Top 10 Best Electric Tankless Water Heater (2021 Reviews) – Buyer’s Guide


Appliances like the water heater have been increasing in popularity over the recent years. It all stems from the fact that the device is equipped with special technology. The kind that offers long-term money-saving benefits! And of all the different options available, it’s the best electric tankless water heater that receives the most attention.

The most notable advantage of using an electric tankless version is the simple installation.

When dealing with such a model, you don’t require any exhaust line or venting. This opens the door to multiple installation possibilities.

And let’s not forget that the unit is plenty versatile. That means it works for both whole house and point-of-use water heating applications.

So let’s get to the good part of the post right away!


The current consumer market has a lot to offer. But not all the options are worth spending your money on. In that case, the comparison chart and reviews section is right below.

You can have a look at the former if you’re in a hurry. But if you have enough time on your hands, do read through the reviews. They’ll give you a better understanding of all the units and what each one has to offer.


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Now here’s the best part about the majority of electric tankless heaters by EcoSmart. They are equipped with an invaluable lifetime warranty if professionally installed. So that’s what you get when you buy the EcoSmart ECO 27 Electric Tankless Water Heater too.

This tankless water heater option is an ideal pick. Especially for small spaces and modest hot water requirements! The unit is priced reasonably. So you don’t end up paying more for something smaller in size.

Now it’s time to talk about the technology this device is packed with. The exclusive self-modulating system is the star of the show. The heater has the power to heat as much as three gallons each minute. Even if the temperature is as low as 37 degrees Fahrenheit! When the product can handle two running showers at once, you know it’s a top pick.

The EcoSmart ECO 27 is perfect to meet high hot water demands for more than one application. Not having access to hot water is something you’ll never encounter. Despite running a sink and four showers simultaneously!

Additionally, the unit features digital control for temperature. It allows you to increase the temperature by one degree. As a result of which you can change the settings anywhere from 80F to 140F.

So the EcoSmart ECO 27 can operate in cold climates. And to deliver large flow rates.

If your water usage requirements are more demanding, this is exactly what you should get. The phenomenal self-modulating system of the EcoSmart ECO 27 is what contributes to the huge success. It does an excellent job of regulating the much-needed level of energy. And this heats the water as per your desired settings.

With that in mind, you’ll be quite relieved to know what I’m about to disclose. The unit is well-suited for water temperatures that fall beneath 45F. So the temperature of the incoming water is not something to worry about here.

Here’s the biggest complaint of the EcoSmart ECO 27. It’s associated with the copper designed heater elements. They tend to corrode easily. And that means annual replacements are a part of the experience.

The EcoSmart heater is space efficient.
It can handle multiple running showers simultaneously.
Water temperature adjustments are easy and flexible.
Installation might take longer than expected.
The copper heater elements are susceptible to corrosion.


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Here’s the best electric tankless water heater for a house with not more than two people. The Rheem RTE 13 Electric Tankless Heater is an old model. Yet it ranks among the top 3 picks on many such articles. And why not when the unit has the ability to deliver high performance! Without drilling a hole in your wallet!

It’s an entry-level option, which means the design and operation are incredibly simple. The size is compact, so you don’t need to be troubled about where to fit it.

Before I get to the features and functionality, here’s something you should be aware of. That this Rheem Electric Tankless Water Heater always has been among the most popular units! And you’ll soon find out why.

Installation is quick and easy. Unlike the more advanced and heavier models currently available. Then comes the part where I praise the temperature settings. Even the “medium” mode delivers water that’s plenty hot. Instantaneously!

Running out of the much-needed hot water is not a part of the deal in this case. No matter how many ever times you decide to use the shower, dishwasher, washing machine, etc. (Pros and cons of tankless water heater replacement)

To sum it up, the Rheem RTE 13 is an ultimate option for the tightest of spots. And if you’re living alone or with a partner, you won’t find anything better than this. To suit your moderate hot water needs!

The RheemElectric Tankless Heater is an excellent choice for single applications. Its low, medium, and high-temperature control settings are not complain-worthy features. They deliver just the kind of results you’d expect from them. Given how standard the model is, this is nothing but a huge advantage!

Now the drawback here is quite evident. The Rheem RTE 13 does not deliver a consistent flow rate. It tends to diminish when you use the appliance for more than one application.

The Rheem heater is compact in size.
​The LED lights indicate standby and active mode.
Even the low-temperature setting is plenty hot.
It lacks technologically advanced features.
Flow rate reduces for multiple applications.


