Discover Best Touch Screen Car Stereo (2021) – Buyer’s Guide


Buying the best touch screen car stereo for the first time? Let me tell you that upgrading your car’s stereo system isn’t child’s play.

You need to be familiar with your car system’s functionality to be able to use a stereo. Your stereo should be able to offer better connectivity, signaling, and accessibility features.

A qualified touch screen car stereo offers all the features most people desire. Some might find hands-free calling convenient, while some prefer voice-controlled access. Some car stereos offer traffic data compatibility, while some digital audio playback. After all, you want the best car stereo that sticks with your car, at a good price.

My latest recommendations get all the basics right the first time! They’re available at competitive prices, are remarkably popular, and durable. So what you are waiting for?

Best Touch Screen Car Stereos 2021

best touch screen car stereo

In my tests- which were done based on plenty of factors- I found 10 high-performing models for you. They offer plenty of smart features and work better than the competition. You need something to enhance your listening experience. A unit that synchronizes your smart device for better connectivity and performance, right?

There are many touch screen car stereo systems prevailing on the market. So if you’re unsure of what to consider, this comparison guide followed by in-depth reviews will help you out.

1. Boss Audio BV9364B – Best Mid-Budget Touch Screen Car Stereo

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The Boss Audio BV9364B brings with it a 6.2-inch monitor with a wireless remote. It has double DIN compatibility like most of you want. Plus, this model comes with expert sound controls for streaming music. If you don’t feel like spending a lot of money, this is the best touch screen car stereo for you.

It boasts of tons of great features. Like the fader controls, hands-free calling compatibility, and touch pen. The hands-free calling permits excellent clarity. All thanks to the high-quality microphone and speakers. If you’re a new driver, focusing on the road is your top priority. So buying this car stereo is good for you. It keeps you synced up so you don’t have to touch the phone for anything!

Speaking of connectivity, this car stereo works great for wireless audio streaming. It comes with preset controls and a rugged powertrain. You can work your way to suit your sound style. Plus, it doesn’t take a long time to load once you pair your smartphone via the Bluetooth.

The Boss Audio has Altima factory-grade mounts which makes installation smooth. You can install this in the head unit and fine tune the settings just the way you like it. In fact, this model looks and works like it belongs in your car. Now that’s a deal well done if you ask me!

For installation, I would recommend you to buy a separate adapter for wiring. It’s like the missing piece of the puzzle for easy setup. Once you have an adapter, pushing and plugging the wires is fairly easy to do. The Bluetooth receiver has plenty of wires for wire harnessing.

The major disadvantage to this car stereo is in the Bluetooth MP3 streaming. Especially when connecting an iPhone. It lags behind and might even produce uneven sounds. At such times, reconnecting your iPhone 2-3 times will solve the problem right away!

Easy to use
Intuitive streaming interface
Durable built-in sound settings

Not as compatible with iPhone devices

2. Pioneer AVHX5800BHS – Best Touch Screen Car Stereo for iPhone Users

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The Pioneer is a leading company known for its stellar, motorized products. The latest AVHX5800BHS car stereo model offers smooth accessibility and Bluetooth connectivity. It may follow the rules, but it doesn’t shy away from breaking some. When compared to Alpine and Kenwood models, this is the best touch screen car stereo for many reasons.

For starters, it offers offhand iPhone compatibility. And if you’ve used car stereos before, you know how hard it is to connect an Apple device in seconds. Android users don’t face such Bluetooth connectivity problems.

More on that, for iPhone users this stereo offers a responsive Siri Eyes Free feature. You can access your media files using the touchscreen. It enhances voice recognition for hands-free calling and better streaming controls. Other features such as HD radio, USB playback, and FLAC file support add to its advantages. So there’s no going back once you use it!

The design of this car stereo looks quite rugged at first glance. And it has the necessary build-proofing components most of you want. The display is sharp and bright with custom-built color control. You can also connect to Spotify through your iPhone or Android device. This way you enjoy ad-free music without access to the Internet for your daily drives!

The 7-inch monitor tilts outwards from the bottom and inwards from the top. This is an excellent feature for fighting off glare. It’s a clever feature because it allows better view-ability when you most need it.

However, this model lags behind for its built-in equalizer feature. It doesn’t allow easy adjustments, so you might have to invest some time in finding your ideal sound style.

