Best Electrician Tool Belt (2021) – Buyer’s Guide


For the kind of work you do, you need the best electrician tool belt. When you imagine a construction worker, you think of worker’s belt packed with all kinds of tools. This includes a hammer, screw-drivers, splitters, etc. Doesn’t an electrician handle such equipment?

Of course, the demands of an electrician differ from that of construction. But the tools required for the job are almost the same.

Top 10 Electrician Tool Belts to Buy


If you’re new, looking for an electrician tool belt is just as important as staying safe. And if you’re looking to upgrade to a high-quality tool belt, you’ve come to the right place! A simple comparison table will help you narrow down your choices. While the in-depth reviews will let you know each tool belt’s pros and cons. Yes, it’s that simple!

1. CLC Custom Leathercraft 1614 – Best Electrician Tool Belt for Budget-Minded Buyers

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Finding a suitable tool belt doesn’t have to be hard when you have this. The CLC Custom Leathercraft 1614 has a comfortable and durable fit. With 6 pockets and 13 extra pockets and sleeves for storage, you won’t miss out on a single item.

This CLC Work Gear electrician tool belt is definitely built for tough jobs. It’s yours when you need a heavy-duty and accessible tool belt for daily use. The suspenders are heavily-padded and flexible. This puts less pressure on your hips and lower back, which is a major talking point for electricians.

You should also know that this tool belt has an exclusive open pocket design. This allows better accessibility and reinforcing. So nothing goes out of your sight while you’re engrossed in your work.

If you like, you can use this tool belt without the suspenders. The harness system without the suspenders feels much lighter than with. So if you are working with more tools than usual, I would advise you to remove the suspenders until the job’s done.

The least appealing feature of this tool belt is the shoulder straps. The shoulder straps don’t tighten as they should for the ideal waist size.

Convenient load/unload adjustment.
Comfortable harness system.
Consists of over 20 different storage compartments.

Improper shoulder straps adjustment.
The suspenders lack proper padding.

2. ToughBuilt Journeyman TB-CT-114-2 – Best Electrician Tool Belt for Light-Carry Equipment

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The ToughBuilt Journeyman matches the demeanor of any professional electrician. It comes equipped with tool pockets, a notebook pocket, wire-tester pockets, and loops.

This tool belt is ready for your ever-changing needs as a tough electrician. What’s more? It has durable rivet reinforcement which makes up for intense working conditions. So you can work in the dark, this best electrician tool belt offers a flashlight wrap. It’s adjustable and secure for all your needs.

The clip system is durable enough to hold on to all your tools. It is a tough-built belt with suspenders, a belt, and many storage pouches. What more does an electrician want?

This tool belt works perfectly with a regular belt. It has open pockets and a durable clipping system which keeps your tools secure and locked in place. You can attach the clip to your belt and it stays on until the end of the day.

This is a light-carry tool belt. It’s not designed for tools heavier than a hammer. If you need a heavy-duty toolkit, there are other choices on this list that will suit your interests.

Secure clipping system.
Durable material quality.

Not ideal for heavy equipment.

3. CLC Custom Leathercraft 1608 – Best Intuitive and Comfortable Electrician Tool Belt

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If comfort is your priority, consider buying the CLC Custom Leathercraft 1608. It has the type of construction and fit that beats other contenders. With 28 pockets and sleeves to get you settled, it’s easy to carry and work with.

What makes this CLC electrician tool belt great is the padded suspenders. It distributes weight off of your lower back and hips without compromising on fit. You might say that this tool belt bag is intuitive and efficient to use.

With that in mind, this electrician belt definitely hits the mark on design. It comes with a new structure and fit for a harness system. The double strap harness gives way for heavy loads. While it reduces hip strain from wearing it too long.

All this said, you should also know that it’s one of the least expensive tool belts on the market. It fits waist sizes from 29 to 36 inches with a belt width of 3-inches. This bag truly exceeds your expectations.

This electrician tool belt displaces the weight over the shoulders and hips. So you add more than 50 pounds of equipment based on your liking. The tool belt is movable and adjustable to different waists over 40-inches.

Since the pockets of each tool belt are deep, the bottom of each pocket. The polyester fabric offers good storage and stability, after the heavy use wears out really quick.

