Helpful Guide In Determining Which Is The Best Telescopic Fishing Rod

Best Telescopic Fishing Rod

Are you in search for the best telescopic fishing rod? If so, then you are at the right page. Telescopic fishing rods have become very popular for many anglers. There are two reasons why – one is because it is affordable and second it is easy to carry because it is collapsible.

Characteristics of the Best Telescopic Fishing Rod

Telescopic fishing rods are created to expand or collapse. A 20 to 30-foot rod can shorten up to a foot and a half, which makes it very handy and easy to transport. This type of rod is made from the same materials as traditional one or two piece rods.

Fiberglass or composite and graphite are made to slip on each other so it can close and open. The eyes are a special feature to help each end firm and robust. You can also find various grade eyes on telescopic fishing rods just like on conventional rods.

In expanding the telescopic rod, you need to do it cautiously. You will have a hard time closing it if you rapidly fling or whip it open. As a protection for the tip and guides, the rods have tip covers. Bringing along a 12 or 14 ft. the fishing rod is burdensome.

The smaller the sections, the smaller they close, the more eyes it will have, and the better the power curve is in them. If the fishing rod has more eyes it will add weight and stress is distributed evenly in the arc. It means longer casting, stronger fish fighting capabilities, and less damage. (

Proper Way of Maintaining a Telescopic Fishing Rod

Proper maintenance of your telescopic fishing rod is important. It will keep your rod in top shape all the time and function smoothly, so you will have an enjoyable fishing experience for many years. As compared to another type of fishing rod, maintaining your telescopic fishing rod is a regular task.

Rinsing the rod off after use whether in fresh or salt water is important. Use warm soapy water instead of simply running the hose over and a sponge or cloth to eliminate all the residue that adhere, including algae, small plants, salt and fish scales that adhere.

If you left your telescopic rod unattended the dirt and plant will stick down in the folds between the sections. Leaving your rod on the ground is the worst thing that you can do for your fishing rod. Place it in your backpack or in a rod holder.

Cleaning the rod guides is also important. If you don’t clean them, dirt and grime will easily build up in them and destroy your line. Use Q-Tip with dish soap, and scrub the outside and inside and connections for each guide after use.

Get a loose cotton ball and push it in each guide. In case there is a damaging burr inside, they will grab and trap some of the cotton. Because of this, you will be opted to replace that guide, as it will break your line.

Check the guides for looseness. Although it is not as dangerous to your catch it is still best to keep them firmly attached. Replace any loose guides right away. (

Tips for Keeping the Telescopic Fishing Rod Looking Good
To keep your fishing rod looking great longer, you should wipe it down using Pledge wipes. Use a plastic scouring pad to clean the cork handle and use a brush and a dish soap to clean the reel seat thread at the same time.

Use rubbing alcohol in cleaning the reel mounting hardware and all attachments. It will help maintain the shininess of the rod and cork handle. If you have already impressed others with your fishing ability, you can impress them even more with the shiny look of your tool.

​It is much easier to store a telescopic rod as compared to the traditional rod. The tool is protected against bending or being stepped on. Simply close it and keep it in your backpack, in the case, glove compartment or even under your car seat.

If the temperature inside your car is very hot or humid, then it is not a good place to store your rod. Place it in a cool garage to prevent it from contracting and expanding, which can result in cracks. As compared to the traditional fishing rod, maintenance and proper care for the telescopic fishing rod is more complicated, but the benefits are great.

​Top 5 Best Telescopic Fishing Rod

​Choosing the right telescopic fishing rod is a tough task. To make it easier for you, we have searched for the top 5 best telescopic fishing rod and make a comparison.

1. Plusinno Spin Spinning Rod and Reel Combo

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If you love fishing in salt and fresh water then this type of fishing rod is what you need. Manufactured by one of the best-known fishing rod makers Plusinno, the rod collapses easily when not in use and can be extended longer, for the accurate catch. It is constructed from blended fiberglass and carbon fiber to make it is flexible enough and protected against breaking.

To spin the reel easily, the rod is made of stainless steel. It is corrosion and rust resistant from salt water and the grip is padded so the user can hold it comfortably. This is also recommended for younger fishermen since it is lightweight. Even the experienced one will love how the Plusinno spinning reel performs.

To hold heavier lines, the spinning reel has a larger spool, and it is made of aluminum thus it is easy to carry and durable. The spool is equipped with a powerful gear drive to release and retrieve the line smoothly. In case the fish nibbles at your line, there is no problem as it has an anti-reverse bearing. It does matter where you want to do your fishing, this rod and spinning reel combo will perform well.

This combo from Plussino is manufactured to be used both in salt or fresh water.
With its collapsible and extendable design, you can carry and store the rod easily and conveniently anywhere you go.
The combo is lightweight, can resist corrosion and rust and it is priced reasonably.

The main disadvantage of this fishing combo is that it does not include a holder for the rod in its package, but it does not affect the overall performance of the rod and spinning reel.

2. Sougayilang Telescopic Fishing Rod Reel Combos Carbon

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Sougayilang Spinning combo is collapsible for ease of storing and travel. Its corrosion free feature is due to the CNC aluminum reel seat elements and three-point fused stainless steel. It can handle up to 10 pounds thanks to its e-glass construction. This fishing combo is ideal for both saltwater and freshwater fishing, as well as for backpackers and campers.

