The Best Lighted Nock For Hunting Like A Pro (2021 Reviews)

Best Lighted Nock

An illuminated or lighted nock tool is very useful for hunting. I’m sure you would agree, which is why you’re reading the article in the first place. It helps you locate the arrow after striking a target. But don’t expect all nocks to do this. There are many models that offer more deformities and drawbacks than benefits. So what’s the best lighted nock?

The perfect tool is created to TRACK THE ARROW’S FLIGHT. Even in minimal light settings or at a higher speed. The innovative gear is attached to the rear region of the arrow. As it gives you the freedom to place that arrow on that string quite easily!

So you get the point, don’t you? Time to get to the reviews now!



In this section, I have examined plenty of options that you might find the most suitable. But before you get to the detailed analysis, here’s a quick comparison table.

might find the most suitable. But before you get to the detailed analysis, here’s a quick comparison table.


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Before I start ranting about the design and performance of this lighted nock, here’s something you might want to know. The manufacturer of the nock produces Rage broadheads as well. The revolutionary product responsible for the popularity of expandable broadheads! And the company has made use of similar critical engineering in order to make LED lighted archery nocks too.

Now let’s talk about the Nockturnal-GT Lighted Nocks for Arrows. It fits arrows with an unusually large diameter .246 to be more specific. The current scene doesn’t include big carbon fiber material arrows. So given how extremely thin they are the Nockturnal nocks are considered to be an ideal pick. To provide that perfect fit for the wider shaped arrows available today.

Furthermore, the nock enjoys a high-quality plastic construction. Characteristics like durability and ruggedness set it apart. They are created to work with and withstand almost anything. And the LED illuminates for as long as 20+ hours.

Wait there’s more! The Nockturnal nocks are completely waterproof. The brand has optimized them for hard rugged applications. So don’t think twice before subjecting them to just that.

The top pick offers a unique combination of three most beneficial characteristics. These are extended battery life, waterproof capacity, and rugged design. So it’s time to upgrade your hunting expeditions.

If you think the nock is lightweight, get rid of that thought. It’s a slightly heavier one, which has an effect on accuracy.

Perfect for the task of target shooting.
Turning off and removing it is incredibly easy.
Only praises, no complaints about the batteries.

LED is not so bright.
Body is a bit heavy.


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The Lumenok GT Nock features a granddaddy design. The kind that hasn’t lost its relevancy even today! It offers distinct advantages that make you want to seriously consider clicking on that Add to Cart button. So let’s find out more about this best lighted nock manufactured by Lumenok.

First thing’s first; the Lumenok GT Nock has a larger design. Apart from providing the freedom of replacing the battery, such a structure delivers another huge benefit. It enables the arrow impact to trigger LED activation. Such a function is very useful if you’re not concerned about a glowing flight. That means the current option is the best choice for short-distance hunting. And not long distances at all.

And what’s the thing about replacing batteries that I happened to mention earlier? The Lumenok GT Nock comes with replaceable batteries. Such a unit is hard to find on the current market, isn’t it? Switching out batteries is more preferable than stressing about how much fuel is remaining.

So what you’re looking at here is a specialty illuminated nock. That offers its own set of individual advantages. And this could exactly be the type of thing you might need for your hunting adventures.

What about the Lumenok GT Nock is so impressive that you should consider buying it? Well, two difficult-to-come-by features. The first takes the form of replaceable batteries. And the second is the nock’s ability to activate on impact/contact.

Illumination capacity is quite remarkable.
​Works well in the thickest woods and bushes.
Installation and removal don’t require much effort.
Not suitable for long distances.
Design is more complex and bulkier.


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There’s nothing else that grabs your attention as much as the brightness of the Clean-Shot Out Lighted Nock. Tracing it is super easy, no matter the distance of the target. And here’s even better news. This lighted nock is a tool you can see from long distances as well, even at night. All thanks to the easy to spot, bright LED illumination.

Enough about that, now let’s discuss other important aspects. The design is such that you can turn it off easily. For that, simply pull the nock back until the thing clicks. This means it has turned off. Needless to say, it’s a great hunting buddy you can carry to practice as well.

What is that one advantage that you get when the nock is easy to switch off? Logically speaking, such convenience offers longer battery life. To be more specific, you get 24 hours runtime on the Clean-Shot Out Lighted Nock. So shoot that arrow in the daylight and don’t worry about locating it at night.

Easy usability goes a long way, quite literally. The Clean-Shot Out Lighted Nock can be turned off completely. You pull it backwards, rotate its aluminum bezel, then release. The nock doesn’t turn on until you want it to. I regard this as a major step forward in terms of technology and design.

