About Me

Hi there, Julio Lewis here. Let me begin by saying something unusual.

I have tons of friends, and smart ones at that. No, I’m not boasting.

What I’m trying to tell you is that these intelligent friends of mine always have long, interesting conversations about what product is best. And I, being a tech-savvy person myself, don’t miss out on even a single opportunity of jumping onto the bandwagon whenever I have something insightful to share. And don’t get me wrong, the debates are not always about technology. They span across lifestyle, health, and fitness, travel gear, car accessories, etc.

These discussions became such a daily occurrence at one point that it pushed me towards starting my own blog. I mean why shouldn’t I share all this useful information about different kinds of products with the rest of the world? I can’t think of any reason because there isn’t any, right?

Now it’s true that, more often than not, you end buying products that you’ve already used or ones that have been recommended by close friends or family. But you see that’s exactly what I’m talking about. In my reviews, I provide you with enough valid reasons to change that kind of thinking. Not that there’s anything wrong with it, but don’t you think it’s better to keep all your options open before you make that purchase?

Having access to the product’s competitors along with getting to know the product itself is important to every consumer. And that is what you gain at the end of each article that I create. My primary goal is to get you not only to buy but also sway you in the right direction. Because we all DESERVE to purchase the best product there is and nothing short of that should ever make the cut.