Best Bowfishing Lights (2021) – Buyer’s Guide


 GLW 10w 12v Ac or Dc Warm White Led Flood Light Waterproof Outdoor Lights 750lm 80w Halogen Bulb Equivalent Black Case

Every bowfishing rig is incomplete without supplemental lighting, of any kind. Without one, making the most of your experience on the water is impossible. And that’s because the best bowfishing lights are very useful during nighttime.

We now live in a world where bowfishing methods and equipment have evolved. So it’s only logical to assume that the right kind of gear can make the process of spotting fish much easier.

This leads to the core section of the article!

The 10 Best Bowfishing Lights Reviews in 2021

Yes! To answer your question: What’s the best bowfishing lights? I have an answer here!

What you see below is a comparison table for some basic understanding. For more information and details, scroll down further to get to know each product’s best and worst features.

LE 100W Super Bright Outdoor LED Flood Lights – The Most Energy-Efficient LED Bowfishing Lights

LE 100W Super Bright Outdoor LED Flood Lights, 250W HPS Bulb Equivalent, Waterproof IP65, 10150lm, Daylight White, 6000K, Security Lights, Floodlight, 2 Years Warranty

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Ever thought of buying the best bowfishing lights that are energy efficient? Especially when compared to traditional tungsten halogen-bulb lamps! If what I’m saying here matters to you, then you should pick the LE 100W Super Bright Outdoor LED Flood Lights. These help in lowering energy cost as much as 60 percent.

Moving on, the lights offer a brightness of 10150 lumens. That means it has a luminous efficiency of 100 lumens per watt. So you know that this particular model has the ability to meet your requirements.

What’s even better is the combination of excellent light with zero shadows. On top of that, the column angle, which delivers a broad brightness range, is 120 degrees.

How about the construction of these best bowfishing lights? They come in an aluminum alloy material die-casting body. Such a design provides optimal temperature dissipation. And that, in turn, does a great job at prolonging lifespan effectively.

Now let’s talk about flexibility. Especially during installation! The product includes an invaluable metal bracket. This particular component allows you to set up the lights however you like. And by that, I mean mounting them on the ground, wall, or ceiling.

In all, they are the best energy-efficient LED floodlights. And that too with a wide enough beam angle! So performance is a factor that won’t fail to surprise you.

Let me bring to your attention that the model is packed with tempered glass. Do you know what that means? In simple words, it implies that the panel of these lights is way more durable than you can imagine.

The only drawback is the heaviness of the lights. And this might be a problem if you want to install the equipment up high.

The LE lights offer a flexible adjustment of 150 degrees.
​They deliver shadow-free, wide range beam.
Suitable for indoor and outdoor purposes.
Weight is on the heavier side.

GLW 50w Outdoor LED Flood Lights – The Best Waterproof LED Bowfishing Lights

GLW 50w Outdoor LED Flood Lights Warm White Security Light, LED Parking Lot Lights, Waterproof Floodlight Lamp 5150lm 300w Halogen Bulb Equivalent [Added Plug]Buy It on

Let me introduce you to one of the highest rated warm white LED bowfishing lights. Since the GLW 50w is an outdoor LED flood light, it’s 100% waterproof. But that’s not the only striking quality of the product.

The 50 Watt output power capacity and 5150 daylight white lumens are factors responsible for efficiency. Did you know that these best bowfishing lights with such an LED bulb are like using a tungsten 300-Watt halogen lamp? Isn’t that impressive? (Lumens vs. watts)

So trust me when I say this that the lights are perfect for outdoor applications. They feature an arm with a practical yoke-style design. This makes it possible for you to install the equipment vertically and horizontally. And if you wish to regulate the angle of the beam, that’s pretty easy too!

And here’s something that might stick. The GLW 50w Outdoor LED Flood Lights are FCC and CE-certified. So you need not worry about aspects of safety, flexibility, and power capacity. Am I right?

