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The 15 Best Rosin Press: A Buyer's Guide

The rosin making procedure requires two crucial things. The first is optimal heat and the second is optimal pressure. With that in mind, nothing other than the best rosin press yields the desired outcome. This little piece of equipment creates a CONTROLLED LEVEL OF HEAT and PRESSURE. And that too for the perfect amount of time!

But manufacturers didn’t just stop there. They decided to make the most of the current advanced technologies. Cause they were aiming to produce something better. And, fortunately, the mission was accomplished. So how about we find out what these advanced options are!

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    MyPress Solventless
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What you see below are the top-rated models in terms of innovation. Scroll down further to make their acquaintance.

Dulytek DW6000 Hands-Free Electric Heat Press Machine – UNDER $1000 EDITOR’S CHOICE

Check at

If rosin presses are not new to you, then you definitely must have come across this one. It ranks as the best rosin press for many, many reasons. So let’s find out why and how the Dulytek Rosin Press is so popular.

You can manufacture high-grade concentrates in high volume using this little Dulytek beast. The construction consists of steel-reinforced, high-grade aluminum. As for the components, they are built using top grade steel. So there’s no chance that a long lifespan is not a part of the deal here.

Apart from the quality, there’s the excellent yield that matters too. And so does the relatively portable structure. Cause you might want to move it from one place to another in your house. The manufacturer ships it assembled. That means you don’t have to go struggle with that. Simply plug it in and press as much as you like.

The dual heating element carries out its duties in the most efficient manner. As for the smashing plates, they are rectangular-shaped, not square-shaped. The outcome of which benefits the traveling of the oil for proper collection. This also helps in maintaining the original yield and flavor of your raw material.

As for practicality, you’ll be quite impressed with the ergonomic handle. As well as the addition of circuit protection. This particular component safeguards the internal circuitry against damages. So it’s a pretty solid model you’re looking at!

The construction of the Dulytek is qualified and plenty powerful. The invaluable heat controller does everything in its power to keep the temperature steady. Not many rosin presses currently available have the capacity to do that.

But here’s something you might not like. Accessories sold separately like rosin tea bags!

Compact press built to last.
Compressing the pump completely requires minimal effort.
5″ independently controlled heat plates
Temperature control is accurate.

Very expensive


Buy It on

There’s only one reason why I chose to review the MyPress Solventless My Rosin Press. It’s because you won’t find any other model more suitable for personal use than this. The unit is one of the highest selling and top rated manual machines present today. And trust me, there’s a lot you don’t know yet. So let’s find out.

This best rosin press has a compact design. But don’t let that cloud your opinion about its solid build quality. It might be lightweight and convenient to place just about anywhere in your house. But, at the same time, the little wonder is long-lasting.

The axiom plates have a stainless steel structure that delivers pressure worth six tons. In my head, that’s a lot to expect from a personal press. Temperature adjustability is another admirable feature. You can alter and control the temperature in the most comfortable manner. The range begins from 160 degrees and reaches 280 degrees.

In terms of convenience, there’s the LED display. This screen is equipped with a timer, which notes down precise timing for extraction.

Performance-wise, the MyPress Solventless My Rosin Press is quite a powerful force. Its unparalleled efficiency is something that’ll surprise you every single time.

My Rosin Press is just exactly what you’ll be saying when talking about this model. Using it for personal applications on a daily basis is the easiest and most appealing part.

There’s no deal-breaker or anything of the sort if that’s what you’re wondering. But there is a major flaw to deal with. The pressing plates are not positioned properly. And I know this because they refuse to line up in the correct manner.

Operation is exceptionally silent.
​Pressure plate adjustment and setup are easy tasks.
Timer is an excellent add-on.
Plates fail to line up properly.



Not a single electric model has the ability to outperform the Weselltech 3×5” Rosin Press. And that’s because of the unique features installed in here. So if you’re looking for the best electric rosin press, I would suggest you complete the review.

The useful pressing plates are three inches wide and five inches long. And 30mm is the thickness of each plate. The kit includes crash plates that are four-sided. That means the oil doesn’t need to travel a longer distance across the width in comparison to the length.

The rectangular shape of the plates helps in achieving higher yield. Along with preserving the natural terpene content! The top quality aluminum composition of those smashing plates is what’s responsible for the competitive value. The thing about aluminum plates is that they distribute heat rapidly across the surface. To promote proper heat dissipation!