Sadly, durability is not one of the strengths. Plus, it’s a weakness that affects many significant aspects of design and performance.

Extremely bright LED lights are a huge asset.
Shutting it off is not a worry at all.
Practice Mode is perfect for target training.
Size is slightly larger.
Not a durable nock.


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Why did I pick the Carbon Express LAUNCHPAD Crossbolt Lighted Nock? Simply because of its high-quality construction! The previous pick is a bit lacking in durability, isn’t it? But here’s one that excels in the same department. And that’s the primary reason I chose to review this particular pick.

The single-piece aluminum tool requires you to tailor it to fit your crossbow bolt. That means it features an adjustable design. So the undertaking feels like a no-nuisance experience.

The fit has a universal nature, which makes the most of heavier designed crossbow bolts. This makes the Carbon Express LAUNCHPAD Crossbolt Lighted Nock more rugged. As well as brighter! In fact, it delivers better on-field performance.

So now you understand how the high quality of these nocks is the most appealing trait. But that doesn’t mean you won’t appreciate other parts. Such as the LED activation process. It’s the bowstring’s violent force that triggers the illumination. So don’t think that you have only a few things to look forward to in this case.

The Carbon Express LAUNCHPAD is pretty neat. And why wouldn’t that be when it’s made using top quality aluminum. So long as reliability goes, you’re almost completely covered.

But what’s not covered is easy usability. However, to be fair, this seems like a common issue with illuminated nocks. Even the best lighted nock can be difficult to activate.

Rubber material O-rings prevent the light from coming on accidentally.
Adjustability for different bolts is top-notch.

Heavier and bulkier design is no good news.
Don’t expect the experience to be very convenient.




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Are you looking for the best lighted nock? The kind that doesn’t affect the arrow flight! At the same time, something that helps you achieve accurate shots on target too? If that’s your thing, look no further than the Nockturnal-X Lighted Nocks for Arrows. This is yet another creation by Nockturnal that I found to be highly useful.

When testing and reviewing, it didn’t take too long for me to notice the most amazing feature. It’s the enclosed linear switch that makes room for easy usability. That means turning on this best lighted nock is not a tedious exercise.

As an enthusiastic adventurer, you might also go for the super bright illumination of the LED. The light does a miraculous job of tracing that target. In both the dark and daytime! And for both short and long distances!

An almost 24-hour battery life is what you’re dealing with here. That in itself is such a huge benefit, isn’t it? Keep the light on constantly and don’t bother about the illumination dying any time before 24 hours. How amazing is that!

So it doesn’t matter if you’re experienced or a beginner, these Nockturnal illuminated nocks are perfect to use.

Excellent vision on target.Shock-proof and waterproof design.Lithium batteries that last for an entire day.And most importantly, LED lights that are consistently super bright. So tell me, what else is left to ask for?

Nothing is perfect, haven’t you heard? If yes, then doesn’t that justify the presence of a flaw? Which, by the way, is the struggle you’re likely to go through to shut off the Nockturnal Lighted Nocks.

It is a highly visible nock, even in thick woods.
Installation is a breeze.
Too tight fitting does seem like a problem.
Switching it off is not easy.


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So the Lumenok Signature Nock doesn’t just come with replaceable batteries. The tool is packed with the best replaceable batteries. Another relevant characteristic that might tip you over is the 40-hour battery life. So you get a better opportunity at tracing that target to retrieve the arrow.

So what’s so great about it apart from the battery replacement function? I found two other admirable features. The first is the tough design that suggests increased durability. Along with heavy-duty application! And the second advantage takes the form of LED activation. The illumination is a result of the arrow triggering. That means it’s a no-hassle experience.

I would also like to add that the Lumenok Signature Nock is an ideal choice for long-distance hunting. And for smaller games such as antelope, turkey, and the like! So you are into this kind of hunting? If yes, you’ve found the ultimate tool.

Not many manufacturers offer proper instructions along with the product. But, fortunately, Lumenok is not one of them. The company provides useful guidelines. On both loosening and tightening the nocks.

I’m not going to lie to you by saying there’s no setback awaiting for you here. So case in point, the Lumenok Signature Nock is a bit more complicated than the rest. It’s a larger unit with more moving parts. And that explains a lot, doesn’t it?

Batteries are replaceable with a 40-hour runtime.
​Illumination burns bright in the broadest daylight and darkest night.
Durability is in your favor.

For proper fit, you have to make too many modifications.
Slightly heavier and more complex.


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Here’s another lighted nock manufactured by Carbon Express. That means it’s another rugged tool that offers competitive performance. The nock is designed in the most practical manner. It is lightweight, precision-engineered, and perfectly balanced. For high-speed and compound bows!

