Best Archery Release (2021) – Buyer’s Guide


Shooting a bow using your fingers demands tons of practice. It goes without saying, doesn’t it? But what you probably might not be aware of is that a clean strike requires the use of proper gear. The kind of archery equipment you work with can either make or break the experience. If you agree, then you should consider buying the best archery release.

With such a device in your hand, you don’t need to use three fingers. Just the one finger can act as an excellent contact point when employing a release. In my experience, when shooting with a remarkable archery release, you bring true accuracy to the table. And this is also when you’ll see yourself transforming into an experienced archer or shooter.

So if you wish to gain access to better on-field performance, please keep reading. And if not, then the best you can do is read the buying guide at the least. With that, you’ll have a basic understanding of what to look for and expect from such a useful product.


In this section, I have shortlisted the highest-rated picks currently available. Right below the comparison table lies detailed reviews with both pros and cons.

Hopefully, after going through each, you’ll be able to make a well-informed decision. And, in turn, even perform better!


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Don’t forget to take the TruFire Patriot Archery Compound Bow Release into account if you’re working on a tight budget. It might not be a highly innovative option but it offers all basic features. The kinds that perform exceptionally well! Plus, the fact that the manufacturer isTruFire is proof of how reliable and durable it is.

This best archery release has a convenient strap design. Unlike its Velcro counterpart, it offers tons of adjustability. You can put it on and take it off with maximum ease. (Tuning your bow release)

I won’t hesitate to state that the TruFire Patriot works great. The proof comes in the form of a remarkable swivel. What it does is prevent the need to rotate the arms when taking that shot. So you achieve results with no or minimal hint of failure.

You’ll also appreciate the accurate length adjustment between buckle and trigger. Even the nylon, padded strap is quite impressive. It adds strength and comfort to the device. And to avoid complex setups, the manufacturer has made the release suitable for both hands.

So what you’re looking at is a product that’s affordable and high-performing at the same time.

​The TruFire Patriot features a redesigned trigger and body. The double caliper design increases precision and accuracy of all types of archers. So it’s safe for me to mention that you’re dealing with the best release for accuracy.

The most disappointing part is the excessive lightness of this archery release. Even a slight touch can activate the release action.

The TruFire release has a solid, American-made construction.
​The trigger and jaws are coated for long-term use.
Adjustable trigger travel with smooth trigger operation.
It is too sensitive to touch.


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Buying a TruFire product means spending big bucks, doesn’t it? The brand manufactures the best archery releases but not all of them are heavily priced. Especially the TruFire Hurricane Extreme Bow Release Wrist Strap. This camo pattern model gives you an opportunity to opt for the brand and stick to your budget at the same time. Now that the good news is in place, let’s talk about the features.

The current pick consists of a phenomenal buckle strap to bring more comfort into play. You can alter the level of trigger travel on this thing. And that goes a long way in enhancing both user experience and performance.

What’s more is that this best archery release is equipped with an invaluable open double caliper. This particular component takes replaces the hook. And that means you can achieve faster response and quicker action.

As for the quality of the TruFire Hurricane Extreme, it has a Made in USA reputation. So the use of top quality materials ensures remarkable durability. And that too at such an affordable price!

In all, it’s a comfortable-to-use device built to deliver great accuracy. Something that every beginner archer or shooter demands from a basic model!

The buckle of the TruFire Hurricane Extreme Bow Release Wrist Strap is highly efficient. It has the ability to aid all types of archers with a precise, clean release. On top of that, there’s the 360-degree rotation capacity of the head. It gives you more bow freedom while shooting. And there’s nothing that adds more comfort than having access to such adjustability.

The most noteworthy drawback to discuss here is that this TruFire creation is not such an ideal option for those with large hands. I would go as far as to state that it’s only a beginner pick. That’s great news for newbies, right? But if you’re a seasoned archer or shooter, I’d advise you to select the next option.

The trigger travel feature is adjustable.
It is suitable for both hands.
The camo pattern provides a huge advantage during hunting.
You cannot tweak the length.
Not built for large hands.


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When a model ranks among the top archery releases, you have to stop and take notice. So allow me to introduce you to the Scott Archery Little Goose Release. It’s a highly competitive, hence popular model on the current market. And what makes it so is the unique design.

