Discover Best Cobalt Drill Bits (2021) – Buyer’s Guide


More often than not, the best cobalt drill bits have a combination of cobalt and steel. Somewhere between five and eight percent of cobalt is used to craft such invaluable drill bits. And this is how they become highly resistant to drilling temperatures for cast iron and stainless steel.

What many of us don’t know is that a cobalt and steel alloy blend is way better than just cobalt coating.

The primary reason being that cobalt alone has the tendency to deteriorate sooner than you can imagine.

Now let me highlight the fact that steel and cobalt alloy bits are suitable for tasks that involve drilling through metal. These rank well when it comes to durability. So it’s time to find out the 10 best options available on the retail market right now!

The Best Cobalt Drill Bits

After scouring the web for the topmost recommendations, I managed to test the best picks of all time. And after testing each of them, I decided to shortlist the top 10 drill bit sets that ranked the highest in all aspects. So here they are!

1. DEWALT DW1269 – The Best Cobalt Drill Bits Created for Increased Speed

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You pay a little extra for the DEWALT DW1369, but it has everything you’d want in a cobalt drill bit. All the 29 pieces of the set are crafted to work with metals. And the design is such that you can achieve maximum speed along with longer life. All this despite using them on hard metals like stainless steel!

The pilot-point tip is among the many excellent features of the DEWALT DW1369 29-Piece Cobalt Pilot-Point Metal Drill Bit. What such a structure does is minimize lock-up when breaking through the material. As a result of which the holes come out accurate and clean.

Furthermore, the enhanced durability and optimum life of the DEWALT bits are factors that don’t disappoint you. Thanks to the industrial-grade cobalt construction. Due to such high-quality, you get minimum wear even if you’re drilling through abrasive metals.

Here’s something that you might value as it adds tons of convenience to the experience. The DEWALT DW1369 Cobalt Metal Drill Bits include size markings. You’ll find this right above each bit’s shank region. So it’s easy for you to identify the pieces.

You should know that the DEWALT offers sizes ranging from 1/16 inches all the way to half an inch. This means you also get a drill bit that’s let’s say 1/64 inch in size. In that case, the chances of guesswork get eliminated. And that’s a huge plus point, isn’t it?

To my disappointment, the smaller bits were not as tough as their larger counterparts. So there is a possibility that you might not be able to use the small tools for all kinds of applications.

The bits feature size markings.
They have pilot tips that prevent walking.
The package includes a carry case for portability.

Not all the bits rank high in durability.
The lock on the box is a nuisance.

DEWALT – Guaranteed Tough since 1924

2. Neiko 01925A – Best Drill Bit Set for the Money

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If you’re in the market for something cheaper and high-performing, here’s an ideal pick for you. The Neiko 01925A Drill Bit Set comes with 10 pieces. And these include sizes from 19/64 inches to 5/64 inches.

With the set, you get five cobalt drill bits and five alloy screw extractors. The former is highly abrasive resistant and durable. And the latter has an alloy material construction.

When choosing the best cobalt drill bits, drilling speed along with wear and tear are important factors. For that reason, Neiko has designed these bits to function longer without showing signs of maximum wear. They also deliver excellent drilling speed even when working with harder surfaces.

Now let’s talk about the tips on both the screw extractor as well as the drill bit. The former consists of a flat tip, which is thick enough to provide the greatest protection against breakage. The latter, on the other hand, features a pin-point style tip. And what such a design does is offer a precision start.

To put into simple words, you don’t have to drill any pilot hole with the Neiko 01925A model. Another thing that you need not worry about is dealing with inconveniences such as walking.

What’s more is that the extractors of the set have a spiral flute design. It does an excellent job at digging through the screws. Also, with such a characteristic, torque comes into play. And this, in turn, gives you more grip.

The major flaw is in the product title itself. The Neiko 01925A Screw Extractor And Left Hand Drill Bit Set is not suitable for right-handed users. So this does seem like a huge deal-breaker, doesn’t it?

The set includes screw extractors.
The set includes screw extractors.
The carrying case is indexed for quick identification.

They are only created for left-handed users.

3. Irwin Industrial Tools Cobalt M-35 – The Best Heat-Proof Cobalt Drill Bits

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Let me start by telling you that the Irwin Cobalt Drill Bits don’t produce any heat during application. So these are suitable for full-time workers or craftsmen for virtually all materials. This particular characteristic even enhances the durability of the set.

