Best Double Din Head Unit (2021) – Buyer’s Guide


Getting the best double din head unit means opening the door to loud, deep, and crisp sound quality. Isn’t that so?

But the buying process is not as simple as that. There are many questions that come to mind at such a point.

What is the most suitable double din head unit for sound quality?

How do I know if it’s right or suitable for my car?

What features should I know about before spending money on the unit?

And many more such questions, right? In that case, I’m glad you found this post. Because, in here, I’m not only going to review the 10 best current picks. There’s also a useful buyer’s guide waiting for you right after the reviews section.

So let’s get all those questions answered!



The thing about double din head units is that they’re relatively new inventions in the industry. So there aren’t too many articles that help in determining what models are more suitable to serve what purpose. And this is the reason why I decided to review as many as 10 best models. Having said which, you can now find a unit that’s not just right but perfect for you.


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The Pioneer AVH4200NEX 2-DIN Receiver works perfectly well with Apple devices. More than it does with Android! In fact, I have enough reasons to exaggerate the performance level of this best double din head unit. And if you want to know what these reasons are, please keep reading.

The CarPlay functionality offers safety in terms of phone usage while on the go. The feature presents everything on the touchscreen display. So you get the chance to control your device without having to touch it. And the same applies to Android Auto.

Making and receiving phone calls, using Google map, and checking messages. Along with streaming music are some of the most important tasks you can perform! You’ll even grow fond of the high-resolution of the touchscreen display in no time. It is so bright and clear that I can’t imagine feeling otherwise.

Since the sound is coming from a Pioneer product, expect it to be of the greatest quality. Moreover, you also get add-ons like back-up camera and control for steering wheel. The former is very useful for reversing. While the latter just makes the experience even more convenient!

Overall, it’s one of the very limited models that offer everything. From navigation and back-up camera to Bluetooth and superior sound quality!

​The Pioneer AVH4200NEX 2-DIN Receiver is an exceptional combination of cloud-based applications and integrated features. It connects to your device, preferably Apple, to offer well-known interfaces and services when in your car. You’re dealing with technology that surpasses traditional stereo systems to meet your digital lifestyle demands.

Sadly, Android users might not find the Pioneer receiver convenient to use. All features related to Android seem to lag behind as far as performance is concerned. Even the cable connection!

The Pioneer receiver is easy to set up and use.
​The sound is remarkably loud and clear.
Customization options are abundant.
Android Auto offers limited user-friendliness.



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As soon as you hear or read Pioneer, what’s the first thing that comes to mind? If it’s not high-quality, reliability, or tough performance, then I don’t think you know much about the brand. Pioneer excels at what they do, and the same applies to manufacturing the best double din head unit. The Pioneer AVH-290BT Multimedia DVD Receiver screams nothing but high-quality design. So let’s find out what the unit consists of.

The first modern feature is Bluetooth connectivity. So you can indulge in hands-free music streaming and calling. It connects automatically once you start your car. The microphone performs exceptionally well when it comes to providing clear sounds.

There are no complaints about sound quality either. The audio of both Bluetooth and CD is more than just good enough. So what’s next? It’s the responsive, crystal clear touchscreen. You get to choose from three different display colors. And also feel free to turn off or dim that display light.

And you don’t even have to think twice about factors like installation. Asin the case of the Pioneer AVH-290BT, the task is quite straightforward. So you won’t be disappointed with this pick if your goal is to purchase the best double din touchscreen head unit.

An integrated Bluetooth and 6.2-inch touchscreen display. Direct connectivity advantage for iPhone and iPod users. The sound quality is clean and clear as you’d like it to be. The mechanical buttons are convenient to access due to their large size. USB and AUX work just as well as the responsive touchscreen. These are some of the remarkable features the Pioneer AVH-290BT Multimedia DVD Receiver is packed with.

Now here’s the negative feedback. The display of the current unit is not easy to read/see in extremely sunny weather. But that’s not such a big problem if you’re in the habit of playing music through Bluetooth on your phone.

The Pioneer receiver produces powerful, clear sound.
It features an input for a back-up camera.
Bluetooth pairing is quick and intuitive.
The location of AUX input is slightly inconvenient.
The screen is hard to read during bright daylight.


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The Kenwood DPX502BT is one of the very few affordable yet commendable models. It ranks as the best double din head unit because of its performance, quality, and features. And why wouldn’t it be when the manufacturer is so popular in the car audio industry!

There are many components responsible for providing desirable call and sound features. Bluetooth connectivity works flawlessly for hands-free music streaming and calling. The USB port allows you to connect to all your playlist resources. Then there are control features for Pandora application as well.

The bright contrast screen and wireless remote might seem like basic additions. But when they have the ability to perform without causing any hassles, the experience feels better. So it’s only logical for me to state that the current Kenwood pick contains everything you demand. Especially from the best double din head unit!