Contains 24 storage compartments.
Double-padded harness system.

The polyester fabric looks worn out after heavy use.
The pockets are hard to clean.

4. ToughBuilt Handyman Tool Belt Set – Best Electrician Tool Belt for Multipurpose Use

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The ToughBuilt Handyman Tool Belt comes with a supportive and comfortable build. It’s a multipurpose handyman tool for electricians, carpenters, plumbers, and farmers. It offers a stable 3-piece tool belt and a unique harness system.

The clipping system is sturdy and durable, to begin with. It doesn’t fall from a loose pinch, regardless of the heaviness of the materials stored inside the bag. On top of it all, you can use the extra clips to mount the tool belt on a wall as well as your belt. This product consists both wall-mounted and belt-mounted clips.

It contains 10 pockets for storing your pliers, utility knives, drill, and other tools. The modular hammer loop and holder holster also fit waists 32 to 48 inches.

The tool belt distributes the weight off shoulders and hips. So wearing your tool belt a lot more comfortable. The easy on and off design works well for electricians who work longer than 6-8 hours daily.

The rugged 6-layer construction comes with a no-snag hidden seam feature. It also features plastic-lined pockets for storing your notebook, measure clips, and loops. The durability of this best electric tool belt withstands any kind of working condition.

The zipper quality is delicate for heavy use. You might want to use super-glue to patch the zipper into place for long-term use.

Made from durable materials.
Features a 6-layer construction with different tool compartments.

The zipper wears out easily.

5. Occidental Leather 5036 LG – Most Durable and Resilient Electrician’s Tool Belt

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It’s safe to say that this best electrician tool belt is the most durable one on the market. It’s made up of top-grain leather with 23 different pocket compartments. The belting leather comes is available in many sizes from small to XXX-large.

I can say that the Occidental Leather 5036 is a tough and efficient electrician’s tool belt to buy. To improve its shelf life, it isn’t pre-treated as any other leather belt. This feature favors a longer quality life than looks and comfort.

This electrician tool belt isn’t for the faint-hearted. It’s durable before it’s comfortable. And even though it comprises a little on comfort, it doesn’t break down in the process. It’s one of the few tool belts made of top-grain leather. This also explains its high price tag and demeanor. It fits waists above 36-inches with adjustable pockets and detachable pouches.

The hammer holder is sturdy, while the pockets make use of high-grade rivets for durable use. Making this tool belt easy to clean, polish, and maintain for a long period of time.

Since this is a leather tool belt that isn’t pre-treated, it needs polishing. You might have to apply the oil for weeks on end to break-in the leather down for a comfortable fit. But this just means that this tool belt lasts for very, very long time when taken care of.

The only drawback to this tool belt is its breaking in process. It can take up to months before it adapts to your waist for a comfortable fit. The top-grain leather construction favors durability over comfort.

Durable top-grain leather construction.
Heavy-duty rivet protection.

Comes with a longer breaking in process.

6. DEWALT DG5103 – Good Electrician’s Tool Belt for Tight Spaces

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The DEWALT DG5103 feels authentic and comfortable for versatile use. It’s the perfect electrician’s tool belt for all kinds of tools. It boasts of hands-free handling. Featuring big-sized pockets, loops, and a sleeve pocket that can hold heavier tools.

It features a ballistic poly-material which holds up against long-term use. What you will love the most about this tool belt is the wide belt strap that sits comfortably. The rear clip is wide enough to attach to wider belts.

It’s the perfect spontaneous tool for electrician’s who are always on their toes. The make and feel of this DEWALT electrician tool belt favor comfort over everything else. The bag has the correct size and the trapezoid shape allows better mobility.

Lots of electricians carry a notebook and pens for taking down notes on internal projects. It helps them stay on top of things and remain accurate. This tool belt, too, follows a similar route. It has enough space to withstand all kinds of working conditions. And it has the right pockets to store all kinds of metal tools.

So all you have to do is buy yourself this amazing and handy tool.

Know a thing or two about tool belts? Then you’ll feel the difference between this and the rest. Its clipping system is lightweight and doesn’t put much strain on your lower back. You can climb ladders without worrying about it slipping past your hips.