Excellent sound range
Fast wireless connectivity

Low-quality built-in equalizer

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3. Pioneer AVH-280BT – Excellent for Quick Bluetooth Pairing

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The Pioneer AVH-280BT is a straightforward kind of model. It’s made with complete Bluetooth compatibility. The wideband speed, hands-free calling, and audio streaming offer incredible usability. And so does the back-up camera input for rear-camera viewing.

A good thing about using a touchscreen car stereo is audio and view playback. You can play and re-play all sorts of media files via Bluetooth connection. And for easy driving, the rear-camera compatibility is impressive.

This best touch screen car stereo offers a 6.2-inch LED display screen. It has a dual-speed Bluetooth receiver and 5 built-in equalizer settings.

What’s more? It makes more sense to buy this car stereo because it comes with clear resistive touch screen. What this means is that you get good graphics for streaming movies and navigation.

The enhanced graphics make everything easier. If you don’t believe me, try it for yourself! A good touch screen car stereo puts less pressure on the driver’s responsibility on the road. There’s less distraction, better accessibility, and faster connection.

That’s exactly why this best touch screen car stereo ranks the highest for its purpose. It offers direct wireless and USB connection in a single transfer. So you get clear, transparent, and effective sound quality.

You don’t have to go anywhere near your phone once you connect it to this motorized car stereo.

On a personal note, what I loved most about this car stereo is the personalized caller id. You can set your most favorite callers right from the stereo’s display itself. The intuitive and responsive interface makes calling easy and quick.

The only poor feature is the stereo’s lack of volume control knob. The fact that you have to push the compact buttons makes it difficult to access while driving.

Intuitive navigational interface
Excellent hands-free calling

Improper volume control

4. Jensen VX7020 LCD – Best Touch Screen Car Stereo for Car Filling Audio and Control

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The Jensen VX7020 is more than just a car stereo with a large display. It comes with plenty of exciting features, to begin with. For example, this model features Pandora internet radio and Sirius Ready Bluetooth connection. It features a 10-band equalizer for complete control over sound quality.

This model is compatible with all Android and Apple devices. You can connect it via the Bluetooth or USB cable. The auxiliary, USB, and SD card inputs work well for multimedia support.

For display features, it comes with 5 selectable UI color themes. A remote control comes in handy for wireless connectivity. Plus, the TFT LCD screen has a crisp aspect ratio of 16:9, which is plenty for a touch screen car stereo.

The power output is efficient and consistent. It provides you with loads of backed-up data to move forward with.

Another aspect you need to be aware of is the accurate navigation screen. It has a satellite antenna-placement feature that allows better connectivity with internet radio. Those of you who spend hours driving to and from work, this feature might help.

Beyond the wireless connection, the local radio tuning scans the best stations. It does this without human touch which means you can focus on driving.

For hands-free calling, the microphone and speaker quality is not short of extraordinary. It is located in a good spot for crisp and clear audio quality. The microphone wire is adjustable too, so you can make the most of the space you have got.

You’ll be thrilled with the number of features this car stereo has to offer. The intuitive screen touch viewing for wireless connection is the best feature, yet. It may be more sensitive than the other touch screens. But this aspect makes it most effective and accurate to use.

I found that the single USB input is old. This model has 2.0 USB compatibility, which is not the latest one to have for a touch screen car stereo.

Excellent range of audio enhancements
Better voice control recognition

Outdated USB compatibility
Slow GPS connectivity

5. Power Acoustik PTID-8920B– Best Touch Screen Car Stereo for Tight Budgets

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The Power Acoustik PTID-8920B is for someone looking for an inexpensive model. It makes more sense if you want to buy a valuable car stereo that you choose this one. It’s the best touch screen car stereo for its basic features.

The built-in Bluetooth 2.0 technology offers both hands-free calling and seamless streaming. You can even favorite and scroll through your contact’s list. For as long as you’re connected via the Bluetooth.

This model comes with a basic SDHC card reader for media streaming. Plus, it goes the mile for quick photo viewing and sharing. This car stereo is a multimedia paradise for the family car. It’s got everything you need from MP3 playback to rear-camera viewing.

You can also make quick calls using only your voice. So once you connect the stereo to your phone, there’s no need to touch your phone for anything! The display offers complete touch screen control.

There’s even a handy subwoofer output with a crossover RCA for better playback. All this in one cost-efficient touch screen car stereo! It’s a wonder why you haven’t bought it yet!