You get the opportunity to work with double heating rods. Both are securely attached and well-equipped to heat the plates. The Weselltech 3×5” Rosin Press is also armed with electric temperature control. The rods and this control box are properly connected with the help of coated electric cables.

So there’s no doubt that the Weselltech 3×5” Rosin Press performs exactly as you might expect.

The optimal thickness of the plate allows the press to heat up accurately. Temperature adjustment is also a characteristic that deserves praise.

There are a few parts of the machine that don’t seem like they’re built using high-quality materials. But, fortunately, durability is not a weakness in any way.

Thermostat allows you to establish the most suitable temperature.
​PID controller boosts heating precision.
Excellent mill quality should be expected.
Condition of certain parts is questionable.


Buy It on

Doesn’t the product name indicate that it’s a compact unit? But that’s not the only appropriate thing the manufacturer has done. NugSmasher has managed to produce the best rosin press for personal applications. Keeping every single important factor in mind!

Just because the machine is small and compact doesn’t mean its quality is any less competitive. It arrives assembled so you don’t have to go through the trouble of setting up the unit. Just plug in the press and get to work.

The steel equipped pressing plates offer the perfect diameter to deliver the perfect pressure. For all your personal applications! As for larger batches, the temperature can reach 350 degrees as well. Although I wouldn’t recommend doing that! But as a compact rosin press for smaller batches, there are no complaints.

Consistent temperature and great pressure are the two positive takeaways here. To be honest, these two characteristics are more than you could ask for from such a mini model.

The one common problem with rosin presses is associated with the plates. In many units, these refuse to line up correctly. As in the case of the NugSmasher MINI Heat Press as well.

Compact and easy to operate.
​Temperature remains consistent for desirable results.
The best for personal rosin extraction.
Plates fail to line up properly.


Now here’s a tool you can use for large-scale batches. The Tuopuke 3×5” Plates Heavy Duty Rosin Press is a beast that generates a lot of heat. This best rosin press has the capacity to tolerate 20 tons as well. Isn’t that fantastic!

Let me bring to your notice that the machine can perform the heating function in the most efficient manner. I mean all it needs for the task is that control box. Eliminate the use of boiling plates or blowtorch in this case.

Usability is a no-hassle experience. That sounds pretty amazing given the heavy-duty design of this Tuopuke press. Now don’t think, even for a second, that the plates are not lightweight. They are plenty of that.

But how about factors like speed and time? The former is fast, which is great news. Even the settings of the timer add loads of convenience.

Furthermore, the pressing plates offer manual, hydraulic, and pneumatic operation. So large-scale extraction and production is not cumbersome anymore! (Cannabis extraction)

Level plates, high-grade design, and solid heating elements. Aren’t these enough reasons to recommend the Tuopuke 3×5” Plates Heavy Duty Rosin Press!

The Tuopuke 3×5” Plates Heavy Duty Rosin Press features controller as well. But it’s no good as it doesn’t display the precise temperature.

Thick aluminum constructed plates deliver heavy-duty performance.
​You get a large pressing surface area.
Temperature adjustability offers great leverage.
Plate mounting system causes slippage.
Don’t expect accurate temperature readings.


The deal here is that the HoneyHabit Electric Pneumatic Rosin Press is inexpensive. Plus, it has the power to live up to your expectations. At least in terms of performance! So have no doubts about that aspect.

If you’re concerned about usability, that too is pretty much covered. During testing, I found the basic operation to be incredibly convenient. The heating up process takes not more than a minute. Even though this best rosin press requires over a minute to reach other temperatures, I did not find that annoying. It’s a rosin press, after all. Not a magical time machine.

The lightweight, compact shape makes way for easy storage and portability. The double heated plates are solidly constructed. There’s also an integrated spare fuse. Apart from the mini air pump and electrical power!

So if you ask me, you won’t find any other high-performing rosin press in this price range. The HoneyHabit Electric Pneumatic Rosin Press is an ideal choice for a tight budget.

When the operation is easy, the whole concept of rosin press starts to seem like a blessing in disguise. So don’t consider the current pick as anything but a huge miracle.

The HoneyHabit Electric Pneumatic Rosin Press makes a lot of noise. So prepare your ears for it if you happen to appreciate the performance level.

It’s a compact, portable rosin press.
​Yields are super amazing.
Operation is quick and easy.
Misaligned plates are a minor issue.
Motor is noisy.


