Best Jack Stands (2021) – Buyer’s Guide


Home or professional mechanic? To be honest, it doesn’t matter. As long as you want the equipment, it’s better to buy something strong and reliable. And the best jack stands are designed to make heavy-duty tasks like rotating tires easier.

They come in pairs, right? So please ensure that both the pieces meet the lifting capacity and height standards. And this can make the process of choosing such a useful tool quite demanding. In that case, you’ll love what I have in store for you!


I have managed to track down as many as 10 top picks currently available. It doesn’t matter what you choose from below. As each model is well-equipped to carry out the job exceptionally well!

To the best of my abilities, I have discussed both the pros and cons. This means you can decide what to buy purely based on features that matter the most.


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With a Made in USA reputation, the Hein-Werner HW93503 Jack Stand has a lot to offer. Especially in terms of strength! The equipment is crafted for handling intermediate weights. And it has the ability to remain sturdy even when subjected to any kind of home application.

The center design of the top part is curved to provide stability beneath the frame. And below that, the bottom consists of triangular reinforcing. Such a structure is what brings more stability on all types of pavement surfaces. Without giving rise to any hassles under pressure!

Now let me bring to your notice that the gear offers a wide base. So it is quite sturdy to deal with, which is exactly what you require from the best jack stands.

But you might appreciate the invaluable adjustable ratchet structure the most. Such a frame provides you with a broad clearance range. Somewhere between 19 and 12 inches! And this is comparatively higher than most top-rated picks on the current market.

So everything about the Hein-Werner HW93503 Jack Stand doesn’t fail to impress you. Especially if you work with jack stands on a daily basis!

The option I’m currently reviewing comes with saddle column. Did you know that? Most importantly, do you know what that means? It is the component in charge of providing ratchet action for height adjustment.

On top of that, the ratchet bar contributes to durability and strength. So there are many exceptional features to look forward to in this case.

The construction of the unit looks pretty solid. But the paint job is not as impressive. It tends to chip and scratch quite easily.

The Hein-Werner stand is properly welded for safety.
​The base prevents the jack from sinking into softer surfaces.
Blue/yellow color combination adds visual appeal.
It might be very tall for compact spaces.
The paint is prone to chipping.


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The thing about Torin jack stands; they are incredibly light in weight. And this model, in particular, is built using aluminum. That means maximum maneuverability within confined locations. On top of that, the aluminum frame offers excellent rust-resistant properties. So the chances of the pair getting stuck are quite unlikely.

Each stand features a pin-through structure. This is useful as far as safety is concerned. Unlike its ratchet counterpart, which causes the stand to drop or slip on you. What’s more in the safety department is the large top. It fits securely beneath the car frame.

Now let’s understand why these best jack stands have a hydraulic piston-operated design. And that too with a huge aluminum base! The only benefit here is that such a model does a better job at weight distribution. In fact, the unique pillar structure also contributes to positioning the unit under your vehicle easily.

In all, the Torin Big Red Aluminum Jack Stands are convenient to use. Thanks to their simple, lightweight architecture. Plus, they don’t take up too much storage space either.

The part that appeals to me the most about this pick is the well-engineered construction. The stands are adjustable and light in weight. With a large aluminum base and solid aluminum tubing! If that wasn’t enough, the manufacturer also included a supportive flanged top. This makes positioning the gear much easier. So thinking twice about crucial factors like safety and usability is a waste of time.

My only complaint is the restricted height. So if you want to buy these jacks for your SUV or truck, I would advise against it. These are more suitable for low-clearance cars.

The Torin jack stands are easy to set up.
Ball detent of the pin keeps it from slipping out.
The flat base enables optimal weight distribution to prevent floor dents.
Quality control is slightly on the weak side.
The lift height capacity is limited.


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This selection is a bottle jack version crafted to provide nothing but maximum user convenience. The Powerbuilt 640912 All-In-One 3-Ton Jack Stand’s an ideal pick for heavier vehicles. Plus, it’s a budget-friendly option. So let’s not waste any time and get to know the features right away!

Since the stand has a bottle jack feature too, you can use it on flat surfaces. Such as asphalt and concrete! Then comes the unique safety bar. What this does is ensure stability at every height. So the task at hand gets completely safely.

You should also know that such best jack stands are useful for floor joint and framing work as well. I found this to be true during testing.

Furthermore, the Powerbuilt 640912 Jack Stand consists of a flat, wide base. The kind that minimizes sinking when placed on a softer surface. And let’s not forget that the base is also responsible for bringing tons of stability into action.

So the jack has a patented design that does both holds and lifts the vehicle. And it does so by combining an invaluable bottle jack and jack stand. All in a single unit!