The thing about these best bowfishing lights is that you can use them both indoors and outdoors. They have an excellent waterproofing capacity. Unlike some of the other popular models! So you can use them wherever you like. The garden, garage, warehouse, billboard, and so on!

Now here’s something that you might not be so crazy about. Unfortunately, the manufacturer failed to equip the product with a long enough power cord.

The GLW light offers 120-degree beam angle for wide illumination.
​It is light in weight, hence easy to carry and install.
Very bright with a long-lasting build quality.
There’s no shutoff switch.
Short power cord causes inconvenience.

Ustellar 2 Pack 60W LED Flood Light – The Most Affordable Bowfishing Lights

 LTE 50W Super Bright Outdoor LED Flood Lights, 3800 Lumen,150W HPS Bulb Equivalent, 6000K, IP66 Waterproof, Floodlight, Security Lights.(Daylight White)

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Ustellar is a company driven by its mission: “Make smart lighting technology enjoyable to every family.” They manufacture a wide variety of different lighting setups for different applications. To make lighting easy and enjoyable, the pioneer making them smart by integrating wireless control and voice command configuration through Alexa or Google Assistant.

Product Features

This floodlight comes in packs of two. Each unit has 70 counts of energy saving LED that emits 4,800 lumens. The light it projects is characterized by a bluish-white hue that can illuminate your outdoor setup beautifully. The light this 60W LED floodlight emits is equivalent to 300W conventional halogen lamp. This means you save roughly 80% energy.

This product prides itself with its ultra slim design at 1.85 inches! You can easily insert it anywhere you want! This device is 9.84 inches long and 6.69 inches high. The back plate is fitted with a ribbed heatsink allowing you to use it efficiently for long periods.

You won’t have to worry about rain and other weather exposure because this floodlight has a waterproof rating of IP66. The pivoting bracket it comes with can be mounted with screws and allows you to rotate the light up to 180 degrees angle.

The beauty of these best bowfishing lights is that they are incredibly bright. So much so that they provide a naturally bright lighting environment!

Also highly valuable is the waterproof casing. So no more worrying about using the lights on rainy days or nights!

My biggest complaint with the product is associated with durability. Unfortunately, the lights don’t work for a long time without blinking. So long term use is not a part of the picture here.

This floodlight has a high lumen rating at 4,800 lumens
This item can be used outdoors with its IP66 waterproof rating
The company assures that their floodlights have 50,000-hour lifespan
The 5000K color temperature emits a bluish-white hue.

The pivoting mounting bracket is not positioned at the center of the device

Morsen 200W LED Flood Lights – The Most Durable LED Bowfishing Lights

 Morsen 200W LED Flood Lights Cool White 6000K, High Power 4 LED Chips Security Spotlights Waterproof For Garden Landscape Court Indoor Outdoor 85V-265V

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If there’s any flood light specifically crafted for bowfishing, it’s this one right here. The Morsen 200W LED Flood Lights are equipped with the most suitable features. And to make things even better, these components are long-lasting. So durability is a factor that doesn’t let you down in this case.

Let me begin by pointing out that these best bowfishing lights have a yoke-designed arm. This makes way for both vertical and horizontal mounting. Another praiseworthy characteristic is the 1200-wide illumination angle.

And do you know what makes them perfect for outdoor usage? The waterproof construction! So don’t think twice before using the Morsen 200W LED Flood Lights even in rainy weather.

But the biggest benefit comes in the form of energy efficiency. So the next time you’re looking for an excellent halogen light replacement, you know what to buy!

In terms of being economical, there’s nothing better than the product I’m currently reviewing. The Morsen 200W LED Flood Lights offer power saving. At the same time, they provide bright, wide coverage. Even installing them is not such a big deal!

It’s the short power cord that ranks as the only major flaw. But if you can look past that, there’s nothing else you might find disappointing.

