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Madison Supply, Premium Quality Fluoride Coated Medical Scissors, EMT and Trauma Shears 1-Pack

Also called “tuff cuts”, trauma shears are scissors used by emergency medical units. Such as the paramedics. Apart from cutting away clothing of an injured or wounded person, the best trauma shears can also cut through hard exterior and seat belts. The tool consists of a sharp metal blade and plastic handle. Then there’s the 150-degree curved design that makes cutting through even thin metal surfaces possible.

So let’s find out the highest-rated trauma shears to work with!

Best Trauma Shears 2018


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What you see below is an overview of the 10 top picks on the current market. Each model is popular for distinctive reasons. This way, your chances of finding exactly what you’re looking for are quite high. So let’s get started!

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Stainless steel

7.5 inches



5.5 inches



7.5 inches


Stainless steel

7.5 inches


Stainless steel

7.5 inches


Stainless steel

7.25 inches


Stainless steel

5 inches



8 inches



7.25 inches


Surgical steel

7.5 inches

1. Prestige Medical Fluoride Scissor – The Most Popular Trauma Shears

	 Prestige Medical Fluoride Scissor, Black, 7 1/2 Inch

There are many models to choose from when it comes to trauma shears. But a big part of what makes a good one has a lot to do with reliability. Keeping that in mind, let me introduce you to the next pick. It’s the Prestige Medical Fluoride Scissors. And they are the highest-rated shears on the current market.

Many EMS technicians and medical professionals swear by the performance of the Prestige Fluoride Shears. They have the ability to perform the toughest tasks. And why not when the brand offers an excellent combination of value and efficiency!

So let’s find out all the features involved in the process. The thing has a high-quality stainless steel design. And the fact that it’s not a multi-tool pair of shears makes it easier to sterilize.

If you’ve ever had to deal with medical shears with different components and compartments, you know what I’m talking about. Cleaning those kinds of trauma scissors requires quite an effort. But that’s not the case with this independent version.

Moving on, the length is pretty standard at 7.5 inches. But what’s unique is the invaluable fluoride coating. It adds to the non-stick nature of the blades. And the outcome is maximum durability.

Now let’s talk about the handles. They are impact-resistant, plastic ones that can withstand heavy-duty use. Including performing daily tasks! In fact, despite the plastic design, these handles are durable enough to outlast the cheaper models.

And here’s a first. The Prestige Medical Fluoride Scissors are autoclavable. Let me explain this in detail. Autoclave is nothing but a useful machine that does an excellent job of sterilizing equipment. With the help of hot steam!

In that context, not all trauma shears have the capacity to tolerate such an environment. But the Prestige Medical Fluoride Scissors are up for the task. All you have to do is toss the dirty pair to sterilize it for your next procedure.

Without the shadow of a doubt, these shears are well-equipped to last for a very long time. And you have nothing but the added coating to hold responsible for such a benefit!

On top of that, the affordable price tag doesn’t drill a hole in your wallet. So replacing them in the far future is also quite convenient.

The major blowback comes in the form of a hard grip. This affects closing and opening the scissors. Not that it hinders performance in any way. But the hard grip makes using the tool slightly uncomfortable.


  • The Prestige Medical shears scream high quality.
  • ​The company offers 2 different sizes.
  • Sterilizing them is a quick task.


  • Rusting is not entirely eliminated.
  • The grip is too hard.

2. Prestige Medical Nurse Utility Scissors – The Best Lightweight Trauma Shears

	 Prestige Medical Nurse Utility Scissors 5 1/2

Let me begin by stating that you’ll find both bulky and lightweight trauma shears on the consumer market. Some people prefer using bulky ones and the others opt for a smaller and more compact design. The latter is easy to fit in the pocket while also performing the job of cutting whatever you want it to. And the Prestige Medical Nurse Utility Scissors 5 1/2” Trauma Shears fit in that category.

These are an excellent option for dealing with dressing changes and opening medication packets. It’s the tip that makes the scissors so easy and convenient to carry even in tiny pockets. And since they are small and compact, cleaning and disinfecting them is also not a difficult task.

But don’t let the lightweight design create any doubts about the sharpness of the handy tool. These best trauma shears consist of very sharp blades. So the job gets done in the most efficient manner. In fact, they can work their way through multiple layers of gauze quite easily.

