Best Turret Press For Reloading (2021) – Buyer’s Guide


Choosing from complex and sometimes even simple designs is a difficult process. When buying a product like the best turret press, there are many factors involved. And that’s not it. Each press, high-quality or not, offers a certain set of pros and cons. So how do you decide what to pick?

You might spend several hours or even days trying to shortlist the top-rated options suitable for your needs and requirements. But how about skipping the entire boring process?

If that’s on your mind, then you’ll love what I have in store for you.

Best Turret Press 2021

What you see below is a list of the most popular turret presses on the consumer market. I spent enough time and invested a large amount of effort in choosing these options. And I based my decision on important factors like speed, precision, complexity, and durability.

So you can rest assured knowing that whatever you select will give you the best results.

1. Lee Precision Classic – The Best Versatile Turret Press

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The beauty of this pick is that it’s the ultimate versatile option on the list. And in the review, that’s exactly what I’m going to prove. So here’s a rundown of the Lee Precision Classic Turret Press.

The compact, solid construction of this best turret press is the first thing you might notice. This means that the unit offers tons of durability. It consists of four stations that hold the caliber die sets you’re reloading. So the process of working with other calibers becomes easier. All you have to do is change out that turret plate. (Adjusting reloading dies)

But the part that steals the show is the invaluable auto indexing component. You don’t need to carry out turret rotation manually. Once the handle comes back to the original position, the device automatically rotates. Thus, saving a lot of your time! And since this index rod is removable, you can also opt for manual operation.

Now let’s talk about the versatility factor. The Lee Precision Classic Turret Press offers large clearance space. And that just means you can use the thing to work with the tallest cases as well. If this isn’t versatility, then what is!

You know what the best part is? The Lee Precision Classic Turret Press includes primer arms. And these are available in both small and large sizes. What you can do with a primer arm is insert it under the holder quite easily. And removing it is also not such an inconvenient task.

To my surprise, the Lee Turret Reloading Press is guilty of a major offense. The press ram is not centrally aligned with the reloading dies. So you might have to put in extra efforts to maintain proper alignment during sizing.

  • Heavy-duty structure, hence durable.
  • Produces top quality reloads.
  • Suitable for both seasoned and novice users.
  • The turret’s indexing feature is slightly sloppy.
  • The ram and dies are not aligned correctly.

2. Lyman Reloading Press T-Mag – The Best High-Speed Turret Press

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The Lyman Reloading Press T-Mag Turret Press is great if you like to work with a wide variety of calibers. The high-speed option features not four but six stations for reloading dies. And you can change the head easily for the purpose of resetting dies during caliber swapping. Talk about convenience!

The head features a removable handle. And that means shifting between stages is an effortless task. You can easily move, adjust, and remove this handle.

The Lyman Turret Reloading Press has a useful primer catcher. This particular element catches and holds onto that spent primer. As a result of which, the work area remains the opposite of messy.

You’ll be glad to know that this best turret press is designed for reloading rifle and handgun cartridges. So versatility is also a part of the big picture. For caliber swapping, just detach the head before replacing it.

In all, the durable technology utilized for the construction of the unit is typical Lyman. So you can expect nothing short of exceptional durability with the turret press.

Reliability and smooth operation are the two most praiseworthy characteristics in this case. The thing about using turret presses is that they should be easy and comfortable to work with. In that regard, you have absolutely nothing to worry about.

The part that’s disappointing is the poor quality tray of that primer catcher. It has a thin plastic construction. On top of that, the plastic strip that holds it in place is also quite small. So the chances of losing or misplacing it are quite high.

  • Setup is simple and quick.
  • The equipment is precise and powerful.
  • Lack of automatic feeder.
  • The catcher tray has a thin plastic design.

How to Install Lyman’s Auto Primer Feed?

3. Lee Cast Aluminum 4 Hole Turret Press – The Best Affordable Turret Press

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Budget-friendly picks have been increasing in popularity ever since the creation of the Lee Cast Aluminum 4 Hole Turret Press. The unit has a remarkable compound leverage mechanism. Such a system is an excellent replacement to the old spring models.

The 4-hole reloading press consists of a reliable auto-index feature. The manufacturer also offers another huge design advantage. They have placed the lugs of the device on its circumference. And what this does is eliminate the possibility of the turret tipping. So you don’t need to worry about ruining rounds or damaging the equipment.

Furthermore, the powerful linkage makes way for easy sizing and fitting. Such an action applies to large round casing as well as huge magnum cases. And here’s something even better. This best turret press doesn’t demand the use of the typical heavy bench. And in my head, that sounds like a huge relief!