Now it’s time to review this hydraulic monster. It’s called the RosinVape 4×7” Rosin Press. And the model ranks as the most durable on the current market. In my opinion, the use of aluminum is what contributes to creating such an impression.

The highly useful heating plates have an aluminum structure. This is probably the only design element that makes the RosinVape 4×7” Rosin Press so long-lasting.

Moving on, the manufacturer has equipped the product with temperature control. This features the heating rod. But allow me to focus on the plates a little more. They are lightweight yet strong. And as far as heat transfer goes, these heating plates do an exceptional job. Without producing hot spots!

20-ton capacity is what you’re looking at. You might be wondering about assembly as well. If that’s your mind too, then here’s what you need to know. The RosinVape 4×7” Rosin Press setup process is much like tightening screws. The undertaking doesn’t last for more than five minutes.

This particular option exceeded all my expectations. In terms of performance, design, and durability. So I don’t see why the experience is going to be any different with you.

Quality and affordability are remarkable factors. And they should be when you want to choose the best rosin press. So now you know why I decided to shortlist the RosinVape 4×7” Rosin Press.

The only major setback is the lack of speed. The press takes too long to heat. And then too long to cool down after heating!

Assembly and durability don’t disappoint.
Strong, lightweight plates are installed in here.
Limited instructions seem pretty much useless.
Plates take time to heat up and cool down.


Buy It on

High-quality presses are hard to come by. Obviously, not on this list! But if I have to compare, I would pick the High Tech Press THE BRICK PRESS as the most durable. As long as we’re talking about quality, no other model beats this one!

It’s a hydraulic machine that arrives assembled. The unit is crafted in such a manner that you don’t find it difficult to choose and hold the accurate temperature. If you’re used to working with rosin presses, then you know how important this is.

The High Tech Press THE BRICK PRESS can withstand all tests of time. Now you should know that the company manufactures high-end models. And all of them, including this one, have an aircraft grade aluminum body. Such a material has the strength to maintain heat. Unlike the ones built using steel!

The manufacturer doesn’t lag behind in terms of instructions as well. Once again, unlike most other rosin presses I’ve reviewed in the article.

To conclude, I would just like to state a simple fact. That aircraft grade aluminum transfers as well as retains heat in the most efficient manner. Way better than steel! So if that matters to you above all else, just go for it!

I keep talking about the solid aluminum construction. So does that mean the High Tech Press THE BRICK PRESS is a heavy model? Not at all! It’s plenty light in weight. That means you can use it however or wherever you like.

Now please don’t expect it to separate the rosin from the brick. At least not in the best possible manner!

Aircraft quality aluminum used for construction.
​Heat retention capacity is excellent.
Cleaning the press is an easy task.
Heating and cooling down take time.
Dividing rosin from the brick performance is poor.


So the last pick on the list is the best hydraulic press in a compact size. It consists of all the right features to make it a highly useful model. Suitable for all types of personal home applications!

You simply need to plug it in, set the time and temperature for every control panel. And then the machine raises accordingly. Place your raw materials into the filter. Now it’s time to put that rosin bag by the silicone material oil paper. Then place this on top of the lower plate. The product includes a rosin tool that you can use to collect fluid rosin. Finally, gather the rosin for storage.

If you follow these instructions, you won’t have a single problem with the production process. In fact, you’ll be quite impressed with the overall design and performance of this best rosin press.

The unit is equipped with legs for installation. These legs, as well as the lever, are easy and quick to assemble. On top of that, the plates have the capacity to heat up evenly. Without wasting too much of your time!

And if you’re a newbie, you won’t take long to figure out your way around it. Trust me!

The Tuopuke Mini Hydraulic Rosin Press is a perfect choice for home use. There’s no denying that!

Rosin presses don’t come cheap. So if you’re willing to spend that kind of money, you might as well do it right. It’s always a better idea to invest in a brand that you know manufactures high-quality products. Such as Tuopuke and their Mini Hydraulic Press!

If you look at the shipping weight of the thing, it says 50 pounds. Doesn’t that make this hydraulic machine super heavy!

Heating capacity is quick and up to the mark.
Installation and usability are the strengths.
It is compact, but not lightweight.

Your Best Decision

My Choice: NugSmasher LilSmasher Rosin Press

The three words above can only mean one thing. And that is to seriously consider buying the NugSmasher LilSmasher Rosin Press.

This best rosin press is manufactured to perform the purging process and concentrate extraction. The double heating element consists of rectangular press plates. These create high-quality hash oil yield. It’s the most notable unit so far.

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