It’s the multi-line large display of the Kenwood DPX502BT Double-Din CD Receiver that works in full force. It offers variable, full spectrum illumination. Even the quality of sound is outstanding. Overall, it’s a simple unit with easy to control features and the ability to kick up audio in the most efficient manner.

Unfortunately, the performance of Bluetooth starts to deteriorate as time goes by. A sketchy operation is the most suitable way to define the situation.

It’s the best double din head unit for Android.
​Installing the Kenwood receiver is an easy undertaking.
Sound and display options are completely customizable.
The display is hard to read during sunny/bright daylight.
Expect poor Bluetooth performance with time.


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What you’re looking at here is the best double din head unit with navigation. To be honest, this is nothing but an additional yet highly useful feature. In more practical terms, it’s the sound quality of the Jensen VX7020 that you might value the most.

The unit plays on all types of audio files and from various devices. The latter includes your Android or Apple device or a CD. So you can experience quality music entertainment when on the go.

What I also found enticing is the 6.2-inch touchscreen display. The size of the screen, in particular, enables greater digital controls visibility. You’ll also be quite relieved to know that operating these controls is an easy task. So you don’t even have to tech-savvy to use a high-quality device like this.

And talking about being tech-savvy, there are modern features like the GPS system. Therefore, you can achieve real-time information about your journey. And don’t hesitate to sync the unit with your personal device through Bluetooth. Because hands-free music streaming and calling is what we all do now!

So be prepared to advance to the next level with the Jensen VX7020 Double Din Car Stereo.

The large, high-res touchscreen offers comfortable viewing. Bluetooth connectivity makes way for hands-free calling. Movie playing and music streaming can be performed on both Android and Apple devices. Along with an integrated DVD player! That’s the kind of features you get with this Jensen model.

When using a feature-packed, high performing unit, weak radio reception can be a shock. But that’s the only notable setback you have to deal with in this case.

The Jensen stereo features steering wheel controls.
​Multiple RGB colors offer varied illumination.
It includes an input for a back-up camera.
Navigation voice tends to lag behind.
Poor radio reception is a major letdown.


What’s that one brand that only manufactures products with the most sought-after features? It’s Boss Audio Systems. And its BVCP9675 Double Din Bluetooth Capacitive Touchscreen is quite a popular option.

Now it’s obvious that Bluetooth connectivity is a part of the scene. That means so is hands-free music listening and calling. You can stream audio wirelessly through the Bluetooth. This brings apps like Pandora and Spotify into play. But that doesn’t mean USB charging and USB port features are not included.

You can enjoy high-resolution music quality with this best double din head unit. In fact, here’s a piece of even better news. The outputs allow adding amps and signal processors. For the subwoofer, rear, and front channels! Then there’s also the input for a back-up camera.

The Boss Audio Systems BVCP9675 is equipped with basic and advanced functionality. To enhance everything related to user experience!

Music choices are aplenty when using this creation by Boss Audio Systems. You can perform a whole list of functions in the most convenient manner. Turning on the radio, hooking up the smartphone, charging USB devices, syncing your Apple device, playing and controlling Spotify and Pandora, and making hands-free calls. There’s a lot more, trust me!

What does the product title suggest? That the Boss Audio Systems BVCP9675 Double Din features a capacitive touchscreen. In that case, don’t expect it to be as highly responsive as its competitors.

The Boss Audio Systems unit looks and performs exceptionally well.
​Installing it is not a difficult, time-consuming task.
The video quality is crisp and clean.
Not suitable for high-end stereo systems.
The touchscreen is not responsive enough.


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JVC is considered to be a well-reputed company in the car audio market. They manufacture music systems that are both price-friendly and durable. One such model from their collection is the JVC KW-R920BTS In-Dash Receiver. The unit exceeds all expectations, despite being cheaper in price.

The quality of sound is quite impressive. Installation is also another contributing factor. Responsible for the popularity and success of the JVC KW-R920BTS Receiver! Multiple connections are not always a part of the deal suitable for a tight budget. But, surprisingly, that’s not the case here.

What’s more is the freedom to customize the illumination color. But now let’s focus on the more important features like Bluetooth connectivity. It doesn’t let you down when it comes to streaming clear sound.

The interface and overall design of the JVC device enable easy operation. So it’s worth taking into consideration even if the price is lower than most of the other models reviewed here.

Apart from being affordable, what else is so likable about the JVC KW-R920BTS In-Dash Receiver? The unit covers each and every audio base. You can take and make calls, hands-free. It also presents the opportunity to switch between 2 paired devices using Bluetooth. And customize the display color as per your liking. What more could you have demanded after shelling out only a small sum of money!

If you think installing the JVC KW-R920BTS is an easy task, you’re wrong. The procedure is quite complicated. But not impossible to perform on your own!