The cast aluminum construction and affordable price tag are a great match. The Lee Cast Aluminum 4 Hole Turret Press handles a broad range of ammo. Plus, the unit can withstand years of use.

The only sign of negativity comes in the form of the automatic turret disk. It doesn’t index completely in place. Only when the case is fed into the reloading die does the disk lock into position. But, as a skilled reloader, you can always work your way around this, can’t you?

  • The Lee turret reloading press is incredibly lightweight.
  • Wood grip and hand clearance are excellent features.
  • The auto disk of the device fails to index fully when in place.

4. RCBS Rock Chucker Supreme Press – The Best Turret Press for Easy Loading

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Reloading presses are widely available, am I right? So it’s really a matter of preference when choosing one for your particular needs. In that sense, you might find every feature of the RCBS Rock Chucker Supreme Press incredibly useful.

For one, the device is versatile and very strong. Both experienced and newbie refillers can use the reloading press with ease. You’ll be relieved to know that the extended body allows you to refill longer cartridges. (Beginner’s guide to reloading ammo)

But it’s the sturdy design that ranks as the most noteworthy characteristic. The lever of the equipment has a steel structure. This pairs up well with the overall heavy-duty construction to bring tons of safety during operation. And as for the operation, the working mechanism is as smooth as you would like it to be.

Even additional factors like setting up the press don’t let you down in any way. So expect nothing short of outstanding versatility and strength when dealing with the RCBS Rock Chucker Supreme Press.

Do you know what makes this option suitable for experts and beginners? Factors like easy operation, quick loading, ambidextrous handle, exceptional strength, and maximum versatility. With so many huge advantages, how can the press not be convenient to work with!

Unfortunately, there is one significant drawback though. The RCBS Rock Chucker Supreme Press weighs almost 20 pounds. This means you have to make it a point to fasten the unit tightly to the workbench. Failing to do so might result in the press tipping forward.

  • Heavy-duty design offers smooth operation.
  • ​Setting up the RCBS press is quick and easy.
  • It helps achieve consistent, accurate results.
  • Spilling is a part of the experience.
  • The weight is too heavy.

RCBS Rock Chucker Supreme Press

5. Hornady Lock-N-Load Auto-Progressive Reloading Press – The Best Turret Press for Skilled Reloaders

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If you’re an expert at what you do, you won’t find anything better than this. The Hornady Lock-N-Load Auto-Progressive Reloading Press offers quick operation. And this is something that only experienced refillers can handle. The pace that the unit sets is incredibly powerful, which is the most striking aspect.

The Hornady Lock-N-Load Auto-Progressive Reloading Press gives you five stations to work with. So you can perform all sorts of functions with utmost ease. This includes switching between rifle and handgun dies. You can even check all the dies without having to change the entire die head.

Once your cartridge is in place, the unique ejected system of the equipment gets to work. It automatically keeps that cartridge from getting in the way of the other one.

On a more personal note, I find the large hopper capacity to be the most useful feature. With such a component, you don’t have to refill the hopper frequently. Despite using it often!

To sum it up, the Hornady Turret Press is the fastest reloading system you’d ever come across.

This particular pick gives you the opportunity to fill at least 500 rounds per hour. Its bushing mechanism makes way for changing between calibers such as .223 and .45 in less than 5 minutes. No wonder skilled reloaders swear by the performance of the Hornady Lock-N-Load Auto-Progressive Reloading Press!

The device performs exceptionally well right out of the box. But with time, you’ll notice the presence of the moving parts. And this is nothing but a result of poor maintenance. So when dealing with the Hornady Turret Press, you have to make a conscious effort to keep that in check.

  • Consistency is the strongest point.
  • Primer control is positive.
  • Not suitable for beginners.
  • It requires high maintenance.

6. Lee Precision Classic Turret Press Kit – The Best Turret Press Kit

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Lots of turret press kits offer a dearth of features and brag of various advanced functions. And here is the one I found particularly helpful during testing. The Lee Precision Classic Turret Press Kit offers four holes that can handle a wide variety of ammo.

The kit consists of the useful auto indexing component. This comes in handy for cartridges that are 2.13 inches long. And did you know that there’s also a Deluxe version of the same kit? This one includes a turret suitable for 3.13-inch cartridges.

The Lee Precision Classic Turret Press Kit is created for beginners and experts. Thanks to the easy usability and smooth operation of the unit. The useful automatic index offers a great deal of comfort and convenience. It pushes the turret to advance as soon as you work the lever. As a result of which, you can use this value kit for crafting massive amount of ammo. And that too relatively quickly!

