US Optics Vs. Nightforce (The Best Reviews You Need To See)

US Optics Vs. Nightforce

When staring down at the prey standing in a distance, what are the factors that matter the most? Wind strength, available light, elevation, and other such conditions. This explains why there are so many rifle scope manufacturers. And here are the two most renowned companies; US Optics vs. Nightforce Optics.

Both brands have managed to create scopes that take up top spots on the current market. These units are built to compensate for various conditions and factors responsible for missed shots.

So if you want your hunting trips to sway in the right direction, you need to know what’s out there. And what is exactly is out there? It’s the debate between US Optics vs. Nightforce.

US Optics vs. Nightforce Optics: The Comparison


US Optics B17H102 3.2-17 x 50 mm Scope with Horus H102 Reticle

US Optics B17H102 3.2-17 x 50 mm Scope with Horus H102 Reticle



Nightforce Optics 12-42x56mm BR Benchrest Series Rifle Scope

Nightforce Optics 12-42x56mm BR Benchrest Series Rifle Scope


Illuminated Reticles

Now here’s the thing about US Optics. The company manufactures the majority of rifle telescopes with an excellent illuminated reticle. This feature offers different settings. And that makes room for customization, which means more convenience and better results.

Unfortunately, Nightforce Optics provides you with no such thing.



Do you indulge in frequent mountain hunting? If yes, then you’d be better off using US Optics rifle scopes. This also means that you might find Nightforce slightly useless at such times. And I’ll tell you why.

The products created by US Optics are equipped with the unique EREK feature. What this component does is make room for anything from 90 to 110 clicks each revolution. But how is such a feature useful? It adapts to your present height.

U.S. Optics Inc. Commercial Product Line

On the other hand, Nightforce Optics creations demand you to make adjustments based on your conjecture. You determine your elevation before adjusting the scope in order to compensate for the location.


It’s important to take factors such as design into consideration when buying the best rifle scope. And one such design element is the finish.

You want to get something that doesn’t grab and reflect light. As that might give away your location or presence! So your best bet is to opt for an optic with a matte quality black finish.

With that in mind, both US Optics and Nightforce are ideal choices.



US Optics vs. Nightforce Optics in terms of weight is pretty simple to understand. And decide between. Both Nightforce Optics and US Optics manufacture scopes under 2 pounds. As compared to the heavier options available on the current retail market.

But it’s Nightforce that makes even lighter rifle scopes. These models don’t add too much weight to the firearm. That, in turn, makes them easy to hold and use. I mean 30 ounces does sound like no weight at all, doesn’t it?

Tube Length

This is another department where Nightforce Optics scores higher marks. The company produces telescopes that are at least 34mm long. While US Optics tube length hardly ever crosses 30mm.

Top 3 US Optics Rifle Scopes Reviews

1. US Optics B17H102 Scope

When talking about the focal plane, nothing outperforms the US Optics B17H102 Scope. It minimizes the chances of your field of vision becoming blurry. Despite amplifying magnification!

The scope turrets lock into position automatically. Such an action prevents accidental dial adjustments. What’s more is that this model enables easy access even with gloves on. That means it’s an ideal pick for hunting in colder months.

Furthermore, the counter allows you to restore factory settings. Along with enabling you to return to zero! So it doesn’t matter if you’re left-handed or right-handed, the US Optics B17H102 Scope is fit for all.

2. US Optics MR-10 Mil GAP FFP Rifle Scope

 US Optics MR-10 Mil GAP FFP Illuminated Reticle 1.8-10x37mm Rifle Scope

What’s so great about the US Optics MR-10 Mil GAP FFP Rifle Scope? Without a doubt, it’s the relatively lower price tag. If you’re on a tight budget, this is the US Optics rifle scope you should consider buying.

The product offers 12 different settings for the illumination feature. Such functionality is in place so you can view your prey in the clearest manner. Another useful component is packed in the form of an erector knob. Something that you find on expensive US Optics scopes!

The addition of side and top dials, in combination with the reticle, make way for tons of convenience. You’ll also be thrilled to know that the US Optics MR-10 has a bulletproof design. With focal point structure in the front for exceptional clarity!

