Best Fish finder GPS Combo for money (Under 2000, 1000, 500, 300)

Wanting to know the whereabouts of fish is only natural when fishing. Where are they? And even where were they? You can get to know the correct answers to these questions only by using the best fishfinder GPS combo. This means all the guesswork gets eliminated from the activity.

And, to my surprise, not all fish finders with GPS are expensive to buy. There are some very great-performing affordable models too. You just have to make sure you decide based on not only price but also features and benefits.

In light of the matter, here are the best GPS-equipped fishfinders. That is both expensive and affordable. And some of them are even specifically created for small boats. So let’s find out which one is which and what unique and useful features each model has to offer.

Best Fishfinder GPS Combo under $2000

Lowrance HDS-7 Live 7-inch Fish Finder Review

Lowrance HDS-7 Live 7-inch Fish Finder
Lowrance HDS-7 Live 7-inch Fish Finder

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Priced a little over $1000, the Lowrance HDS-7 just turns out to be the most wonderful investment you make. And that’s because the device is packed with all advanced features. That is going to come in handy at the time of fishing.

GPS SideScan technology is what makes the most impact here. Combined with CHIRP sonar, this advanced technology offers the best view of the fish. From below and the sides of the boat. Even the StructureScan HD/3D technology contributes to producing this flawless effect.

The design contains the best navigational and fish-finding features. With generous room for upgrade. The components you can upgrade are the radar, GPS, and maps.

The screen is high-definition, high-resolution, and multi-touch. Even with polarized sunglasses, you get access to a broad viewing range. What’s even more inviting is the integrated mapping system. You’ll find enhanced charts in here on around 4,000 lakes. Along with Navionics Autorouting and C-MAP easy routing capabilities.

Smartphone integration is also a part of the picture in this case. This is very useful considering how you and I both don’t want to miss important calls or texts.

You’ll even like to know that this fishfinder GPS combo has double CHIRP channels. And you can view both at one time. This means keeping your favorite CHIRP frequency to be seen for greater target separation is a possibility. Doesn’t that make the task much easier?

In all, the Lowrance HDS-7 is the ultimate eye of every vessel. Created for the crazy and hardcore fisher in you!

Split-screen functionality is available.

Thermocline detector and temperature sensor included.

Dual-beam, extensive sonar coverage.

It’s quite advanced, thus complicated to use for beginners.

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Best Fishfinder GPS Combo under $1000

Humminbird HELIX 5 Fish Finder Review

Humminbird HELIX 5 Fish Finder
Humminbird HELIX 5 Fish Finder

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Here’s another best fishfinder GPS combo. But this one by Garmin. The company, no doubt, is a force to be reckoned with. When it comes to manufacturing advanced fishfinders. The product is sold with all the auxiliary parts. So you’ll get your every penny’s worth, no doubt about that.

GPS of the Humminbird HELIX 5, unquestionably, provides a crucial sense of navigation and direction. Then there’s the flip-up style mount and transducer. These make the installation part much more convenient for you.

The navigational capacity is high-precision. And so is the technology responsible for fish spotting. On top of that, the head is rotating for steady navigation over waters.

The imaging technology shoots only high-frequency beams. These travel under the surface for revealing contours, structures, and covers with complete clarity. Even the side imaging is quite impressive. Thanks to the super-thin beams that scan from left to right.

What about down imaging? The sound waves, in this case too, are high-frequency and emitted in super-thin slices. So you can view brush, rocks, timber, bridge pilings, etc. with stunning intricate detail.

You get both wide and narrow beam. The former is best if you want a larger search area. As for the latter, it delivers more precision. You can even combine the two beams for increased detail.

The digital CHIRP of the HELIX 5 doesn’t disappoint. When it comes to more intricate and accurate returns of the bottom, structure, and fish.

Needless to say, this Humminbird fishfinder GPS combo is designed with features that are certainly enough to pave the way for a successful fishing trip. With the inclusion of the gimbal bracket for mounting, power cable, and a transducer. The company validates my claim quite clearly.

Dual CHIRP beams for more detailed viewing.

It’s a waterproof fishfinder.

Side imaging and down imaging feature high-frequency beams.

Depth scale is only 350 feet.

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Garmin Striker 7SV with Transducer Reviews

Garmin Striker 7SV with Transducer Review
Garmin Striker 7SV with Transducer

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When a fishfinder is outfitted with only useful features, it’s hard to dismiss the model. Even if the thing is slightly on the expensive side of the spectrum. I have not only reviewed but also used many mid-range GPS fishfinders. And none of them have come even remotely close to this best mid-range Garmin Striker 7SV model.

It doesn’t matter what the bottom, water, or weather conditions are. The current fishfinder GPS combo is a very reliable product for you as an angler. The display is 7 inches wide with WVGA color. The screen is easy and clear to read even when the light conditions are not in your favor.

