The Best Essential Oils For Eczema That Are The Most Effective (2021 Reviews)


Eczema is an inflammatory, itchy skin condition that tends to cause immense distress. Also known as dermatitis, eczema gives rise to red rashes. It also has the ability to make the skin thick and dry. So if you’re looking for effective home remedies, here are the best essential oils for eczema.

Essential oils are considered to be incredibly beneficial for the body and mind. And in the case of such skin conditions, they provide excellent soothing effects. The oils alleviate itchy patches present on your scaly, dry, and irritated skin. They reduce inflammation while also drying out the weeping sores caused by dermatitis.

So let’s get to the part where I talk about the remedies for relieving the symptoms of the problem. At length!



Before I begin, here’s something you should always remember. Whenever you decide to apply essential oils to the skin, dilute them with carrier oils. Especially when trying to deal with inflamed, irritated skin.

I have listed the best carrier oil for eczema in the guide section. So you can get to that after going through these top 10 essential oils.


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If there’s an essential oil known for excellent antiseptic properties, it’s Tea Tree. This particular oil can heal wounds like no other. The volatile product is derived from primitive plants of Australia. It has been a part of the country for more than a century. That’s how tea tree became the subject of multiple medical studies. To test its capacity to eliminate fungi, viruses, and bacteria!

So the use of Tea Tree Pure Essential Oil to help relieve symptoms of eczema is only natural. A topical application is perfect for treating these kinds of skin issues and viruses. In fact, you can also add it to your DIY cleaning products. Or diffuse it so as to get rid of air mold.

Now you know why tea tree is among the best essential oils for eczema. And also a part of so many cosmetic and household products! These include laundry detergents, skin creams, face washes, massage oils, shampoos, etc.

The reason for its popularity is the presence of anti-inflammatory and antiseptic properties.

Some other problems that this essential oil helps in dealing with are as follows:

  • Dry cuticles
  • Head lice
  • ​Earaches
  • ​Acne
  • ​Psoriasis
  • ​Staph infections
  • ​Chickenpox
  • ​Fungal infections
  • Cold sores, etc.

So have no doubt regarding its versatility. The Tea Tree Therapeutic Grade Essential Oil offers quick, soothing results.

When an essential oil is recognized for its antibacterial, antiviral, antiseptic, and antifungal properties, what does that tell you? It means that the oil is incredibly effective for the treatment of wounds.

But everything comes with a drawback. However, in the case of Tea Tree, it has nothing to do with the oil. It’s the small size of the applicator that might disappoint you. The outcome of which is difficulty in getting out drops.

The oil diminishes redness and bumps caused by eczema.
It is highly effective at treating fungal infections.

The smell is slightly overpowering.
The applicator is not large enough.


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Let me begin by stating all the things that a lavender essential oil like this can do. It possesses powers that disinfect skin, enhances blood flow, and relieve pain. Along with improving respiratory problems and eliminating nervous tension! So you have no reason to believe that thedoTERRA oil cannot be used for treating eczema symptoms.

You might also find relief in knowing that lavender is an excellent sleep inducer as well. The oil is a modern medical remedy for sleep. People use it to relax their mind and treat anxiety.

But the most beneficial property of lavender oil has nothing to do with any of that. Instead, it’s associated with the natural product’s anti-inflammatory nature. As you already know, such properties contribute to reducing skin problems. These include severe conditions like eczema and mild ones like acne. The doTERRA Lavender Essential Oil also boosts overall immunity levels.

Any form of skin irritation can be cured using pure lavender oil. Its anti-inflammatory and relaxing properties are the reasons for the growing demand. So that’s exactly what you should expect when you opt for such herbal treatment for eczema.

The setback here comes in the form of a watery consistency. You might find it slightly annoying to deal with. But, to be honest, that’s not something you’ll be complaining about much.

The oil soothes skin irritations.
​It also reduces anxiety and promotes sleep.
The aroma of lavender is unique.

Not suitable for expectant mothers.
The consistency is a bit watery.


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Just like other essential oils, Sandalwood is also used in different cultures. The benefits of the Sandalwood Therapeutic Grade Essential Oil range from offering antiseptic properties. To increasing memory! But what’s even better is that the product contains jojoba as well.

Did you know that Sandalwood has been a part of many civilizations? People used the oil for embalming the body. It’s considered to be holy because of the various health benefits it provides.

But you don’t need to concern yourself with such matters. Because what you’re looking for are the best essential oils for eczema. Am I right? In that case, the Sandalwood in Jojoba Therapeutic Grade Essential Oil is an ideal choice. The anti-inflammatory and antiseptic nature of this combination promotes healthy skin care.

At the same time, the oil works as an excellent sedative. And muscle relaxant, disinfectant, and diuretic. In short, it’s a natural health tonic with a highly versatile personality.