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The third pick is by yet another reliable brand. One that manufactures the best electric tankless water heater! It’s Stiebel Electron. And the unit is the Stiebel Eltron Tempra Plus Tankless Electric Water Heater.

Now you should know that the company has been a part of the retail market for longer than you can imagine. Supplying hot water through appliances is exactly what they do. Apart from delivering renewable energy and space heating!

Now let’s focus on the Stiebel Eltron Tempra Plus. It ranks as the most powerful unit in the industry. The whole thing is well-engineered to handle heavy-duty commercial and home applications.

The Tempra Plus is suitable for cold and warm climate areas. It is built to provide increased flow rate when the water temperature is high. And as the latter decreases, the former reduces too. Much like most of the models currently available! To be more specific, the flow rate is 6.5 GPM (gallons per minute) at 75F and 3.0 GPM at 40F.

Another thing that it has in common with the others is the digital display for temperature. Along with a large knob that enables easy water temperature adjustments. The range starts from 86F and goes up till 140F.

Additional features include a thermostatic control for temperature and flow control system. These elements detect the temperature of the approaching water.And, depending on that, monitor the rate of water flow. On a continuous basis! With such advanced technology, you’re in for uninterrupted hot water. And no disappointments!

The Stiebel Eltron Tempra Plus consists of technologically competitive features. This includes an excellent flow sensor, hinged cover, and flow control.

The dial selector and temperature display make the process of adjusting water temperature more convenient. But the best of all is the part where the model automatically senses water flow temperature and rate. To apply just the right amount of power for maintaining the desired water temperature. Not many units have the ability to perform so well.

The Stiebel Eltron heater constantly maintains output temperature.
​Installing the unit is a piece of cake.
It is suitable for both home and commercial purposes.
Electricity consumption is hefty in winter months.
Heating elements are not durable.


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EcoSmart tankless models are considered to be the most reliable. In terms of both design and performance! No wonder the EcoSmart ECO 36 doesn’t fail to appear in most listings and review articles! So let’s get to know all about the features of the ECO 36 model.

The unit is capable of providing hot water solutions to medium and small home/office spaces. You’ll be thrilled to know that it works exceptionally well in cold climate as well. So it doesn’t matter if the temperature of water drops down to 37F. This electric tankless water heater by EcoSmartcan deliver a flow rate capacity of 3.5 GPM even at a low temperature.

What’s even better is that the EcoSmart ECO 36 provides hot water despite two showers running. At such moments, a constant supply of hot water is what you get.

On the other hand, when dealing with a higher temperature, it offers a 6.5-GPM flow rate. Having said which, you won’t experience hot water shortage. In spite of your more-than-average hot water demands!

So if you’re in the market for something highly functional and heavy-duty, you’ve found the right match.

Here’s what EcoSmart strives to serve.

1. Its ultimate mission is to distribute and produce green energy appliances. The kind that reduces energy consumption and protects the environment! All at once!

2. So it’s no surprise to spot the EcoSmart ECO 36 Electric Tankless Water Heater in here. The device is specifically crafted to meet the high demands of hot water supply. In both home and office spaces!

3. But it’s the exclusive self-modulating system that speaks the loudest. Nothing works better than that when it comes to getting access to your desired water temperature. On a continuous basis!

Are you going to install this EcoSmart tankless heater unit in the basement? If so, then don’t expect it to provide hot water instantly. It takes time for the machine to push out cold water before coming up with hot water. But once that happens, you won’t be complaining about the water not being hot enough.

The EcoSmart heater offers an impressive flow rate.
​Electricity consumption is minimal.
The compact size saves a lot of space.
Installation is not quick and easy.
Don’t expect hot water quickly.




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So it’s time to introduce the best space-saving unit on the list. It’s yet another SteibelEltron creation. Called the Stiebel Eltron DHC-E12 E Series Electric Tankless Water Heater! What the appliance also provides is the long-term saving of energy. For that, it uses dynamic technology to deliver an optimal output.

Moving on, this electric tankless water heater delivers 2 models in 1. You can switch from 9k watts to 12k watts, and vice versa, with the use of a simple jumper. Now that’s a new feature on the list. And it’s the only characteristic responsible for the competitive edge.

Furthermore, the Stiebel Eltron DHC-E12 is an ideal pick for lower temperatures. The small knob installed in the front acts as a dial. You can use it to change temperature settings. Along the same vein, the temp range begins from 86F and goes up to 125F.