On top of that, the size of the scissors is large. Combine that with the pink handle, and you have trauma shears you can quickly spot on your cart.

Even though the Prestige Medical Nurse Utility Trauma Shears are lightweight, they are durable and strong. You can use them for a very long time without worrying about weighing down your scrub pockets.

The only downside here is associated with the handle. There is not enough strength in this particular component to deal with thick bandaging.


  • The Prestige Medical Trauma Shears are super sharp.
  • Cleaning them is easy.


  • The handle lacks strength.

3. XSHEAR 7.5” Black Titanium Extreme Duty – The Best Titanium Trauma Shears

XSHEAR 7.5” Black Titanium Extreme Duty Trauma Shears. Tough and Durable Medical Scissors for the Paramedic, EMT, Nurse or any Emergency Healthcare Provider

Not all trauma shears built with this material have the ability to withstand high pressure. But the XSHEAR 7.5” Black Titanium Extreme Duty Trauma Shears do. The blades of the scissors have a solid titanium construction. And with that, you get maximum durability.

These trauma shears have the capacity to tolerate high pressure along with dangerous emergency situations.

Even the handle is well-equipped to deliver seamless performance. It features a non-slip, soft touch inside edge. Such a design allows you to grip those shears easily. And when the grip is so strong, usability and safety also become a part of the picture.

Shears that are easy to grip maximize cutting speed as well. And in my opinion, that’s a huge advantage!

Moving on, the curved tip of the blade does an excellent job of achieving hitch-free, straight cuts. So as a medical professional, you can deal with injuries and wounds in a neat and the correct manner.

There’s nothing more convincing than the thick blades of these titanium trauma shears. They feel sturdy and strong in the hand. And this implies that the scissors can melt through just about anything. Quite effortlessly too!

Even though the XSHEAR Extreme Duty Trauma Shears grip well, their handles are not the perfect size. So if you have bigger hands, this might prove to be troublesome.


  • They have no sharp corners or edges.
  • ​The metal is corrosion and damage resistant.
  • The grip offers superior comfort.


  • The tip is too sharp, so a holster is necessary.
  • Handles are not large enough.

4. Madison Supply Premium Quality Fluoride Coated Medical Scissors – The Best Stainless Steel Trauma Shears

	 Madison Supply, Premium Quality Fluoride Coated Medical Scissors, EMT and Trauma Shears 1-Pack

When it comes to Madison Supply products, you’ll find nothing that beats their high-quality design. So the Madison Supply Premium Quality Fluoride Coated Medical Scissors are a blessing in disguise.

They have a top-grade stainless steel equipped construction. One that consists of milled serrations. Such a structure allows you to cut through all types of materials. Irrespective of the thickness!

Now, what about those blades? These have an invaluable fluoride coating. Do you know what that does? The coating protects the scissors from rust, which means no infection or contamination. Despite using the equipment for years!

Furthermore, the strong plastic handles are impact-proof. So it doesn’t matter even if you subject these best trauma shears to frequent, daily, or repeated use.

To sum it up, the Madison Supply Fluoride Coated Medical Scissors are the kind suitable for long-term use.

Comfort and convenience are factors that should not be taken for granted or avoided. With that in mind, the holes of the high-quality trauma shears are large enough to accommodate fingers of all sizes. Anything that doesn’t allow that compromises comfort and convenience.

But it doesn’t come as a surprise to know that the Madison Supply Medical Scissors are bulky. So carrying them around in the pocket might not seem like such a great idea.


  • The Madison Supply shears are heavy-duty.
  • The bent shape enables slipping under tight bandages.


  • They feel too stiff to use initially.
  • Not light in weight.

5. Princess Care First Aid EMT EMS Trauma Shears – The Best Trauma Shears for Professional Purposes

Princess Care First Aid EMT EMS Trauma Shears Utility Scissors 7.5

The title itself suggests that the product is suitable for EMT and EMS professionals. So what does that tell you? To me, it means that the Princess Care First Aid Trauma Shears have a pretty solid design.

And that is nothing but the truth. These best trauma shears have a surgical precision hardened high-tempered stainless steel composition. On top of that, the mirror finish and large handle add to the already high functionality.

As a medical professional, you’ll be relieved to know that this particular pick offers durable performance. Plus, it has the ability to cut through clothing quite easily. As for the enlarged handles, they have a non-slip, serrated nature. And that too with a comfortable grip!

