Humminbird PiranhaMax 197C Color Fish Finder


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A fishing trip would be a good adventure. But it will be incomplete without the right fishing accessories. Like the Humminbird 197C PiranhaMax Fish Finder. I’m sure you’re thinking: why do I need a fish finder?

Well, do you think you can find fish underwater where you can’t even see? Why squint your eyes until they run water when you can buy the latest fish finding technology? The

Humminbird 197C PiranhaMax takes all your needs seriously.

Do you want to ID different fish calls? Or zoom in on the deepest waters? This best fish finder lets you do this and much more. It comes with a built-in transducer for temperature reading. And a 1,600-watts PTP power output for consistent and blazing performance.

It’s about time you take this fish finder for your next trip!

The Features

It’s better to see what you’re getting into, right? So it’s nice to know what’s so great and irresistible about the 197C. Here it goes.

  • 3.5-inch Display Screen
  • 0.16 ounces weight
  • Display Pixel Matrix: 240H x 320V
  • Fish ID+ available / Fish alarms / Depth alarms
  • 1,600 watts PTP power output
  • Advanced Down Imaging / Dual Frequency Sonar
  • Built-in transducer
  • Zoom-In Technology for angling

What to Expect

It’s all in the details, right? Only a good fishfinder, like the Humminbird 197C can let you appreciate fishing. It finds fish that you could have easily overlooked without it.

Allowing you more flexibility during fishing. And incredible relief after knowing you got what you wanted.

So here’s what you need to look forward to in terms of features.

Ease of Use

This is the best fish finder up to date because it not only has a comfortable screen. But it’s also in color with a high resolution. This helps for IDing all types of fish while setting alarms and tracking.

The 3.5-inch display is convenient and fits well with the body. Anglers would love this feature because it’s so portable and bulletproof. You can take it with you on small single kayaks without worrying about it being too bulky.

The display has a good contrast, even though it’s small in size. You can easily differentiate a small fish from a large one. The backlight LED screen option is bright and beautiful. You won’t miss a single thing, no matter how bright or dark it is around you.

Triple Alarm Functions

This fish finder has three separate alarms for you to fall back on. These alarms make your fishing experience more informed and specific. So nothing gets left out and you keep wondering why.

The first is the battery alarm which lets you know when it’s running low.

The fish alarm detects and informs you when there’s a fish underwater. It also helps you select different fish sizes. You can select a small, medium, or large fish or all of them. And the fish alarm works according to your selection.

You can set your depth alarm to a specific depth value. And as soon as the fish finder reaches that value, it beeps.

Fish ID+

Once you set your sonar settings, the Fish ID+ lets you find the ideal fish. A fish icon will pop up on the screen as soon as it detects the right sonar. This eliminates constantly checking and re-checking the screen. And whether the fish finder has picked up a fish or not.

Because if the Humminbird 409670-1 197C has, it shows up as a fish icon. This sort of fish IDing is advanced and effective. It’s the best feature on board for a newbie who doesn’t yet know his or her way around.

Dual Beam Frequency

Even though this is a basic fish finder, it’s way ahead of its time. It covers angles that are at 28 degrees and 16 degrees. At 200 kHz and 455 kHz frequency respectively.

The sonar technology automatically detects depth and value. So it carries out all its intricate adjustments so you don’t have to. While the dual beam technology reaches great depths. The sonar technology is responsible for carrying sound waves consistently. And it all shows up on the screen just in time.

The dual beam technology gives you a single beam signal at a time. This is why the Humminbird 409670-1 197C is a basic, entry-level fish finder. Because the high-end ones give you Dual Beam Plus. They work on both frequencies simultaneously.

With the help of this fish finder’s interface. You can switch back and forth between both frequencies by scrolling right or left. The wide-range image resolution of 28-degrees is an added plus along with its Fish ID+ feature.

The built-in transducer is accurate at measuring temperature.
The LED screen display improves low-light visibility.
Best used for shallow and dense waters.
Easy to install and maintain.
Impressive fish-finding capability with Fish ID+.

It doesn’t track dual beam frequencies at once.
No specialized readings are available.
Unit cover not included.


A bad fish finder calls for a bumpy and disappointing ride. Whether you’re all alone on the water or with your fishing buddy. The worst thing that could happen to you will happen without a fish finder.

You can do incredible things with the Humminbird PiranhaMax. Its proximity in waters is spectacular. It allows you to track small, medium, and large-sized fish. It has a great depth capability. So it’s only a relief to have this on your boat.

Humminbird PiranhaMax 197C Fish Finder

Even more important on a fishing trip, for a beginner, is accuracy. You want to be able to read the information right. And since this is a basic fish finder, it does more of the complicated stuff for you.

So you can kick back and relax and watch the screen whenever a fish shows up in your way. Just you see how drastically your fishing experience changes. I want to know: what are your favorite fishing moments with a fish finder? How do you use a fish finder? Let us know in the comments section below!

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