As for installation, the process is pretty straightforward. So it won’t take time for a professional to hook up this compact unit anywhere in your home.

Here’s what I found. The Stiebel Eltron DHC-E12 E Series Electric Tankless Heater is a real game-changer. The water that it supplies is always hot. And that too with minimal energy costs!

It remains in good shape and condition for many years without having to replace any part. So if that’s the kind of stuff you’re looking for, you can put an end to your search.

But here’s something you might not like. The hole in which you hoist cover plates is too small. And I can’t say that this is not troublesome. Even though it’s not a major problem!

The Stiebel Eltron heater demands no maintenance.
​It’s a well-engineered, compact unit.
The integrated flow adjustment feature offers desired heat level.
Not so powerful in terms of performance.
The housing is of cheap quality.


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If you’re a budget-friendly consumer, here’s an option that might tickle your fancy. It’s the Reliance 6 6 SOMS K 6 Gallon Compact Electric Heater. The single-mounted unit is perfect for small spaces. And the input capacity of the invaluable heating element is abundant. To meet your every hot water requirement!

Getting quick hot water is not a problem when using this Reliance heater. The appliance is ideal for those who live in areas that charge more for electricity than natural gas. In that case, the demand for cheaper priced heaters like this one increases. You can fit the thing under larger sinks as well. So it offers tons of versatility in that department.

Upon further examination, here’s what I found. That all the parts have a traditional heater format! This means each standard component is easily available. In the case of replacement! But to be honest, this is not something you’ll experience with Reliance products.

Overall, the Reliance 6 Gallon Electric Heater is an ideal pocket-friendly pick. Easy and quick to install! With the ability to push out cold water immediately to make place for continuous hot water!

You won’t take time to notice that this particular unit provides hot water to points far away from where it’s installed. Once you set the Reliance heater in place, you won’t have any complaints regarding performance.

On top of that, it is packed with an integrated drain, outlet/inlet fittings, and detachable valve. And the heating feature works exceptionally well to put out hot water quickly.

Unfortunately, the valve responsible for pressure relief requires replacement. Sooner than you can imagine! That’s the only major problem you might encounter.

The Reliance heater is a compact machine.
​The hot water it delivers is plenty and quick.
Installation is a charm.
The outlets are not placed at the top.
Valve for pressure relief tends to snap easily.



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This is yet another outstanding creation by EcoSmart. It’s known as the EcoSmart ECO 18 Electric Tankless Water Heater. Expect the unit to offer everything you could possibly imagine. Plus bonus features!

Here’s the first remarkable characteristic of this best electric tankless water heater. It’s the 2.5-GPM capacity. In simple words, the ECO 18 delivers just the right kind of flow rate. Now, this is hard to find on the current market.

What’s more is that you can install multiple of these units. Without worrying about electricity costs!EcoSmart’s energy-saving performance is another huge benefit. The products they manufacture have the ability to save as much as 60 percent of the electric bill. And that’s exactly what happens when you initiate the switch from your traditional heater to ECO 18.

This particular option also includes standard features like temperature control and lifetime warranty. So here’s the bottom line. The EcoSmart ECO 18 Electric Tankless Heater is worth every penny you pay for it.

The ECO 18 has the power to heat two showers and two sinks simultaneously. In the case of warmer climates that is! And one of each under colder climatic conditions!

The most common complaint here is the flickering of lights. This happens when you increase the temperature of the EcoSmartTankless Water Heater. So that’s a slight disappointment.

The EcoSmart heater provides consistent hot water and energy savings.
​It detects and ignores drippy faucets to conserve water.
Maintenance and cleaning are easy tasks.
The supply of hot water is not instant.
It causes flickering of home lights.


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The engineers at SioGreen wanted to manufacture a unit resistant to corrosion. Along with the formation of deposit from hard water! And that’s exactly what they did with thisSioGreen IR260. The unit features heating tubes that offer excellent thermal properties. That too without being subjected to any deterioration!

On top of that, there’s the patented coating. This particular element contains or reflects infrared energy. And that means cold water is inevitably heated. As it passes through those heating chambers! So expect only such results from this best electric tankless water heater.

SioGreen IR260 model is maintenance-free. That eliminates worries about algae and bacteria accumulation. You can even get rid of doubts related to limescale and calcium deposits.

Furthermore, the appliance utilizes power only when needed. So there’s no surplus leftover. This takes care of both energy and water consumption. Even installation is quick and convenient. Needless to say, SioGreen is a brand that knows how to deliver hassle-free products.

