About Me

Welcome to the Broadmag – Here you can find out a lot of updated and useful information for your needs. My name’s Julio Lewis. The articles on this website are my research and practical experience. With this brief introduction, my colleagues and I want to give you an overview of BroadMag.

As you explore these articles, you will notice our enthusiasm in every word. We will share with you knowledge about automotive, car & electronics, home & tools, computers & technology…  Not only that, the Broadmag team also provides you with the most objective information along with the latest products in areas such as musical instruments, sport and outdoors, baby & mom, health & beauty. 

Some friends who share my passions will also give you and other users an overall and objective view of the products mentioned. The articles on Broadmag will help you to have an overall view about many various products and types, usage, how to choose suitable products… 

I believe you will find extremely interesting information on our website. Our aim is to provide you with much more than what you can find on the internet. Because the research and experience from Broadmag experts will help you make the right decision!

If you have any questions about Broadmag, please contact us for detailed answers in the shortest time.