Discover Best 6×8 Speakers and 6.5 Component Speakers (2021) – Buyer’s Guide


Every car’s stereo is incomplete without the best 6×8 speakers and 6.5 component speakers. But the most reliable ones are not easy to come by. The market is filled with a wide variety of speakers ranging in price and quality.

And many manufacturers are competing with each other too. So how to choose not only the top-rated but also the best budget speakers for you?

The thing is you DON’T have to!

Yes, that’s right. I have done it for you. I know that finding a good pair can be hard. But it’s important to upgrade the car’s stereo, isn’t it?

So after taking into account factors like features, style, sound preference, and quality, I’ve shortlisted the 14 best picks below.

The extensive knowledge that I have along with my experience with speakers has helped in creating this list.

And I’ve spent hours researching and making sure that these options rank the highest in both functionality and durability.

Best 6.5 Component Speakers 2021

1. Pioneer TS-A1606C – The Best Budget Component Speakers

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If you’re new to building a robust yet affordable sound system, then this might be an ideal choice. The Pioneer TS-A1606C A-Series 6.5″ 350W Component Speakers are a perfect fit for newbies as well as experienced audiophiles.

The frequency range of the speakers is wide and sensitivity rating high. This means distinct bass, heavy drums, chunky riffs of guitar, and clear vocals.

The next big thing to talk about when it comes to speakers is the woofer. The Pioneer TS-A1606C A-Series 6.5″ 350W Component Speaker has a micra-matrix style woofer.

This particular feature stays rigid even when you increase the volume level. It also keeps distortion in check to provide you with clean bass sounds.

The only disappointment with the speakers is that their mid woofers can’t handle bass well enough. But the excellent performance of the tweeters makes up for the almost negligible flaw.

The tweeter has a waveguide to offer increased sensitivity.
They come with crossover wiring to make installation more convenient

The high sounds tend to get dull during loud settings.
The speakers’ mid woofers don’t handle bass all that well.

2. Infinity Reference 6500CX – The Best High-Performance 6.5 Component Speakers

One of the most renowned companies for manufacturing loudspeakers is Infinity Systems. They have developed a reputation of producing high-quality car audio sound systems.

The Infinity Reference 6500CX 6-1/2” Component Loudspeaker, in particular, consists of textile, edge-driven tweeters. These do an excellent job at paying attention to detail without producing harsh sounds. With the help of mounting cups, you can either flash-mount or surface-mount them.

The most impressive part about these speakers is that they have a power handling of 90 watts each. And to make things even better, the sensitivity rating is also exceptional. It is as high as 93 dB. Such a characteristic makes the speakers suitable for external amplifiers as well as head units.

The part that might let you down is the low-frequency range. This means that the speakers will not be able to cover frequencies as low and high as 30 Hz and 23 kHz respectively.

The speakers offer great response for high and midbass.
They have a low profile, which makes mounting them easier.
The sound quality is detailed and precise.

Low-frequency range.
They don’t come with written instructions for installation.

3. Polk Audio DB6501 – Most Reliable 6.5 Component Speakers

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If you’re an audiophile, then you know how popular Polk Audio is, right? The brand ranks the highest when it comes to manufacturing high-end speaker systems. And the Polk Audio DB6501 6.5-Inch 2-Way Component System is no different.

Its unique design features stainless steel equipped mounting hardware along with excellent ABS grilles. These are responsible for making the interior of your car look stylish.

Now let’s talk about performance. The speakers are built in such a way so as to withstand harsh conditions. And such a quality makes them suitable for ATV, vehicles, and boats.

You will love the fact that the speakers deliver distortion-free, rich lows and clear highs. And when it comes to high-frequency recreation, there’s nothing to worry about in that department too. Thanks to the design of the composite tweeters that comes with strong Neodymium magnets.

There’s another remarkable aspect of the tweeters, but this time it produces a negative outcome. The tweeters are slightly on the harsh side. But that is something that you can eliminate by making some adjustments.

Sound quality is high with minimum distortion.
Installation is easy.

The tweeters are harsh.