There’s no corrosion. No deposits of limescale, which means no algae and bacteria either. You get access to zero maintenance. Then comes the combination of Quartz tubes and carbon coating. This particular design generates infrared energy for water heating without direct metal contact.

Other notable features include temperature adjustment and four different level settings for manual mode. It has everything you need, doesn’t it?0

So what’s the problem with this SioGreen IR260 POU Infrared Electric Tankless Heater? Its supply tubes are made of plastic, which means they don’t hold tight enough. At least not as much as their metal counterparts!

The SioGreen heater is suitable for both industrial and home applications.
​Coil-less technology with infrared energy is a huge plus point.
It doesn’t take up too much space.
Standby mode display is a bit confusing.
Supply tubes are built using plastic instead of metal.


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The Titan SCR2 N-120 brings a lot to the table as the best electric tankless water heater. Now, here’s the first most important feature. Consistent heating capacity!

Having said which, the supply of hot water is continuous. So you don’t have to wait for your shower or kitchen sink to provide hot water. This makes tasks such as washing dishes and filling up the bathtub quicker.

Water heaters, both tank and tankless, tend to get affected by climatic conditions. In that regard, the Titan SCR2 N-120 is an ideal choice for warmer temperatures.

To be more specific, approaching water temperature above 60-65F is perfect. But this doesn’t mean that the unit fails to perform well under colder climatic conditions. The performance at such times is average and not disappointing.

I would also like to add that this particular product is created for small to medium homes. So if you have a house with 3 to 4 bathrooms, don’t think twice before opting for the Titan SCR2 N-120.

The current pick lives up to your expectations despite multiple running appliances. There’s no strain in that department. The continuous heating capacity of the machine is also energy efficient. So expect no setbacks when it comes to performance.

The part that might let you down is the amount of time you have to wait for hot water supply. But this is only a problem when the climate gets colder.

The Titan heater is an energy-efficient unit.
​Durability is the strongest factor.
Achieving the desired temperature is a part of the experience.
Unsuitable for large homes.
It takes time to yield hot water in colder weather.


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The Bosch Electric Tankless Heater is a highly-efficient, compact unit. It uses minimal energy to meet moderate water heating requirements. The appliance is simple to operate and quick to install. So everything about design and performance is well taken care of.

Allow me to also point out that this particular heater is the cheapest in terms of price so far. But that doesn’t mean it’s the lowest in performance. The Bosch Electric Tankless Heater is a competitive product. One that is capable of satisfying your hot water needs at home. Just like any other expensive pick on the list!

The Bosch heater delivers electrical-powered hot water right at your sink. This is incredibly useful when you don’t want to waste time waiting for water. There’s a fantastic 5-year heating element warranty. Along with a 1-year warranty for the components!

In short, it’s a perfectly affordable, simple water heater. Suitable for summertime and moderate hot water demands!

Plus, it’s a lightweight, compact unit ideal for both horizontal and vertical mounting.

Now here’s something that the Bosch Electric Tankless Water Heater doesn’t have. A highly useful temperature limiter! What this does is prevent scalding hot water. So please avoid using the Bosch heater as a hot water supply line booster.

The Bosch appliance fits in small spaces.
​Despite the compact size, it offers tons of power.
Installation, including mounting, is easy.
The operation is not silent.
The lack of temperature limiter is disappointing.


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If you’re not in for so much as a tankless version than a mini-tank heater, you’ve landed in the right place. The Ariston GL4S is the best instant water heater with a mini tank. That means it’s an ideal choice for quick applications like washing dishes or hands.

The unit is equipped with a practical 4-gallon tank capacity. So quick showers are a part of the deal! Installation is a breeze given the compact size of the machine. You can use the Ariston GL4S Electric Mini-Tank Water Heater independently.Or in connection with your existing heat source for hot water.

The appliance is light in weight. So feel free to mount it on the floor, wall, or under any cabinet. What’s more is that the tank is packed with a durable glass lining. Such a design protects the thing from potential hot water corrosive effects. Then comes the pressure relief feature. It works incredibly well in moments when the temperature or pressure shoots up.

So are you hunting for a mini-tank version? If yes, then nothing fits the bill better than the Ariston GL4S Electric Water Heater.

Instant, continuous hot water supply; the most important function of an appliance like this! And the plus point here is that you require zero hard wiring during installation. All you have to do is plug it into any electrical outlet. And use it independently or with your existing heat source.

