Discover Best Snowmobile Goggles (2021) – Buyer’s Guide


If you’re an enthusiastic skier and rider, that’s great! But it’s not so great if you aren’t doing everything under your control to stay safe out there. When boarding or riding, the right kind of gear is essential. And this brings me to the best snowmobile goggles.

Shielding your eyes is something that you shouldn’t underestimate. Some of you might be okay with using sunglasses. But, unfortunately, these aren’t specifically crafted for the activity. For a clearer vision, more safety, and overall better experience, nothing beats the functionality of snowmobile goggles.

But there are a lot of factors involved in the buying process. These include the type of lens, fit, and price, to name a few. So you might appreciate what I have to offer below.

The 10 Best Snowmobile Goggles


The reviews section covers all the comfort and safety features. Along with lens and frame construction!

The products discussed in here rank the highest in terms of quality. And you’ll understand how once you’re through with each of them.

1. Smith Transit Goggles – The Best Well-Fitted Snowmobile Goggles

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Let me begin the reviews section by introducing a set that offers superior comfort in the form of an exceptional fit. The Smith Transit Goggles feature an invaluable silicone strap. This particular component brings maximum adjustability to the table. So you can barrel down those mountains at a breakneck speed without any worries. (How do snowmobiles work?)

The best part of the Smith Transit Goggles is that they also fit smaller faces. What’s more is the quality and design of the flat lenses. These do an excellent job of shielding your eyes. And not only from the sun! But from snow and other natural hindrances too!

As for helmet compatibility, the articulating outriggers take care of that department. You’ll be glad to know that these best snowmobile goggles also provide decent coverage angle. They don’t let any amount of air in. Thanks to the seal installed around/near the eyes. So there’s no chance of icy cold air bothering them when you ski.

The beauty of the Smith Transit Goggles is that the lenses they’re equipped with are of high quality. You know the kind you only come across with higher-end models? Even the styling and structure of the product is unique. To be more specific, the design is more streamlined. So you have lots to look forward to with this pick.

Unfortunately, the likelihood of water entering the area between the lenses is not zero. So here’s a model not suitable for places that blow a lot of snow.

  • The goggles eliminate fogging issues.
  • They are lightweight.
  • Water tends to get between the lenses.
  • Adjustability is not a concern at all.

2. Spy Optic Targa 3 Goggles – The Best Anti-Scratch and Anti-Fog Snowmobile Goggles

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The Spy Optic Targa 3 Goggles consist of many praiseworthy features. But nothing beats the double-lens system of the gear. It has a cylindrical polycarbonate design. And that’s not it. The lens system is also packed with anti-scratch and anti-fog protection. Isn’t that impressive?

The Spy Optic Targa 3 Goggles are the kind that combines technology, persistence, and design. That too in the most efficient manner!And without drilling a hole in your wallet!

These best snowmobile goggles allow you to walk through even 50 miles-per-hour sustained winds. They do whatever it takes to keep those eyes and face warm enough. Also, note that the Spy Optic Targa 3 Goggles feature foam strips along the perimeter. Such a composition encourages the product to exhale as much as it needs.

Now, how about the strap and adjustability? The fit is somewhere between tight and extremely tight. As a result of which wind and snow get blocked out. On top of that, the frame is flexible as well. So it can conform to all shapes in the most comfortable manner.

The best snowmobile goggles should have the ability to combat maximum lens fogging. Am I right? In that case, you might value the patented ventilation system of this particular product. The Scoop system is responsible for nothing but getting rid of fogging issues.

Here’s something I did not appreciate. The foam at the top tends to collect sweat. And once that happens, the sweat takes a long time to dry up and cease trickling down your face.

  • Scratch-resistant capacity is quite high.
  • Suitable for both dark and bright days.
  • The Spy Goggles have a narrow design.
  • The top foam collects and drips sweat.


3. Bolle Carve Snow Goggles – The Best High-Quality Snowmobile Goggles

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There are a lot of potential annoyances one has to deal with as far as quality goes. Even the best snowmobile goggles let you down in that arena. But that’s something you don’t need to worry about with the Bolle Carve Snow Goggles. And you can FREEZE my word for it!