4. Rockford R165S R1 Prime – The Loudest 6.5 Component Speakers

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What you will about Rockford Fosgate is that they manufacture products that last for a long time. This includes amplifiers, subwoofers, and speakers for cars, home, boats, and other recreational vehicles. So we know that the Rockford Fosgate PPS4-6 Punch PRO 6.5-Inch Single Midrange 4 Ohm Loudspeaker is both reliable and highly functional.

The woofer of the device has a fiber reinforced paper cone construction with treated W style surrounds. Do you know what this means? It means that the woofer can withstand high volume for many hours.

On top of that, the dome tweeters do an excellent job at providing sharp, clear highs that can cut through road noise and big bass.

What’s to like is the speakers’ ability to handle sufficient power even on a continuous basis. And what’s not to like is the low-frequency range. Such a flaw tends to mess with the product’s bass fullness. (Frequency response of speakers)

The size and fit of the system are perfect for cars.
They are deliver super loud, high-quality, and clear sound.

The sound don’t offer an accurate mid-bass punch as the woofer.

5. New Kenwood Kfc-p709ps – The Best 6.5 Speakers for The Money

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For an immersive sound experience, there’s nothing better than the New Kenwood Kfc-p709ps Component Speaker System. It gives you clear mids and highs.

The best part about them is their mounting depth and impotence. What these do is offer sufficient depth suitable for the kind of power handling the speakers come with.

The performance to price ratio of these speakers makes them an ideal choice for those with a budget. You will be glad to know that the silk dome of the tweeter delivers smooth and articulate sound quality.

You might also love the detailed, naturally sounding midrange of the speakers. The part that doesn’t do as well as the rest of the unit is the durability. They tend to wear out comparatively sooner than most budget-friendly options.

The mids and highs are excellent without distortion even at a high volume.
Exceptional clarity and bass punch.

Installation is slightly complicated.

6. Kicker 40CSS654 – The Best Sounding 6.5 Component Speakers

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“Living Loud” is the slogan of the company. So it comes as no surprise that I’ve listed these best 6.5 component speakers as the best sounding option.

The Kicker 40CS654 6.5 inch 2-Way Speakers consist of polypropylene woofers. And these have polyester foam-equipped surrounds. When paired with titanium dome design tweeters, these features reveal every little detail of the music.

Another significant characteristic is the crossover network. This particular external element is responsible for ensuring that every driver receives the right kind of frequency range.

The crossovers come with level control for the tweeter. And what this does is give you the opportunity to customize the sound. (Component or Coaxial sound systems for cars?)

You’d expect the speakers not to have any flaws due to their 90 dB sensitivity rating. But that’s not the case. Even though the product can handle tons of power, its tweeter tends to mess with the experience. And that’s because the tweeter is slightly on the sharp side on high volume.

The sound quality is clear and high.
They can withstand higher wattage when using amplifiers.
They contain all accessories for complete and easy installation.

The quality of the speakers is not satisfactory.

7. JBL GX600C – The Best 6.5 Component Loudspeakers in Both Appearance and Performance

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Isn’t it awesome when you get something that ranks high in functionality and design? Well, that’s what you should expect with the JBL GX600C GX Series Component Car Loudspeakers.

These speakers have a valuable carbon-injected material for the cone. Such a quality gives you high output with clear, coherent, and accurate note reproduction.

The most impressive aspect of the JJBL GX600C GX Series Component Car Loudspeakers is that it comes with vented magnets. These combine with the special thermal-cable sound coils to dissipate heat. And such a function makes the speakers long lasting and efficient.

So nothing can go wrong with the speaker system except for one thing. Even though the sound quality of the device is excellent, it can’t manage hard mid tones. But this seems to be a problem only if you want to buy speakers that deliver good mids.

Zero sound distortion even at a high volume.
The different types of adaptors make the mounting process easier.

The mids are only average.

Best 6×8 Speakers 2021

1. Rockford R168X2 Prime – Best for Most People on a Budget

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Our take on the Rockford R168X2 Prime Speaker is a practical one. It is the ideal 6×8 speaker for anyone looking for an affordable one. The durable Vacuum polypropylene cone and rubber surround sound are very impressive.

These 6×8 speakers offer crisp, clean, and credible sounds. It makes a persuasive factory replacement that churns out better skill every time you use it.

Another important component to consider in this case is its high-frequency response. This ensures you play your tunes in an efficient manner. What’s more, this speaker is more appropriate for varied applications.