All the 29 pieces have a high-speed, high-quality steel and cobalt (5%) construction. And it’s due to such a solid structure that these best cobalt drill bits offer exceptional abrasion resistance. So you’re free to drill through tough materials without any difficulty.

Another benefit that the high-speed, top quality construction provides is maximizing the set’s cutting-edge shelf life.

What I immediately noticed once I got my hands on the Irwin Industrial Tools Cobalt Drill Bits is their split-point style tips. What such a design allows you to do is cut without using too much force. (Safety precautions for using power drill)

On top of that, the reduced shank of the larger sized bits enables you to use them in a bigger chuck. And if that wasn’t enough, the manufacturer has provided a handy selection chart for convenient reference.

The set’s automatic indexing makes identifying and accessing these functional drill bits much easier. And since we’re talking about convenience, there are two more features that might enhance the experience even further.

For one, the molded, rubber case keeps the tools organized and safe. And secondly, the cartridges are removable. This adds more comfort and convenience for portability.

After testing many best cobalt drill bits, I realized that not all the models are as high-maintenance as this one. The Irwin Cobalt Drill Bits require frequent lubrication to prevent breakage.

The bits produce no heat.
The tip delivers on-point performance.

The tools are not suitable for large-scale drilling.
They demand high maintenance.

4. Drill America DWD29J-CO-PC – The Best Cobalt Drill Bits Crafted for Professional Purposes

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Performance-wise, the Drill America DWD29J-CO-PC excelled in my tests, delivering high-tensile drilling strength. You can use the tool for surfaces like titanium, stainless steel, and Inconel.

The most striking aspect of the Drill America set is the abrasion-resistant cobalt design. Such a construction allows you to drill at a speed that’s at least 30% faster.

Note that these useful drill bits have a heavy-duty split-point crafted tip that provides easy penetration. And this is useful for working with hard materials. With such penetration, you don’t need to drill pilot holes either.

Another significant advantage is that the chips you produce during drilling are small. What this does is eliminate the possibility of clogging. Plus, the Drill America DWD29J-CO-PC Cobalt Steel Drill Bit Set supports an excellent gold oxide coating. Such a finish enhances the physical appearance of the tool.

Lastly, this gold oxide surface also goes a long way in lubricating the bits. And that makes them highly resistant to wear. So what more do you need, right?

The Drill America DWD29J-CO-PC Cobalt Steel Drill Bit Set contains plenty of sizes. So it’s safe to say that these bits are an ideal choice for all types of jobs. This is a huge bonus for professional workers and craftsmen.

There is nothing wrong with these handy drill bits but it’s the quality of the carry case that lets you down. The plastic material used for construction is not durable or reliable in any way.

The cobalt steel design boosts efficiency and durability.
​The set includes common sizes.
The Drill America bits are super sharp.

The plastic outer case is weak in quality.

5. Craftsman 9-64085 – The Best Durable Cobalt Drill Bits

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These are the world’s best drill bits as far as long-lasting value is concerned. Thanks to the solid cobalt and steel combination structure of the set. The 21 pieces are engineered to withstand rough, heavy-duty use. And all this without showing signs of wear and tear.

The Craftsman 9-64085 Professional Cobalt Drill Bits have a typical high-speed capacity when it comes to drilling. And I found this to be true even when working with thicker metals such as titanium and stainless steel.

Apart from those features, the tip point design of these best cobalt drill bits is also quite impressive. They are split-point versions that drill upon contact. So no more pilot holes! And due to this reason, you can also achieve better drilling accuracy. Now that sounds incredibly useful for performing repetitive drilling jobs!

As for the carry case, it offers easy storage and organization. The box is lightweight with a high-quality plastic construction. So no complaints in that department either!

You will notice, as did I, that the split point of the Craftsman Drill Bits is quite enhanced in design. Such a characteristic keeps them balanced. Plus, it means no need for pilot holes.

And here’s even better news. The whole set is compatible with both hand drill and drill press machines. So now you know what to expect from this particular model!

Here’s the negative aspect of the Craftsman 9-64085 Professional Cobalt Drill Bit Set. Due to the absence of a side notch towards the end of each bit, you have to exert constant pressure. Failing to do so tends to make penetration harder when dealing with tough surfaces.

