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The 14 Best Hvac Tool Bag of January 2023

As an HVAC technician, you know how jobs are never routine, right? You could be doing troubleshooting or repairs on one day and installations on the other. This means routines vary to a great extent. At such times, what you need are all the special tools to be able to complete any given job. And what your tools require is the best HVAC tool bag.

Having to work with electricity, manipulate and attach PVC, cut metal, etc. These are only a part of your tasks that you perform on a daily basis. So it’s your job to carry the right kind of equipment for every service call.

And the thing about HVAC projects is that they cannot be carried out without the use of certain tools. With that in mind, HVAC backpacks and bags are essential to your job. So let’s find out which ones are worth buying.

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Poor quality translates into weak durability. But high quality transforms the whole experience, am I right? In simple words, the picks discussed below have the ability to stand the test of time. These bags can withstand heavy-duty or rough use without showing any signs of wear.

I have also taken factors like flexibility into consideration. Because multiple pockets are as important as having to easily access those tools.

CLC Custom Leathercraft 1539 Multi-Compartment – The Best Durable HVAC Tool Bag

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Upon looking at the CLC Custom Leathercraft 1539, I could only think of one word to describe the tool bag. And that magical word is COMPACT. As an HVAC technician, organizing your tools and accessories is a priority. With that in mind, you’ll love the design of this useful 50-pocket work bag.

To my surprise, the product has the ability to carry numerous large power and hand tools. Thanks to the large compartments in the center. While the outside compartments offer as many as 18 pockets. So as I mentioned earlier, the CLC Custom Leathercraft 1539 provides tons of tool space.

What’s more is that the exterior part contains a huge tape-measure and carabiner clip. Along with seven exterior pockets to make the bag incredibly handy. And with so many tools placed inside the bag, you don’t even need to stress about them spilling out. Thanks to the zipped panels at the side.

And here’s a feature that adds more convenience to the whole experience. The presence of vertical pockets enables you to find that one particular tool you require during emergencies. After all, what’s the point of buying a long-lasting tool bag when it doesn’t offer quick access!

How about the construction of the CLC Custom Leathercraft 1539? The tool bag has a high-quality poly material body. Along with poly ballistic bindings and trim! Such a design makes the bag suitable for daily hassle-free usage.

The only problem with this CLC bag is the heavyweight. So if your work doesn’t demand high capacity, my advice would be to opt for another model. Preferably the next pick!

  • The outer compartments are large enough.
  • The adjustable carry strap is well-padded.
  • The build and quality are exceptional.
  • Not lightweight.
  • With time, the zippers tend to get stuck.


DEWALT DGL573 Lighted Technician’s Tool Bag – The Best Lightweight HVAC Tool Bag

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There aren’t too many heavy-duty tool backpacks/bags that are also light in weight. For this reason, using one feels like a pain. Quite literally!

But you know what; the DEWALT DGL573 Lighted Technician’s Tool Bag doesn’t fall into that category. In fact, you’ll also be quite surprised to know that the pick at hand features an invaluable LED light. So you can always choose to light up the bag, from the inside of course.

The lighting levels offer three different brightness settings. And this LED innovation is well-supported by as many as two AAA batteries.

Now let’s talk about the performance level. This best HVAC tool bag is packed with 13 exterior and 28 interior pockets. So it’s okay for me to state that the product is suitable for professional HVAC workers.

Furthermore, there’s the flexibility factor involved too. What I mean to say is that both sides of the bag have something to offer. One side consists of 2 small slots and a single hook. And the other’s got nothing but slots, which are covered with Velcro pouch.

As is the case with most of the best picks, this one too is equipped with vertically designed pockets. And the outcome is that your precious tools remain in sight at all times.

Now, how about those shoulder straps and handles? All of these are well-padded and adjustable to make movements easier. Because carrying the tool bag to your work site should not be anything but convenient. Wouldn’t you agree?

Did you know that DEWALT tool bags have a heavy-duty foundation? The bottom of every product can withstand rough and daily use. So the base is reliable enough to maintain the security of all your contents. And to me, that sounds like a huge benefit!

The major problem lies with an additional feature, not an essential one. So what I’m about to discuss is not exactly a deal-breaker. The bag’s integrated light tends to drain the battery quickly. So the chances of using it on an everyday basis are unlikely.

  • The addition of LED light adds more convenience.
  • Tough construction with tons of space.
  • The built-in LED exhausts the batteries sooner than you can imagine.