When dealing with Powerbuilt tools, you don’t have to worry about functionality. That’s because each tool, much like the product at hand, offers tons of convenience. This one, in particular, supports and lifts heavy vehicles. Without any hassles! And you have nothing but the strong base to hold responsible for such high performance.

So what’s the negative takeaway here? Only after using the equipment did I realize how annoying it was to release its safety latch. To disengage it, I had to lift the jack before raising the latch.

The unit is a combination of stand and bottle jack.
​It has a high-quality construction.
The heavy-duty design offers multi-tasking functionality.
It’s too tall for compact vehicles.
Safety latch release is quite troublesome.


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Let’s make way for the ESCO 10498 Jack Stand. The product with a powder-coated steel construction! The powder coating finish is what makes the tool long-lasting. As it offers exceptional rust resistance! Unlike enamel paint present on most standard jack stands.

What’s more is that this particular option has a phenomenal tripod design. Now that’s the kind of structure that contributes to the success story of all best jack stands. Due to which the unit works exceptionally well even on an irregular surface.

Moving on, the two other praiseworthy features include the large feet and flat pad top. The former is removable with rubber support. It is suitable for unibody vehicles that make it difficult for you to find the support points. Plus, the rubber material protects the finish and paint during application.

Now let’s discuss the large, flat, round feet. These provide a broad contact area, right? That means better stability. Combine this with the unique pin-type locking design, and what do you have? One of the safest jack stands!

I’m going to use this opportunity to highlight nothing but the truth. The ESCO 10498 Jack Stand delivers high performance. Even on a softer surface! This includes dirt, asphalt, wood or interlocking floor tiles of the garage.

Also, the equipment is packed with enough features for stability, safety, and durability.

What is the major trade-off for such a heavy-duty design? The fact that the ESCO 10498 Jack Stand has a solid construction means that it’s not lightweight. That’s the only thing you’ll be giving up.

The rubberized top provides undercarriage protection.
Wide feet offer large contact surface.
The tool is not light in weight.


Without the shadow of a doubt, this pick is suitable for larger vehicles. So if you want to buy the best truck jack stands, here’s an ideal choice for you. The Performance Tool W41023 Jack Stands are incredibly substantial, functionality-wise. But they are not heavy to deal with. This way, you can position them below your car quite effortlessly.

Furthermore, the tools are incredibly high. So that makes them a wrong option for compact vehicles, correct?Don’t forget to keep that in mind. As for the construction of the gear, it’s quite sturdy and tough. That means expect these best jack stands to last for many, many years.

Next in line is the double-pump working system. It offers quick lifting. Then the two-piece handle of the thing features a strong steel structure. This is useful in providing an excellent grip. Also a part of the product is the foam bumper. And what it does is prevent vehicle damage.

So to sum it up, each Performance Tool W41023 Jack Stand consists of enough features to surpass your expectations. I have examined and tested the unit thoroughly. This means you can take my word for it!

These jacks you’re dealing with offer an industrial-quality performance. That means they are perfect for serious automotive enthusiasts. And professional mechanics!

Most importantly, the steel casters offer extra width. And with that, maximum stability becomes inevitable. So this is the kind of gear that enables quick, safe lifting.

Unfortunately, the top groove of the equipment is a tad too deep. As a result of which it becomes difficult to position the jacks properly. But with time, you get the hang of it. I know I did!

The Performance Tool stands feature a solid steel frame.
​The bypass valve provides overload protection.
They travel high enough.
Not suitable for small/compact cars.
Too deep top groove causes a slight inconvenience.


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Why is this option the safest to use? Well, there’s only one explanation. These best jack stands consist of a unique ratcheting lock bar. What the component does is allow you to make height adjustments. And that too in the most efficient manner! This way, you can easily position the tools for multi-purpose applications.

The thing about using safe jack stands; they do more than just raise your vehicle. The stands give you the opportunity to slide them underneath quite effortlessly. And when that happens, the car doesn’t end up crushing you. Unless the jack fails to function!(Ways to stay safe in your garage)

But that is something you don’t need to worry about in this case! Thanks to the heavy-duty steel frame construction. Along with the wide enough base that provides stability and strength. Even under heavy load!

It’s because of models like the Powerzone 380036 Jack Stands that people consider using them as a safe option.

For the purpose of lifting an entire vehicle off the surface, you require reliable jack stands. A pair that is highly rated to be able to support the heavy weight! With that in mind, nothing about the Powerzone 380036 disappoints. Right from the durable steel design to the convenient locking bar!

As for the drawback, you might not like the comparatively smaller footprint of the unit. This might make the jacks easier to maneuver. But it does get you all paranoid about performance.