They have a traditional design with black frame. But these are the three most important features of the Bolle Carve Snow Goggles. Vermillion tint, dual carbo glass design lens, and flow vent system. And there’s no doubting the functionality of each of the components.

The invaluable inner lens offers anti-fog properties. So you can expect a moisture-free experience. And according to me, that sounds wonderful if you want nothing to obstruct that clear terrain view. (Snowmobile: Basic riding techniques)

As for the goggles’ outer lens, they are armored with high-tech carbo glass. This particular element adds scratchproof properties to the gear. And I’m sure you know how beneficial that is!

But the part that steals all the limelight is the special thermal barrier. It comes in the form of the dual lens. And what the thing does is deliver exceptional optics and superb seal. So the list of advantages of the Bolle Carve Snow Goggles is quite heavy-duty. Don’t you think?

In here, I’m going to brag about the vent technology. When using snowmobile goggles, nothing is more important than vision. So it’s a huge relief to know that this model features an excellent technology that takes care of airflow optimization.

I have a deal-breaker to discuss with you here. The unique vent technology optimizes airflow alright. But it’s not enough to eliminate fogging issues.

  • The Bolle Goggles offer a padded, adjustable strap.
  • ​They are compatible with all types of snow helmets.
  • Suitable for cloudy and sunny days.
  • Anti-fog capacity is not that great.

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4. OutdoorMaster OTG Ski Goggles – The Best Affordable Snowmobile Goggles

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The product title says ski goggles, but that’s not the only activity you can use the set for. The OutdoorMaster OTG Ski Goggles are also well-suited for snowcross, ATV, and snowmobiles. And here’s an even better part. The goggles have a budget-friendly price tag. So you don’t have to shell out big bucks for such a high-quality experience.

Performance-wise, these best snowmobile goggles consist of a dual-layered lens. And this comes with a mirror appearance and anti-fog membrane. But you know what the most striking aspect is? It’s the UV protection that the goggles offer. Pair such an advantage with excellent optical clarity, and what do you get? A set of goggles that have the ability outperform all your previous models.

What about the adjustable strap? This particular component is long enough to deliver maximum helmet compatibility. Even the flexible frame contributes to enhancing the fit of the OutdoorMaster OTG Ski Goggles.

With this pick, you get access to spherical lenses. And these feature great tints. So expect nothing short of exceptional visibility and peripheral vision.

So what lies at the other end of the spectrum? Sadly, the lens of the eye gear is prone to scratching easily.

  • Foam padding eliminates the buildup of sweat.
  • The flexible frame and strap encourage better helmet fit.
  • The OutdoorMasterGoggles fog up a bit.
  • Lens has no anti-scratch properties.

5. YAKAON Y Series Ski Goggles – The Best High-Performance Snowmobile Goggles

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The YAKAON Y Series Ski Goggles are a good fit if you’re particular about features. This is the only pair on the list that offers so many basic and advanced benefits. So let’s get to know each of them better.

For one, the manufacturer has equipped the goggles with a phenomenal magnetic lens. Such a technology enables easy, quick lens change. On top of that, the lenses, in this case, are held quite firmly. The 8-spot magnet is the part responsible for allowing easy replacement or cleaning of the lenses.

Furthermore, polycarbonate is the material used for the construction of this dual-layer lens. So it’s safe for me to state that the YAKAON Y Series Ski Goggles offer UV protection and anti-fog properties.

Now here’s something you might not have come across a lot. These best snowmobile goggles are packed with high-density, thick foam padding. So keeping your eyes and face warm is not a worry at all.

And lastly, the invaluable ventilation system further reduces fogging and increases airflow. Irrespective of the weather conditions!

Amazingly, all aspects of the visual department are well taken care of. The YAKAON Y Series Ski Goggles are the kind that offers minimal visual interference. In fact, they also have the ability to provide an exceptionally clear vision.

The YAKAON Y Series Ski Goggles are perfect for low light settings. But what they’re not suitable for is heavy snowing and wet conditions. And that’s because, at such times, you can’t do anything to avoid the accumulation of condensation between the lenses.

  • Extra-long, adjustable strap.
  • ​The frame is durable and impact resistant.
  • Panoramic lens structure for better visuals.
  • Shape-wise, the design might be too big.
  • Buildup of condensation is frequent.