If you’re looking to build your stereo, you won’t find a better companion than it. It gives clear sounds, it very portable, and ideal for smaller spaces.

This speaker works exactly as advertised. It comes with durable grilles and hardware for mounting. I found that the silk dome flush mounted tweeter is nothing short of extraordinary. Especially if you know your way around building a job site stereo system.

But as far as durability goes, this speaker lags behind. It isn’t as powerful as the rest of the competition.

One of the most affordable speakers.
It’s portable and lightweight.
Incredible bass response.

Not as powerful as other speakers I’ve tested.

2. Infinity PR8602cf – The Best-Upgraded Speaker System to Use

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This speaker system is much reliable for its ease of use and skill set. It offers a variety of important benefits, enough for anyone eager to learn. Compared to others, the Infinity PR8602cf offers same features as high-end models. But the only difference is that this one is more affordable than those.

The specifications of these 6×8 speakers include Edge-driven Textile Dome Tweeters. The Unipivot feature ensures proper sound direction for a precise and uniform response.

The tweeters branch out to a couple of more advanced features. This offers incredible output levels based on the location of the speakers.

Another crucial and useful feature is the Plus One Woofer Cones. If you want similar performing cone strength as the speaker, you’d have to hunt down the best.

And based on my research, I know that’s not an easy thing to do, right? So how about you use something exactly as powerful and precise as the Infinity Reference? This woofer cone offers incredible surface area, bass output, and sound efficiency.

The only disappointing factor about this speaker is the not-so-powerful bass quality. It doesn’t add up well with its other durable features.

It features a powerful rubber surround sound.
An upgraded sound suspension system.

It has a weak sound bass output.

3. Pyle PL683BL – For Natural-Sound Bass and Independent Volume Control Without Distortions


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If you’re looking for good budget speakers to upgrade to, this one is for you. It is the best 6×8 speaker system with excellent sound and unparalleled clarity.

The tweeter feature, magnet, and basket are all active components. Plus, the Poly-mica coated woofer cone offers great sound range, the hardest hitting yet.

It offers the kind of features most people long for such as high frequencies, ease of use, durability. The kind that makes itself the center of attention, and you the rockstar. With maximized volume, you won’t feel any disruptions. Instead, the hard-hitting sound chills will keep you in awe of its quality.

The great part about the Pyle PL683BL is the natural sound bass range and thumping woofer quality. But the silver mounts are a bit of a disappointment. Even though these 6×8 speakers are an excellent starting point, you may be a little put off by its build quality.

Offers a tight and powerful bass.
Features no disturbing sound quality, even at the highest volume levels.

The silver mounts feel bulky and don’t suit the aesthetic of speakers.

4. 2 Pairs Kicker DS68 – Best for Crisp and Loud Audio Quality

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The Kicker DS68 comes next, but with a higher price and a more desirable performance. There are a lot of reasons why you should consider buying these 6×8 speakers right away.

Being one of the high-end speakers, it offers strong components and unmatched quality. It boasts of all factory upgrades, regardless of what you’ve used before.

The heavy-duty motor structure and sharp build don’t kid around with regards to sound. It comes with all required mounts and hardware for a complete factory upgrade. What’s more, the durable tweeters and mid-range quality are impressive.

If you want a perfect match between price and quality, you stand on the high ground with the Kicker DS68. The sounds are crisp and clear. Plus, they’re loud if you want them to be, without constant distortion.

Be that as it may, it does lack decent bass, especially for deeper sounds. But the way these speakers test their limits is enough for you to consider buying it right away.

Offers enhanced audio quality.
Suitable for any vehicle factory upgrade.

Not ideal for bass-heavy music.

5. Pioneer TS-A6886R – The Best Speaker Set for Professional Artisans

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The Pioneer TS-A6886R is a pretty straightforward speaker to use. My top pick isn’t as powerful as this one, that’s for sure! What’s more, it has a not-so-expensive price tag to keep you company. That’s so you don’t have to pay a hefty price for something you don’t know would even work for you.

This speaker features a multi-layer mica matrix mid-woofer cone material. These 6×8 speakers have tons to offer including well-balanced sound. It has tons of power, precision, and durability. This also makes it one of the best stereo systems with great vocals and deep mids.