The Craftsman bits are perfect for large-scale operations.
They work well with rough, thick materials.
Storing and organizing them is an easy task.

The quality control is only satisfactory.
The end lacks a side notch for better penetration.

6. DEWALT DW1263 – Best Cobalt Pilot-Point Tip Drill Bits

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It seems to me that DEWALT manufactures the best cobalt drill bits with the pilot-point design for the tips. And the DEWALT DW1263 14-Piece Set is proof of that. All the bits have an industrial-grade cobalt structure. So you can use them for tougher materials like stainless steel as well.

During drilling, even the speed is something that doesn’t fail to surprise you. You experience the greatest efficiency without much effort.

And let me tell you a little more about the pilot-point feature before I move on to something else. Such a tip is crafted to provide better precision performance. This way you can eliminate having to deal with pilot holes and issues like walking.

Now it’s time to discuss the different sizes of the DEWALT DW1263 14-Piece Cobalt Pilot Point Drill Bit Set. Such practical bits range from 3/8 inches to 1/16 inches. You even get to work with 1/64 inches, and isn’t that something!

For the purpose of storage and organization, the heavy-duty, durable outer case handles the business. So you don’t need to worry about damaging the bits when transporting them from the box to your worksite. The interlocking hinge and rubber lock live up to your expectations, unlike some of the others on the list.

The DEWALT DW1263 14-Piece Cobalt Pilot Point Drill Bit Set offers a slew of unique advantages. For one, the DEWALT bits are too stiff to bend. And that’s pretty awesome compared to the cheap stuff you get in the market these days!

Secondly, the speed is top-notch, even for sheet metal and wood projects. And thirdly, the tools are not the kind that shows signs of wear anytime soon. They are created to withstand heavy usage.

But it’s time to find out what lies on the other side of the coin. Unfortunately, the DEWALT DW1263 Drill Bits have tips that you cannot sharpen. This tends to weaken the life and efficiency of the tool in the long run.

The bits speed up the drilling process.
The storage case is labeled and long-lasting.

The cobalt used is not flexible enough.
You cannot sharpen the tips.

DEWALT Perform & Protect Tools

7. Bosch CO21 Cobalt Metal Drill Bit Set – Best Cobalt Drill Bits Suitable for All Types of Applications

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Be it home machining or crafting, industrial operations or construction, the Bosch CO21 Cobalt Metal Drill Bit Set fits the bill. And you can rely on the tool in terms of both performance and durability. No other cobalt drill bit set in the industry offers this kind of an advantage. You can trust me on that!

Here’s an exciting piece of good news. You don’t even need to shell out big bucks for the Bosch CO21 Cobalt Metal Drill Bits. The affordable 21 pieces are engineered for the purpose of hard steel drilling. And what’s more is that they’re heat resistant too.

But it’s the outstanding hardness rating of these Bosch drill bits that contributes to their success in the industry. The company has incorporated a large helix web for the design. And what such a structure does is deliver high performance and great efficiency.

In all, the entire set is capable of drilling through abrasive or hard materials with ease. This includes titanium and stainless steel.

The larger drill bits of the Bosch CO21 Cobalt Set use the invaluable split-point design for the tips. This means that once the bits come in contact with the surface, there’s no need for center punch. Also, no more skating or walking inconveniences to work around, right?

The biggest drawback of the Bosch CO21 Cobalt Metal Drill Bit Set is quite evident, isn’t it? The manufacturer decided to keep the color of the CO21 bits and their size labels the same. And we all know how much of a nuisance that can be!

The tools are multipurpose.
​They are highly heat-resistant.
The helix web design offers maximum efficiency.

Reading the sizes is difficult.
The case included with the Bosch set is cheap in quality.

EN | Bosch Power Tools

8. CO-Z 5pcs Hss Cobalt – The Best High-Quality Cobalt Drill Bits

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The CO-Z 5pcs Hss Cobalt Multiple Hole 50 Sizes Step Drill Bit Set offers a sea of benefits like no other. To begin with, all the 5 pieces have a high-speed, top quality cobalt construction. But it’s the titanium coating that adds extreme durability. It also keeps the physical appearance of these useful drill bits intact for many years.

The shank of the entire set comes in different sizes. For that reason, the CO-Z bits are compatible with 1/2, 3/8, and 1/4thof an inch sized chucks. As for the point design, they feature a non-walking tip. So what does that imply? It means that the CO-Z Drill Bits provide a smooth and fast performance. And this applies to jobs that involve working with plastic, wood, aluminum, steel, etc.