6. Traverse Varia Ski, Snowboard, and Snowmobile Goggles – The Best Snowmobile Goggles Suitable for Night/Dark Light Conditions

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There is only one reason why just a few goggles are ideal for night rides. And that reason comes in the form of a feature. When the lens is crystal clear, it allows maximum light to reach your eyes. Am I right? So that’s what you get with the Traverse Varia Ski, Snowboard, and Snowmobile Goggles. Crystal-clear lens!

Moving on, the eye gear has an ergonomic design with flexible TPU used for construction. This way, comfort and strength are also a huge part of the experience. And that includes snowboarding and skiing.

UV protection is another significant benefit you get with this particular pick. The spherical lens is double-layered to deliver protection against sun radiation. And it does so while also offering excellent peripheral vision.

Now here’s a characteristic you might value the most. Stratus has equipped the goggles with anti-scratch/fog properties. These come in the form of frame vents. So you get an invaluable thermal layer to eliminate lens damage as well as visual obstructions.

The brand has done everything in its power to make sure that even the little aspects fail to disappoint you. Don’t you think so?

It’s time to talk about one of the most important factors, and that is comfort. When using the Traverse VariaGoggles, you won’t take too long to notice the unique foam padding. What the triple foam layer does is conform to the natural shape your face. And that means the goggles fit around your nasal arch in the most comfortable manner. This, in turn, encourages airflow while minimizing breathing interferences.

Did you know that not all snowmobile goggles are perfect for smaller faces? And, unfortunately, the one I’m currently reviewing falls into that category.

  • The company offers multiple options for the lens.
  • Flexible frame enhances fit.
  • The Traverse Goggles might be too bulky.

7. ZIONOR X4 Ski Snowboard Snow Goggles – The Most Comfortable Snowmobile Goggles

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They are known for working well because the manufacturer decided to equip the goggles with a slew of excellent features. The best one so far is the unique Enhanced Durability Tech (EDT) protection. This technology brings impact resistance into view. And that means maximum protection, doesn’t it?

What else is praiseworthy? Well, there are a lot of exceptional features to brag about. The ZIONOR X4 Ski Snowboard Snow Goggles contain foam padding. And this padding can conform to the natural shape of your face.

Now, let’s talk about light conditions. You don’t need to think twice before using these goggles for low light settings. They deliver clear vision irrespective of the location of the sun.

What’s even better is the lens technology. It consists of eight magnets that do an excellent job of holding the lens. You should also know that this makes the task of replacing the lenses easier.

On top of that, the smooth vent channels and spherical view add more benefits. These include enhanced airflow, minimal fogging, reduced visual interference, and clear vision.

In my opinion, it’s the anti-fogging capacity that speaks volumes. And you got nothing but the remarkable dual lens to hold responsible for this no-fog experience.

The ZIONOR X4 Ski Snowboard Snow Goggles don’t fog up, and that’s great news. But what’s not great is the lack of anti-scratch feature.

  • The lens offers impact resistance.
  • High-capacity UV and anti-fog protection.
  • Not suitable for smaller faces.
  • Lens has no scratchproof properties.

8. Oakley O-Frame MX Goggles – The Most Advanced Snowmobile Goggles

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Models like these have been increasing in popularity. And why not when you have products such as the Oakley O-Frame MX Goggles! These contain cutting-edge features that can transform your every experience. Including tints, clear lenses, and anti-fog capacity! So let’s find out more!

First off, these best snowmobile goggles are packed with a scratch-resistant lens. Secondly, the foam padding does a great job at wicking away sweat. Thirdly, the strap’s silicone lining offers a secure, stable fit. And it’s adjustable!

Wait, there’s more. The unique O-Matter frame is flexible enough to further enhance comfort and fit. On top of that, this frame also delivers maximum peripheral view. But as an avid snowmobile rider, you’ll appreciate nothing more than the exceptionally clear lens. Thanks to the anti-fog capacity of these goggles.

So now you know what makes the Oakley O-Frame MX Goggles one of the best in the industry.