Veto Pro Pac MC Bag – The Best Waterproof HVAC Tool Bag

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The most attractive quality of Veto bags is their waterproof base. And the Veto Pro Pac MC Bag is no exception. The injected molded polypropylene keeps your tools and accessories dry. So you don’t need to think twice before taking them all out under harsh climatic conditions like rain.

I would also like to add another important point here. If what you’re looking for is a lightweight, convenient-to-maintain HVAC backpack, you’re in the right place. Nothing fits the bill better than the Veto Pro Pac MC Bag.

It features a geometric design that offers 20 pockets in total. Also, note that these useful chambers are vertically structured. And they make the task of tool identification easier. So performance-wise, this best HVAC tool bag doesn’t cause any inconvenience during your undertakings.

Another praiseworthy inclusion is the additional compartment. This is for your cordless driver/drill and meters. FYI, the majority of HVAC toolbags don’t offer this kind of an advantage. So now you know who has the upper hand!

What’s that one feature that you can hold in high regard? As a professional technician, it’s the presence of D-rings within the backpack. You get 5 small and 2 large D-rings. And they do an excellent job of meeting all your work demands and needs.

I hate to admit that the Veto Pro Pac MC Bag houses ill-sized pockets. These are not sized properly for everyday, normal tools.

  • The Veto backpack is lightweight and compact.
  • It has a waterproof base to add more durability.
  • Lack of shoulder strap.
  • Size of the pockets is incorrect.

Veto Pro Pac MC

Klein Tools 55456BPL Tradesman Pro Tech Backpack – The Best HVAC Tool Backpack for Professionals

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Do you know why the Klein Tools 55456BPL Tradesman Pro Tech Backpack is crafted for professionals? Well, there are many reasons. So I’m going to talk about each of them at length below.

For one, the product gives you space to even carry a tablet or laptop to your jobsite. Not many backpacks provide that additional compartment. There’s also a separate compartment for cables and adapters. Plus, organizer pockets for phone, pens, and more cables.

In totality, the 25 pockets do an excellent job at giving you access to tons of storage space. On top of that, the interior part of the bag is orange in color. So finding those tools is not only easier but faster too.

As for durability, Klein Tools has equipped the HVAC backpack with a tough, molded bottom. Such a base protects the bag from all kinds of elements. And lastly, the handle and shoulder straps enable easy carrying.

So if you’re a professional HVAC technician, you won’t find anything better than this I bet!

Here’s something you ought to know about the front pocket of the Klein Tools 55456BPL Tradesman Pro Tech Backpack. The hard, molded material used in that particular region offers maximum protection. Especially for items like work safety glasses or other fragile equipment!

The downside that I’m about to discuss is only negligible. And the chances of having to deal with it are unlikely. On a few occasions, it’s the zipper that fails to work properly. It gets stuck and refuses to budge.

  • The straps grip well to the shoulders.
  • Bright orange interior makes finding tools quicker.
  • Suitable for rough and tough use.
  • The zipper is a faulty component.

Tradesman Pro Tech Bags from Klein Tools

CLC Custom Leathercraft 1134 Carpenter’s Tool Backpack – The Best Weatherproof HVAC Tool Bag

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CLC Custom Leathercraft 1134 Carpenter’s Tool Backpack with 44 Pockets and Padded Back Support
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CLC Work Gear impresses us with yet another one of its products. And this time, it’s the CLC Custom Leathercraft 1134 Carpenter’s Tool Backpack. The thing about the best HVAC technician tool backpack is that it can be used in all kinds of weather conditions. So you get a lot more than only storage space.

The anatomically designed equipment offers 2 primary zipped compartments. One of which consists of an organizational setup. This is suitable for your small, handy tools that demand quick accessibility. And the other zipped compartment provides storage space for your cordless drill and batteries.

If it were up to me, I would add the word “convenience” in the product title. That’s because this best HVAC tool bag features compression pockets. These are created to house large work tools or objects. What’s more is the huge pocket at the top exterior section. This one’s strategically placed so as to make packing and retrieving common tools easier.

Now here’s a first. The CLC Custom Leathercraft 1134 Carpenter’s Tool Backpack offers back support. The area is well-padded to keep your spine comfortable despite the heavy load of your tools. And if that wasn’t enough, CLC also added shoulder and chest straps. The former is padded and the latter is tractable.

So the one thing that oozes in abundance from this particular backpack is supreme comfort!