You’ll be thrilled to know that the release features a single-piece trigger. What such a formation does is maximize draw length. To provide exceptional stability and comfort! (Why use a release aid?)

Then comes the use of genuine leather, which brings more comfort to the table. Plus, the whole camo pattern offers an upper hand to hunters out there on the field.

What about adjustability? In that regard, this best archery release is packed with an indispensable swiveling head. Two other useful components that you can adjust to your liking are trigger weight and pressure. As a result of which it becomes possible to utilize optimal back pressure during the draw action.

Now it’s time to brag about the exclusive design of the angle-jaw. The part is supplied with an enhanced jaw radius. This is very useful for traditional D-loops. In fact, it goes as far as providing clean release each time. So you obtain a more consistent and accurate shot.

So I would just like to say that the Scott Archery Little Goose is quite an impressive device. The kind that offers enough adjustability to keep both beginners and experts content!

When dealing with a wrist strap, comfort is a factor you simply cannot neglect. Otherwise, the whole point of using such an archery release gets defeated. With that in mind, there’s no reason to doubt the padded design of this wrist strap. It offers tons of comfort and durability. That means the Scott Archery Little Goose is an option that will last for many seasons.

Due to the misalignment of the buckle, it becomes difficult to feed it in without the thing binding. Unfortunately, the process does require a certain amount of patience to deal with.

The Scott Archery release provides a crisp, light trigger break.
​It is suitable for both hands.
Adjustments are aplenty and quick to carry out.
Strap is not easy to buckle.


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Budget-friendly price point and tons of adjustability. That’s how I would like to describe the TruFire Hardcore Buckle Foldback Adjustable Archery Release. It is quite popular among archers and hunters. And why not when it features such an easy and comfortable to use buckle strap!

The buckle design is the most highlighted part of this best archery release. And I’ll tell you why. It’s because such a structure is virtually noiseless. Unlike some of the other models currently available. So the TruFire Hardcore is right for undertakings involving hunting.

Another praiseworthy feature is the self-closing, automatic hook. What such functionality does is pivot the body right or left as much as 20 degrees. This action makes up for varying positions of the anchor point. That means you get access to minimal torque and maximum smoothness. The latter is the most useful when under pressure!

Furthermore, the TruFire Hardcore allows you to change trigger pressure. Right from as low as 3 ounces till as high as 16 ounces. The outcome of such adjustability is that you get the freedom to use excess back pressure. And isn’t that great news given the wrist-style design of this particular pick!

Also, the head part of the release folds back quite easily. So it doesn’t cause any inconvenience when not in use. So there’s no reason to believe that you won’t enjoy the many features of this evolutionary creation by TruFire.

Here’s what you’re dealing with. A self-centering, automatic buckle that reduces torque.A solidly constructed steel jaw that enhances trigger pressure adjustability. Access to more back tension despite the wrist design. And easy, quick adjustments for trigger travel as well. So if this isn’t the best archery release for hardcore shooters, then what is!

But what’s the downside to all this? The hook of the TruFire Hardcore is a bit problematic. It doesn’t open enough, which tends to affect the direction of the shot.

The best release for accuracy.
Smooth release with a comfortable and consistent buckle fit.
Too much padding makes it bulky.
The opening of the hook is not sufficient.


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It’s a wise decision to buy the Spot Hogg Wiseguy Release Buckle if you prefer using lighter triggers. Despite being light in weight, this model comes with an adjustable set screw for the trigger. And the majority of shooters don’t mind being aware of such a design. So are you one of them? If yes, then please keep reading.

The Spot Hogg Wiseguy Release Buckle is equipped with a foldable head. So the component gets out of your way when you don’t want to use it. The high-quality buckle strap is also quite an impressive design feature. It contains optimal padding, which is responsible for adding comfort.

As for the attachment of the useful string jaw, there’s no room for disappointment. The element has an open structure that makes it possible for you to hook it up to D-loops. And that too quite easily! Along the same vein, you might also go for the forward positioned trigger. Along with its zero travel formation!