The Carbon Express LAUNCHPAD Precision Lighted Nocks feature a remarkable nock point. And they revolve around this precision-engineered nock point to deliver desired results. That means you shouldn’t expect the tool to skew or slow the shot upon release.

You’ll soon come to realize that the lightweight design is also of the highest quality. It’s not easy to come across such models on the current market. So it’s a relief to find this available right here!

The light illuminates on release. And it stays that way for a very long time. In my opinion, there’s nothing better than that.

When I say precision-engineered, what does that mean to you? In simple words, it suggests high accuracy. And when shooting, isn’t that the only most important factor? So it’s good to know that the current pick is precision-engineered.

What I’m about to tell you might sound like a deal-breaker. Unfortunately, the Carbon Express LAUNCHPAD Nock is not bright enough. So pick the set only if lightweight matters more.

Convenient to install and turn on/off.
​Performs accurately just like the stock nock.
Lightweight design maintains point of impact.
Fit is not universal.
LED light lacks in terms of brightness.


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Please save time and read this review only if you have enough hunting experience. The reason why I’m telling you this is because the current option requires a certain set of skills. In order to build your own arrows!

TenPoint Crossbows Universal Lighted Crossbow Arrow Nock is a universal system. The kit includes LED lights, replaceable 8-10 hour batteries, and an Omni-Briteautomation nock mechanism. The light gets activated as a result of bowstring force. At the time of firing! As for the Omni-Brite system, it comes with 6 microgrooves. These act as hold channels. And such a technology eliminates accidents associated with improper loading.

What about visibility? Superior flight clarity is what you ask for, right? And that’s exactly what you get. At the same time, the TenPoint Crossbows Universal Lighted Crossbow Arrow Nocks improve arrow flight as well. So every performance and design factor is present here.

When you combine these nocks with the best mechanical broadheads, every shot’s success is under your control. There’s nothing left to chance.

Installation instructions are to the point.
​High-quality materials ensure long-lasting value.
Using and resetting it is an easy job.
Accidental activations are common.
Proper crossbow engagement is missing.


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Now if you’re a beginner, you won’t be wasting time reading about the Clean-Shot Archery Nock Out Crossbow Half Moon Nock. It is ranked among the brightest options in the industry. The illumination is plenty bright and visible. So you can quickly trace the way back to your target.

Let me begin by highlighting the much-needed universal fit. The nocks combine well with accurate bushings. The end result of which is the tool fitting relevant carbon equipped bolts.

Another useful thing that you might want to know is that it’s easy to switch off. All you have to do is use the activation collar. It doesn’t falter when it comes to deactivating that LED. Be it for practice sessions or preserving battery life.

For first-time users, the Clean-Shot Archery Nock Out Crossbow Half Moon Nock is the way to go. Unless you’re a pro at what you do, there’s no chance you’ve tried anything better than this.

Installation is simple. And I can say the same about turning off the nock. In short, usability is pretty straightforward and effortless. And if you’re a newbie, you’ll enjoy every bit of this.

What you probably might not be so crazy about is the heavyweight. The structure is slightly larger. In comparison to the others on the list!

Accurate flight consistency is expected.
​Practice Mode is the best feature.
Deployment demands only a small, single twist.
It’s larger and heavier.


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Here’s an affordable pick for your crossbow bolts. The Aokur 3PCS 6.2mm Automatic LED Lighted Nock comes with an incredibly useful feature. A screwdriver that enables easy removal and installation.

The LED feature lights up brightly. It makes the task of finding what you want under all types of light settings possible. And not just that; convenient too!

You can rest assured knowing that the Aokur nock lights up automatically after the shot. Following which all you need to do is push back the activator switch. It’s located on the side. As for the batteries, they are disposable. But only after offering a runtime of 24 to 48 hours!

So you don’t have to worry about performance even if your hunting expeditions go on for longer hours. In terms of design as well, there’s nothing serious you’re likely to bother yourself with. Products like these are proof of an important fact. That a budget-friendly price tag doesn’t necessarily mean you’re settling for something less inferior.

Easy to use and spot on your target does sound like great news. Especially when the nock is not as expensive as the other competitive ones reviewed in here.

But there is one noticeable issue that might sway you in another direction. The nock slot for the string is slightly narrow. This complicates the job of seating the string into that nock. Unless you’re prepared to handle that, you have no other problems to deal with.

It’s a very bright and solidly constructed nock.
Usability is the easiest.
Accidental activations are not uncommon.
Not enough space inside the nock.


