10 Best Component Speakers (2021) – Buyer’s Guide


Telling you that cars aren’t equipped with good quality speakers is like stating the most obvious fact. There’s a reason why you see so many best component speakers taking over, am I right? These aftermarket speakers are way better than the factory-installed version in every aspect. I’m sure you would agree. Otherwise, why else would you be reading this article!

Component speakers consist of crossovers, tweeters, and driver for mid-bass. These are the features responsible for producing clear music. And that too without distortion! But other factors like sensitivity, frequency range, and power matter as well.

So how do you go about choosing high-performing or the best budget component speakers? Well, the answer is that you don’t have to. Instead, all you need to do is check out the 10 best component speakers reviewed below.

Top 10 Reviews of the Best Component Speakers


The options listed below have different price ranges. But the top-quality construction remains the same. So let’s find out more about the manufacturers and their phenomenal creations!

1. Polk Audio DB6501 6.5-Inch – For Advanced Speaker Technology

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Every audiophile knows that Polk Audio is a big brand in the music system industry. And that they manufacture high-performing, top quality speakers. So there’s no reason why the Polk Audio DB6501 6.5-Inch 2-Way Component System is any different. In fact, the whole DB collection consists of nothing but the best models of all time.

But my goal is to only focus on these best component speakers. So first I would like to rave about the liquid-cooled silk/polymer tweeters. These use Neodymium magnets, the powerful ones. To give you accurate high-frequency sound reproduction!

Next in line is the addition of two crucial elements. These include the ABS grilles and stainless steel equipped mounting hardware (installing car speakers). So the car’s interior receives its fair share of visual appeal.

But here’s something that you might cherish the most, as a consumer. This best component speakers system is marine-certified. And that means it can withstand harsh or unfavorable environments. So don’t think twice before using it for vehicles, ATV, or boat.

What about the quality of music? Only after putting them to my testing did I notice the rich lows that the speakers deliver. Without any distortion! While the highs resonate with nothing but incredible clarity! So every single feature offers optimal technology to provide a dream-like music experience.

Installing car speakers is not an easy task. Especially when the system is not equipped with enough mounting hardware! But that’s something you need not worry about in this case. The Polk Audio DB6501 Component Speakers come with tough ABS grilles and adaptor rings. Plus, the complete mounting hardware has a stainless steel design. So you’re dealing with solid, well-constructed equipment that will last for many years.

Also, note that the backbone of the unit offers a highly reliable construction quality. To be more specific, the basket has a stamped steel acoustically inert structure. So you’re in for a treat with this car audio system.

But what’s the one thing that I don’t like about these speakers? The fact that the crossovers are not high-quality elements! And when that’s the deal, they tend to overheat.

The Polk Audio speaker surround can tolerate extreme conditions.
​The swivel cups enable mounting/placement flexibility.
The presence of heat sink means the most heat dissipation.
They need excessive power to perform well.
Crossovers are of cheap quality.
Polk Audio – Crafting Great Sound Since 1972: A Brand Documentary

2. Infinity Reference 6500CX 6-1/2” – For Excellent Sound Reproduction

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The first best component speakers on the list are by Infinity. And why not when the company has an authoritative reputation! For manufacturing car audio speakers! They offer all kinds of speakers in different models for specific lines. And the Reference Collection ranks among the most effective!

So let’s find out everything important about the Infinity Reference 6500CX. It is a high-quality product with an affordable price tag. Now, that’s not so surprising considering the manufacturer is Infinity!

Moving on, the speakers do an excellent job at sound reproduction. Better than any other pair on the list! This includes lowest bass notes and wide piano bandwidth. Along with cymbal crash present in high-frequency ranges. They have it all covered!

But it’s not only the high-fidelity speaker set that you might appreciate. The external crossover network is also top quality. What’s more is the presence of innovative features. Like an adjustable control for the tweeter levels. Along with adapter rings, which are perfect for mounting purposes.

After the trial, I would go as far as to state that this unit is ideal for external amp power. It can handle at least 270 watts peak power, and 540 watts combined. Additionally, the speakers go through quality control and audio testing. So you can rest assured knowing that they meet the expected power handling. And tonal quality capacities!

TheInfinity Reference 6500CX 6-1/2” Component Loudspeaker is equipped with Plus One technology. This is installed in the woofer cone. And what it does is maximize the surface area of the cone. That is how the outcome is nothing short of unrivaled sound reproduction.