If you’re more inclined toward using homemade products and remedies, you should consider buying this particular essential oil. Be it personal care or medicinal formulas, the Sandalwood Jojoba Essential Oil comes in handy at all times. Thanks to its healing quality, even when treating conditions like eczema.

Only a single drop is enough to make you notice its excessively thick density. And to some, it can be annoying to deal with.

Sandalwood oil has a potent essence.
The scent is subtle and relaxing.

Consistency is too thick.


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Here’s a first. The Roman Chamomile Essential Oil is among the best essential oils for eczema. What does that mean? It indicates that the oil has powerful healing properties. At the same time, it is mild enough to use on children as well. Not many essential oils have this kind of nature.

I’m sure you already know that chamomile offers tons of benefits. You can diffuse the essential oil or apply it directly to your affected area. Reducing inflammation and treating skin conditions is what the natural product does. Apart from improving digestion and calming the mind!

You’ll also be glad to know that this Roman Chamomile Essential Oil helps in relieving anxiety. And depression symptoms! You can use it to fight insomnia as well. But here’s something that might surprise you. Chamomile possesses cancer-fighting abilities.

So what you’re looking at here is an oil that gives out friendly, strong aroma. The kind that also smells of delicious apples!

Here’s why you should view Roman Chamomile as one of the most effective and best essential oils for eczema. It reduces inflammation of localized skin problems. And you’ll notice soothing results in under 24 hours.

There’s nothing wrong with the product as much as the packaging of the product. I’m talking about the bottle this essential oil comes in. It tends to leak. But that doesn’t seem like such a game-changer to me.

The quality of this oil is excellent.
It treats inflammation caused by eczema.
The core is very powerful yet gentle for use on children.

A single application might use up several drops.
Leaky bottle means slight inconvenience.


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Let me begin by sharing the benefits of Patchouli Therapeutic Grade Essential Oil. It acts as an antiseptic, sedative, aphrodisiac, antidepressant, and more. The list goes on, trust me. But our main concern here is to find the best essential oils for eczema. So in that regard, you’re pretty much covered.

So far, all essentials oils have been versatile in nature. That’s the primary reason for their popularity. And I don’t see how the Patchouli Therapeutic Grade Essential Oil is any different.

The oil of patchouli is derived from the plant by means of steam distillation. You can use it to prevent the formation of skin infections. Along with speeding up the recovery process and soothing inflammation! So if you’re suffering from eczema, you can breathe a sigh of relief.

Other notable benefits include relieving depression, fighting fever, and stimulating blood flow. So don’t think twice before hitting the Buy Now button.

The staying power of this essential oil is quite remarkable. The level of fragrance is also up to the mark. It’s not too overpowering to cause nasal irritation. Nor too mild to go unnoticed. And when you apply it directly to your skin, the oil produces zero side effects.

Even though the Patchouli 100% Pure Essential Oil stays for long, it is deficient in thickness. A denser consistency would have worked better.

Even a single drop is more than enough for the job.
The scent is subtle yet incredibly soothing.

Packaging is poor.
It lacks a thick consistency.


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Some of the best essential oils for eczema have the power to boost overall health. Apart from treating the most common symptoms of skin conditions! And the Helichrysum 100% Pure Best Therapeutic Grade Essential Oil is among them.

It’s derived from a medicinal plant. Known for its antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties! So believe me when I say that Helichrysum Essential Oil lowers inflammation. Like no other. With the help of several mechanisms! These include free radical hunting, corticoid effects, and inflammatory enzyme suppression.

The distinctive character of the helichrysum offers the four As. Anti-inflammatory, antibacterial, antifungal, and antioxidant properties. The outcome of which is overall health boost. And the obstruction of diseases!

So nothing can beat the efficacy and quality of this particular natural ingredient.

In simple words, the Helichrysum Pure Therapeutic Grade Essential Oil is great for your body in many ways. It treats wounds, cures infections, and reduces digestive problems. Along with supporting cardiovascular health and nerve function!

Unfortunately, the level of dilution present in here is quite high. So you might end up applying a lot of it for a single application.

You can use the oil for preventing multiple sclerosis.
​It can heal bruises and cuts.
Treatment of itching and skin problems should also be expected.

It is a little too diluted.


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Mostly all the best essential oils for eczema have a powerful yet warm herbal aroma. But this one comes with a strong, spicy twist as well. The Thyme Therapeutic Grade Essential Oil is an excellent option in many regards.

It is known to boost immune health and increase blood circulation (thyme benefits). But the primary characteristic we’re concerned with here is curing eczema. And other such problems, am I correct? With that in mind, you’ll more than just appreciate the oil’s ability to treat skin ailments. And kill bacteria!