The display screen is a bit on the dark side. This means you might have to navigate a bit on its menu settings to increase the ideal brightness level. The full operation touch screen control comes in handy for this.

With a single tap on the screen, you are presented with a wide range of icons illustrating each setting.

The only problem with this model is the volume control. It skips certain volume levels, which might be a nuisance for some. It may get too loud at low sound settings and vice versa. So it’s better to keep your eyes open for more volume problems.

High sound quality for a low price
​Quick Bluetooth pairing
Wide range of display options

Inaccurate volume control
Requires brightness adjustments

6. Pioneer AVH-X4800BS – The Best HD Touch Screen Car Stereo

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What’s more important than the sound and speakers of the car when talking about systems? Well, it’s the best touch screen car stereo. Such a sound system should be able to handle everything. This means it cannot get bogged down due to technical limitations or difficulties. In that case, you’ll love the Pioneer AVH-X4800BS Motorized DVD Receiver.

It features a double-DIN equipped head unit. It gives you a fantastic opportunity to work with a touchscreen. And this unit has the most reliable and largest screen, as wide as seven inches.

More on the upside of the extra size is that it’s easy to navigate and read. So you don’t need to struggle with buttons and knobs anymore. And thanks to the excellent HD clarity, GPS navigation is also quite impressive.

Now it’s time to talk about Bluetooth compatibility. Taking calls without getting a ticket is possible with the Pioneer AVH-X4800BS. In fact, connecting two devices at one time benefits not only you, the driver, but the co-pilot too.

Integrated technology seems like a major bonus with this car stereo. And that doesn’t affect the sound quality in any negative manner. What I mean to say is that the Pioneer AVH-X4800BS comes with an internal amp that offers four channels. This means outsourcing sound for most effectiveness.

All in all, the sound system delivers nothing short of high-fidelity audio all the time.

One remarkable inclusion is the voice command feature of the Pioneer AVH-X4800BS Motorized DVD Receiver. So you don’t need to press any buttons for answering your calls. You can even use Siri to make the whole experience more seamless.

On the downside, the stereo requires the skills of a professional for installation. And that’s because the wiring instructions of the unit are not easy to follow. Do you excel at interpreting black and white instructions? If not, then let an expert handle installation.

Connects to two devices at once
​Excellent video compatibility
Supports all Android and Apple devices

Playing music via Bluetooth is problematic
Poor wiring instructions

7. Boss Audio BV9986BI – The Best Touch Screen Car Stereo at an Affordable Price

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The best part about the Boss Audio BV9986BI is that it can play any disc you like. The unit provides an excellent value for money. It’s better than any touch screen stereo in the industry. And there are many reasons why. So it’s time to get to know the features!

The Bluetooth technology allows you to make hands-free calls and stream music effortlessly. The integrated Preset EQ enhances the sound style. And the Multi-Color Illumination does the same to the look.

The ports, both memory card and USB, give you all the freedom for video, photo, and music playback. The system comes with AV input and AUX input. The former enables audio and video connectivity. And the latter makes it possible for you to work with smartphones or mp3 players.

Here’s something that you might not get with most of the other options discussed in the article. The Boss Audio BV9986BI has a rear camera input. This automatically turns on as you shift your vehicle into reverse.

I like to believe that there’s something for everyone when you buy BOSS Audio product. For audiophiles, the integrated Preset EQ features different curves. These make the system suitable for a wide range of music genres like Pop and Rock.

Another great feature is the Electronic Skip Protection. The technology handles storing music. This way you can enjoy the continuous performance even when the disc gets interrupted.

And as for the display, the touchscreen offers an excellent graphic interface. This gives you better control over the many functions and features.

It’s time to highlight the Pre-Amp output of the Boss Audio BV9986BI. Such a component allows you to expand the system. You can do so by adding signal processors and/or 3 amps. And this applies to the subwoofer, rear, and front channels.

Now here’s an advantage that also serves as a drawback. The display of the Boss Audio BV9986BI Car Stereo is incredibly bright. This is beneficial for when you’re driving in the day, but not so much at night. And there’s no way you can lower the brightness either.

Seamless audio streaming via Bluetooth
Unlimited compatibility
Adjustable widescreen display

Too bright display

8. Kidcia 7-Inch – The Most Functional Touch Screen Car Stereo

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The Kidcia 7-Inch Double-Din Car Stereo wins my vote when it comes to functionality. As such, this best touch screen car stereo is simple to handle and even figure out. The display is highly responsive. And that is something you demand when working with a touch screen.