What’s even better is the sharp tip of the Princess Care First Aid EMT EMS Trauma Shears. The thing provides protection against potential skin abrasions. In all, the professional equipment is pretty strong. So much so that it also cuts through pennies. Now isn’t that something!

The serrated edge of the Princess Care Trauma Shears requires no sharpening. It can work through the toughest of materials quite effortlessly. And the extra-large set handle also contributes to providing such an advantage.

So what’s the negative take here? After a few months of use, the handles of the cutting instrument start to cross over.


  • The Princess Care shears offer quick and easy action.
  • Build quality is unbeatable.


  • With time, the handles tend to overlap.

6. HTI Brand 3 PCS Paramedic Utility Bandage Trauma EMT EMS Shears – The Best Trauma Shears for Light-Medium Duty


These are an ideal choice for all kinds of uses. Such as the craft room, garage, kitchen, garden, or during emergency scenarios! TheHTI Brand 3 PCS Paramedic Utility Bandage Trauma EMT EMS Shears are created for medium to light duties. Now let’s get to know the in and out of the tool.

The blades are strong enough to cut through pennies as well. And that definitely goes to show how reliable the shears are in terms of performance. I found them to be highly functional given how smoothly they cut through cloth and plastic.

The large handles are another praiseworthy inclusion. This enhances the grip, which improves cutting speed to a great degree. Plus, the bright colors allow you to spot the scissors easily in your emergency kit. So every little aspect goes a long way in providing a comfortable experience.

If working with sharp lightweight trauma shears is on your mind, then you’re reading the correct review. The HTI Brand Paramedic Utility Bandage Trauma Shears have the exact design you demand from such a handy work instrument.

Unfortunately, there is one major drawback in this case. The HTI Brand Paramedic Utility Bandage Trauma EMT EMS Shears are difficult to use. They don’t open that easily, which can turn out to be quite a nuisance to deal with.


  • Quality is a pleasing factor.
  • The handle is comfortable to grip.


  • Not suitable for heavy-duty tasks.
  • Opening them is not as smooth as you’d expect.

7. Leatherman Raptor Shears – The Best Durable Trauma Shears

	 Leatherman - Raptor Shears, Black with MOLLE Compatible Holster

Nothing beats the Raptor, durability-wise. I have gone through way too many trauma shears to be able to differentiate between high quality and trashy. And the Leatherman Raptor Shears belong in the former category.

The little beast features six different tools. These include glass breaker, O2 tank wrench, ruler, ring cutter, strap cutter, and medical shears. As for the construction, the high-carbon stainless steel material is quite reliable. On top of that, Leatherman optimizes strength with the help of its heat treatment.

These best trauma shears contain a unique filling of glass fibers. Such a design is responsible for the one factor that matters the most. And that is durability. Plus, the component offers long-lasting value without adding any extra weight to the cutting instrument.

These nylon, glass-filled handles are pretty strong too. So much so that they don’t require a steel frame! And this is how the weight is kept in check.

If that wasn’t enough, the manufacturer has also included two holsters for secure attachment. These have a polymer, injection-molded structure. So you see how every part of the package contributes to the success story.

Upon testing, the Leatherman Raptor Shears proved that they have nothing short of incredibly sharp blades. These can work their way through straps, leather, jeans, and Carhartt fabric. And that too without any hesitation!

The product may be compact and sharp, but it starts to rust sooner than you can imagine. And that’s not something you’d expect from the best trauma shears now, is it?


  • The Leatherman shears make intricate cuts even on tough materials.
  • ​Blades don’t flex during cutting.
  • The sheath is a useful addition.


  • They are not immune to rusting.

8. Magnum Medical Shears – The Best Trauma Shears for a Dollar

Magnum Medical Shears Emt Stealth, Tactical Black Finish

Yes, that’s right! The Magnum Medical Shears cost $1.23. They are the cheapest medical scissors in terms of price. So how about other important aspects like performance and durability? It’s all discussed below!

The Magnum Medical Shears may have the lowest price tag, but that doesn’t define the functionality. The medical scissors are equipped with sharp blades. These are capable of cutting away all kinds of clothes whenever necessary.

The sturdy structure is also another praiseworthy characteristic. The tool feels comfortable to hold and grip. As a result of which the cutting action remains smooth and speed increases.