I would also to add that if you’re a starter in the field of gunsmithing, this might be a perfect pick for you.

The most praiseworthy inclusion is the powder dispenser, which comes with measuring drums. Such an addition is ideal for all small rifle and handgun cartridges. So it’s the versatility factor as well that gives the Lee Precision Classic Turret Press Kit the upper hand.

When you purchase caliber dies, most of the sets feature the invaluable charging die, right? In that case, be ready to experience some disappointment with this turret press kit.

  • Detailed directions for simple setup.
  • It helps to achieve easy, quick loads.
  • Lack of charging die in the kit.

7. Lee Precision Anniversary Challenger Kit II – The Best Lightweight Turret Press

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Not all turret presses need to be heavy in weight, am I right? And the Lee Precision Anniversary Challenger Kit II is proof of that. The kit is an excellent tribute to Lee’s 50 years completion in the reloading industry. It is an ideal pick for all types of refillers, including beginners.

Now let’s talk about the performance level of this best turret press. The O-shape frame of the device makes moving and working around it easier. The shape also gives you the opportunity to shift brass and dies more comfortably.

What’s more is that the useful toggle links have a solid steel construction. Also, note the whole press offers a smooth working mechanism. And that’s what makes it suitable for newbies.

Another handy component is the digital scale. What it does is help in measuring those grains. And lastly, the remarkable bushing system makes the process of changing dies much simpler. So if you’re a beginner, there’s nothing more you’d need.

It’s time for me to discuss the durability of the Lee Turret Reloading Press. Its O-frame is plenty durable and stable. Since those links have a steel design, they offer more life. On top of that, the scale is also pretty unbreakable. Thanks to the use of phenolic metal!

Wait, what about the flaws? The only letdown comes in the form of an unreliable micrometer of the handy powder measure. It also tends to leave powder granule particles inside that measuring cylinder.

  • Usability and setup are easy tasks.
  • The scale of the kit is highly functional.
  • Lack of detailed instructions.
  • Inaccurate micrometer of the powder measure.

8. RCBS 9354 RC Supreme Master Kit – The Second Best Turret Press Kit

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After Lee Precision Classic Turret Press Kit, it’s this option by RCBS that ranks high in performance. The RCBS 9354 RC Supreme Master Kit includes the following.

  • Powder measurer
  • Loading block for the case
  • Hex key pack
  • Deburring tool
  • Scale
  • Priming tool

Now I understand that you demand a model that allows you to accommodate longer cartridges. With that in mind, nothing beats the high performance of the RCBS Reloading Press. The frame of the device has an O shape. And this particular structure is incredibly stable and strong.

The comparatively heavier weight of the unit brings additional stability into play. Even important factors like precision and ram pressure receive a boost. All thanks to the optimal weight of the RCBS press.

As for the quality, you’ll soon realize how top-notch it is. The pins located on the link are well-supported. And that too on both the sides!

You’ll also be quite taken aback by the 80% assembled construction of the kit. In that sense, the usability and setup processes are not difficult tasks to deal with.

Let me use this section to highlight the most convincing aspect of the RCBS Rock Chucker Supreme Master Reloading Kit. Every little part is made of top quality materials. So you can rest assured knowing that the invaluable equipment will last for years.

The only real complaint is associated with the practical priming tool. For the purpose of priming, you need to tilt this priming tool towards the left, away from your body. Only then do the primers tend to feed properly. But to be fair, this doesn’t sound like a deal-breaker to me.

      • The scale of the kit is precise.
      • High-quality product.
    • The useful primer feed is not placed properly.

    RCBS® Rock Chucker Supreme Kit

    9. Lee Reloading Press 90045 – The Best Aluminum Turret Press

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    The majority of options discussed in the article have a cast iron structure. Except for this one. The Lee Reloading Press 90045 has an aluminum alloy construction. The C-frame is such that it provides large hand clearance. On top of that, the lever is suitable for both right and left-handed applications.

    Today’s market has expanded to include a bunch of exceptional turret press features. One of which is the breech lock. In the case of the Lee press, this particular element is in the enabled mode. As a result of which, you don’t need to readjust the die every single time you switch the thing.

    What’s more is that the lock also keeps the dies well-adjusted inside the bushings. And the benefit of such a feature comes in the form of easy die changing.

    The most noteworthy takeaway is that the equipment accepts shell holders of any press. As far as they have a universally recognized size. The overall design makes the press an ideal choice for the three most important functions. These include bullet seating, decapping, and bullet sizing.