The Powerzone stands have a solid construction.
They offer fine height adjustments.
The paint is susceptible to chipping.
The overall footprint is quite small.


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They are not only budget-friendly but also the best low profile jack stands. The Cartman 3 Ton Jack Stands offer a decent amount of features. The kind that is basic yet high performing! With that in mind, let’s get into the details of these best jack stands.

They are an ideal pick for all types of applications. Thanks to the maximum stability that the equipment brings into play. This is where you might appreciate the 3-ton operation of the jack.

Another noteworthy inclusion is the invaluable ratchet bar. This comes in handy when you want to make minute adjustments for height. Such functionality enables multi-position. And at such times, the stands are well-equipped to provide durability. So that aspect is pretty much covered too.

The adjustment mechanism, in particular, offers the winning streak. As it allows you to lock the tool into the location. While also providing tons of safety! So if what you’re looking for is a reliable affordable option, you’ve found it!

The manufacturer offers two heavy-duty, one-piece structured jack stands. The kinds that come with the unique ratchet bar! So locking them into position and adjusting the height are quick tasks. If this isn’t praiseworthy basic functionality, then what is!

But the part that’s disappointing is the inability of the jack’s locking mechanism to push back entirely. And this might increase its chances of unlocking accidentally.

The Cartman stands are standard yet high performing.
​They are suitable for both small-scale and heavy-duty work.
The design is compact, sturdy, and lightweight.
The locking system fails to close down completely.


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When the pair is built using aluminum, what does that mean? It implies that the stands offer an excellent combination of weight and durability. Well, that’s exactly what you should expect from the Camco Olympian Aluminum Stack Jacks.

They have a solid aluminum construction. So there’s no reason to doubt the level of stability in this case. Plus, the base structure is wide and strong enough to withstand heavy lifting. And to top it off, this particular pick is the cheapest option so far. In terms of nothing but the price!

Allow me to highlight that the Camco Olympian Aluminum Stack Jacks support heavy weight. On top of that, they also have the ability to offer enough height. A feature you can adjust by using the useful saddle assembly.

Another important design characteristic is the square shape of the useful base. Due to such a structure, it becomes possible for the stand to deliver maximum stability. So if all these benefits seem compelling enough, there’s no room for doubt.

Sometimes it becomes difficult to make height adjustments in jack stands. That’s because a few models don’t offer easy to operate features. The kind responsible for those adjustments! But, to my surprise, that’s not the deal here. With the Camco Olympian Aluminum Stack Jacks, you get access to saddle assembly. And due to this component, making adjustments is nothing but straightforward.

Sadly, it’s the height capacity of the stands that lets you down. Apart from that, there’s nothing else to worry about.

The Camco jacks are lightweight and convenient to store.
Setting them up is an easy task as well.
The height is too short.


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Yet another lightweight option, but with a steel design! By none other than Torin!

The Torin Big Red Steel Jack Stands have a heavy-duty construction. The use of welded steel ensures remarkable stability. This means you can work on your car without worrying about the strength of the equipment.

As an enthusiastic consumer, I’m sure you appreciate the presence of incredibly useful features. Such as the one-piece designed ratchet bar. Such an element provides the two most important characteristics. These include durability and strength. And without them, it becomes impossible for the jack to support the vehicle weight.

You can also make quick and easy height adjustments. Thanks to the convenient-to-operate adjustment mechanism. During testing, I left the car on the stands for a very long time. And the results turned out to be nothing but safe. (Changing car tires quickly and safely)

So if that’s what you have in mind too, there’s no other option better than this.

Allow me to discuss the most striking aspects at your disposal. The Torin Big Red Steel Jack Stands are heavy-duty tools. They come with the dual-locking system. So you get extra protection into your hands!

The major drawback comes in the form of a small base. Not that the base is of poor quality. Or low in performance. Only in terms of size, the thing is slightly disappointing.

The Torin stands can tolerate moderate lateral car pressure.
The beefy construction and weight speak volumes.
Rust resistance is a bit lacking.
The base is not wide enough.


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So here’s the thing about the Powerbuilt 620471 Unijack Stand. It performs exactly like both the standard and hydraulic versions. So the gear has the ability to offer more than only variable height. It can lift your car as well.

In terms of reliability, the product doesn’t disappoint. Much like most of the best jack stands available on the current market. It holds and lifts all types of vehicles. Including unibody!

The useful safety bar does an excellent job of locking the unit. Irrespective of the height! Then comes the steel base, which is wide enough. That brings tons of stability into the picture. So you know that all important factors are well taken care of!

Additionally, the tool is suitable for all kinds of situations. And as far as safety goes, it’s built to surpass expected standards. What more do you require from the best jack stands, right!