Now you should know that distortion is a common issue in a few models. And, unfortunately, the Infinity Reference 6500CX Component Loudspeaker is one of them. So expect some of that, but only on higher sound levels.

The Infinity speakers deliver a great bass response.
The well-ventilated motor structure enables quick cooling.
The external crossover filters harmful frequencies.
The product doesn’t include connectors or cables for installation.
Distortion is a problem, esp. at higher levels.

3. JBL GTO609C Premium 6.5-Inch – For Long-Lasting Experience

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Are you looking for the best component speakers? If that’s the case, here’s your pick. Plus, the JBL GTO609C Component Speaker System offers tons of durability too. Also, allow me to point out that both listening to and looking at them is a privilege.

Let’s start off by discussing the cone material. The speakers have a carbon-injected material for the cone. Such a design is what makes them capable of handling higher output levels. On top of that, the cone does a swell job at accurately reproducing every note. With the greatest coherency and clarity!

What’s more is that the unit features high-thermal voice coil equipped vented magnet. In simple words, this is a feature in charge of dissipating heat. Along with ensuring long-term effectiveness and durability!

You also get an increased cone area for more air radiation. As a result of which low-frequency feedback improves to a great extent. So expect to hear all important music notes. Even the ones that you often tend to associate with the larger car speaker sizes!

The JBL GTO609C Component Speakers have the ability to produce clear, strong sound. They can deliver at least 540 watts peak power. That means 270 watts each, right? In that sense, this particular option is suitable for systems working on factory-amp or head-unit power levels.

Sadly, the installation part is not easy. That’s because the speakers include a large crossover. And this might not be such a user-friendly experience. Especially with certain mounting systems of cars!

The JBL speakers handle power exceptionally well.
They are loud enough with zero distortion.
Mounting them is a challenge.

4. Alpine SPR-60C 6.5” – The Best 6.5 Component Speakers

 Alpine SPR-60C 6.5

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When you want to buy powerful speakers, you don’t have to drill a huge hole in your wallet. The audio market offers many affordable options. And these are as functional as their expensive counterparts. So one such model is the Alpine SPR-60C 6.5” Car Audio Component System.

Upon close examination, I found the unit to have an updated construction. This makes way for greatest durability. As for performance, the exceptional tweeters do an excellent job. At delivering great highs! While the woofers give you the perfect lows and mids. The sound quality is crisp and clear. So you can drop all doubts about performance.

As for power handling, these best component speakers offer tons of that. And are loud enough at the same time! I tested this particular characteristic. And heard sounds that I never thought one could at a higher volume.

The fantastic bass response is also another major advantage. In all, the Alpine SPR-60C Component System is a high-quality product. With the same kind of installation gear for easy, quick mounting! And every part of the system is well designed with nothing but peak performance in mind.

I’m going to use this opportunity to brag about the remarkable tweeters. They aren’t overwhelmingly high. The tweeters make the experience of listening to different kinds of music quite comfortable and pleasant. There’s no sound distortion or ear fatigue that you might have to deal with in the case of any Alpine audio system.

Unfortunately, the Alpine SPR-60C 6.5” Component Speakers come with a break-in period. But in their defense, it’s not more than 10-12 hours.

The Alpine speakers deliver great midrange and clear highs.
They handle bass exceptionally well
You have to break them in.
Alpine Type-R Speaker series

5. Rockford Fosgate P165-S 6.5” – For Unbeatable Performance

 Rockford Fosgate P165-S 6.5

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When it’s Rockford Fosgate, there’s no point in worrying about sound reproduction. And even durability as a matter of fact! The company only manufactures units that you can rely on in all aspects. So when using the Rockford Fosgate P165-S Punch Component System, discard all doubts.

These best component speakers include technologies and features that are delightful additions. Especially to have in the car! So it doesn’t come as a surprise to know that the system consists of a polypropylene cone. The lightweight element adds thickness and clarity to the audio. At the same time, it makes the speakers long lasting.

You’ll also appreciate the exceptional butyl rubber designed surround (different speaker materials). With that in the picture, you can play those speakers how much ever you like.

Now, how about mounting and installation? You should know that you’re dealing with improved cone and surround structures here. That gives you a larger cone area. 25 percent more to be specific! As a result of which audio is crystal clear audio and bass is deeper and more solid.

On top of that, the unit’s frame contains a part for the crossover. So you don’t need to look for a spot to hide those crossovers! Every little detail is well taken care of. That’s exactly what Rockford Fosgate excels at delivering!