3. US Optics LR-17 Mil GAP FFP Rifle Scope

US Optics LR-17 Mil GAP FFP Illuminated Reticle 3.2-17x44mm Rifle Scope

For long and tough hunting trips, you might want to buy the US Optics LR-17 Mil GAP FFP Rifle Scope. This too comes with a remarkable elevation knob. So you can adjust the scope based on your elevation. The knob offers as many as 110 clicks per revolution.

But that’s not the best part. The most appealing aspect is the bulletproof anodized metal construction. So don’t think twice before using the US Optics LR-17 in snow or rain.

The red illumination makes it possible for you to see clearly. Also, its 12 different settings for intensity is a huge bonus. And so is the focal plane structure. That gives you the freedom to magnify without making the view blurry. At whatever settings!

Top 3 Nightforce Optics Rifle Scopes Reviews


1. Nightforce Optics BR Benchrest Series Rifle Scope

Nightforce Optics 12-42x56mm BR Benchrest Series Rifle Scope, Matte Black Finish with Illuminated NP-R2 Reticle, .125 MOA Adjustments, Adjustable Objective.

Using rifle scopes with many buttons and knobs is not such a pleasant experience. If you agree with me, then I’m sure you’ll like to use the Nightforce Optics BR Benchrest Series Rifle Scope. It has a simple design with a long range. Needless to say, the scope works exceptionally well for longer distances. This is what sets it apart from all the other Nightforce models.

You won’t take too much time to appreciate the adjustability of the objective lens. It enables close zooming in on a prey that’s 25 to 100 yards away. The zero turrets switch back to original settings right after you make adjustments. Or take a shot.

2. Nightforce Optics SHV Rifle Scope

Nightforce Optics 5-20x56 SHV Riflescope, Matte Black with Illuminated MOAR Second Plane Reticle, 0.25 MOA, 30mm Tube Diameter, 3.14-3.54" Eye Relief, Zeroset Turrets

If you think cheaper priced rifle scopes are not high performing, you’ve got to use this pick. The Nightforce Optics SHV Rifle Scope is proof that inexpensive models too can deliver flawless performance. The unit has the ability to meet all your hunting needs and requirements.

The Nightforce Optics SHV is an excellent choice for day hunting. Thanks to its standard reticle. Your eyes will value the over 3-inch eye relief. Such a feature reduces fatigue and stress in the eyes as well as the face.

But it’s the weight of the Nightforce Optics SHV Rifle Scope that you won’t be able to stop raving about. The compact shape and almost 30-ounce weight mean what? That the scope doesn’t add any burden to the rifle!

And lastly, the multiple internal adjustments also seem like great news. As they allow you to use the product based on current conditions! Such as wind and elevation!

Product Overview SHV 5 20×56 Riflescope HD

3. Nightforce Optics NXS Rifle Scope

Nightforce Optics 8-32x56 NXS Riflescope, Matte Black Finish with Illuminated MOAR Reticle, Zero Stop Turrets, .250 MOA, 30mm Tube

The Nightforce Optics NXS Rifle Scope is a model you can use on all sizes of rifles. Installing it is quite an effortless task. The design is such that it doesn’t reflect light either.

The scope is equipped with a long enough tube made of hard metal. The construction brings tons of safety into the picture.

With regards to performance, the most attractive feature is the turrets. They make it possible for you to go back to factory settings after you move to a fresh location.

Along the same line, the illuminated reticle is another incredibly useful characteristic. So that means hunting when it’s dark or during low light conditions is not a pipe dream anymore.

The Verdict

So who wins the debate between US Optics vs. Nightforce Optics? Well, it depends.

If you’re a budget-friendly buyer who also wants to make sure that quality is met, you might prefer Nightforce. Otherwise, if you don’t mind spending big bucks, you can opt for US Optics. Both companies end up manufacturing best-selling riflescopes.

But only for the sake of answering the question, I would have to pick US Optics. They offer more convenience in the form of more advanced features. No wonder their riflescopes have such a hefty price tag!

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