The special urethane frame structure offers flexibility even when it’s extremely cold. Plus, the optical clarity and impact resistance capacity are also characteristics responsible for the huge success of this pick.

The only flaw presents itself in the form of a thin foam. The lack of a thicker material fails to keep particles like dust from bothering the eyes.

  • The Oakley Goggles have a high-quality design.
  • ​They offer a fantastic peripheral view.
  • Suitable for night riding as well.
  • Foam padding is not thick enough.

9. Smith Optics Scope Unisex Snow Goggle – The Best Snowmobile Goggles with Maximum Ventilation

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Serious aid and crystal clarity are the two reasons why you should opt for any Smith Optics Goggles. But the Smith Optics Scope Unisex Snow Goggle, in particular, is considered to be the most talked about. Interested in finding out why?

The double Carbonic-X equipped lenses feature TLT optics. Such a design goes a long way in providing precise vision. The venting system is also another excellent inclusion. So there’s no thinking twice about taking these out on soggy, gloomy days.

As a consumer, don’t you like the option of having multiple options? Of course, you do. We all do! In that case, you’ll love the different strap choices of the Smith Optics Scope Unisex Snow Goggles. And helmet adaptability is also a worry-less characteristic. Thanks to the adjustable nature of the strap.

Now, I do realize how basic this particular pick is. But only because it’s simple doesn’t make the eye gear any less functional than the others on the list.

The factor that convinced me to shortlist the Smith Optics Scope Unisex Snow Goggles is related to foam padding. This component has a soft urethane construction. It takes the shape of your face. And that too without causing any sort of discomfort despite prolonged wear.

So what’s the critical take on this thing? You’ll be quite disappointed with the poor quality of the Smith Optics Scope Unisex Snow Goggles.

  • Anti-fog lens prevents maximum build up.
  • ​The adjustable strap fits most heads.
  • Airflow ventilation is like no other.
  • High-quality is not a part of the picture.

10. Bolle Mojo Snow Goggles – The Bonus Pick

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How about getting hands on something high-quality without drilling a huge hole in your wallet? Well, that’s what you get with the Bolle Mojo Snow Goggles. So I couldn’t think of anything better for a bonus pick!

These best snowmobile goggles are packed with dual lens. And this feature is equipped with an invaluable thermal barrier. That means superior seal and exceptional optics. You’ll also find relief in knowing that the lens has a protective vermillion tint. This brings tons of UV protection as well as a clear vision into the picture.

So it’s safe for me to state that the Bolle Mojo Snow Goggles are an ideal pick for cloudy and sunny days.

What’s more is the scratch-resistant armor and anti-fog capacity. The former adds durability while the latter restricts the buildup of moisture. So both the inner and outer lenses are well-equipped to upgrade performance.

Moving on, the Bolle Mojo Snow Goggles are compatible with most helmets. The universal integration contributes to enhancing the comfort level. So what more do you need, right!

I’d find it particularly helpful to wear snowmobile goggles designed to eliminate fogging. And also the kind created to optimize airflow. In that case, the venting ports of this pick do a great job at preventing ice and snow clogging. In fact, they also provide maximum protection against icy cold winds.

But it’s the fit of the eye gear that might let you down. The Bolle Mojo Snow Goggles place a certain amount of pressure on the nose. However, it’s not something that the adjustable straps can’t fix.

  • The Bolle Goggles deliver superior visual clarity.
  • ​They have anti-fog and anti-scratch properties.
  • The band system is easy to adjust.
  • They feel slightly uncomfortable on the bridge of the nose.

Buying Snowmobile Goggles


All the top 10 picks reviewed offer something in every department. So you get great performance along with maximum protection. These are the best snowmobile goggles that offer exceptional ultraviolet protection and broad visibility range. This way, obstruction is not a part of the experience in any way.

With that in mind, it’s time to move on to getting to know the product a little better. As a result of which you can tell the difference between good and bad features. So here’s a useful buyer’s guide to help you make a more informed decision.

Why Use Snowmobile Goggles?