The Morsen lights are bright and waterproof.
Durability is not a concern at all.
Mounting bracket fails to offer enough stability.
Too short power cord is a nuisance.

LLT 50W LED Flood Light with Knuckle – The Best Bowfishing Lights for All Kinds of Weather Conditions

Solla 60W LED Flood Light Outdoor Security Lights, 4500 LM, Daylight White (5500-6500K), 288LEDs, Super Bright Floodlight Waterproof Landscape Wall Lights Outdoor Spotlight

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This company is quite new in the market, but they have proven their worth in a short period. Aside from manufacturing LEDs, they can also be commissioned to retrofit LEDs and improve existing lighting setup.

Product Features

This floodlight by LLT is fitted with 75 energy efficient LEDs that is rated to give you 4000 lumens for whatever application you need. This model is one of the slimmest floodlights in the market that you can have. It measures 2.4 inches in width including the knuckle mount. The enclosure measures 5.6 inches high and 8.74 inches long.

The back of the enclosure is designed with a ribbed heatsink to dissipate heat so you don’t have to worry about overheating. This allows you to use this product safely for extended periods. It beams a bright white lite that can illuminate your garage, garden, or playing field without a problem.

This floodlight has a waterproof rating of IP66 which makes it a good outdoor light that you can rely on even during the rainy season. The manufacturer backs this floodlight with a 5-year limited warranty. LLT is confident that this floodlight would last for at least 20,000 hours.

This floodlight can be safely used outdoors with its IP66 rating
LLT backs this product with a 5-year limited warranty
It has 75 pieces of LEDs
This product has 5000k color temperature that emits a bluish-white lihgt

The knuckle mount has a limited positioning angle

LEDMO 50W LED Flood Lights – The Best LED Bowfishing Lights for Semi-Clear and Clear Water

LEDMO 50W LED Flood Lights, Waterproof IP65 for outdoor, Daylight White, 6000K, 4000lm, 250W Halogen Equivalent, Security Lights, Floodlight

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When equipped with as many as 4000 lumens, any bowfishing light can be used in semi-clear and clear water. And that is the very reason I chose to review the LEDMO 50W LED Flood Lights. So let’s find out how they fared during testing.

The model has the ability to illuminate an area of at least 120 degrees. The tough die-cast structure is what brings tons of durability into the picture. And also allow me to add that these are excellent super-bright floodlights. Plus, they’re energy efficient too!

A simple design means easy installation. So you don’t need to think twice before replacing those halogen bulb lights! They come with a universal mounting stainless steel bracket. One that is adjustable up to 150 degrees! This means the LEDMO 50W LED Flood Lights are flexible enough to fit your demands.

If that wasn’t enough, the manufacturer has made them waterproof too. So both outdoor and indoor spaces can be lit using these lights. Overall, they do an excellent job at brightly illuminating just about anything. Including semi-clear water!

You’ll be glad to know that the LEDMO 50W LED Flood Lights are super-bright. And that too without emitting heat like halogen bulbs!

Also praiseworthy is the quality and construction. These factors are well taken care of, so there are no complaints from that department either.

But the part that’s disappointing is the absence of a plug. So if you’re a first-time user, I’d advise you to pick another model.

The LEDMO lights are extremely bright and white.
They have a rust-resistant aluminum body.
No plug included with the product.
Mounting bracket is of poor quality

GLW 10w 12v Ac or Dc Warm White LED Flood Light – The Best 12V Bowfishing Lights

GLW 10w 12v Ac or Dc Warm White Led Flood Light Waterproof Outdoor Lights 750lm 80w Halogen Bulb Equivalent Black CaseBuy It on

It’s time for me to introduce you to the GLW 10w 12v Ac or Dc Warm White LED Flood Lights. These are the best 12V bowfishing lights! They are well equipped to suit your needs without creating shadow effects.

Compared to their halogen counterparts, these are more efficient. At least as far as power requirements are concerned! You can adjust the lamp to at least 120 degrees. And this is how it offers tons of versatility.