With two carry handles, the CLC Custom Leathercraft 1134 Carpenter’s Tool Backpack is a highly functional product. It offers as many as 48 pockets in total. Plus, the hands-free experience doesn’t interfere when performing tasks like climbing ladders or moving heavy appliances.

If there’s anything the product is lacking, then it’s a solid structure. Due to the absence of such a quality, the bag keeps falling forward when you set it down.

  • The CLC Backpack is weather-tested.
  • It contains enough deep pockets for larger tools.
  • When set on the floor, the bag falls forward.


Carhartt Legacy Tool Bag – The Best HVAC Tool Pouch Bag for Professionals

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The two most common HVAC tool bags are the pouch design and backpack design.I have already listed the best HVAC tool backpack for professionals. So the one at hand is the best pouch version for professional use.

The Carhartt Legacy Tool Bag is compact yet sturdy enough. And the level of convenience it brings into play is simply outstanding. If 16 interior and 28 exterior pockets don’t mean convenience, then what does!

To make things even better, Carharrt decided to include a metal frame. This particular element keeps the bag from collapsing when you leave it on the floor. And that’s a huge advantage given the number of heavy tools you carry.

And what’s the deal with durability? You’ll be quite relieved to know that the material used for construction is of high-quality. In fact, it is also carefully molded and abrasion-resistant. Even the water resistance capacity is up to the mark.

To top it off, the whole thing is light in weight. Surprisingly enough, you don’t need to worry about any details.

There are many features responsible for the success of the Carhartt Legacy Tool Bag. These include rugged handles, triple stitch construction, metal hardware, and abrasion resistance capacity. So when dealing with this pick, expect nothing short of exceptional performance.

On a negative note, the bag rolling over is quite a common occurrence. And the best way to deal with this is to always keep it zipped. This way, the contents don’t spill all over the floor.

  • The Carhartt Bag is constructed with water repellant fabric.
  • The bottom is reinforced and non-skid.
  • It tips over all the time.

7. Husky 12 Inch Contractor’s Multi-Purpose Water-Resistant Tool Bag – The Best Affordable HVAC Tool Bag

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It’s not always necessary to pay more in order to buy the best HVAC tool bag. There are models with a budget-friendly price tag too. In that sense, say hello to the Husky 12 Inch Contractor’s Multi-Purpose Water-Resistant Tool Bag. To be honest, even some of the more expensive versions can’t keep up with this affordable pick.

As a professional technician, you realize how important compactness is, right? If that’s your primary concern, you’ll love the design of Husky bags. The one I’m reviewing consists of a double zipper compartment. This allows storage for all types of tools, including different weights and sizes.

Furthermore, there are 3 external pockets as well. But it’s the water-resistant fabric of the product that steals the show. Nothing sounds more tempting than owning a tool bag that can withstand tough conditions.

And as far as portability goes, the compact size takes care of that department. The Husky Tool Bag is convenient to carry and manage even in tight spots. So I have to admit that affordable picks also don’t fail to surprise you in terms of performance.

This particularHusky bag offers basic features. And these simple features perform so well that they leave no room for error. So you’ll appreciate the dual-zippered primary compartment and water-resistant design.

The main problem lies with those external pockets. They are too small in size. So you can’t really fit anything more than only screwdrivers and some files.

  • The Husky Bag has a weatherproof polyester construction.
  • ​Tough stitching on the handles.
  • Expansive space for interior storage.
  • Exterior pockets are not that big.

DEWALT DGL523 Lighted Tool Backpack – The Best HVAC Tool Bag with LED Light

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DEWALT offers an excellent HVAC tool bag setup with LED light. So that’s the reason why you should opt for the DEWALT DGL523 Lighted Tool Backpack. But that’s not the only reason. There’s a lot more than meets the eye in this case. So let’s find out what it is.

The integrated LED is something that you can use to light your work area or the inside of the bag. As for the comfort factor, I found the back section to be well padded. Even those shoulder straps and carry handles have enough padding in them.

On top of that, another praiseworthy inclusion is the abrasion-resistant bottom. It goes a long way in improving the shelf life of this best HVAC tool bag.

Now, what about storage? You get 48 pockets to keep your tools organized. And each pocket offers enough space. So you can reach those tools without any inconvenience. Plus, the zippers installed across the DEWALT backpack enable a broad open space.

Even the front pouch has a zipper to provide ready, quick access to your handy tools. Now you know why this DEWALT creation is ranked as the best HVAC tool bag!