Apart from buckle adjustment, it’s the length adjustment simplicity on the head that makes a huge impact. The notched metal material pieces, as well as screw, offer secure, precise positioning. And as far as my opinion goes, there’s nothing better than this in terms of performance.

So now you understand the excellent mechanics of the Spot Hogg Wiseguy Release Buckle. It is the lightest of the lot, but that doesn’t make it the weakest.

If you don’t like using heavier triggers, you’re ready to consider this invention by Spot Hogg. The tool at hand offers all basic features. Including self-loading hook, foldable head, magnetic breathable strap, adjustable length, open jaw, and more. All these components contribute to the popularity and success of such a lightweight pick.

The setback, in this case, is the tiny size of the Spot Hogg Wiseguy Release Buckle. It is quite short, hence not suitable for larger wristed hands.

The light trigger provides smooth release.
​The strap offers consistent positioning.
Tough quality, built to last.
The hook doesn’t pivot or swivel the body.
It isn’t long enough.


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If you’re in the market for the best archery thumb release, you’ve found the ultimate pick. It’s the Tru-Fire Hardcore 4 Finger Revolution Archery Release. The option is available in a full camouflage and matte black finish. I am reviewing the latter here. So let’s get into the specific details of this best archery release.

For starters, it lives up to your expectations as the manufacturer is none other than Tru-Fire. Crafted in the US, the tool consists of a comfortable, solid aluminum head and handle. The former features complete range rotation. That is 360 degrees, correct? This makes way for incredibly smooth head adjustments. And once you begin to rotate that head as per your liking, locking the thing in place is also equally smooth. It’s because of the presence of many ball bearings. 11, to be more exact!

What about the star of the show? The invaluable thumb release feature is nothing but versatile. It offers 16 different positions, which you can subject to tension adjustment. As a seasoned shooter, you might also value the convenient D-loop style clips and lanyard. Such components keep the release and its parts secure when not in use.

The Tru-Fire Hardcore 4 Finger Revolution is specifically crafted for advanced shooters. And larger hands! So it’s a revolutionary choice for those who wish to switch to handheld releases.

If you want to up your game, you should consider this option. But before you do that, here are the four noteworthy characteristics you get access to. 16-position adjustment for the thumb trigger to suit your shooting skills. 360-degree rotation of the head to improve accuracy.Both right-handed and left-handed orientation for simplifying the trigger. And lastly, the design of the hook with a useful loop retainer. This makes room for efficient shooting and easy use.

But when using this handheld release, you might encounter a major problem. The hook has a knack for snagging the shooting cords. As a result of which they keep getting thinner with daily application.

The Tru-Fire release has a well-constructed design.
​The light, effective lanyard is better than any wrist strap.
Both travel and tension adjustments improve control and accuracy.
Stopper tab is ineffective.
The hook tends to cut the D-loop.


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So what’s the best part about the Tru Ball Max Hunter Pro 4 Release? That the product offers two unique advantages over its competitors! The first presents itself in the form of numerous adjustability options. And the second benefit is the ability of the release to work with massive bowstring weight.

Now here’s another thing you might like. The fact that the Tru Ball Max Hunter Pro 4 is available in different colors and sizes! For both adults and youth! You’ll be quite relieved to know that this best archery release tool is an ideal pick for experienced and amateur shooters. All thanks to its straightforward to use features!

What else is so great about the Tru Ball Max Hunter Pro 4 Release? That it’s an extremely quiet device. So your game doesn’t get startled during the loading process. I would also like to add here that the unit features smaller jaws and head. Due to which bow speed and draw length increase inevitably. That sound like fantastic news, doesn’t it?

So to get your hands on something heavy-duty, do consider buying the Tru Ball Max Hunter Pro 4 Release.

When you get access to tons of adjustability, what does it look like? Nothing but the Tru Ball Max Hunter Pro 4 Release! With such functionality, you get the opportunity to subject it to massive bowstring weight. So if you’re a competent archer or hunter, there’s no valid reason to not fall in love with this option.

Every such archery release is equipped with a highly functional sensitivity screw. And when this particular element comes loose, it leads to firing halfway through the draw. So at such times, you won’t know where your arrow travels to. And I don’t think I need to say anymore.