Furthermore, they are the warm white LED bowfishing lights. So you can use them over stained waters. Even with a large density of debris! As for the useful waterproofing rating, the GLW light is good enough for the activity of bowfishing.

So to sum it up, they provide bright illumination without producing big numbers on the electric bill.

Let me highlight the housing of the equipment, which is quite sturdy. The waterproof casing, in particular, is a huge advantage. Upon testing, I realized how well the light handles wet conditions. So buying the GLW 10w 12v LED Flood Lights is like winning the lottery.

So what does the negative side have to offer? I feel saddened but obliged to bring to your notice that the frames, the ones that hold the equipment, are not immune to early damage.

Despite being compact in size, the GLW lights offer fairly bright illumination.
​They have a weatherproof casing.
Low power consumption is a major plus point.
Wiring is short.
The frames holding the light are not strong enough.

Glotech LED Light Bar 48W 12V Square Flood Beam Light – The Best Shake-Proof LED Bowfishing Lights Led Light Bar, Glotech 8PCS 4Buy it on

When buying the best bowfishing lights, we often tend to leave out an important aspect. And no, it’s not the waterproof or water resistance capacity. Instead what I’m talking about is the light being shake-proof.

So that’s what you get with the Glotech LED Light Bar 48W 12V Square Flood Beam Lights. Plus, anti-corrosion and waterproofing ability as well! So what does that mean? It implies that these lights can withstand rain and harsh environments.

Moving on, they deliver stable performance and long shelf life. I have another piece of great news to offer. The Glotechlights consume minimal energy. At the same time, they have the ability to work for as long as 30,000 hours. Isn’t that impressive!

But why do you think this particular model is perfect for bowfishing? It’s because the lights provide 5280 lumens. And that’s more than enough brightness for the task at hand.

What’s more is that you can install the Glotechlights on SUVs, trucks, ships, cars, and so on. And in my opinion, nothing beats this kind of workability!

Not many bowfishing lights on the current market offer all three advantages together. These include anti-corrosion, shake-proof, and waterproof capacity. But in this case, you get to enjoy all three benefits. This is how the Glotech LED Light Bar 48W 12V Square Flood Beam Lights get the upper hand!

Only for the sake of listing a drawback, I’m going to say that the product doesn’t come with wire relays. Not that something like this even begins to rank as a negative!

The Glotech lights offer brightness like no other.
​There’s plenty of installation hardware for easy, quick mounting.
They are energy-saving, low-consumption lights.
Lack of wire relays.

6K LED 427S Square LED Work Light – The Best LED Bowfishing Lights for First-Time Users

6K LED 427S Square LED Work Light Lamp, Off Road High Power ATV, Jeep Wrangler RV Trailer Fishing Boat Tractor Truck Spot, 27W - 4 Pack
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Why is the 6K LED 427S Square LED Work Light an ideal choice for beginners? It’s because the equipment is easy to work with. Plus, the lights are suitable for all forms of water. So you don’t need to be an expert to use this particular model.

What’s more is that the 6K LED 427S Square LED Work Lights are high-intensity fixtures. They offer 2150 lumens brightness. But it’s the water-resistant properties that you might value the most. Because nothing beats the fact that the lights can withstand rain or extreme weather conditions!

The long-lasting value is another notable characteristic. You’ll also be quite thrilled to know that these LED lights perform way better than their halogen counterparts. Even wiring them up and bolting them on don’t require you to make much of an effort.

So the manufacturer has done everything in its power to deliver high performance. At every level!

It’s the build quality and bright illumination that struck me the most. To be honest, these two factors outweigh all the others when it comes to buying the best bowfishing lights.

After testing many units, I realized the importance of the invaluable mounting bracket. Some lights come with strong brackets that don’t budge. No matter the weight or weather conditions. But, unfortunately, that’s not the case here.

The 6K LED lights are way brighter than you’d expect.
Water resistant capacity is excellent.