I’ve not come across any set till now that includes such a well-organized, high-quality carry case. So storage and transport are factors you don’t need to worry about either.

The thing about the CO-Z 5pcs Hss Cobalt Multiple Hole 50 Sizes Step Drill Bits is that they make the task of drilling easier. On top of that, the shelf life of the CO-Z set is quite impressive. Thanks to the titanium coating equipped cobalt design.

So if you’re an HVAC professional or DIY lover, this might be an ideal pick for you.

The size options that you get with the set are quite satisfactory. But what’s troubling is that the largest tool is too big to fit in the box while the smallest one is too little. This is nothing but the manufacturer’s fault.

The tools cut fast.
The sharpness doesn’t deteriorate with time.

They are not suitable for harder metals.
The slots for storing the largest and smallest bits are not sized properly.

9. DEWALT DWA1240 – The Best Cobalt Drill Bits with a Combination of Split-Point and Pilot-Point Tip

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This is the only set on the list with drills bits that have both the split-point and pilot-point design for the tips. So you know what to forward to when working with the DEWALT DWA1240 Pilot Point Industrial Cobalt Drill Bit Set.

The advantages of pilot-point are excellent precision performance, no pilot holes, and no bit walking. And the benefits of split-point are easy penetration, minimal effort, and no pilot holes. So if you decide to buy the DEWALT DWA1240 Cobalt Drill Bits, you’re in for a treat!

You should know that when you don’t have to deal with inconveniences like bit walking, you get an added advantage. And this comes in the form of better user control.

The cobalt design of all the 14 pieces ensures maximum durability and speed. These bits are crafted for applications that include harder metals. So you can use them for whatever purpose you like.

The most striking aspects are excellent quality, fantastic versatility, and not to mention the best longevity. The DEWALT DWA1240 Pilot Point Industrial Cobalt Drill Bits cut through tough materials with great ease. So these are the primary reasons why I chose to include this particular model.

I was quite taken aback by the average sharpness of the DEWALT DWA1240 Cobalt Drill Bits. Even though they get the job done, the equipment is not as sharp as you’d expect. And this might lead to a problem in the long run.

The bits offer a smooth operation.
​They are high-quality tools that don’t break easily.
The carry case is compact and durable.

The tools are not sharp enough to withstand the test of time.

Together We build – Greenfield, IN Manufacturing Facility

10. Drillcraft 29 Pc Cobalt Drill Bit Set – The Bonus Pick

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The last best drill bit set for metal is from Drillcraft. All the 29 pieces of the set feature a high-quality, M42-grade cobalt steel design. As you know by now that such a structure enhances the tool’s penetrating speed capacity. So you can expect high performance in this case.

When you combine excellent cutting speed with high durability and melting point, the experience gets even better. This is the unique selling point of the Drillcraft 29 Pc Cobalt Drill Bit Set. And that is not just a false claim; I found it to be true during testing.

Moreover, the shank consists of a tri-flat design that carries out a single task. And that is to make sure that the bits unite with the surface like no other. Also, such an action prevents the possibility of spinning and twisting as well.

Overall, the Drillcraft 29 Pc Cobalt Drill Bit Set is an excellent option for drilling through all kinds of metals.

If you’re in the market for drill bits that offer high heat resistance, you can’t go wrong with this model. Thanks to the strong melting point of the Drillcraft Cobalt Drill Bits.

The drawback that I’m about to discuss is something that you might come across with many sets on the consumer market. So it should come as no surprise to find out that the Drillcraft Drill Bits tend to snap easily.

The penetrating capacity is quite high.
The tri-flat designed shank eliminates twisting.

The equipment is susceptible to snapping.

Complete Buyer’s Guide to the Best Cobalt Drill Bits

When it comes to drilling tasks, there are various kinds of drill bits. And the effectiveness of each type of set depends on a single factor. Can you guess what that might be? It’s the material you would be working with.

With that in mind, nothing beats the strength and high performance of any best cobalt drill bits in the case of harder materials. They include titanium and stainless steel. (Toolbox tips for drilling and fixing)

Generally, these tools have M42 and M35 quality cobalt steel structure. As a result of which you get extreme durability and increased heat resistant capacity. So now that you know the 10 best picks to choose from, let’s find out what the guide section has to offer.