But here’s the part that you might value the most, design-wise. The Magnum Medical Shears have a matte black coating. The special finish is perfect for situations that demand low reflectivity. So it’s not only the modest cost that speaks volumes but quality too.

To my surprise, the Magnum Medical Shears can deal with armbands as well as heavy leather. For the price that you pay for them, such a performance level is unbeatable.

Every product offers advantages and disadvantages. That’s just how it works, right? Nothing is perfect, especially man-made creations. In that sense, the pick at hand is susceptible to flexing and bending easily. But if you’re ready to deal with these minor issues, there’s no more trouble.


  • The blades cut through both thick and thin materials.
  • ​Despite the low price, they are heavy-duty.
  • Build quality is quite strong.


  • The black coating is prone to chipping.
  • They bend and flex during cutting.

9. Ever Ready Titanium Bonded Bandage Shears – The Best Affordable Titanium Trauma Shears

Ever Ready Titanium Bonded Bandage Shears 7 1/4

The beauty of titanium is that it can be subjected to flexing and bending without losing shape. And such a characteristic is advantageous during high-stress emergency situations. So that’s what you get with the Ever Ready Titanium Bonded Bandage Shears. They are created for nothing but heavy-duty professional purposes.

So let me tell you what else I love about these best trauma shears. The serrated quality eliminates the need to sharpen the blades. That means you don’t have to worry about the edges as they hold up exceptionally well. Especially when compared to other cheap knockoffs the market is flooded with!

The blunt tip cuts through clothing, bandages, tape, gauze, and more. And the bent handle enhances performance level even further. So if you’re a nurse or paramedic, you can opt for the Ever Ready Titanium Bonded Bandage Shears for your duties.

The product I’m reviewing is sturdy and well-constructed. And as a consumer, such a quality is essential if what you want is a long-lasting pair of professional medical scissors. In that case, you won’t be disappointed with the Ever Ready Titanium Bonded Bandage Shears.

At the other side of the coin lies the downside. And it presents itself in the form of bulky trauma shears. They are not compact or light in weight. So if you prefer smaller scissors, these might not be an ideal option for you.


  • The sharp blade allows detailed cuts.
  • Smooth handles with zero rough edges.


  • Size is too big.
  • The black color fades with time.

10. Generic EMT Trauma Shears with Carabiner – The Bonus Pick

EMT Trauma Shears with Carabiner - Stainless Steel Bandage Scissors for Surgical, Medical & Nursing Purposes - Sharp Curved Scissor is Perfect for EMS, Doctors, Nurses, Cutting Bandages [Blue]

You might need to splurge a little on the Generic EMT Trauma Shears. But I can assure you that every penny is going to be worth it. And let me tell you why!

These best trauma shears have, no doubt, a top-grade stainless steel structure. Not to forget the hardened plastic equipped handles. Additionally, these handles also feature an integrated carabiner. Such a design enables simple transportation.

You can easily attach the Generic EMT Trauma Shears to the belt loop for easy accessibility. So it does sound like a convenient inclusion, don’t you think? And as a nurse or doctor, you don’t even have to worry about the instrument coming in the way. Thanks to the standard 7.5-inch length.

Now, let’s discuss the blades. These have a unique Japanese-quality surgical steel construction. Plus, the trauma shears are autoclavable. So sterilizing them is not an issue at all. And neither is durability!

The Generic EMT Trauma Shears come with a carabiner, right? In that case, you also get access to factors such as mobility and versatility. So it constitutes a perfect fit to your toolset as an EMT or medical professional.

Dealing with large shears can be a real pain in the hand. But if you’re already used to it, then you have nothing to worry about here.


  • Despite being heavy-duty, the Generic shears are lightweight.
  • The blade and handles are thick enough.


  • These are large shears.

The Definitive Guide to Buying Trauma Shears

Factors of the Best Trauma Shears


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These are quite simple tools, aren’t they? And the proof of that is the excessive availability of cheap products manufactured all across the globe. All the more reason to be able to differentiate between well-built trauma shears and crappy knockoffs, right!

But that doesn’t mean taking only the build quality into consideration. The materials matter too. In fact, they offer various levels of durability and strength. So let’s look into all the important characteristics that make up the best trauma shears.