All you have to do is apply few drops to the affected region. And then expect a sharp decrease in the symptoms caused by the skin condition. Plus, it’s safe to use on children as well. So feel free to opt for this Thyme Essential Oil as a natural remedy.

Finding the best essential oils for eczema does sound like a difficult task. But finding a pure version is even more complicated. However, purity is something you need not worry about when dealing with such an option.

Now here’s a piece of news that might bother you. The Thyme Therapeutic Grade Essential Oil has a poorly designed dropper. It removes oil too quickly. This way, you end up wasting more than you’re using.

It is 100% pure, just as the brand claims.
The oil eliminates skin irritation and discomfort.

Smell is too overwhelming for the senses.
The dropper lets out excessive oil.


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The doTERRA Rosemary Essential Oil is becoming increasingly popular over the recent years. Its strength to reduce pain and boost concentration and focus is quite commendable. In fact, the oil also stimulates hair growth and opens up sinuses.

Many people even use these best essential oils for eczema as well as other purposes too. The latter includes improving cognitive function, oral health, and digestion. Keeping the oil with you wherever you go means only one thing. That you’re roaming around with your very own stress reliever. And an effective one at that!

The doTERRA Rosemary Essential Oil is also used when cooking. It offers an energizing scent and internal benefits in that department. And when you know that the oil keeps your digestive tract healthy, why wouldn’t you want to add it to food.

This is one of the greatest plus points when buying medicinal as well as edible essential oils.

Rosemary is an effective natural treatment method for so many problems. Both external and internal! And the fact that you can cook with it says a lot about how incredibly beneficial and versatile it is.

The doTERRA Rosemary Essential Oil is highly potent. So my advice to you would be to use it only if prescribed by a doctor.

You can blend rosemary oil with others.
​It reduces fatigue and nervous tension.
The fragrance is pure and fresh.

Not suitable for expectant mothers.
​The potency level is quite high.


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There’s nothing better than the Myrrh 100% Pure Therapeutic Grade Essential Oil. Especially when it comes to healing most types of symptoms and ailments. So there’s a lot more to like besides the woody, smoky smell.

Myrrh has been used as a healer since ages now. The proof of that is its exceptional power to accelerate the process of healing wounds. Along with speeding up the recovery of skin conditions! And this makes it one of the best essential oils for eczema.

The effects that Myrrh Therapeutic Grade Essential Oil has on eczema are great. It has also been a part of many home remedies for combatting menstrual issues and weak gums.

Some of the Western applications include treating colds and relieving ulcers. Plus, reducing asthma symptoms!

And lastly, here’s something about the manufacturing process that you should know. Myrrh resin is subjected to steam distillation in order to produce the essential oil. So what you’re taking into consideration is a 100% pure and natural liquid.

It’s a remarkable oil that does more than just have positive effects on eczema. It contributes to increasing the healing time of various types of skin problems. And when it’s not doing that, the oil protects against wrinkles. Along with acting as a treatment method for arthritis, hemorrhoids, and sores!

If you’re planning on using this oil on a regular basis, here’s something you ought to know. The liquid dries up around the opening. So at such times, working the lid becomes slightly difficult.

The Myrrh oil has a long shelf life.
It stabilizes the nervous system.
The increase in healing time is undeniable.

Not suitable for expectant mothers.
The lid tends to get stuck.


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You’ll be quite surprised to know the many health benefits of Rose 100% Pure Essential Oil. To begin with, it reduces inflammation, fights bacteria, and acts as an antiseptic. These are more than enough reasons to consider this as one of the best essential oils for eczema.

Other benefits come in the form of properties. Like antidepressant, aphrodisiac, laxative, hepatic, astringent, and more. So now you know why it’s such a popular pick.

Roses are beautiful flowers, aren’t they? They are a part of all kinds of myths, legends, and stories. Many people know this. But what you probably don’t know is that roses have excellent medicinal properties. The oil is extracted from fresh Damascus type roses. And then subjected to steam distillation!

The end result helps in treating wounds. And protecting the skin from developing further infections! Besides that, Rose JojobaOil eliminates bacteria and heals the skin as well. As for internal benefits, there’s blood purification, liver health, and anxiety relief.

So you can put your trust in Damascus roses to help relieve symptoms connected with eczema.

The greatest news here is that the Rose Therapeutic Grade Essential Oil blends well with carrier oils. So you can create a perfect natural solution to cure both severe and mild skin issues.

The only problem with this essential oil is that it tends to dry the skin. So you might have to deal with getting rid of all the dryness once your wound heals.

The medicinal attributes of roses are perfect for treating eczema.
The fragrance is incredible.

But the overpowering scent can cause headaches.
Skin dryness is a part of the experience.