Mounting brackets are too lightweight to provide solid support.

YITAMOTOR LED Light Bar 27W Round LED Light – The Bonus Pick

LED Light Bar YITAMOTOR 2Pcs 4Inch 27W Round LED Light Pods Work Light Flood Beam Off Road Driving Light Fog Lights Waterproof for Jeep Truck Car Boat Motorcycle ATV SUV 4WD 12V 24V,2 Years Warranty

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I can give you so many reasons as to why I chose to list the YITAMOTOR LED Lights as the bonus pick. For one, they are packed in a sturdy casing. The durable aluminum housing is the perfect structure to withstand the task of bowfishing.

I also found the polycarbonate lens of the gear to be highly valuable. So you can rest assured knowing that the inner parts are well protected from outside elements. Along the same vein, the internal heatsink is responsible for nothing but heat dissipation. Such a function also contributes to boosting lifespan, am I right?

Now, how about those mounting brackets? Well, in the case of the YITAMOTOR lights, these are plenty adjustable to simplify installation. And lastly, the 600k color temperature is what makes the lights apt for stained and clear water.

The biggest takeaway is the upgraded PC lens. Such a surface enables maximum light transmission. Plus, the casing is not only waterproof. But shockproof and dust-proof as well!

So what’s the problem here? The manufacturer has done an excellent job at providing a top quality, high-performing product. But not so much when it comes to including proper mounting hardware! Some pieces might be missing or are not designed correctly.

The die-cast aluminum lights are durable.
The heatsinks extend the lifespan to a great degree.
Light distribution is quite exceptional.
There are a few issues with the mounting equipment.

The Definitive Guide to Buying the Best Bowfishing Lights


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Whether your bowfishing expedition is going to be a success or failure depends on the equipment you use. Especially bowfishing lights!

Tracking fish during daytime is not that difficult. And it becomes even easier when you have access to clear water. But it’s mostly during nighttime and when the water is shallow that the activity requires special lights.

So with that in mind, it’s time to get to know a little more about the equipment. This way, you can make a better decision. And not end up wasting your money, time, and effort!

Best Bowfishing Lights: Choosing the Right Bulb

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When shopping for bowfishing lights, you’ll be exposed to a variety of options. The three most important ones are as follows:

1. LED

This type of bowfishing light is considered to be quite common. You should know that LED lights are expensive. But that doesn’t matter as long as they perform exceptionally well.

The thing about LED is that it has the ability to penetrate fresh water. This is true of the bright version of LED. On the other hand, warm white LED is more suitable for stained water.

And what about the source of power? In the case of LED lights, they run on 1 or 2 batteries.

2. Halogen

If there’s any easily accessible light source, it’s this one right here. Halogen lights are not that difficult to find. You can get them at the majority of hardware stores.

You’ll be thrilled to know that halogen offers a lot of light. The only downside is that it also demands the use of excessive energy. But you can opt for different bulb wattage with the same model. On top of that, halogen lights are not heavyweight, thus easy to handle and carry.

So if you want lights suitable for all kinds of water conditions, this is the one to choose.

3. High-Pressure Sodium

The last option is ranked as the most powerful. When dealing with murky water, the orange/yellow light of high pressure sodium (HPS) provides appropriate illumination.

The good part is that these too are light in weight. While the disappointing aspect is that they also require more electricity.

Understanding Power Source

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It goes without saying that different lights and their capacities need different sources of energy. Some bowfishing lights demand a light source while the others require heavy power. The latter comes in the form of generators. And the former is achieved with the help of batteries.

So let’s find out the power source of the three most common types of bowfishing lights.


These types of lights work on Direct Current. And this is something that batteries are excellent at providing. Now you should know that LED lights are available with multiple wattage and options. So you can select a model based on your personal preferences and requirements.

Just remember that LED lights are a perfect pick for small-sized boats.