Modern lighted nock tools are equipped with a WIDE VARIETY OF TECHNOLOGIES for activation. Despite that, you still need to give certain factors more important than the others. And these factors are not necessarily connected with the price.

Color, weight, brightness, usability, reliability, etc. have nothing to do with cost. It’s all about design and performance. So let’s make sure our basic knowledge is in place during the buying process.




Greater part of the current illuminated nocks available on the retail market is not armed with irreplaceable batteries. What does that mean? It suggests that you utilize and change them once the battery gets exhausted.

But the good news is that there are some nocks BUILT WITH REPLACEABLE BATTERIES. So it’s a relief to find out that I have reviewed some above. That means you don’t have to go through the trouble of locating these.

And in terms of battery life, don’t settle for anything less than 24 HOURS RUNTIME.


Ideally, accuracy is achieved when you PLACE THE WEIGHT FRONT-CENTER.

Another relevant thing to keep in mind is that you might need to upgrade or replace parts of the arrows. When utilizing the best lighted nock, it helps in maintaining total balance.

Failing to take this into consideration reduces your accuracy level


Why is the color of lighted nock important you might wonder, right?

Most of the models currently sold do have an LED light installed. But it’s the dim white kind that filters with light plastic. Such nocks are difficult to locate in the daytime when the light is not bright enough.

On the other hand, GREEN, BLUE, or RED LED can be located quite easily. In both light and dark conditions! But only red, only green, or a combination of both colors are more preferable. The best lighted nock offers one of the three.


Turning on the lighted nock and then turning off should be an easy task. Otherwise, what’s the point of buying a top rated product!

Unfortunately, there are many nocks that are not convenient to use. When it’s difficult to shut off the light on these nocks, it’s unreasonable to expect a longer battery life. So if you want the batteries to last, please make sure that the LIGHTED NOCK TURNS ON/OFF EASILY.


I won’t lie to you; most lighted nock models are complex to assemble. And worse, they don’t even come with proper instructions.

So before making any definitive decision, make sure the SETTING UP PROCESS IS EASY. Don’t forget to HAVE A LOOK AT THE INSTRUCTION MANUAL either.




  • Locates your strike easily

Hunting at dawn is quite popular. So at such times, you cannot expect to be able to observe the accuracy of your hit. As a result of which the chances of remembering the precise target location get reduced. That means you have to go through the trouble of finding it.

The top-rated lighted nock, in such scenarios, is incredibly useful. It ALLOWS YOU TO SEE THE MARK with maximum ease. In fact, the nock also reveals enough information about the level of penetration you make by the arrow.

  • Finds the arrow’s position

What exactly happens when you find the arrow? You can determine whether or not you struck the target correctly. Without lighted nock, the task of locating the arrow is very daunting. Particularly when it ends up getting lodged in the deep, dark woods!

So you don’t need any more convincing to believe that lighted nock gear is highly beneficial for the purpose of tracking.

  • Pinpoints the location of your prey

Utilizing blood trails set in place by the wounded creature is a common practice among hunters. But these blood trails tend to vanish sometimes, especially when dark. So a good lighted nock can come in handy in such moments as well. Your chances of losing track of the prey seem to become minuscule if a tool like this is a part of the adventure.

  • Explores bow imperfections

Here’s another great benefit provided by the lighted nock. It gives you the opportunity to OBSERVE ARROW INACCURACY and BOW TUNING ADJUSTMENTS. The nock does so simply by emitting faint light.

So before you head out for some serious hunting, take some shots off the arrow at your range!


Not every place allows the use of illuminated nocks. You have to check with the hunting’s club regulations. By season and state, and then by county. And if you somehow fail or neglect to do so, be ready to face legal charges.


So let’s talk about the average cost of lighted nocks. Now it’s true that the color, brand, legality, and benefits matter the most. But price too is an important factor for many hunters.

Each model on the current market is priced based on the manufacturer and features. If you’re a budget-friendly consumer, then take my advice and always PURCHASE NOCKS IN PACKS. More often than not, a single pack consists of three lighted nocks.



Based on the description of the best lighted nock discussed above, which model ranks as the clear winner? It’s none other than the Nockturnal-GT Lighted Nocks for Arrows. The tool is beautifully designed using plastic. It comes with long-lasting, high visibility lithium batteries. That has the capacity to run for almost 24 hours!

These Nockturnal nocks are quite reliable as far as illumination goes. Thanks to the piston-equipped contact switch. Also, a part of the deal is waterproof and shock-resistant properties.

You don’t even have to go through the trouble of assembling this best lighted nock. But it’s the ruggedness and durability that make the huge impact. So if you want to buy the Nockturnal lighted nocks, do it for these two reasons.

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