1. Durability

When buying trauma shears, you’ll notice that they come in either packs or pairs. For this reason, the majority of them have a disposable quality. And more often than not, the ones sold in packs have a cheap design and construction. Hence, they don’t last for a long time.

So there’s no point in buying trauma shears or any other product that doesn’t have the ability to last for a while. In that context, how do you determine durability? As far as trauma shears are concerned, the best way to do so is by opting for a pair that is sold individually.

But that’s not the only way. Other indicators include solid blade joint and thick handles. These kinds of trauma shears offer more durability than the models equipped with flimsy, transparent handles.

2. Material

In this department, you have options for titanium and stainless steel. By far, the latter is the most reliable in terms of all aspects. But the way steel is treated directly affects the material’s sharpness, durability, strength, etc. So it’s important to keep that in mind when selecting the best trauma shears built with stainless steel.

As for the handle, it’s always a better idea to select contoured, thick rubberized or plastic handles. These are tenfold stronger than the flimsy, cheap plastic versions.

3. Price

There aren’t too many trauma shears that cost more than 15 to 20 dollars a pair. So the price tag is a cause for concern if it’s either too high or too low. I mean if a 10-pack is sold at $12, I don’t need to highlight the poor quality of the shears.

Likewise, if the product is too high-priced, say $50, there’s no chance you’re getting anything more superior than the rest. Just because you’re spending 5x the price doesn’t make the tool more efficient.

Trauma Shears vs. Bandage Shears/Emergency Knives

The primary job of trauma shears is to cut away bandages, shoes, clothing, and other such materials. Mainly during an emergency situation, right? So why can’t you use other types of useful cutting tools? These include emergency knives and bandage shears.

Emergency knives have a single-piece frame and serrated blade. While bandage shears have a lot in common with trauma shears. Even so, all three tools are different in several aspects. So it’s time to find out the dissimilarities.

  • In Terms of Versatility:

The best trauma shears can work with seat belts, shoes, clothes, bandages, and even nickels and pennies. After taking that into account, trauma shears are considered to be the most functional. And why not when they have the ability to deal with anything during an emergency!

But that’s not the case with emergency knives or bandage shears. The latter is a light-duty tool used only for thin clothing and bandages. And the former cuts through nothing more than seat belts and clothes.

Trauma Shears vs TRECK Trauma Shears Alternative - EMT vs. Paramedic 
  • In Terms of Durability:

Maximum durability is an advantage that emergency knives provide. Thanks to the lack of moving parts and the fact that the blade isn’t exposed to excessive weathering. While minimum durability is a part of bandage shears. And that’s because they have a thinner material thickness.

So that leaves trauma shears somewhere in between. So they’re not the most or least durable.

But you should know that out of the three, trauma shears are the most reliable during unpredictable or emergency situations. This implies that they have the strength to withstand rough or heavy-duty use.

Wrap Up

My Choice: Prestige Medical Fluoride Scissor

It’s the treatment of the material, assembly, and construction that matters the most. They decide if the trauma shears are a trashy pair or one that can handle busy shifts. During emergency situations, quick action is necessary. So if you’re a part of that scene, don’t settle for anything but the best trauma shears.

One such invaluable option is the Prestige Medical Fluoride Scissor. The instrument has a revolutionary fluoride finish. This coating provides a non-stick blade surface for the tasks of cutting bandages and tape. The high-quality stainless steel design contributes to adding strength and durability.

On top of that, these best trauma shears are autoclavable. So you can sterilize them without a worry. Upon testing, I found these to be highly functional. They can work through leather, zip ties, paracord, seat belts, denim, and more. The blades are plenty sharp to provide just the kind of attention your job demands.

And just because they’re strong doesn’t make them heavy too. In fact, the Prestige Fluoride Shears are light in weight. So you can carry them easily.

Also, note that the scissors are serrated properly on both the edges. On the other hand, the cheap quality models on the consumer market are serrated on only one side. The other side is nothing but a flat edge. But that’s not the case here.

So you have a lot to look forward to when it comes to the Prestige Medical Fluoride Scissors. Even the remaining nine options discussed in the article have tons to offer. All 10 are excellent choices as they provide maximum efficiency, performance-wise. Even durability is not a concern with even a single model. So the decision depends on what particular feature or aspect matters the most.

Discover Best Trauma Shears (2018) – Buyer’s Guide
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