The Garmin Striker 7SV has a waterproof body. So bonus points for that.

What about sonar capabilities? For that, the company has equipped the fishfinder with the traditional CHIRP technology. Along with the ClearVu sonar and SideVu sonar.

There’s no negating the fact that clearer scanning is performed. So you can view more things around the boat. It’s high-frequency, of course. This means you can look forward to images with intricate and detailed representations. Of fish, structure, and objects!

Moving on to navigation and mapping. The Garmin Striker 7SV features a high-sensitive GPS. So expect no setbacks from this department. Except for the absence of maps!

Other useful features included are split-screen and history rewind. Along with waypoints/routes sharing, depth line adjustability, and more.

But it’s Ultrascroll and A-scope that I found to be extremely practical. The former displays targets even when the speed of the boat is high. And the latter displays real-time passing of the fish through the device’s transducer beam.

To be honest with you, it’s a great model very likely to not let you down at any step of the way.

Installing and using fishfinder are easy tasks.

The CHIRP sonar creates crisp fish arches for flawless target separation.

Temperature sensor included.

No maps and you can’t even add any.

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Ray Marine Electronics E70320 Dragonfly Pro 7 GPS

Ray Marine Electronics E70320 Dragonfly Pro 7 GPS
Ray Marine Electronics E70320 Dragonfly Pro 7 GPS

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If you’re not a tech-savvy person, my advice to you would be to move on to another model. It’s because the Ray Marine Dragonfly Pro 7 is by far the most advanced GPS fishfinder. That offers complete synchronization with your mobile device. So you’re free to use a smartphone or tablet with this model.

When it comes to manufacturing sonar equipment, Ray Marine knows what it’s doing. The E70320 Dragonfly Pro 7, in particular, is a very suitable choice for big boats and saltwater. And so is every other Dragonfly model of the brand. It’s because of this series itself that the company has been able to navigate into the freshwater territory.

Now let’s talk about the phenomenal features. The state-of-the-art CHIRP technology of the fishfinder consists of a high-resolution display. And enhanced sonar for down vision. These kinds of features are mostly what more expensive models are designed with. So it’s great news to find out that they’re a part of this mid-range GPS fishfinder as well.

So what’s the actual difference between the Dragonfly 7 and Dragonfly 5? The former, which is the current pick, is built with a larger screen. That is 7 inches, in comparison to 5 inches. Even the resolution is higher, which is 800 pixels x 640 pixels. So the more recent version is certainly better than its predecessor.

The fishfinder GPS combo here is easy to use. But that’s only if you know your way around the device. What stands out from the list of features is the Radar Pulse DownVision technology. It’s high-intensity and compressed for a superior fishing experience.

No doubt, the images are photograph-like. After all, this sonar releases wide, layered impulses at different frequencies. To produce a crystal clear viewing experience. On top of that, the crisp display and detailed differentiation between plant-life and fish are very dramatic.

So are you ready to make the most of your fishing time?

High-definition, intricate images.

The CHIRP sonar is dual-channel.

Short cable, so you might have to buy an extension separately.

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Best Fishfinder GPS Combo under $500

Garmin ECHOMAP Plus 64cv with Transducer

Garmin ECHOMAP Plus 64cv with Transducer
Garmin ECHOMAP Plus 64cv with Transducer

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If you love fishing, you’ll want to buy the Garmin ECHOMAP. It’s equipped with an excellent transducer and ClearVu imaging. You can even connect the thing to a trolling motor. But the adapter cable for that connection you have to buy separately.

The display is 6 inches wide, which is just an inch smaller than its competitors. However, the pixels are similar to the 7-inch HELIX 5 I’ve reviewed above. In fact, unlike the HELIX 5 or the Lowrance model, the Garmin ECHOMAP comes with pre-loaded maps.

And how many maps? As many as 17,000. That’s pretty huge, isn’t it? 6,700 maps from these are high-definition and have 1-foot contours. There’s also very useful mapping software for creating personalized maps.

Traditional CHIRP sonar technology with ClearVu scanning is what you get. But what’s unique about this particular model? It’s the integrated Wi-Fi pairing technology. So you can buy and download fresh charts.

In the end, what matters the most is that it’s a user-friendly fish finder you’re less likely to turn down.

Bright 6-inch display.

Mapping software included for creating personalized maps for fishing.

It has Wi-Fi connectivity.

Connections are not waterproof.

Waypoint labels too small to read.

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Lowrance HOOK2 7-inch Fish Finder with SplitShot Transducer Review

Lowrance HOOK2 7-inch Fish Finder with SplitShot Transducer
Lowrance HOOK2 7-inch Fish Finder with SplitShot Transducer

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What’s so special about the Lowrance HOOK2 7-inch Fish Finder? The fact that it’s armed with GPS? Well yes, but there’s more. The 7-inch device is packed with phenomenal automatic-tuning sonar technology. Also. the menu of the fishfinder is just like the kind installed on smartphones. For easy interaction with the settings!