It’s time to talk about the elephant in the room. That the Ariston GL4S Electric Mini-Tank Heater is not a tankless unit! Even so, it ranks among the best on many such review articles.

The Ariston heater consumes nominal energy.
​It features an extremely useful external thermostat adjustment control.
Instant, endless supply of hot water should be expected.
Only upright installation is possible.
It is not tankless.


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The next awesome pick is the Chronomite SR Series Instant-Flow Tankless Water Heater. It’s a lightweight unit ideal for portability. It has the ability to supply heated water to bathrooms and showers located far away.

Operation and installation are also simple to accomplish tasks. For the latter, all you need to do is mount the machine on the wall. And connect it to your electricity and water supplies!

This best electric tankless water heater consists of a stainless steel body. Such a material keeps the housing well-protected against damp locations. Such as under the sink!

Upon close examination, I found two chrome-designed compression fittings at the bottom. The first one is the inlet for cold water. And the second fitting is an outlet for hot water.

You might find relief in knowing yet another advantage. That the Chronomite heater’s overall electricity usage is low! And that makes it an energy-efficient model. You don’t have to wait for more than only two seconds to get access to warm water. Unlike some of the other best units on the list!

Here’s an even better piece of news. This particular option is also equipped with a remarkable microprocessor. What this does is regulate the appliance’s output temperature. Along with electricity consumption! As a result of which on-demand, steady hot water supply at your desired temperature is a part of the deal.

Chronomite has done an excellent job at manufacturing the best electric water heater. This particular SR Series model operates only when you demand hot water. Its unique microprocessor technology enables pre-set output temperature. It delivers an endless supply of hot water in only two seconds. Faster than most tankless units on the current

You get access to hot water quicker than expected. But it comes at a price. And that is low flow rate.

The Chronomite heater features instant heating capacity.
​Simple internal mechanism is great for long-term usage.
Electricity consumption is minimal.
Installation demands special voltage requirements.
The flow rate is disappointingly low.


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Another remarkable Stiebel Eltron creation comes in the mini version. The Stiebel Eltron Mini Tankless Electric Heater is an extremely compact unit. Specifically designed to save space! It is equipped with the company’s phenomenal heating technology developed decades ago. And the fact that the technology still ranks among the best indicates how reliable it is. As far as performance goes!

So you can trust me when I say that there are no complaints about reliability and performance. This best electric tankless water heater carries out the primary function. And that too in the most efficient manner! Expect it to heat endless water instantaneously.

All mini models, including this one, manufactured by the brand are completely efficient. So expect zero standby losses. You don’t require any venting for installation either. The super-compact, sleek design makes the process of hooking it up easier.

And just because it’s a mini version doesn’t mean you can’t subject it to versatile applications. The Stiebel Eltron Mini is suitable for both commercial and residential usage.

In all, the unit works as anticipated. What you’re looking at is a well-built heater that supplies hot water in less than five seconds.

The one thing you’ll start to notice as you keep using this mini model is the slowing down of water flow. It’s because the unit contains an inlet screen that requires regular cleaning. Once you take care of this, full flow is inevitable. Until it starts to decline again! So, unfortunately, regular cleaning of the screen is a part of the deal.

The StiebelEltron heater is perfect for small spaces.
​The design/construction is plenty durable.
Given the compact size, the speed of hot water supply is impressive.
Not hot enough for winter months.
Flow rate tends to wane with time.


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Do you want your facets and shower heads to save water during the process of providing hot water? If so, here’s what you should pick. The Marey ECO110 is a fantastic unit to use during warmer climates.

The German company has done a flawless job at manufacturing a high-quality product. The stainless steel designed water channel and heating chamber are the most durable. On top of that, there’s the excellent self-modulating operation. This Smart technology simplifies adjustments and overall usability.

The next notable element is the incredibly useful LCD panel. Such a feature enables easy water temperature programming. Along with optimizing energy usage! In that regard, you might also appreciate the 98 percent efficiency of the Marey ECO110.

To close, this particular option performs its duties without any error. Even sediment accumulation is something that doesn’t present itself. So it’s best to eliminate all such doubts.

Not many units have the ability to accommodate two points of applications simultaneously. And that too in an energy-efficient manner! But that’s what you should expect from the Marey ECO110 Self-Modulating Tankless Electric Water Heater. It’s perfect for warmer climates. And the heating element is corrosion-resistant. So you can enjoy the supply of quick hot water in your home for a very long time.

