much to find single rolling papers. They’re available almost anywhere.

Double wide

Double wide rolling papers aren’t that common. They do increase the filling capacity but fail to influence taste and rolling ability positively. Using a double wide rolling paper would end up wasting most of the filling towards the end.

King size

These are, by far, the largest rolling papers in the industry. The long size and thin surface make it the most popular size next to single rolling papers.

1-1/4 Inches

After single and king size, 1.25” rolling papers are a big buy. They possess the ability to hold at least 25% more filling than single rolling papers. That said, they’re thicker and much sturdier to roll than others.

1-1/2 Inches

These might be the least popular ones on the market. But they are available in most stores. They are more suitable for beginners, but that’s also not in comparison to say single or 1.25” size rolling papers.



There are many different types, sizes, and brands of rolling papers to look for today. Based on my research, I found that it’s not a bad idea to know the craft before you roll with it. Hand rolling your smokes is a lot of fun based on what you like. And it may not be as taxing for you if you know a bit about rolling papers.

My favorite one of all is the Raw Rolling King Size Rolling Paper. It truly embodies the needs of most smokers out there. Offering a smooth and slow burn, it’s nothing short of extraordinary.

This guide gives you what you need to know about rolling papers. You have 10 best rolling papers to pick from once you have the correct knowledge to move forward with. And it’s no surprise that you’re in it for the experience as much as the quality. So what are you waiting for?

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