You get to fish with double coverage because of the inclusion of wider sonar. Even mounting the SplitShot transducer is easy and quick. You can do so on the transom and trolling motor, in the hull, or through the scupper hole.

The transducer offers straight DownScan technology sonar. Along with the CHIRP sonar for fish arch images! Do you think these features are impressive? Then just wait till I talk about the high-detail, preloaded mapping.

Preloaded inland mapping offers 1 foot-contoured 3,000 lakes. So feel free to streamline your search in terms of productive water. You can even narrow it down for locating structures such as cover, drop-offs, and ledges.

The experience becomes even more streamlined. With single-touch access as well as an optimized keypad. So how about you just focus on catching more fish for a change?

Solarmax display for clear and crisp fish images.

Sonar settings are auto-tuning for convenience.

Micro SD card included for saving trails, routes, and waypoints.

Mount base doesn’t rotate.

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Humminbird 410300-1 Helix 7 Chirp  DI GPS G2 Fish Finder Review

Humminbird 410300-1 Helix 7 Chirp  DI GPS G2 Fish Finder
Humminbird 410300-1 Helix 7 Chirp  DI GPS G2 Fish Finder

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What you get here is the perfect combination of sonar and screen size. A highly detailed, bright screen view with phenomenal down imaging. Pair this up with a GPS plotter, and you have the best fishfinder GPS combo that’s not so heavy on the wallet.

The G2 models manufactured by Humminbird offer the unique benefits of CHIRP DI and CHIRP. Together, the beams show you the target other kinds of sonar simply cannot.

Speaking of sonar innovation, the manufacturer also decided to add Switchfire. What does this particular technology do? It allows you to control how the sonar return appears. You can make adjustments to the fishing conditions whenever you please. Like remove or add detail and experiment with how the lure appears. Or even account for temperature, depth, and turbulence.

GPS is also very useful and powerful in that regard. It provides fast, accurate position fixes within the 2.5-meter range.

To top it off, micro SD and Lakemaster AutoChart are also a part of the fishfinding experience. The card slot allows you to use your maps. And the AutoChart program makes way for creating and viewing custom maps of the lake.

While the cherry on top of the cake is the LCD, ultra-bright display and slim profile. So everything about this fishfinder GPS combo is faster, brighter, wider, and clearer.

Dual-beam CHIRP sonar.

GPS chart-plotting with integrated UniMap cartography.

Exclusive Switchfire technology for controlling sonar returns.

A bit complicated to use and get familiarized with.

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Best Fishfinder GPS Combo under $300

Garmin Striker 4 with Transducer Review

Garmin Striker 4 with Transducer
Garmin Striker 4 with Transducer Review

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Is your budget is tight? But at the same time, you want to buy the best fishfinder GPS combo? Then you’re looking at the solution right in the face. The Garmin Striker 4 is outfitted with remarkable technology. One that doesn’t empty your wallet!

With this device, marking the precise location and then using it to get to that spot is not such a complicated task. There’s a communication interface. This opens the door to sharing hot spots and waypoints with friends. The GPS, no doubt, gauges marked waypoints and your position.

As for the integrated sonar technology, CHIRP produces clear images. It sends continuous frequencies to provide a wide spectrum of information. Fish arches are crisper. With target separation that you’re bound to rank as superior in comparison to the rest.

The Garmin Striker 4 is also equipped with an integrated flasher. What this does make vertical jigging and ice fishing a more pleasurable experience. Even the mounting structures you get with the GPS fishfinder are very useful. They’re a part of the many auxiliary parts that come with the product.

You’re looking at affordable, advanced technology. That makes you wonder how on Earth did our ancestors go fishing without such a helpful device. It makes all outdated fishfinders feel bad and inferior.

High-frequency ClearVu sonar provides detailed representation.

Waypoint map allows you to navigate to, view, and mark locations.

Speed meter is included.

The display screen is only 3.5 inches wide.

It only communicates with identical devices.

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Garmin echoMAP CHIRP 54cv with Transducer Review

Garmin echoMAP CHIRP 54cv with Transducer
Garmin echoMAP CHIRP 54cv with Transducer

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Clear display and very detailed! The Garmin echoMAP CHIRP 54cv with Transducer is an excellent Chartplotter. It’s got the company’s exclusive CHIRP ClearVu. So clear sonar scanning images are a part of the picture.

As an enthusiastic angler, you’ll love the Quickdraw Contours as well. This particular software you can use to instantly create custom 1-foot contoured HD maps. Also, the GPS technology of the fishfinder updates your heading and position. As many as 5 times each second!