But I do have some bad news to share with you. The Marey ECO110 fails to live up to hot water demands of the washing machine. So if your washer is a part of the picture, I would advise opting for another model.

The Marey heater is a water-saving unit.
​Its LCD panel adds more value.
Installation is not a tedious task.

Unsuitable for colder climates or large homes.
It can’t handle the load of a washing machine.



Opting for a tankless water heater means gaining access to what? On-demand supply of hot water, right? On the other hand, units with tank store only a limited amount. This is the most important distinction between the two models.

The tank utilizes energy throughout the day, be it electric or gas. When, in fact, the tankless version draws power only when you demand hot water from it. (Reasons to save electricity)



Even the best electric tankless water heater appliance is less expensive. As compared to its tankless gas counterpart! Despite the fact that gas ranks as a cheaper priced fuel!

Here’s another significant advantage of using an electric unit. It offers more long-term reliability. As, unlike the gas water heater, it doesn’t bring combustion into the picture!

But here’s the winning streak. The best electric tankless water heater requires no ventilation. That means electric tankless water heater installation eliminates extra setup costs. Of gas piping and ventilation! You can install the unit outside your house as well. Isn’t that amazing!

Using these types of water heaters with effective solar panels is also possible. Now that’s another benefit you can’t enjoy with the other kind.


It goes without saying that certain factors help in narrowing down your search. And I have discussed them all below.

  • Water Temperature: Now here’s the thing. Electric heaters perform exceptionally well when they’re not subjected to higher temperatures. To be more specific, anything above 30F ranks as higher. Even the best electric tankless water heater doesn’t increase the temperature to 50F. And that too with a moderate flow rate.

So if that’s the kind of heating you’re looking for, it’s best to opt for any gas powered water heater. Or purchase the best hot water tank! But for summer and spring seasons, you’ll be in great hands of an electric model.

  • Flow Rate: Not all faucets and appliances demand the same amount of water. Bathroom sinks don’t use as much hot water as dishwashers or washing machines.

Electric tankless heaters are rated based on the flow rate. So here’s the rule of thumb. Higher value means more electricity being utilized and more money being spent.

  • Size: To get the best electric tankless water heater, you need to measure the available space. Do you wish to install the unit in tight areas? Like under the bathroom or kitchen sink? If so, there’s no point in buying a large unit. You can choose a smaller size to preserve most of the space. And the market is flooded with a variety of size options. So your specific requirements are well taken care of.
  • Material: The standard tankless models are made of metal materials. Now, these tend to attract limescale and demand annual maintenance. The other option is infrared, which doesn’t require too much maintenance. Plus, it builds up minimal scale. But the downside here is that such a unit is priced higher with a lower flow rate.

It all boils down to water hardness. Based on that particular factor, you can choose an infrared version. Since it doesn’t involve too much maintenance and is less likely to fall apart!


Tankless heaters call for professional installation. This prevents the warranty of the product from getting void. Even so, do you still want to know all about electric tankless water heater installation? If yes, then ask yourself these questions first.

  • Are the proper power requirements in place?
  • Where are you planning on placing the unit? This brings the proximity of the electric outlets and water line to the heater into the picture. Apart from deciding whether the appliance will be installed outside or inside the house.

So you have to keep these factors in mind before the installation procedure. Allow me to state an important yet simple fact here, something you probably already know.

Hiring a professional does cost a little extra money. But, in the long run, it ends up saving tons of dough in case the unit breaks down. And at such times, it’s not like you have the warranty to fall back on.



You already know what to expect from the best electric tankless water heater. Such a unit has the ability to deliver hot water wherever you like. And to multiple points-of-use! So consider your installation requirements. And space before deciding what to buy.

The most efficient tankless heaters do an excellent job of providing hot water. For more than a single point of application! Most models are suitable for all types of climates. Yet there are a few that don’t work well under colder conditions. But that’s something you don’t need to worry about with the EcoSmart ECO 27 Electric Tankless Water Heater.

This tankless water heater offers a self-modulating working mechanism. Along with digital temp control! Such a technology offers complete hot water adjustment for greater savings.

Endless, on-demand supply of hot water is inevitable with this particular machine. And to make the experience even better, the components are of stainless steel. This opens the door to maximum durability and efficiency. Together with easy replacement when required!

In the case of EcoSmart tankless water heater, every little aspect is well taken care of. And that’s the most appealing part.

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