As compared to other fishing rods in the market the Sougayilang Spinning combo has the best sensitivity and return. The Sougayilang fishing rod handle is ergonomic and ceramic guide rings were smooth without noticeable resistance. It has many helpful, good, unique and handy features. Each feature is perfect, efficient and one of a kind. This makes fishing more seamless, enjoyable and delightful as compared in the past.

The rod has balanced grip and has the better elasticity that will help catch any size of fish much easily. For the novice, this will make your fishing experience smoothly without any glitch and you can enjoy the rod to its fullest. It is made of quality carbon fiber which makes it very durable.

The rod appears to be very classy, rich and premium. It is attached to the reel made of an aluminum material that is weather and corrosion resistant. The item is also handy and very handy that you can carry it anywhere you go. It can easily fit your backpack and is very comfortable and easy to use.

The Sougayilang fishing rod is made of carbon fiber and aluminum, making it very durable.
The rod is made of high-quality materials.
You can use it both in fresh water and salt water.
Designed ergonomically with sturdy rod and has silicone guard that protects the distal guide rings and tips while traveling.
The package includes a nylon bag making it very portable.

No major issue that involves, this fishing rod and reel. Some people may think that the price is an issue but with its features, it is still worth it.

3. Plusinno Telescopic Fishing Rod and Reel Combos with Line Lures Hooks Reel

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This Plusinno Telescopic Fishing Rod and Reel combos include one fishing rod, fishing reel, different fishing lures, fishing line, fishing hooks, bag case and other important accessories. The entire kit is designed for beginners, which includes the needed accessories for fishing. You don’t have to buy anything since it is already complete.

The rod has perfect elasticity, with high-density Carbon fiber combined with fiberglass which makes your fishing pole durable and robust. Its hooded reel seat is made of stainless steel with anti-seawater corrosion and has EVA Fore Grip for an easy handle. The rod is portable and has conveniently closed length design that you can carry around. The handle is powerful and can be extended longer.

The telescopic fishing rod has instant anti-reverse. For better strength, it is equipped with a power drive gear. The spool is made of deep aluminum with double color and one line hole. It has a shorter body with bigger spool and bigger line capacity.

The combo is complete that you don’t have to purchase other accessories separately.
You can extend and collapse it easily for easy storage and handling.
Made of high-quality material which makes it very durable and will last longer.
Has a powerful drive gear for better strength.
You can use it both in the sea and fresh water.

No known important issue that can affect its performance during fishing activity

4. Eagle Claw Pack-It Telescopic Spinning Rod

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Eagle Claw Pack-It Travel Pack has a durable fiberglass blank construction which makes them ideal for traveling and for backpacking. These rods are 4 piece models with 5 sections. It measures 17 inches when collapsed. When broken down the spin/fly is around 24 inches and the 6’6” spinning model is around 22 inches.

The rod is yellow in color with maroon guided wrappings. To provide comfort and durability, the handle is made of EVA foam. The spin/fly model handle can be converted easily by pulling it apart and getting rid of the end plug, then flip the handle and place it back together.

5 section telescopic or 4 piece blanks
Black EVA Foam grips
Ceramic guide inserts on telescopic models
Durable fiberglass blank construction
Graphite reel seats
Heavy wire guides
Spinning, spin cast and spin/fly models
Transforming handles on the spin/fly model

There are few instances of getting stuck but not all experience the same.

5. KastKing BlackHawk Telescopic Fishing Rods

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The Kastking Hawk Telescopic fishing rod is made of 24-ton high-density carbon fiber and with E-Glass composite for better power and sensitivity. For better performance it is well-balanced. Ideal gift for anglers.

It is very durable, manufactured using CNC machined aluminum for corrosion resistant and many years of enjoyable fishing. The product includes a one-year recreational fishing warranty. It has stainless steel 3- point welded guides with ceramic inserts for mono or braided fishing line that makes it resistant to saltwater corrosion and power control.

You can carry it anywhere and can fit the car trunk, backpack or boat hatch easily. This telescopic rod enables you to go anywhere you want to fish around. It is available in different sizes and lengths for fresh water bass trout fishing, inshore fishing or saltwater surf fishing.

This telescopic fishing rod is easy to store and very handy when traveling.
Very durable because it is made of high-quality materials.
The E-Glass construction and 24-ton carbon fiber makes it completely corrosion resistant and can lift up to 10 pounds of fish.
Ideal for both sea water and fresh water.
Perfect gift for campers and backpackers.
Reasonably priced.

No known drawback to this product.


​Based on the different features of each product all of them possess the qualities of the best telescopic fishing rod. If you are looking for a complete set so you don’t have to bother buying the other accessories separately it is best to purchase the PLUSINNO Telescopic Fishing Rod and Reel Combos FULL Kit. If you prefer a single telescopic fishing rod then it is best to choose the Eagle Claw Pack-It Travel Pack not for anything else but because of its price. To keep your telescopic fishing rod last longer, follow the guide in maintaining it.

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