The Tru Ball release offers noiseless loading.
​It makes way for the heaviest draw length.
Working the trigger to open and close jaws is pretty straightforward.
There is a break-in period.
Sensitivity screw is prone to stripping out.


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As long as the manufacturer is Scott Archery, you need not worry about quality. And, in turn, durability. The Scott Archery Shark Double Caliber Release ranks as the most reliable model in terms of long-lasting value. The brand produces outstanding products, without the shadow of a doubt. And this pick, in particular, is no exception. It offers both left and right-handed orientation.

But let’s talk about more important features. For one, this best archery release tool is available with two design options. The first comes with the Velcro strap. It gives you more adjustability. On the other hand, the second option is the one with the buckle. For a noiseless loading process!

Moving on, the unique double calipers open instantly. All you have to do is activate that trigger. Moreover, you can also adjust trigger sensitivity quite easily. So expect just the kind of feel you demand from the best archery release.

What else is remarkable? It’s the design of the invaluable trigger. The ribbed finish of the component ensures no slippage. Even the head of the caliper works toward enhancing performance. And it does so by swiveling so you’re able to use the thing in any hand to reduce bowstring torque. Besides that, you get the opportunity to work with four different release placements.

Upon examination and application, you’ll arrive at a single conclusion. That the Scott Archery Shark Double Caliber Release delivers peak performance!

Looking to buy a double caliper release? If that’s the case, choose nothing else but the Scott Archery Shark. The reliable workhorse is equipped with stable swivel connector like no other. It features unique length adjustment with five holes. So the equipment is suitable for all types of archers.

Also, the knurled trigger has a forward positioned design. To maximize the draw length for exceptional bow performance!

Unfortunately, adapting to trigger sensitivity is not an easy or quick task. You might take some time to use it to your advantage. And this process can be slightly annoying to deal with.

The Scott Archery release has a streamlined structure.
​The oversized head offers an excellent feel.
Double jaw enhances tune-ability of the bow.
The screw holding the unit together tends to come loose.
Adjusting to trigger sensitivity requires practice.


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Ranked as the best release for accuracy, this pick offers great features. That explains the expensive price tag of the model. The Carter Chocolate Addiction 4F Release leaves no room for error. As long as you know how to use the best archery release to your advantage!

Upon a closer look, we spotted the unique 360-degree rotation of the head. This particular feature, along with adjustability, gives the device its competitive edge. Applying the invaluable thumb setting is also quite an easy task. All you have to do is spin it away.

The three holes of the useful trigger base are quite appealing aspects. The first hole offers trigger travel adjustments. The second is spring-loaded, which allows you to customize trigger tension. And the same applies to the third. To move between these three, you need to perform a single simple action. Use that cocking lever located at the back.

The closing of the jaw takes place as soon as the release is cocked. So in terms of versatility, you might not find anything better than this tool.

Did you know that the Carter Chocolate Addiction 4F Release is packed with several strings as well? These components make room for tension change. On top of that, the addition of wrenches also helps in adjusting the trigger tension and travel. No wonder flexibility takes complete control in this case.

The only negative feedback is the loose thumb knob screws. They result in premature release, which is never a good idea.

The Carter release offers plenty customization options.
The great finish and top quality materials ensure durability.
Thumb trigger is prone to coming loose.


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Since I have reviewed so many best TruFire creations already, it should come as no surprise to know that the bonus pick is also of the same brand. The Tru-Fire Edge 4-Finger Hand Held Release is excellent for those who want to give something new a try. It’s a fairly priced device that goes a long way in improving your archery and hunting skills.

This high-quality, US-made release is equipped with a remarkable double caliper. It features an exceptional spring-loaded type of a trigger. Opening the jaws only requires you to pull back that trigger. And by letting it go you can close those jaws back again. That’s how easy the working mechanism is!

The head moves 360 degrees, which means torque-free experience. On top of that, the adjustable trigger travel adds tons of convenience and flexibility.

The Tru-Fire Edge is an ideal pick for string loops and compound bows. And as far as delivering accuracy goes, there are no major setbacks.

The bonus pick has everything the best models are made of. The most important feature is the 360-degree head rotation. Such an action enables minimal torque shooting. But the one unique quality is the durable and comfortable aluminum handle.