The JVC receiver cranks pretty loud.
Color settings and Bluetooth connectivity are excellent features.
Display brightness during daytime earns minus points.
Installation might take a while.


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The Sony XAV-AX100 6.4” Auto Media Receiver is a suitable choice for both Android and Apple users. Unlike some of the other models that don’t support Android devices! Sony partners with both smartphone companies to deliver hands-free, convenient control. While also providing high-quality audio!

The big screen is easy and comfortable to access. With simple spoken directions and voice commands! Bluetooth connectivity starts automatically. That means you don’t need to make an effort to reconnect. This way, the previous settings remain uninterrupted.

Only after testing many models was I able to distinguish between the good stuff and the bad. And the Sony XAV-AX100 is the former without the hint of the latter. It performs exceptionally well with apps like Apple CarPlay and Android Auto. Feel free to use all essential functions while you’re driving!

The interface is user-friendly with fully functional buttons. As for the sound quality, you’ll appreciate the presence of an exceptional organizer. This dynamic feature re-calibrates output frequency like no other.

So for a high-end double din head unit, nothing fits the bill better than the Sony XAV-AX100 Receiver.

If I were to list the most important characteristics of the current model, here’s what they would be. The first is the highly functional rotary dial. To keep operation distraction-free! The second feature is the rear camera for easy reversing. The third component is the remarkable equalizer to enable sound customization. And lastly, the three outputs installed for audio system expansion. Aren’t these four factors convincing enough!

But images lack sharpness and resolution ranks low in quality. And this does seem like a major turning point in terms of consideration, doesn’t it?

The Sony receiver is suitable for both Android and Apple devices/apps.
​Installing and reconnecting are quite effortless.
It’s the best double din head unit with backup camera.
USB connectivity works better than Bluetooth.
Screen resolution is poor.


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The previous pick is the most suitable for Apple devices. So now is the time to review the best double din head unit for Android users (everything about Android Auto). The Kenwood DDX24BT 6.2-Inch Double Din Car Stereo Receiver is a high-quality product. Crafted with modern features and a sleek design to deliver fantastic performance!

The audio quality is nothing but incredibly clear and loud. With its highly efficient Bluetooth feature, you can listen to your favorite tunes. And people, flawlessly. The USB driver offers optimal voltage to keep your phone charged. You can even control the sound and USB calling features.

What about installation? You’ve got nothing to worry about. What about usability? Again, you’ve got nothing to worry about. Even if you’re not such a tech-savvy person!

Button and display illumination color options add to the visual appeal. So at the end of it all, it’s nothing but a surprise to find out that the Kenwood DDX24BT is an affordable pick. With the capacity to perform like its more expensive counterparts!

Wireless music listening and browsing.Dual smartphone connection.Flawless automatic Bluetooth pairing. The three different functions the Kenwood DDX24BT Double Din In-Dash Car Stereo Receiver excels at performing.

With time, you’ll have to develop some patience in dealing with the screen freezing every now and then. That’s the only major complaint I have with this particular unit.

The Kenwood receiver features a responsive touchscreen.
​Installation is a piece of cake.
The crossover and equalizer features are very useful.
Operation is comparatively slower.
The screen tends to freeze quite often.


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If you want to get your hands on yet another budget-friendly option, here’s what you might want to check out. The Jensen VX3022 6.2 Inch LCD Multimedia Touch Screen Double Din Car Stereo. It is packed with DVD/CD player, USB port, and Bluetooth connectivity. But that’s not all, there’s a lot more.

The large display offers comfortable viewing. While also keeping favorite tunes and gadgets at your fingertips! Pairing it up with multiple Bluetooth devices! Now, this isn’t something that requires too much of an effort either. This makes the task of receiving and making hands-free calls easier.

You’ll also enjoy managing your Pandora, Spotify, and iHeartRadio apps. I, for one, found it extremely pleasant to stream music from my Apple device. Another thing that I came to appreciate is the high-resolution LCD touchscreen.

Additionally, you get to control car stereo functions right from the steering wheel. Thanks to the control the manufacturer has equipped the product with. So you can make the most of both basic and extra features.

The feature to admire the most is the integrated Bluetooth technology. And that’s the best part about the majority of double din head units on the current market. But this one caught my attention due to its ability to pair easily with several Bluetooth devices. And that makes the burden of managing hands-free calls much more convenient.

But here’s a flaw that tends to ruin the hands-free experience. When not installed properly, the microphone fails to live up to your expectations. Even basic performance at such times is not satisfactory.

The Jensen model is solid and well-constructed.
​Each input features different equalizer settings.
The user interface is simple to follow.
Volume increases automatically after restarting the unit.
The microphone doesn’t deliver good results.