Do you consider your eyes to be an important part of your face and life? If yes, then maybe you shouldn’t be wondering why snowmobile goggles exist at all. Now I know it sounds too far-fetched for me to state the following. But I’m going to do it anyway. The chances of losing or injuring your eyes are likely if you don’t wear proper protective gear. (Snowmobile safety tips)

The goal is to enjoy the ride, and not worry about such issues. Am I right? So let’s find out the three most important benefits of wearing snowmobile goggles.

1. Protection from Light

The days are never going to stop being bright. For this reason, snow and other surfaces will continue to reflect light. And this light points right in the direction of your eyes.

So at such times, what the best snowmobile goggles do is reduce the effect of the reflected light. As a result of which your sight remains undisturbed. And that means no visual hindrances to deal with during the adventurous ride.

2. Protection from Wind

Driving at low speeds is no fun. But doing the same thing at a high speed definitely is. If you’re an avid snowmobile rider, you know what I’m talking about. In that case, do you know what it feels like when dry air hits the eyes? It creates a cloudy and blurry vision.

What I’ve discussed above is a problem. And the solution is none other than a set of snowmobile goggles.

3. Protection from Debris and Shrubs

Snowmobiles are driven around bushy areas or forests, correct? So the likelihood of wayward branches and flying debris coming in contact with your face and eyes increases. Keeping that in mind, it’s necessary to shield those eyes and skin from all of this.

Choosing Snowmobile Goggles


Who has the time to understand all the factors involved in buying the best snowmobile goggles! So let’s just opt for the cheapest set. If that’s what you’re thinking, you’ll end up with broken, ill-fitting, or low performing goggles. And this, in turn, will only ruin your experience.

So it’s time to find out what features really matter.

Padding and Foam

Ergonomically incorrect or cheap goggles are painful and uncomfortable to wear after a while. It’s the presence of foam padding and flexible frames that makes the goggle worth buying. And to be more specific, multi-layered foam padding is more like it.

The extra layers of padding provide softness and support. In fact, they have the ability to contour to the natural shape of the face. More often than not, the last layer is made of micro-fleece. This particular material adds comfort in the form of softness against the skin.


You’ll find many kinds of frames on the current market. So the only way to cut through all that noise is to look for something soft and flexible. And that’s because stiff frames are not pleasant to deal with.

Also, if you prefer interchangeable lens, please don’t forget to examine those frame attachments. To my surprise, only the best snowmobile goggles achieve better results with this. The others are pretty much useless. And you can take my word for it! (How to keep goggles from fogging up)


Imagine spending money on a pair of snowmobile goggles that don’t end up fitting around the helmet. Sounds like a horrible idea, doesn’t it? So whatever you do, remember to check the strap size. Failing to do so might compromise the feel and fit of the protective eye gear.

And if the manufacturer doesn’t provide you with that information, here’s what you can do. Amazon is filled with useful product reviews and Q&As. So you can always read those to get more helpful information about your product.


How about the lenses of the best snowmobile goggles? In this department, you get to choose from two most common options. And they are the photochromic lens and polarized lens. The former is the type that gets dark upon exposure to light. And the latter does an excellent job at reducing glare.

Price-wise, it’s the polarized version that empties your pocket more than the photochromic kind. Also, note that the photochromic lens doesn’t have the ability to change darkness quickly. So now you know why its polarized counterpart is more expensive!


My Choice: Bolle Carve Snow Goggles

So this was the rundown of the best snowmobile goggles available on the current market. All the options discussed in the article score high in terms of significant aspects. These include comfort, visibility, reliability, and advanced features.

And after taking everything into account, I’ve decided to declare the ultimate winner. In that context, nothing else beats the high performance and quality of Bolle products. And to be more specific, I’m talking about the Bolle Carve Snow Goggles.

These have well-ventilated double lens. And not just that, the lens offer anti-scratch and anti-fog treatment. The latter is embedded into the interior lens. And what it does is disperse water molecules evenly across the entire surface. As a result of which moisture gets eliminated. So what’s left is a crystal clear terrain view.

As for the exterior lens, scratch resistance comes in the form of a protective armor. But that’s not even the best part. The most appealing feature is the combination of the invaluable thermal barrier and venting system. The barrier prevents the formation of condensation. And the venting system promotes airflow.

So every little detail of the Bolle Carve Snow Goggles strives to work towards delivering the pristine vision.

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