Like some other models on the market, this one doesn’t need expert skills for installation. Once everything is in place, the system adds excellent Bluetooth connectivity. You even get a remote control, USB port, and AUX input.

For me, it’s all about sound quality and easy usability. In that regard, nothing seems to outweigh the Kidcia 7-Inch Double-Din Stereo. The decent audio quality and easy accessibility for programming make the experience worthwhile.

If the stereo doesn’t allow you to hook your iPod, smartphone, or any other storage device, what’s the point of buying one! So when dealing with the Kidcia 7-Inch Touch Screen Car Stereo, you don’t need to worry about those aspects.

It even features hands-free functionality for calling. Thanks to the seamless Bluetooth connectivity.

To conclude, here’s the final deciding factor. The unit has an easy to read LCD screen. So there’s nothing that serves as a major deal-breaker in this context.

You should know that the Kidcia 7-Inch Double-Din Touch Screen Car Stereo Media Player is popular for three reasons. And they are the adjustable power switch, breakpoint memory, and controllable backlight. It’s the little things that matter the most, isn’t it?

Only if the quality of the Kidcia 7-Inch Car Stereo were any better, the unit would have been a grand slam. But if this is something you think you can trade off for more functionality, it’s a great buy.

Bright, large display
​Responsive touch screen
Rear camera included

Clunky Bluetooth connectivity
Poor quality

9. JVC KW-V130BT Double DIN Bluetooth In-Dash Car Stereo – The Best High-Grade Touch Screen Car Stereo

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If what you’re looking for is an enjoyable experience, you won’t find anything better than the JVC KW-V130BT. This best touch screen car stereo has a premium quality construction. Such a model delivers the high-grade sound signal.

The unit is capable of providing lifelike audio with excellent clarity. It gives you the opportunity to watch high-quality videos. And that too with accurate brightness and color. And as for long-term durability, the dependability of the system is quite impressive. It can even withstand the blows of daily use.

The most striking aspect is the set of Bluetooth features that you get with the JVC KW-V130BT. The integrated technology allows audio streaming and hands-free calling. The stereo connects with most devices. Plus, it can work with two phones at the same time. And let’s not forget about the remarkable voice recognition feature.

The screen size measures 6.2 inches, which means it’s wide enough for easy reading. The clear resistive touch panel is also pretty powerful. And unlike some of the other options listed here, the JVC KW-V130BT comes with a dimmer for brightness.

The JVC KW-V130BT Double DIN Bluetooth In-Dash Car Stereo is an ideal basic unit. But it’s the combination of the decent features, good audio, excellent interface, and right price that steals the show.

Here’s the flaw that you can’t seem to get rid of. The JVC KW-V130BT takes a long time to turn on when you start the vehicle.

Easy installation
Maximum features for adjustability

Faulty disc slot
Startup takes long

10. Kenwood DDX-5901HD – Good for Drivers Who Want Accurate GPS Traffic Tracking Features

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What’s so great about the Kenwood DDX-5901HD is its wide range of features. It comes with 7-band built-in equalizer settings and Drive EQ. This best touch screen car stereo is made for smartphone compatibility.

It has a comprehensive range of audio settings. This starts with HD Radio and a built-in Bluetooth connection. The unit is simple yet blazing-fast.

The DVD receiver works well with both Android and Apple devices. And that’s great for iPhone and iPod tracks. Everything knows how hard iPhone controls can be on a Bluetooth-enabled car system. The Kenwood takes the difficult out of it. The second great feature is the Drive EQ which promises better sound quality. It shadows the road noise and honks, even at lower volumes.

For app control, Kenwood supports GPS navigation and hands-free calling. You can also stream movies and shows off of Netflix in a single click. All you have to do is install Kenwood’s app on your iPhone or Android device. That’s as simple as it gets!

For voice recognition, it features Bluetooth pairing for Android devices. And for iPhone users, direct Siri compatibility. Just press a single button and you can voice chat your way through your streaming and playback needs.

But what about steering wheel controls? Don’t you want to know whether this best touch screen car stereo is as convenient as it is compatible? You can buy an adapter to go with this stereo for steering wheel audio controls. It can handle any vehicle with utmost precision and efficiency.

However, some of you may lack the patience for Bluetooth connectivity. It’s true that this car stereo runs a bit slow when connection more than one device at a time.