A large power source is what halogen lights need to power up. Unfortunately, at the same time, they don’t offer a long bulb life. This means you might have to think twice before buying halogen bowfishing lights.

So consider these as your last option. The first best option is LED, followed by high pressure sodium. And then comes the halogen version!

High Pressure Sodium

For the purpose of powering high-pressure sodium bowfishing lights, here’s what you require. Flashlights and heavy generators!

More often than not, people use gasoline electric generators. And that’s the primary issue in this case. The thing about involving such generators is that they are bulky, heavy, and noise-making units. Even hazardous sometimes!

So my advice to you would be to opt for high-pressure sodium only if you’re dealing with a large, spacious boat.

Choosing Voltage

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If you don’t want to work with noisy generators, then I have a solution for you. You can instead choose a light system. So at such times, how do you decide the amount of voltage for the light source? Here’s what you need to know about this particular aspect.

12 Volt DC

Setting up the wiring of 12V bowfishing lights is the same as dealing with an amplifier or any other accessory. But remember that more light uses more power. So don’t overburden your small boat with excessive bulbs. It just doesn’t sound like a feasible idea! In that case, you can always switch to 24 voltage systems.

24 Volt DC

Adding a 24V DC battery to a system that already contains a 12V is not difficult at all. The task involves the using the same terminals, switches, lugs, and wiring. (Converting to LED lights)

In these scenarios, the performance level increases to a great extent. At the same time, you don’t even have to worry about installing any extra cables.

120 Volt DC

The 120V DC battery is created for professional applications. This particular voltage system works the most efficiently. And it makes a sea of a difference when bowfishing for extended hours.

The only concern here is that 120V calls for careful use and maintenance. Even if there’s a single wrong connection, it can cause a fire.

How to Setup

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The best bowfishing lights in your kit tend to last a lifetime. So all the more reason to make a well-informed decision, right! Once you decide the type of light and voltage you prefer, the next thing to take into consideration is power values.

Power consumption is something that you can determine using Ohm’s law. The calculation is pretty straightforward. One that helps in the long run as well!

The three prerequisites involved are Amperage in Amps, Power in Watts, and circuit Voltage. The last value is E, the middle is P, and first is I. So here’s the equation: P equals I x E. So if you’re using 24 Volts and 500 Watts, the power is 20.83 Amps.

That means 10 best bowfishing lights with 50 Watts capacity use 20.83 Amps. This is the total power needed to run the lights. Once you have that in place, you can begin wiring the equipment with nothing but safety in mind.

Also, note that all wiring components should have a 20% more rating than your calculation as per your Ohms requirement.

The End

My Choice: LE 100W Super Bright Outdoor LED Flood Lights

Here, in the conclusion section, all I’m going to do is reveal the pick that matters the most. Not only does it have the highest rating. But these best bowfishing lights also exceeded my expectations during testing and research. It’s the LE 100W Super Bright Outdoor LED Flood Lights.

They offer 10150 daylight white lumens. In simple words, the LED lights are bright enough for the activity of bowfishing. On top of that, they offer zero glare and shadow. Just what you need, right? And as for installation, the adjustable body along with metal bracket takes care of that.

With solid aluminum housing and the much-needed heat dissipation, even durability is top-notch. And let’s not forget about the waterproof rating! That means these best 100 Watt LED bowfishing lights are quite versatile in nature. So place them wherever you like!


Question: What’s The Best BowFishing Lights?


  1. LE 100W
  2. GLW 50w
  3. Ustellar 2 Pack 60W LED Flood Light
  4. Morsen 200W LED Flood Lights
  5. LLT 50W LED Flood Light with Knuckle
  6. LEDMO 50W LED Flood Lights
  7. GLW 10w 12v Ac or Dc
  8. Glotech LED Light Bar 48W 12V
  9. 6K LED 427S
  10. YITAMOTOR LED Light Bar 27W Round LED Light

In this article, we listed 10 products! Here they’re:

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