The cords get into the included mount directly. So quick installation is what you’re looking at. Speaking of mounts, you get both trolling motor and transom mounts.

The display is 5 inches wide, quite generous in my opinion. To be completely honest with you, the Garmin echoMAP CHIRP 54cv with Transducer is a basic device. But the special part about is the combination of low price and high performance.

The fishfinder’s CHIRP sonar and ClearVu scanning technologies are the most important. Since they’re responsible for creating crisper, more detailed images. To make your fishing trip both fun and fruitful.

GPS updates information 5 times every second.

Built-in charts and maps are included.

High-frequency of the sonar produces photograph-like, intricate images.

Transducer size is quite large.

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Best GPS Fishfinder Combo for Small Boats

Garmin Striker 4cv with Transducer Review

#1 Garmin Striker 4cv with Transducer
#1 Garmin Striker 4cv with Transducer Review

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The Striker 4 and Striker 4cv have a lot in common. Both are manufactured by the same company. And they even belong to the same series of Garmin GPS fishfinder combo. The only difference is that the Garmin Striker 4cv is a compact device. Meaning an ideal choice for small boats!

Even though compact, the fishfinder offers enough display width. Expect no limitations when it comes to viewing the useful waypoint system and fish targets. Even the 2D and ClearVu sonar are pretty much the same. Same meaning they’re installed for wider imaging, no two ways about that.

The ClearVu transducer comes with an integrated temperature sensor by the way. Along with temperature graph and log functions. Now, this is very useful for detecting currents while fishing.

The LED display is readable no matter how bright the daylight. Speaking of design, you might like another fact. That the Garmin Striker 4cv is completely waterproof.

The GPS is high-precision for checking trolling speed and tracking accurate locations. Then there’s Circular Flash and AutoGain as well. The former is the most suitable for showing depth. Along with indicating various sonar return strengths. While AutoGain filters noise automatically.

And lastly, the Ultrascroll feature makes way for scanning even at a higher speed. So there’s no questioning the truth. The Garmin Striker 4cv is a compact fishfinder. That isn’t any less competitive than its bigger or more expensive counterparts.

GPS is high-sensitivity.

Temperature sensor, ClearVu transducer is included.

Even though compact, the screen size is more than enough.

Wires are too short for large boats.

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Choosing the Best Fishfinder GPS Combo

I won’t deny that it’s a complicated task selecting the best fishfinder GPS combo. And that’s because of 2 reasons. The first one is that such devices, for the most part, are not straightforward to understand and use. There are so many features, which aren’t always necessary. And the second reason is the overflow of options on the current market.

So it’s only natural to get confused and even a little frustrated. But once you get to know the basics, the rest becomes much easier to take in. Don’t you agree? If yes, then do go through the 3 most basic characteristics discussed below.


The display of the fishfinder depends on the size of your boat. If your boat is medium in size, then 9-inch and 7-inch screens are the best. As for 7, 6, and 5 inches, these width options are also quite generous. They’re the most common due to the easy readability. Although 9 and 7 inches offer better readability from a distance.

Other display-related factors include resolution, backlit LED, and waterproof/water-resistant capacity. A good display screen provides a resolution of around 800 pixels x 480 pixels. And the backlit LED makes everything appear better when foggy or during the night.

Please note that IPX7 means waterproof and IPX6 means water-resistant. But it’s the former you should opt for if you have a smaller boat or kayak.


When it comes to sonar, the first thing that pops in my head is high frequency. Only high frequencies can deliver proper separation. Along with higher detailed view! However, the range factor is limited. On the other hand, low frequency increases the sonar range. But then target separation is poor.

CHIRP sonars are considered to be the best in this area. It’s because they change frequencies constantly for superior target separation and detection. These types of sonars also work flawlessly for bottom display and mapping.

Mapping and Navigation

An integrated GPS is a part of every best fishfinder GPS combo. What happens when the frequencies of the GPS are higher? The technology provides better route plotting and accuracy. No matter the speed of the boat.

Maps pave the way for positioning your boat accurately, which is crucial when it comes to fishing. You can even look for models equipped with Wi-Fi connectivity and a memory card.

You can share all this data on your smartphone or tablet in real-time. So why not make the most of that opportunity! You might want to check all this information later.

Bottom Line

In the end, I would only like to say one thing. If you’re looking for the best fishfinder GPS combo, you should seriously consider buying the Lowrance HDS-7 Live 7-inch Fish Finder.

Now I know that it’s an expensive model. But the device has a large 7-inch display with phenomenal double-channel CHIRP. Even the routing GPS capacity is excellent. Thanks to the auto-routing planning function.

But if you’re budget has no place for a higher-end fishfinder, then I’ve reviewed plenty of affordable ones too.

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