What is a Cobalt Drill Bit?


Thanks to the advancement of science and technology, there’s an entire universe of options available as far as bits are concerned. Some of them are created for the purpose of wood drilling. While a few of these tools are more suitable for even, rough surfaces. But it’s the cobalt drill bits that have a steel alloy construction. And such a design contains at least 5 to 8 percent of cobalt.

For the most part, the best cobalt drill bits tools are crafted using cobalt steel with either an M35 or M42 grade. When the steel alloy consists of five percent cobalt, it’s called M35 quality cobalt steel. On the other hand, M42 grade contains eight percent cobalt.

The best part about adding cobalt into the mix is that it enhances durability and heat resistance. This way drill bits enjoy maximum endurance against high drilling temperatures.

Different Kinds of Cobalt Drill Bits

Not all the best cobalt drill bits have the same shank style, length, and tip design. In that case, these are the four different types that you need to know about.

1. Twist Cobalt Drill Bits

The twist versions are the ones that are suitable for all materials and surfaces. It means these are the most preferred since they are a part of various operations. So you can get them in different shapes and sizes to suits your particular needs.

You should also know that twist cobalt bits are the sturdiest of all. And it’s this remarkable characteristic that enhances the tool’s shorter length. What such a feature does is eliminate the possibility of tools twisting, spinning, or breaking. (Drilling super-straight holes)

Also, some of these come with gold and bronze oxide coating. And why not when it has proven to increase heat resistance to a considerable degree!

2. Counterbore Cobalt Drill Bits

The counterbore options on the consumer market feature a flat bottom design. These have a middle hole that cuts through the surface thoroughly. They are an ideal choice for plastic and wood surfaces, but not metal.

What’s more is that this type of drill bit set has a higher speed steel construction without any coating.

3. Countersink Cobalt Drill Bits

Nothing beats the efficiency of countersink cobalt drill bits when it comes to drilling wooden surfaces. What the tools do is make a tiny pilot hole at the beginning. And this they perform using the middle hole. The hole does an excellent job at piercing the surface thoroughly.

What many people don’t know is that the countersink version includes a narrow fastener head. Such a design sits correctly without twisting in any way.

4. Step Cobalt Drill Bits

These models are perfect for metals. The step cobalt drill bits have the ability to penetrate as deep as .25 inches through the metal. And here’s the best part. With the help of only a single drill bit, you can drill many holes of various diameters. All thanks to the stepped design.

And since these handy drill bits have an excellent penetrating capacity, they are also suitable for wooden materials.

How to Choose the Best Cobalt Drill Bits?

It’s important to take the following factors into consideration during the buying process.


Durability and length go hand in hand. When the bit’s length increases, its toughness and durability decreases. So to sum it up, shorter cobalt drill bits can withstand twisting, spinning, and breaking.


This is an essential factor to take into account if you want to buy the best cobalt drill bits. That’s because material directly affects the heat resistance and sturdiness of the set. In that context, you should get drill bits with higher cobalt value.

Tip Point Design

The tip point plays a significant role when it comes to the drill bit’s penetration capacity. There are options such as fish point, brad point, tapered point, V point, and split point. The most common one among these is the split point cobalt drill bit.


When choosing drill bits, it’s necessary that you opt for a variety of sizes. If you purchase a set that includes different diameters, you enjoy an added advantage. This way you can use the machine for all kinds of applications and jobs.

Final Note

My Choice: Irwin Industrial Tools Cobalt M-35

Finding the best cobalt drill bits is never easy given the many options trending on the web currently. So the only way to make an informed purchase is to keep important factors in mind. These include tip point design, material, durability, size availability, length, carry case, heat resistance, and more. That’s a lot to take in, am I right?

So to save you the trouble, let me provide you with a single, correct answer. It’s the Irwin Industrial Tools Cobalt M-35 Metal Index Drill Bit Set. It ranks the highest in all the aspects mentioned above. These valuable drill bits satisfy many conditions at a certain level.

They have a high-speed, high-quality cobalt construction. This design is also abrasion resistant to make working with tougher metals easy and convenient. The split-point style tip functions exceptionally well as soon as it comes in contact with the surface.

Even the rubber case of the set lives up to your expectations. Hence, the Irwin Industrial Tools Cobalt M-35 Metal Index Drill Bit Set offers excellent features for high performance.

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