In all, the Tru-Fire Edge gives you the much-needed accuracy. Along with easy usability!

The product is great in terms of durability, adjustability, accuracy, and usability. But when it comes to silent operation, it doesn’t score the highest marks.

The Tru-Fire creation is ambidextrous.
Its trigger travel and thumb are plenty adjustable.
Not suitable for larger hands.
The loading process is not noiseless.


The price of the best release for accuracy might not be the same as the best archery thumb release. Isn’t that correct? What I mean to say is that not all models are priced equally. You’ll come across a broad range of options in terms of price, performance, design, functionality, and more. So the correct answer lies in nothing but the details.

The ultimate goal is to buy the best archery release that pairs up with the quality and structure of the bow you use. Only then will you be able to become a better archer or shooter. With that in mind, let’s find out what these details are. Along with understanding how important they are in the selection process!



On a basic level, there are only two different types of options here. Wrist and handheld, alright? These two releases are found abundantly on the current market. And the price of each model is based on its smoothness and adjustability.

Furthermore, the design of the caliper jaws greatly depends on only one factor. And that is whether you shoot off that string or through a loop on the string. So depending on your particular bow setup, choose the best archery release.


The wrist version is the most preferred style among archers and shooters. The equipment features a strap that you can attach to the wrist. It consists of a trigger, which you pull using your finger. The jaws are directly responsible for the quality of the release. You should also know that better models offer adjustability for hard and easy release.

It’s only after testing this particular style did I realize how well it transfers draw weight to the forearm and wrist. Thus making the process of holding the bow back at complete draw easier!

Another thing to keep in mind is that the release length and trigger position have an impact on draw length. In that case, choose an option that complements your bow setup. But don’t forget to take affordability into account as well.


A handheld release is new to the archery and hunting market. The design is lighter-weighted and more straightforward to use. It does employ the same trigger mechanism. But the difference here is that you don’t have to pull using the index finger. You can trigger the release with the thumb, which, as we all know, is not as delicate as the index finger.

In fact, you also get the opportunity to release that arrow using only back tension. An increase in tension during full draw paired with slight archery release rotation enables smooth string release.

Most competition archers and shooters choose handheld over the wrist. So it’s great news that the best archery thumb release discussed in the reviews section is an affordable pick too.

  • Adjustment of Archery Release

With a handheld archery release, adjustability is a factor that you simply cannot overlook. All archers don’t have the same hand size, right? In that case, there’s no one-size-fits-all option for such a product.

So if you don’t want to burden your hands in order to reach that trigger, here’s what you can do. Select a model that offers maximum adjustability. This makes way for comfortable shooting, doesn’t it?

  • String Style of Archery Release

You can set up bow strings in many ways. There are the metal, “D” loop, and metal nock type string fasteners. Some of the best archery releases don’t work on one or the other string styles. So don’t forget to ensure that the release you choose is suitable for your particular string setup. (All about bowstrings)

  • Automation of Archery Release

Some devices are automatic while the others are hydraulic. The former fires the bow automatically once a stipulated amount of time has gone by. And this happens after you begin the drawing back action.

Automatic archery release aids feature either a wrist or grip style design. At the same time, they’re also costlier than the others. So my advice to you would be to avoid selecting such an option unless you’re an experienced or professional archer.

  • Noise of Archery Release

The best archery release is one that doesn’t produce any noise. On the other hand, cheap or low-quality models give rise to clicking sounds during the action. As a result of which they end up spooking your target. And that can be quite annoying. So it’s important to opt for a release that doesn’t make noise.



The critical part of every setup is nothing but the release. It might seem like a logical idea to not pay any attention to other components once you’ve spent big money on the best compound bow. But that’s where you’re wrong. The best archery release ensures remarkable bow performance. Especially if you’re a newbie and require a decent wrist release to gain some experience!

So allow me to announce my final recommendation. It is considered to be the most reliable and accurate -The TruFire Patriot Archery Compound Bow Release. The tool offers an incredibly smooth trigger operation. With an adjustable trigger travel!

In the end, just remember a simple rule. Opt for handhelds only when you demand the greatest adjustability. These also feature a more sensitive trigger along with an easier to operate release mechanism.

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