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I saved the most impressive pick for the last. It’s the Boss Audio 870DBI Double Din CD/MP3 Player Receiver. And it features a removable face. The front panel is detachable, which means you can prevent theft. There’s no other model reviewed in the article that offers such an advantage.

Moving on, wireless audio streaming is a seamless function. That means you can enjoy your favorite tunes using Pandora or Spotify. There’s an input for AUX as well in case you prefer using an external music device like an MP3 player. But I don’t see why you would want to do that when Bluetooth connectivity is so exceptional.

In that case, managing calls hands-free is also a convenient task. And so is communication through the integrated microphone. But here’s a piece of excellent news for audiophiles. The preset equalizer allows you to select curves for different types of music genres. Such as rock and pop!

Lastly, the highly adjustable tuner enables easy radio tuning. No matter where you are on the planet! So it’s not just the detachable front portion that makes an impact.

What’s the positive take on the Boss Audio 870DBI Double Din CD/MP3 Player Receiver? The unit is the easiest to install. It is compatible with all smartphones and MP3 players. There’s a wireless remote included that makes room for easy access. But most importantly, it’s the removable face of the device that ranks as the unique feature.

Upon testing the Boss Audio 870DBI, I came across a minor issue. Operating the Bluetooth feature might be a bit annoying. Simple tasks like un-pairing a device are difficult to figure out. So only if you have that kind of patience to deal with stuff like this, the current pick is a safe bet.

The Boss Audio receiver features a clear screen resolution.
The front panel is detachable.
Installation kit is incomplete.
Bluetooth function is not easy to use.


So let’s begin by answering the question “What is the difference between single and double din head units?”


Before you even consider buying the best unit, you should know what its single din counterparthas to offer. When you know enough about both the options, you can make a better decision. In terms of all important aspects, including performance and price! Anything’s better than just randomly clicking on links and reviews to reach the online store.

  • 1. Single Din Head Units

The dimensions you’re dealing with here are 2-1/8” height and 7-1/8” width. Some cars are equipped with such standard stereo systems. So if that’s the case with you, there’s no point in buying the best unit.

With that in mind, I feel obliged to tell you this. That a double din stereo is not superior to its single din correspondent! The major difference between the two is only associated with the display.

So if you’re worried about not being able to enjoy the excellence of the display of a double din head unit. Just because your single din car stereo doesn’t accommodate the other version, here’s what you can do. The current market offers some remarkable retractable or flip-out wide touchscreen displays. And that too for single din head units as well. So you’re not missing out on much here!

  • 2. Double Din Head Units

Compared to single din stereos, these are higher and wider in structure. That means the integrated touchscreen display is larger in size.

You can upgrade your standard version with the best aftermarket double din head unit. Or downgrade it to a single din as well. In the case of the latter, you’ll require a mounting bracket.

Also, with the single din occupying half the area, you get more dashboard space. Use it as an additional compartment for storage or graphic equalizer.

This is the kind of advantage you can achieve with double din car stereos.


Here’s the deal with the top pick. It is packed with nothing but advanced technology. But what are these factors, let’s find out!

  • General Features

Basic features include power output, customization options, and interface. When combined, these components can either make or break the experience. They are responsible for the long-term quality of the device. So it’s important to take them into consideration.

  • Audio Features

To achieve precise sound quality, you demand audio-focused characteristics. Like controllers, retrievers, and equalizers. The praiseworthy units on the current market consist of highly efficient features. Built for audio focusing! This gives you the opportunity to enjoy premium sound quality.

  • Compatibility

It’s the useful convenience feature that determines the compatibility factor. Your aim should be to select the best double din head unit that interacts with several devices. In simple words, a versatile unit!

More importantly, attention to compatibility offers another significant benefit. It helps in gaining the freedom to connect the stereo with an additional subwoofer or speaker.

  • Controls

If you have the best double din car stereo but with a difficult-to-access interface, what’s the point? The ultimate goal of buying the best double din head unit is so that you can control it easily while driving. Wouldn’t you agree?

Not all models currently available offer the same kind of features. Some of these features are simple to work with while the others aren’t. So it’s important for you to know about and try out the features before buying. It’s the only way you can choose the best double din head unit for your particular needs and preferences.



It goes without saying that different kinds of people have different preferences. But what is that one thing that makes the best double din head unit? To be honest, there’s no single correct answer here. It all depends on what feature or features matter the most to you.

But if you’re a music enthusiast looking for an advanced model, I would recommend the Pioneer AVH4200NEX 2-DIN Receiver. It is packed with an innovative mix of cloud-based and integrated features. These services connect with the device to offer the most well-known interfaces when on the go. Plus, the unit is suitable for both Android and Apple devices.

And since it’s a Pioneer creation, you can expect phenomenal sound quality. So it has the capacity to accomplish a lot more than you can even begin to imagine.

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