If there’s anything you’d love about the Pioneer, it will be the 4-way enhancement feature. Thanks to that, it offers the highest and widest frequency range.

Plus, the super-tweeter feature is an extra, but exclusive addition to the group. You won’t miss what perfection sounds like with this unique device around.

Be that as it may, this speaker runs as a single unit, which may be too complicated to handle for some beginners. Even a single fault or misplacement and the sounds won’t be as crisp and high as promised.

It features a bigger magnet that offers incredible power.
Made up of high-quality components.

Not ideal for beginners and novices.
Requires precise volume and sound settings.

6. Rockford Fosgate Punch P1683 – The Most Powerful 6×8 Speakers

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What Rockford Fosgate P1683 does right, others only come close to its performance. The Concealer Crossover, Flex-Fit Basket, and Multi-OEM Adapter are some of its headliners. It helps decrease sound disruption while maximizing the power of a full range speaker.

For the price you pay, it’s quite a steal when you know what you’re working on. It offers an incredible bass, crisp sounds, and great highs. These speakers exceed all your expectations, giving such great depth. So much so that it rattles the ground.

This is the one for you. And why? Because it works as a perfect sound upgrade with simple, but very efficient usability. It raises even the highest standard for 6×8 speakers, providing you with simplified installation, adaptable vehicular support, and durability. The PEI dome tweeter and Butyl rubber surround work in close quarters, perfect for the price.

While these speakers may be a crowd puller, it offers weak bass. But if you’re not for bass-heavy tunes, the crisp and balanced sounds of these speakers might be ideal for you.

Excellent power handling performance.
The Polypropylene cones are very durable.

It lacks great bass quality.

Best 6.5 Component Speakers Buyer’s Guide

Best 6x8 speakers, 6.5 component speakers

The thing about 6.5-inch component speakers is that they improve the sound quality in your car. An excellent pair of speakers gives you the opportunity to raise the volume without compromising the clarity of the music. And this is possible while also decreasing the level of distortion.

With the many options now available, you can also find the best component speakers for bass. So you see how functional and versatile these speakers are. That is why it’s important to know how to differentiate the good from the bad.

I’ve discussed some of the most common speaker ratings and terms along with their materials and design. Having access to this kind of information makes the buying process easier.

Plus, it also ensures that you don’t end up purchasing something that might not work properly only after a few days.

Standard Speaker Ratings and Terms

You need to take such characteristics into consideration if you want to select the most reliable 6.5 component speakers for the car.

Power Handling

The term is self-explanatory, isn’t it? The amount of power the speaker is able to handle and function at defines its power handling. There are two ratings for power handling; MAX (or Peak) and RMS. RMS is a more relevant option while Peak refers to the speaker’s power during short bursts.


The sensitivity rating of the speaker determines the level of sound it emits based on the power handling. More sensitivity means that the device can withstand the power that it comes with.

This is usually the case with systems that have a lower power. And it’s the opposite with higher powered speakers. It’s because low sensitivity rating is suitable for higher power handling.

Frequency Range
The frequency at which the speakers emit sound at is measured using Hz. And the range begins from 20 Hz and goes up till 22,000 Hz. So depending on your personal preferences, you can either opt for low frequency or high.

Speaker Materials and Design

Best 6x8 speakers, 6.5 component speakers


The quality and responsiveness of component speakers depend on the woofer. If the material of the woofer is lightweight and stiff, then that adds more effectiveness to the device.

The most common cone material is polypropylene. But high-quality component speakers have a woven fabric construction, preferably Kevlar. Other robust and durable materials include titanium and aluminum.

Woofer Surrounding

This is considered to be an IMPORTANT characteristic when buying the 6.5 component speakers.

Free moving, lightweight, and durable materials are responsible for allowing the woofers to move and vibrate with minimum energy. These materials also go a long way in adding durability to the speakers.

You should know that as the speaker gets old, its woofer surround tends to break or crack. So keeping this in mind, it’s better to opt for rubber surrounding. Such a material is not only sustainable but also high performing.

On the other hand, the best speakers for the money consist of cloth or foam surroundings. These may be affordable options, but they rank low in performance and lifespan.