The Rockford Fosgate P165-S Punch Series Component Speakers sound like no other. I mean the deep range that you get with this thing is quite surprising. Given how small the system is! And here’s the best part. The speakers sound so great without even being paired with a subwoofer. So expect nothing but greatness!

The game-changing letdown presents itself in the form of too bright tweeters. And the lack of dB adjustability in them tends to make matters worse.

The Rockford Fosgate speakers have a tough construction.
​FlexFit basket makes installation easier.
Treble and bass are optimally hard hitting.
Excessively bright tweeters with zero adjustments.
Rockford Fosgate: Punch Speakers

6. Kenwood Kfc-P70Ps 6.5-Inch – The Best 6.5 Speakers for the Money

 Kenwood Kfc-P709Ps 6.5-Inch Performance Series Component Speaker System

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Let me begin by stating that this pick is an ideal choice for budget-friendly users. But the Kenwood Kfc-P70Ps Performance Series Component Speakers are more than only affordable. Apart from offering the best value for money, they also sound amazing. Let’s find out how!

The combination of excellent frequency response and power handling is something to value. Especially when you know that it’s responsible for sound reproduction. Along with audio quality! You’ll also be quite relieved to know that the outstanding tweeters contain a bracket. The swivel dome kind for easy installation!

Furthermore, the injected polypropylene designed cone has a unique diamond array structure. Such a crossover directs sound in the best possible manner. Plus, you get to enjoy fuller sounds. By far, these component speakers are the only ones that can beat out all types of premium stock speakers. Trust me.

The woofers included are pretty impressive too. They deliver amazing mids and highs with the tweeters and crossovers. So the outcome comes in the form of rich, full, encompassing sound. What more do you need, right!

Why are these the best 6.5 speakers for the money? Well, here’s my reason. The Kenwood Kfc-P70Ps gives you great volume. And not just that, even at a higher volume, the little beast can deliver superb sound quality. You’ll be able to hear tones and vocals much bolder and clearer. And that, to me, seems like a major advantage!

The thing about some 6.5 component speakers is that they don’t produce good bass. And the Kenwood Kfc-P70Ps Performance Series Component Speaker is one of them.

The Kenwood speakers offer distortion-free mids and highs.
​Adapters included for quick setup.
The surround and cone are of high quality.
Tweeter grilles are not removable.
Bass response is only average.

7. Pioneer TS-D1730C 6 3/4“ – For Powerful Bass

 Pioneer TS-D1730C 6 3/4

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Whoever said that all best component speakers are bad at bass? Well, then they don’t know much about the kind of options available. The only model on the list that delivers good bass quality is right here. It’s the Pioneer TS-D1730C 6 3/4“Component Speakers.

Allow me to begin by stating the truth. That Pioneer is a trusted, recognizable name in the industry. So the performance level and durability of the unit at hand are remarkable factors.

The speakers consist of individually mounted tweeters. And these are present inside the cutout quite comfortably. Now, how about sound reproduction? Well, you have nothing to doubt in that department either. The Pioneer model gives you music exactly the way it’s created. Including ambiance!

The sounds delivered to you are smooth and open. By the latter, I mean open staging. The sound characteristics promote the phenomenal widening effect. And that, in turn, extends way beyond the area between these speakers.

What’s more is that the Pioneer TS-D1730C provides powerful bass. Unlike a few component speakers on the current market! So it’s safe for me to state that they are miles better when compared to stock speakers. And what’s even more enticing is the fact that you get all this at an affordable price!

Do you understand why this particular pick is so popular in the audio industry? As far as my knowledge goes, the Pioneer speakers offer a fantastic tweeter response. They deliver clear, crisp high frequencies and cymbals. Plus, you also get the opportunity to decrease/increase tweeter response. And as an audiophile, I’m sure you’ll like that option!

The most common issue with such speaker systems is the presence of harsh tweeters. So that’s the kind of drawback you’re dealing with in this case.

The Pioneer speakers are plenty sensitive to produce accurate sound.
Woofer cone has a Kevlar design, which is great.
They can’t handle too much power.
The tweeters are extremely harsh.

8. CT Sounds Strato 5.25 Inch – The Best Compact Component Speakers

 CT Sounds Strato 5.25 inch Component Full Range Car Speaker Set - Pair

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What’s next is the best 5.25-inch component speakers by CT Sounds. They are, by far, the cheapest option, price-wise. So if you’re looking for budget-friendly, small car speakers, you found them!