Essentials oils alleviate eczema symptoms. As you already know, the options include chamomile oil, lavender oil, tea tree oil, and lots more. They offer anti-inflammatory, soothing properties. These help in dealing with itching induced by the condition.

In fact, essential oils also contribute to treating bacterial skin infections. Such infections, if not properly treated, are prone to further aggravating eczema symptoms.

But did you know that the healing nature of the best essential oils for eczema tends to multiply? Only when combined with certain carrier oils. Such as follows:

  • Coconut oil (virgin)
  • Olive oil​
  • ​Jojoba oil
  • ​Avocado oil
  • ​Vitamin E oil
  • Sweet almond oil​
  • ​Rosehip oil
  • And Shea butter

The blend helps in deeply moisturizing your irritated skin. Along with speeding up healing time! The combination of carrier oils and essential oils reduces inflammation, scaling, and redness. These are the most common symptoms that affect the skin when suffering from eczema.

Now that you know what the best essential oils are, it’s time to learn more about the problem. Along with its causes and symptoms! So let’s get to that below.




The condition causes the skin to become scaly, dry, itchy, red, or bumpy. The most common kind of eczema is known as atopic dermatitis. What it does is gives rise to inflammation that generates itching. The problem can also make the skin scaly and red. And sometimes, it even develops weeping crusted sores.

Another form of eczema is contact dermatitis. This is when the condition, provoked by allergens, leads to inflammation. And itching, swelling, or redness!

The only good news here is that you don’t need to worry about eczema being contagious. So physical contact with the person suffering from it is not a concern.

Common areas that get affected by eczema are neck, eyelids, hands, wrists, and knees or elbows. On the other hand, infant eczema upsets the scalp and face.


The skin starts to feel itchy way before the first visible sign appears. Itchy rash is what signals the development of this particular condition. The affected skin becomes scaly, thickened, or dry. As for infants, eczema shows itself in the form of oozing patches or crusting skin over the scalp and face.

Extreme cases of eczema are both itchy plus painful. At such times, your skin begins to bleed and crack. Also a part of the condition is a change in skin pigmentation. The afflicted region might become darker or lighter than your normal skin tone.

Now, let’s talk about the causes. Eczema is often the outcome of a hyperactive immune system. The body perceives particular substances as nothing but active threats. So in such cases, it starts to make unnecessary attempts in order to safeguard itself. As a result of which eczema patches begin to appear.

This explains the connection between asthma and eczema. Or an excessively active immune system and eczema! So being genetically predisposed is quite a possibility. As far as the condition is concerned!

But the triggers that hugely provoke the immune system and eczema symptoms differ. Some of the most common ones are caused by pet dander and detergents or soaps. Along with feeling too cold or too hot!

Making your very own effective home remedy to treat eczema symptoms is not a difficult task. Especially when you know what the best essential oils for eczema are! And where to buy them! I have discussed as many as 10 options above. All you have to do is pick one and give it a go.

Just keep in mind that not everybody’s skin type is the same. So if essential oil A works wonders for someone, it might not do the same for you. At such times, what you can do is prepare a small portion for a tiny skin patch. Only to check how your skin reacts to it!

An easy and quick homemade recipe of essential oils for eczema:

  • Use not more than 2 to 3 essential oil drops with a single tablespoon of your preferred carrier oil.
    Blend them together properly.
  • Apply the mixture on the affected area to scale down skin inflammation. It also helps in reducing the dryness and itchiness.
  • You can repeat this at least 3 times per day. Until the signs of the condition fade away. This is when you know that the skin has been cured completely.

Regular application also contributes to preventing future flare-ups of eczema. So feel free to opt for such a home remedy more regularly. This way, your skin gets used to healing faster. But don’t forget to include carrier oils as well. You can experiment with different oils to see what works best for your skin type.

However, avoid applying more than 2 to 3 essential oil drops for a single tablespoon of any carrier oil. The former should be more than the latter. That’s because essential oils have a powerful nature. This means they can result in skin irritation.

In fact, you can even opt for just the best carrier oil for eczema. But this is only applicable for those with an extremely sensitive skin.



Tea Tree 100% Pure Best Therapeutic Grade Essential Oil is the most effective option on the list. As you already know, tea tree is quite popular today. Like it has been even in the past for its antiseptic character! The volatile oil heals wounds like no other. And it does so by killing fungi, viruses, and bacteria.

It’s one of the most powerful and best essential oils for eczema. A topical application for the treatment of skin ailments is what you’re looking at here. You’ll also be interested to know this. That Tea Tree Therapeutic Grade Essential Oil is also used to prepare homemade cleaning items.

So do you want to opt for natural anti-inflammatory and antiseptic properties? In that case, now you know what to buy. If not this one, there are 9 other options as well.

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