Every pair of component speakers comes with a crossover. These external crossovers contribute to reducing the level of distortion. And this they carry out by dividing the speakers’ frequency inputs.

The thing about signals is that they have the ability to pass through the coated wiring to cause distortion. And at such times, what a crossover system does is restrict the signals from crossing through.

Best 6×8 Speakers Buyer’s Guide

Best 6x8 speakers, 6.5 component speakers

The most defining moment for any audiophile owns the perfect sound system. This includes your car’s speaker system as well.

Do you have the best rattling-sound-experience when you tune into your favorite song?

More importantly, how durable are your speakers?

Are they made up of high-quality materials with no creaks or flaws?

You can always second-guess your choices based on what others buy. It’s simpler that way, isn’t it? But with the help of this guide, you no longer have to do that.

At the end of this guide, you’ll be more than comfortable paying for something that you chose to your liking. In fact, the “researching before buying” method opens up smart and affordable choices.

To ensure you’re grooving in the right direction, let’s discuss a few pointers you’d want to know.


The design includes easy installation and durability. It’s important to know what your speakers run on. That is your cone design, tweeter quality, and the kind of impact it has on sound quality.

If you’re interested in speakers that pump too much power, ensure that they are resilient. Ask yourself questions that might seem too simple even to consider. This will help you find the complete features and style of the speaker.

Coming back to installation, you want to be able to install your speakers yourself. Some speakers come with the required hardware and mounting tools. This cuts back expenses from bringing in help.

Audio Quality

CERWIN VEGA V468 6-Inch x 8-Inch 400 Watts Max/75Watts RMS Power Handling 2-Way Coaxial Speaker Set

Based on the design of your 6×8 speakers, the sound quality is an important consideration. This includes bass, vocals, surround sound quality, and high tones. The tweeters designed need to be efficient and unparalleled at sound reproduction.

Audio volume control also plays a significant role in this category. You’d want high tones without the distortions and crackling sounds, right? Some speakers also offer varied textures with or without an active bass output. Only by paying close attention to detail can you know what kind of sounds your 6×8 speakers produce.

Sensitivity Rating

In simple words, sensitivity rating works with the inputs of the speakers. This includes both power and sound. A 6×8 speaker’s sensitivity rating will ensure it can handle powered performances. If it can’t, the system will speak for itself. A factor you’d want to consider when buying something high-end.

The sensitivity rating of a speaker is often overlooked. This is because most people only want to know how loud and crisp the sound quality is. But how will you determine sound quality without understanding a speaker’s power handling? The higher the ranking, the louder the sound quality.

DIY: How to install your car speakers?

The Final Note

My Choice:
#1 Best 6.5 Component Speakers: Polk Audio DB6501

So what have I gathered till now? That the best 6.5 component speakers come with separate crossovers, tweeters, and woofers. When talking about sound quality, component speakers are far better than their coaxial counterparts.

This makes them an ideal choice for audio enthusiasts. And one such product is the Polk Audio DB6501 6.5-Inch 2-Way Component System.

The well-engineered design of the Polk Audio DB6501 6.5-Inch 2-Way Component System is what attracts you at first. Then second comes the excellent sound clarity at whatever volume. The best part about them is that have a high-quality construction, even when talking about the woofers.

In fact, the woofers have a polymer, and mica design with rubber surrounds. That just means a better experience for years to come. Also, the polymer and silk combination tweeters contain strong Neodymium magnets. These contribute to delivering accurate high-frequency note reproduction.

Even the power handling and sensitivity ratings are up to the mark. The speakers have the ability to withstand tons of power. So let’s not waste any more time and get on with the process of buying the best component speakers for your car.

#1 Best 6×8 Speakers: Rockford R168X2 Prime Speaker

Buying 6×8 speakers is getting more competitive than ever. But that shouldn’t stop you from buying your ideal speaker set. Based on our findings, the Rockford R168X2 Prime Speaker remains our top pick. It’s all because of its superior sound quality.

To replace your standard factory-made speaker set, an upgrade is way better. And when it comes to buying 6×8 speakers, you always get what you pay for. You can buy speakers that come with a valuable price tag and minimal creaks or flaws.

So with the help of this guide, you can get a personalized match that’s appealing to both you and your car.

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