The CT Sounds Strato 5.25 Inch Component Full Range Car Speakers are also available in 6.5 inches. So you get two size options to select from.

Moving on, let’s talk about the crossover network. This functionality of the best component speakers is quite impressive. So much so that it produces a full sound despite the small size. The tweeters are also well constructed. For that very reason, you can easily and discreetly place them wherever you like.

What about the performance level? Here’s good news!The sound quality is distortion-free and loud. With an exceptional tonal accuracy! So it’s a shocker to find out that these high-performing speakers have such a low price tag.

Did you know that the polypropylene cone has a unique rubber surround? It’s built using the Nitrile Butadiene kind of rubber. In simple words, the surround does an excellent job of allowing the woofer to flex. And that in itself opens the door to an entire list of advantages. Especially with regards to sound reproduction and quality!

On the other hand, the unit offers very bright tweeters. But to be fair, you can adjust the EQ.

The CT Sounds speakers have a tough construction.
​They are loud, detailed, and accurate.
The push terminals are excellent additions.
The product doesn’t include wiring or instructions for installation.
Tweeters tend to sound almost harsh.

9. Kicker 40CS654 6.5 Inch – The Best Affordable Component Speakers

 Kicker 40CS654 6.5 inch 2-Way Speakers

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Kicker is a brand that manufactures speakers with only one goal in mind. And that is to give you the loudest music experience. With that in mind, let me present the Kicker 40CS654 6.5 Inch 2-Way Speakers. These are great choice for those with a tight budget.

The first feature that caught my attention was the polypropylene constructed woofers. Next in line is the polyester foam designed surrounds. Combine these with the remarkable titanium dome structure of the tweeters. And the outcome is praiseworthy. All the components pair up well to produce even tiny sound details.

What’s even more compelling is the functional crossover network. The external part handles the optimal distribution of frequency range across the drivers. And here’s the greatest news. These crossovers feature level control. That way, you have the freedom to customize sound.

So if what you’re looking for is reliable, sought-after performance. Look no further than the Kicker speakers.

The highs and mids are clean. The fit is perfect and installation quick and easy. Quality is top-notch with a budget-friendly price tag. So everything about the Kicker 40CS654 Speakers lives up to your expectations.

But there is one complaint that I would like to share. The unit doesn’t have a subtle tweeter. So it can be sharp at higher volumes. So are you ready for such a trade-off?

The Kicker speakers can tolerate high wattage of amps.
The reduced basket depth enables easy fitting.
Tweeter performance on higher levels is poor.

10. Infinity Reference 6030cs 6.5-Inch – The Bonus Pick

 Infinity Reference 6030cs 6.5-Inch 270-Watt Two-Way Component System

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The bonus pick consists of 2 speakers, one for mid-range and the other for low-range. And with those, you also get 2 tweeters along with crossover commands. And let’s not forget about the low pricing. So that’s what the Infinity Reference 6030cs 6.5-Inch Component System looks like. Now it’s time to get into the specific details!

The cone has a large surface area to deliver better bass output. And also higher efficiency! As for the rubber surrounds, they bring cone-edge type suspension into the picture. At the same time, the surrounds absorb distortion.

Then comes the tweeter design. The structure is such that it increases power handling and minimizes distortion. Especially at a higher output level! The edge-driven tweeter technology also enables better mid/woofer integration. (Speaker specifications)

And lastly, installation is another factor you need not worry about. Because the complete mounting kit included makes setting up the unit an easy task. So now you can believe when I say that you’re looking at a solid set of component speakers.

Unlike the other models discussed here, the Infinity Kappa speakers provide strong sound with good bass. All thanks to the durable, high-performing rubber surrounds. They are the kind of components that every audiophile takes into account during the selection process.

Once again, even for this unit, the problem lies with the tweeters. Since they are very bright, the highs come out sharp. And at such times, the sound is more metallic in quality. But if you’re willing to look past it, there’s no other disappointment waiting for you.

The Infinity Kappa speakers offer higher efficiency.
​Tweeter adjustment is an excellent add-on.
Imaging and clarity are amazing.
The crossover lacks mounting provision.
Tweeters create sharp highs.

Buyer’s Guide to the Best Component Speakers


It doesn’t matter if you’re a first-time user or if you’ve already worked with component speakers. Every new experience always teaches you something or the other. Maybe the last time you did or bought something that, in hindsight, seemed like a huge mistake. So I thought it best to create this useful buying guide for you.