Impressive Double DIN support
Accurate GPS navigation features

Slow Bluetooth pairing speed

Touch Screen Car Stereo: Buyer’s Guide


Touch screen car stereos are for people who:

1. Want something quick to access to block out distractions.
2. Dislike pushing buttons on the factory-grade stereo while driving.
3. Want to listen to their favorite musical tunes without worrying about connectivity.
4. Prefer getting traffic data on a single interface for easy discovery. Rather than checking their phone every few minutes, creating more distractions while driving.

Using a touch screen car stereo can have many advantages, but before I get to that, let me talk about its key features. Here are the main attributes you can look forward to a touch screen car stereo.

Bluetooth Compatibility

The best part about using a touch screen car stereo is wireless connectivity. You can hook up any smart device to the stereo via Bluetooth connection. All you have to do is pair your device with the stereo. And each time you enter your car, your phone will detect and lock onto the car’s stereo system.

Once you have Bluetooth connectivity, you get tons of features to look forward to. This includes hands-free calling, playing music, traffic data, and voice activation. Bluetooth enhances your listening experience by adding smart features to it. So don’t forget to look for a touch screen car stereo with Bluetooth compatibility.


Safety is a primary concern for many car owners. Nothing compares to an accessible and safe car stereo system. Most people look for two upgrades when replacing the car’s stereo system.

The first is considering a touch screen stereo with a rear-view camera. Installing a camera for easy car parking is the ultimate safety protocol. This is good news for beginner drivers, isn’t it? You can hook up a rear-view camera to the stereo’s big display. And it proves to be a valuable companion for preventing accidents.

The second is considering a touch screen stereo with rear-sensors. Getting immediate feedback on how close you are to another car is important. But unlike visual feedback, rear-sensors rely on sound. Such audible alerts help you track where you are in all directions. So safety is a major factor to consider when choosing a touch screen car stereo.

Large Display Screen

Working with a large, touch screen display is way better than a typical car stereo screen, right? A large screen display is easier to browse on. You can view metadata, artist name, song type, etc. in big letters. Many touch screen stereos offer split display with GPS navigation and traffic data.

All these features are designed to make you feel comfortable and safe. It adds to the entire user experience too. You no longer have to squint your eyes while scrolling through the playlist. And neither do you have to wait for connectivity on your dashboard. With a large display screen, it’s all done smooth and quick.

Dual-Zone Listening

For big families, there’s nothing better than a touch screen car stereo. Why? It’s because of the versatile dual functionality stereo compatibility. If you have a road trip planned with your family, it’s not surprising that everyone would listen to the same music.

For that purpose, you can split the front and rear-seat entertainment system. That way, everyone enjoys their favorite music and no fighting over the controls! Family members can even watch different television shows if it’s a long road trip.

Having a touch screen car stereo makes all this easy and quick to set up.

Traffic Data/GPS Navigation

Technology has made it simple to access traffic data on your mobile screen. But how convenient would it be to transfer that to your car stereo? You can opt for large stereo receivers that allow you to access GPS navigation. And most car stereo systems come with voice activation for better mobility.

You can look for an alternative, faster, and easier routes with a simple touch on the screen. Plus, these touch screen car stereo systems work well over seamless 3G networks.

Doing Factory Replacements

Are you replacing your factory-grade stereo for a touch screen one? Here’s what you need to know about it.

You might find that your car’s make and model offers a direct replacement. This means you can directly replace the old system with an upgraded one. And that too without changing the dashboard or receiver design. Modern stereo systems offer custom-fit designs to suit most vehicles.

Now whether that vehicle is factory-installed or not, it doesn’t matter. They fit in well to make it look like it’s been there all along. So it’s always good to ask for extra features from your touch screen stereo. This brings in features like GPS navigation and voice activation. All of which are good for your listening and driving experience.

The Final Note

My Choice: Boss Audio BV9364B

While all my picks pass the test, they’re still a part of many more car stereos. It’s important to consider all factors of importance before finalizing a buy. It’s also important to consider the warranty period of a stereo. Touch screen car stereos with different features come with unique warranty periods.

But you need to treat your stereo system right to increase its shelf life. You should also avoid overheating your car in hot environments. As that has a negative effect on your stereo and car.

If you quickly want to know what to get, here’s my favorite pick on the list. It’s the Boss Audio BV9364B. It offers high audio quality, is quick to pair, and very durable. For those who want versatile compatibility, this is the best option available, at a good price.

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