    When working with a C-shaped frame, you get to experience a huge mechanical advantage. Paired with the lever, such a design gives you the opportunity to size even large caliber cases. And that too with minimal effort!

    Here’s another significant advantage. The Lee Reloading Press 90045 has a powder-coated body. The layer adds exceptional humidity and rust resistance. But the downside here is that this particular coating doesn’t stay on for a long time.

    • The Lee press offers easy, quick die changes.
    • It is incredibly light in weight.
    • The quality is relatively inferior.
    • The powder coating is prone to peeling off.

    Turret Press Buyer’s Guide


    A deep understanding of the equipment is essential. Especially if you want to get your hands on the best turret press. And not all research needs to be long and boring. It can be short and to the point as well, just like in the form of this useful guide.

    Now you should know that there are 3 different kinds of presses. These include turret, single stage, and progressive. Out of the three, it’s the turret press that works on larger brass batches. But that doesn’t mean it can compete with the high speed of the progressive version.

    Also, the turret reloader is relatively costlier than a single stage. However, the trade-off here is quite evident. What I mean to say is that the best turret press produces more than just higher reloads. With such a press, you don’t have to change dies before beginning the other reloading stage. (Reloading ammo vs. buying ammo)

    So the next time you’re thinking about turret reloading press vs single stage, you know how the former offers more than the latter. Another thing that you should probably know is that a few reputable brands also manufacture turret presses with auto indexing. And that means getting the job done in a much easier manner.

    Benefits of Turret Press

    The turret press has the ability to hold multiple dies. That’s the most attractive quality, isn’t it? It can work in one case at the same time. Every single moment you pull the lever, you accomplish the particular process.

    For the most part, it’s the invaluable decapping die that defines the initial stage. The priming die is also involved in this stage. Then comes the expanding die and powder charging. Soon followed by bullet seating before the entire crimping process.

    If you’re a reloader, then nothing else is more important than finding the best turret press, right? More often than not, the top picks are equipped with automatic indexing. Such a feature saves you from having to rotate that turret more often.

    The plate of the turret holds four dies. As a result of which, the press works faster. And that is how it’s different and even better than any single stage press.

    So it doesn’t matter if you’re a beginner. Handling the equipment and reloading batches are easy tasks to accomplish. Especially when a turret press is a part of the process!

    Key Factors of Turret Press

    Caliber Capability

    This goes without saying that not all models are created equal. A few turret presses are designed to support many calibers. This applies to scenarios that involve reloading kits. They come with caliber conversion equipment and dies for the specific calibers.

    But the downside here is that reloading kits are not cheap to buy. And your chances of needing over 100 different dies are quite low. With that in mind, it’s necessary to check the standard caliber capability of the turret press.

    Your ammunition requirements should also be taken into consideration. And if nothing else works, you always have the option of getting that conversion kit.


    You’re already familiar with the fact that a turret reloading press is pricier than its single stage counterpart. The former can produce over 250 rounds every hour. So you know that the economics work out all by themselves if you’re in for the long haul.

    But should you be spending that amount of money on the best turret press? Well, the answer depends on a single factor. And I’m going to form it into another question. Does having to reload the ammo on your own makes the high price tag justifiable? If you’re thinking what I’m thinking, then I’m glad you’re reading this article.

    Maintenance of Turret Press

    When primer and gunpowder are a part of the equipment, potential fire accidents must be avoided. In that case, you need to give maintenance its due importance. Even when dealing with the best turret press.

    The different parts of the reloading press require thorough cleaning and maintenance. And that you can do with the help of special cleaning solutions. Even lubrication contributes to ensuring maximum durability of a press.

    To clean all the individual parts of any turret reloading press, you have to disassemble it. Either completely or partially. This is particularly necessary for the models that tend to spill/leak primer. (Common reloading myths)

    And obviously, it’s not safe to smoke when you’re busy making or maintaining ammunition.

    Last Shot

    My Choice: Lee Precision Classic Turret Press

    From whatever way you want to see it, making ammunition by yourself sounds like a fantastic idea. Buying the right kind of equipment does require investing a certain amount of time, effort, and money. But the overall price you pay is comparatively cheaper in the long run. Plus, building bullets on your own also improves shooting accuracy.

    So in the order of things, let me declare the best turret press of all time. It’s none other than the Lee Precision Classic Turret Press. It features a steel linkage that can handle most ammunition types. In fact, it can even withstand rounds that are as long as 3.13 inches. This means the press is suitable for beginners as well.

    The clearance space that you get is quite large. Such a design does nothing but brings tons of versatility into the picture. And that’s exactly what the brand, Lee Precision is all about.

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