In my opinion, the part that you may value the most is the size of the interior pockets. They bring lots of organization into the picture. So you can place all types of accessories, parts, and tools in there. And that too without any worries!

The only major discouraging aspect of DEWALT bags is that they’re not lightweight. This particular flaw makes them even heavier after tool storage.

  • The build of the DEWALT Backpack is quite tough.
  • Well-padded back, handles, and shoulder straps.
  • The useful LED light is super bright.
  • The heavyweight is a serious concern.
  • The straps lack strength.


Veto Pro Pac TECH PAC Service Technician Bag – The Best Non-Tipping HVAC Tool Bag

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If your job requires you to climb ladders and walk for long distances daily, then you need the most comfortable gear. With that in mind, I can think of nothing better than the Veto Pro Pac TECH PAC Service Technician Bag. This best HVAC tool bag is specifically designed for professionals.

The heavy-duty design, molded and injected waterproof base and unique center panel are top-notch features. These are responsible for encouraging the bag to perform well. You get an astounding number of 56 pockets. And not just that, this best HVAC tool bag offers ample of space. And this is useful for storing hand tools as well as bulkier items. (How to organize tools)

As a consumer, usability is a crucial factor. I understand that. And so does the brand, Veto. For this reason, they chose to equip the product with the Quick Release style handle. This particular element makes accessing the larger compartment easier. It also contributes to reducing excessive strain falling on your shoulders.

What’s more is the EVA padded panel in the back region. Such a structure cushions the load. In fact, I found it to be incredibly useful in providing structural stability as well. So trust me when I say this, the Veto Pro Pac TECH PAC Service Technician Bag’s got whatever it takes to not let you down.

Maximum stability comes in the form of a single unique feature. And it’s none other than the structured center panel. This design offers meter and main tool storage options on both the side centers. So backpack stability is not a cause for concern at all.

My only complaint is this. The Veto Pro Pac TECH PAC Service Technician Bag has a few useless pockets. It means that they’re too small to store even common items.

  • The strap system contains an excellent rubber grip.
  • The Veto Bag is weatherproof.
  • Not all pockets are sized properly.

VETO RO PAC TECH PAC- Backpack Tool Bag for Service Techs

CLC Custom Leathercraft 1528 22 Pocket Large Electrical and Maintenance Tool Carrier – The Best Versatile HVAC Tool Bag

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Safe and convenient storage comes in the form of maximum versatility. Storing and carrying maintenance and electrical tools/instruments don’t have to be difficult tasks. And the proof of that is the CLC Custom Leathercraft 1528 22 Pocket Tool Carrier.

This best HVAC tool bag offers 22 pockets. And both the exterior and interior ones allow you to store tools in the most efficient manner. They are designed keeping your needs and requirements in mind.

Why do you think I decided to list another CLC model, and that too as my bonus pick? This particular gear is packed with a useful multi-compartmentalized tray. And what it does is allow neat placement of the tiniest accessories. So they don’t slide into the bottom of the carrier.

Also, note that the back section features comfortable padding. This is also a part of the handle and shoulder strap. The latter, in particular, is nothing but practical. Thanks to the maximum adjustability of the thing.

In all, the CLC Custom Leathercraft 1528 22 Pocket Tool Carrier allows you to store and carry large tools. Something that you wouldn’t have been able to do without those huge divided pockets!

So when I tell you that the bag won’t tip over, would you believe me? Well, I think you should. And why is that? It’s because of the box shape of the tool bag.

Here’s the drawback. The two steel reinforcements of the handle are susceptible to puncturing. Sounds disappointing, doesn’t it?

  • The pockets come in multiple sizes.
  • High-quality, heavy-duty construction.
  • Padding is only minimal.
  • The steel reinforcements are prone to damage.

Bottom Line

My Choice: CLC Custom Leathercraft 1134 Carpenter’s Tool Backpack

With as many as 3 different CLC Work Gear options reviewed, it’s not a surprise that the winner is one of them. And it’s the CLC Custom Leathercraft 1134 Carpenter’s Tool Backpack.

The gear contains 2 zippered compartments. One of which is for your batteries and the cordless drill. And the other stores all your handy tools. And here’s the best part. The pockets are adjustable to accommodate bulky items.

Shoulder straps and the back section are optimally padded. The former, in particular, also features a chest strap. This, just like the shoulder strap, is adjustable. And as for the pockets, 48 is not a bad number.

Even if you don’t like this pick, you have nine other high-quality tool bags to choose from. Spoiled for choice, aren’t we!

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