Not every jack is suitable for trucks, SUVs, crossovers, and vans. But, fortunately, the Powerbuilt 620471 Unijack Stand doesn’t fall into that category. The unique design combines bottle jack with jack stand. So two different functionalities in a single unit!

60 pumps; that’s how much force the Powerbuilt 620471 Unijack Stand takes to raise a car. And this means it’s not easy to work with!

The stand is perfect for multi-tasking users.
​It works well on smooth and hard surfaces.
Minimum and maximum height capacities are excellent.
The weight is not light.
Lifting with it takes a while.


When used properly, the best jack stands can prove to be incredibly powerful. That’s the first and most important thing you should understand about them.

But why do you think I’m telling you this? It’s because I’ve come across and heard of many first-time users not being to handle the equipment. And more often than not, this results in serious accidents. The kind that you would want to avoid at all costs!

Apart from that, it’s important for you to use a high-quality product. Because things can go wrong with the jack stand itself. Only if the tool is poorly constructed or cheap in quality! So please conduct a thorough research to find a reliable, safe pair.

Another point that I would like to add is that these stands are available in all sizes and shapes. The gear has been subjected to tons of innovation. So it can meet the demands of all kinds of vehicles. But the most popular types are listed below. Time to find out more!


Discussed below are the different kinds of stands and their uses. But remember that the jack stand you pick depends on nothing but your preferences and vehicle.


This is the most popular and common option. All thanks to its powerful, convenient, and reliable functionality. The name “floor jacks” is derived from the fact that they are flat-shaped with wheels. The handle and body of the equipment look like a crocodile. And that explains the term “crocodile jack.”

For usability, all you have to do is regard the handle of the stand as the lever. The thing utilizes hydraulic liquid for the purpose of lifting cars. This particular stand is very convenient to operate. Ask any professional mechanic!

The only weakness is the stand’s inability to lift all 4 wheels at one go. One change at a time is more like it!


These jacks take the #2 position, as far as storage convenience goes. You’ll find the equipment inside the trunk of many cars.

Unlike the crocodile version, this stand requires mechanical force. And not hydraulic power to operate! This way, you can use the screw mechanism to apply force. It runs horizontally across the body.

For raising a single side of your vehicle, you require two scissor jacks. That means a pair, right? And two pairs for the whole car. That’s how the task gets completed faster. Simply align them under the spot close to the fender. And this particular area is found beneath the doors of your vehicle.



The thing about jacks is that they all look similar. The bottom region has a large base that creates a solid foundation. Then comes the top, which consists of a supportive bar for the vehicle to rest on. So there are only a few design differences in jack stands.

Let’s talk about the first significant distinction. It presents itself in the form of height capacity. Some stands on the current market lift cars to a fixed level only. The biggest advantage here is that such stands lock in securely. Without causing the automobile to drop even a little.

And what about the alternative? An adjustable stand, on the other hand, offers different height options.

The second most noteworthy variation is the base structure. This comes in two forms; pyramid and plate. Both the designs work well. But it’s the pyramid version that delivers more stability. The kind that prevents the car from moving!

In terms of materials, you get to choose from light steel and aluminum. The goal of manufacturers is to keep the jack lightweight. While also adding enough strength for holding the entire vehicle! With that in mind, light steel and aluminum fit the bill.

But if you wish to buy the best truck jack stands, you demand something heavier. So equipment built using cast iron or stronger steel is more like it. These tools might be too bulky to deal with. On the upside, they have the ability to raise heavy vehicles without any worries.




Even if you’re working with the safest jack stands, you should understand how to operate them. This means finding out the correct way to make height adjustments. You should also know the proper technique of locking them in. Based on the desired configuration!

Before using the best jack stands, inspect each pair. You have to eliminate all doubts related to rust, cracks, or other physical damage.

Also, ensure that your car’s on level ground. Inclines and hills are not ideal settings to work on. And when positioning the jacks, place them securely on that ground. Don’t keep them tilted! Otherwise, the stand might knock out from below quite easily.

Lastly, use a single stand to lift a single wheel. And it’s always a better idea to buy jacks in pairs.



When choosing jack stands, you want to pick a pair that offers a wider base. As that provides better stability than their narrow counterparts. Safety is an important factor. And it depends on features like the base and quality. In that regard, nothing beats the design of the Hein-Werner HW93503 Blue/Yellow Jack Stand.

The two jacks consist of a unique saddle column. This makes the task of adjusting the height easier. After that, there’s the ratchet bar that delivers durability and strength. And lastly, the base is well structured to offer the much-needed stability. Along with preventing the stand from sinking into the softer pavement!

Just remember to avoid buying defective or damaged units. You can replace jack stands, but not your life!

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