In here, I‘ve discussed everything you need to know about component speakers. Even though basic, the information will help you in making a well-informed decision. So if you want to avoid leaving out important factors, please keep reading.

So the first topic of discussion is this. The difference between the best component speakers and the best coaxial speakers!

Component Speakers vs. Coaxial Speakers

The article is dedicated to presenting the best component speakers, right? So I’m going to talk about how they have the upper hand over their coaxial counterparts.

Component music systems come with separate crossovers, tweeters, and woofers. So they have the ability to create excellent stereo-imaging. And this is what attracts audio enthusiasts the most!

On the other hand, coaxial speakers combine tweeter and woofer into one unit. And this applies to both the aftermarket and factory-installed units! In that case, the tweeter and woofer placement get compromised. Such arrangements make it impossible for the tweeter to not mess with the woofer’s sound wave production capacity. And no matter how hard you try, you can’t fix this particular issue.

So it’s a blessing in disguise when the tweeter and woofer are mounted separately. This way, each component has the freedom to operate without any interference.

On top of that, the thing about independent tweeters is that you can place them however you like. When tweeters are positioned correctly, they deliver the best sound-staging and imaging.

Here’s a downside. Component speakers perform exceptionally well only when paired with external amplifiers. But that doesn’t mean you can’t operate them on power-driven aftermarket head systems.

At the same time, this doesn’t take away an important fact. That component speakers shine the brightest with external amplifiers. So it’s safe for me to state that they’re able to withstand higher power than their coaxial counterparts.

Component Speakers: Common Ratings and Terms

When dealing with car speakers, you have to take certain factors into account. And these are nothing but common terms and criteria that are easy to understand. So allow me to explain further.

Power Handling

The power handling capacity of a speaker is the amount of power it can handle as well as operate at. It is denoted by 2 measurements, Peak and RMS. The former rating describes how much power the unit can withstand for short bursts. And RMS power is the power handling capacity on a continuous basis.

For the sake of comparing speakers, it’s the RMS rating that strikes as more important. And relevant too!


Depending on the power, a speaker’s sensitivity rating is the level of sound it can emit. The higher the value, the greater the efficiency of the unit!

Low-powered music systems perform well with a high sensitivity rating. And higher powered options with lower sensitivity! So what does that mean? It implies that the best component speakers offer the lowest sensitivity rating.

Frequency Range

This is measured in Hertz (Hz). How high or low the speakers produce sound at is known as the frequency range. The ranges begin from 20 Hertz and go up till 22,000 Hertz. This way, you can determine how high or low that particular unit can emit the sound at.

Component Speakers: Speaker Materials and Design

What’s the one thing that determines the quality and responsiveness of speakers? It’s the woofer. The highest-rated component speakers are models equipped with stiff yet lightweight woofer cone. In that case, it’s the polypropylene material you need to look out for!

Additionally, woven fabrics like Kevlar are present in high-quality speakers. Even titanium and aluminum are excellent options for high-end units.

Woofer Surround

Another significant aspect is the invaluable woofer surround. This particular component also affects the sound quality of speakers. Here, the material used should be free moving, lightweight, and durable. Only then does the woofer move with minimal energy!

Let me also bring durability into the picture. With time, humidity and signs of wear tend to increase. And these changes contribute to cracking and breaking the useful woofer surround. So at such times, if the material is durable, as is the case with rubber, your speakers will last longer.

On the other hand, cloth or foam woofer surrounds don’t offer an extended lifespan. Plus, they offer poor performance as well.


All high-quality component speakers feature crossovers, right? What external crossovers do is reduce the level of distortion. By separating the different frequency inputs!

More often than not, signals have a tendency of crossing through the coated wiring. As a result of which distortion comes into action. So to reduce this distortion, manufacturers equip speakers with a crossover system.


My Choice: Polk Audio DB6501

I would like to conclude by sharing the ultimate pick in the category of the best component speakers. After all the researching and reviewing, there is one model that ranked the highest. It’s the Polk Audio DB6501 6.5-Inch 2-Way Component System.

The marine-certified speakers come with phenomenal tweeters. Ones with exceptional neodymium magnet! To provide nothing short of detailed, clear highs. On top of that, the cone structure is lightweight and stiff. And this is useful in delivering big sound. That too with minimal distortion!

Other useful additions include voice coil and heat sink. The former takes care of higher power handling. While the latter encourages heat dissipation! As for durability, the basket is well built with a rustproof coating. So the manufacturer has left no stone unturned to add a reliable product to the audio industry!

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