The clip at the back of the tool belt can be a bit tricky to handle. It isn’t as durable as the material itself. But finding a good replacement clip is easy enough once this one breaks.

Wider clipping system.
Made from durable poly-material.

The clip lacks durability.

7. Gatorback B240 – Best Electrician Tool Belt for Intermittent Use

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The next pick is the Gatorback B240, which is our best electrician tool belt. It’s a combo with a supportive belt, nylon construction, and 18 pockets. It is available in all sizes favoring comfort and efficiency.

There are many facets to this tool belt that you will definitely come to love. For example, it features a unique air channel design that promises unmatched comfort. What its design does it promotes proper ventilation and breathability to reduce sweat.

When you carry out heavy tools around your hips, you’re bound to sweat. So the ultra-breathable fabric of this tool belt will prevent that from happening.

Moving forward, the belt, pouch, and tiny pockets are well built to withstand daily use. What this means is you can store as many heavy tools as you want, but the belt still feels light and comfortable. Unlike other tool belts, the Gatorback comes with a defect-free warranty. So no sagging or tearing will keep you away from this beast.

The right side features over 15 pockets along with a tape chain. While the left side holds down 9 fastener tool pockets. Each pocket has a plastic lining to keep moisture out. This also makes it easier to clean and accessible.

The craftsmanship on this belt is suitable for infrequent use. The stitching may feel worn out after intense daily use. As would the belt, which loses its grip on long-term use.

Comfortable and easy to wear.
18 pockets with 9 fastener pockets.

Not suitable for daily use.

8. Klein Tools 5240 Tradesman Pro – Best Compact Electrician’s Tool Belt

The Klein Tools 5240 is a compact, but effective electrician’s tool belt. It has enough pockets to hold all basic tools. It’s a standard pick for budget-minded buyers.

With a tape thong and a tunnel loop, this best electrician tool belt is an easy grab-and-go tool. It fits 2-inch belts and is ideal for all waist sizes. Offering promising features that last for long, the Klein Tools 5240 is worth buying.

To add to its comfort, this tool belt offers tiny pockets to carry small fittings and splitters. So you no longer have to carry a backpack for all your equipment.

It also comes with a shoulder strap for better stability in case you’re climbing a ladder. With belt loops along with clips, it fits great with all work belts. It’s more suitable for basic hand tools such as purpose pliers, excluding hammers.

The bottom line is that this best electrician tool belt offers all the right features for a handyman. It comes with compact and accessible pockets. And its lightweight construction keeps you on your toes, all day long.

Depending on the kind of tools you put in it, this pouch can definitely stand on its own. It has a flatter bottom, but not a rigid one to hold its ground when placed on a table. But it’s better if you hang it up on a wall when it’s not attached to your belt.

As it happens, this tool belt isn’t fit for intense use. It doesn’t support heavy-duty tools like a hammer. And neither does it support big-sized pockets for versatile use.

Compact and lightweight.
Features handy belt clips and hooks.

Can only hold smaller items.

9. McGuire-Nicholas 526-CC – Best On-The-Money Electrician’s Tool Belt

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The next leather pick on the list is the McGuire-Nicholas 526. It replaces all other tool belts on the market. With a material that looks and feels promising, this is the best electrician tool belt. The high-quality design and construction make it hard to avoid.

If you want to use a cloth-inspired tool belt for your handiwork, this is for real. It has all the right stitching for a durable tool belt. Plus, it’s surprisingly lightweight and comfy. After inspecting the quality of this tool belt, the rivets on the pockets are sturdy. And so is the padding.

While a padded harness system might seem a bit uncomfortable, this one isn’t. The loops and pockets are big enough for an electrician. And so is the strong stitching. It might feel a bit stiff, but with a little breaking in this belt will work fine.

The last thing to talk about it the unique “T” chain tape clip. It holds everything in place and you won’t find it on most other tool belts made of leather.

This real leather tool belt needs frequent polishing to avoid wear and tear. This makes the tool belt last for years without tearing or sagging. Make sure you buy the kind of oil that absorbs well into the fibers of the leather.

The pockets and stitching of the tool belt feel too stiff. Only after a long period of breaking-in, which could be weeks or months, it feels comfortable.

