Avalon Bottom Loading Water Cooler Dispenser Review

If you are looking for a high-quality dispenser that suits your budget, why not try this Avalon brand with amazing features. The Avalon Bottom Loading Water Cooler Dispenser has 3 temperature settings (steamy hot, ambient temperature, and chilling cold) that will transform your monotonous breakfast exploit in a more convenient way.

With a simple design but offering more functional features, the sleek and slim Avalon Water Cooler has a noncorrosive stainless steel cabinet. You got to enjoy this water cooler for a very long time. On this cabinet is where a 3-or 5-gallon water bottle container can fit. You don’t need to lift a heavy bottle when you have to replace an empty one. It is definitely a relief especially for full-time moms who are always left alone in the house.

This portable water cooler has soft to touch push buttons for dispensing (one for each water temperature) which even your kids will find so convenient to use. Furthermore, this unit is also an energy-saving device. It has an individual switch (easy to reach located at the back of the cooler) to control the hot and cold water temperatures on demand.

Key Features and Benefits

More and more households and offices are completely amazed by this improved product from Avalon. This water cooler dispenser is not only a user-friendly product but is also priced reasonably. The Avalon 3-Temperature Water Dispenser is equipped with a safety feature that will prevent hot water burns concerning your kids and their playmates.

You can definitely relax and have peace of mind even if your children are left all by themselves at home. Owning this type of water cooler will eventually spare you from an elaborate maintenance compared to other household units of some brands. It has a drip tray that minimizes spills for easy cleaning and a cup holder where you can place your glass while filling.

This device has a purification/filtration system that eliminates the proliferation of bacteria and unwanted particles from the water you drink. You are sure that your kids drink the cleanest water easily available to them. This Avalon product with a stainless steel cabinet is also perfect for your daily dose of hot tea, hot chocolate, healthy soup, and other beverages for the whole family.

With its high-grade stainless steel water tank and high-capacity compressor, the Avalon built-quality is second to none. Here are other impressive features of the Avalon Water Dispenser and some minor issues with this office and home machine.

Check out the following pros and cons of the Avalon Bottom Loading Water Cooler Dispenser


• With individual switches to control water temperature

• With a safety lock for your children’s protection

• Ships to you in original manufacturer’s packaging so you know parts are authentic

• A space saver because of its slim design

• With ideal dimensions of 45.5 X 16 X 16 inches, enough to fit a small space

• With built-in light visible in pitch black surrounding; the faucets (or spouts) are clearly seen even at night

• Automatically shows a light indicating a near-empty bottle so you know it’s time for a replacement

• Maintains ideal water temperature any time

• With the ozone feature (via a switch on the back of the unit) allowing a self-cleaning function

• Ideal hot water temperature at 185F (85C) and cold water temperature at 47F (8C)

• Bottle reservoir is not included in this purchase, but you can order from the same dealer.

• Slight delay in dispensing water.


The Avalon Water Dispenser with stainless steel cabinet is guaranteed safe to use in any occasion. The bottom loading feature of this remarkable water cooler makes you more independent while alone at home. You also don’t need to exert more effort to keep your water clean. The unit has a self-cleaning feature that prevents mineral build-up and unwanted bacteria on your hot and cold water tanks.

At the end of the day, you will be satisfied with the performance of the Avalon Water Cooler Dispenser and be glad to have one in your home. You will be surprised that at a minimal amount, you can have your own purified water (with hot and cold features at that) at a fraction of a cost of a POU water cooler.

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