Durable and spacious.
Made of real, top-grain leather

The material feels too stiff.

10. TradeGear Medium – Best Electrician Tool Belt with Heavy-Duty Carrying Capacity

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The last pick on the list is the TradeGear Medium Electrician Combo Belt. Not only does it have a serious carrying capacity, but it has air-ventilation support. This is a determined tool belt for the busy electrician.

This belt is efficient, durable, and comfortable. With a high-density breathable memory foam, it supports sweat-free handling. It even features back support for better posture. This is important because electricians are on their feet for most hours in the day.

It also features a carry handle, which latches on and off belts in a second. The heavy-duty dual pouches and 27 thick-skinned pockets make all the difference. Next, the TradeGear boasts of a nylon interior with bar-tack stitching for durability. This is important because it helps prevent sagging and rips.

There’s a lot to look forward to with this best electrician tool belt. There’s so much space to begin and it features a light footprint. So no back pain, sweating or slipping. You no longer have to walk on eggshells while wearing your tool belt anymore.

Being strong and spacious, there will be plenty of room left for extra tools. The material can accommodate tools like a roto-splitter, which only hardcore electricians use.

This isn’t a universal belt so finding the right size can be a problem for some of you. The high-density construction as an effect on the flexibility of the fabric. This impacts its size and fit.

Spacious and comfortable.
Offers cooling sweat-free handling.

Inaccurate sizing.

Electrician’s Tool Belt Buyer’s Guide

Factors to Consider before Buying


A tool belt is the only true mark of a professional electrician. The material, style, and size of a tool belt make or break an electrician’s ability to get a job done. That said, if you want to buy the right kind of product, you have to take this seriously.

Buying a handy tool belt is simple enough if you know what to look for. And here’s what you definitely need to know.

When it comes down to it, the right material and design are all you need for the best electrician tool belt. If you’re using a durable material that can carry over 40 pounds of heavy-duty tools, you’re safe. But if you wish to cut down on weight, using lighter and basic hand tools is necessary.

But before we get into specific details, here’s a video that shows the different kinds of electrician tools:

Electrician Tools



If you’re buying top-grain or real leather, it is generally pre-treated. This means you need to polish or oil the fabric to favor longevity. Leather is considered one of the most comfortable and durable fabrics for a tool belt. It’s used for decades. And it keeps its distance from moisture and dust.


If you prefer a cheaper fabric over leather, there’s polyester. It is easy to find and cheap to buy. But polyester does suffer from frequent durability issues. So make sure you buy only a higher-quality polyester tool belt.


The next best buy for a tool belt after leather is nylon. It is stronger, relatively cheaper than leather, and flexible. You won’t encounter issues with nylon as you would with polyester. This makes it a safer and easier choice for most buyers.

Apart from the material, do you need extra accessories to make your job easier? Such customizations allow you to be more efficient and accurate at your job. Isn’t that what buying a tool belt is all about?

Hammer Holder

A hammer holder is basic in most professional tool belts. A hammer holder lets you carry your hammer without taking extra safety precautions. So you can climb ladders and move around without the fear of dropping the hammer. A hammer is an essential tool for an electrician.

Screw Holder

Do you want a magnetic screw holder? Screw holders come in many variations. Most high-quality tool belts feature a double-padded pocket to hold screws. You can also put in a request for a magnetic screw holder. Screws are bound to get lost if not taken care of. So a magnetic screw or a fully-padded pouch will keep track of loose screws for you.

Tape Holder

A tape holder does the same as a hammer or screw holder. It takes care of your black tape for you. Just so you can grab all hand tools without reaching for them, a tape holder is important. You wouldn’t want a black tape to rub off on new paint and finished walls. That’s why you need an efficient tape holder along with your tool belt.

Wrapping It Up

My Choice: CLC Custom Leathercraft 1614

Did you find your best electrician tool belt yet? Without the right tool belt, you’re wasting both time and effort into finding all the tool from a box or a backpack. That said, you need a good budget to find the right tool belt for you.

And given the choices, the best all-around deal is the CLC Custom Leathercraft 1614. It offers effortless loading and unloading adjustment. And it offers many compartments, all at the right price point. You know it’s hard to pass up its comfortable fit and extensive features.

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