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The Best Braided Fishing Line For Fun Fishing

As an adventurous angler, you need the best-braided fishing line to make your day successful. There two things that you need to focus on to find a good fishing line – features and purpose. Each braided fishing line has its unique features and each angler has their own preference. For those who are confused as to what type of braided fishing line to choose, this guide will help you decide.

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Braided Fishing Line for Various Types of Fishing Area

The Braided line was one of the oldest types of fishing line in the market, but its popularity continuous. Some of its best features include having high knot strength, impressive overall power when it comes to its diameter and lack of stretch.

Most of the braided lines are made of natural fibers like linen and cotton. But this has been replaced with woven or braided fibers of man-made materials such as Spectra, micro-dyneema or Dacron into a strand of line.

This type of line can resist abrasion, which is a vital feature when fishing on rocky terrains, where pointed objects can cut the fishing lines easily. Its breaking strength can surpass the fishing line’s pound-test rating.

If you have plans to go on deep sea fishing, using braided fishing line is a good idea. This type of fishing line usually has 1/3 to ¼ diameters of fluorocarbon or mono lines at a given test breaking strength. This keeps it longer on a spool for the same strength. Also, braided fishing lines resist sea currents less.

Braid Fishing Line

Tips on Using Braided Fishing Line

This type of fishing line with thinner diameter provides more advantages, particularly when fishing at a deeper area. The knot is, however difficult, to tie. If you are in a situation where slack is formed, the line can return to the reel on its own and wrap tightly around the rod’s rides and guides. In making a knot, it is important to know which knot works better. For dirty water, the Palomar knot is suggested or if you are fishing on the heavy cover. You can also use the Palomar knot when the line is new. When using the braided fishing line you can reduce snags. You need to pull the line fast when catching a fish before it has tightened up in a knot.

Important Features to Consider When Choosing a Braided Fishing Line

Choosing the right brand of braided fishing line is a daunting task. To make the selection process easier here are some of the vital features that you need to consider.

  • Real World Tests – choose the one that performs well both on freshwater and saltwater.
  • Casting – your fishing line should have an increased casting distance.
  • Strength and Durability – choose the one that is strong and provide a considerable length of service that is worth your money. It should not break easily when making a knot.
  • Resist abrasion – it should withstand oil and reefs. Normally, it is thin in diameter.
  • Fighting skills – a quality fishing line can pass through any shrub in water. The line should not stretch and can remove the fish fast from the water.
  • Sensitivity – it has zero stretches and transmits information well from your lure.
  • Color – choose a bright color that fishes find it attractive. Yellow is the recommended color.

Benefits of Using Braided Fishing Line

Braided fishing line these days are made of tougher synthetic material unlike before where lines were made of Dacron only. The latest braided lines offer durability and strength which makes casting simpler and with less stretch.

This type of fishing line works well with spinning rods and because it is made of tougher material it is hard to break when snagged. Because of this, you can retrieve your expensive lures easily. The braided lines will have no issues when in heavy cover while flipping or casting. You can retrieve your catch without worrying about losing it or having the line break.

This type of fishing line is recommended for bass fishing and when fishing in thickly weeded areas. If braided lines are spooled properly and well-maintained, they can last longer.

Top 3 Best Braided Fishing Line Review

1. Piscifun Braided Fishing Line

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Piscifun Braided fishing line is available in different colors to match any type of water or fishing conditions. The product has tensile strength from ten pounds to one hundred fifty pounds. Users will have the best line for any fishing condition. Piscifun ten to fifty pounds is made of four strands of ultra-high-molecular-weight polyethylene fibers.

The 65 to 150 pounds higher tensile strength has eight strong strands for smoother power. As compared to other braided fishing line, Piscifun 8-strand line is wrapped tighter for a lesser profile that will lead to better casting and stronger knot. The Piscifun braid will not cost you that much. It offers quality fishing line at fraction of the price as compared to other brands.

It has thin diameter, thus you can put more line on your spool
It is very strong and is ideal for hook sets
Resist abrasion perfect for flipping and pitching heavy cover
Less memory for easy handling
Requires less re-spooling
Low stretch
Very sensitive, you can feel what’s happening at the end of the line

Not recommended for bass fishing as they can easily detect it.
If not used properly the low stretch can damage the rod and reel.
Knot might slip.

2. KastKing SuperPower Braided Fishing Line

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This Kastking SuperPower Braided line is extraordinary. It is designed to improve casting distance and durability. There is no need for you to worry about break-offs or fraying. Made of ultra-high molecular weight polyethylene braid fiber that is very durable.

The material is used in making bullet proof vests. The test strength ranges from 10 to 150 lb tests. This braided line is available in various fade resisting colors like green, blue, white, yellow, grey, multicolor and pink. It is made with four high strength strands.

The higher tensile strength of 65 to 150 has eight stronger strands for smoother power. Kastking eight strand lines is covered tighter as compared to other line for a smaller profile that resulted in stronger knot and better casting. You can use the line both for saltwater or freshwater, ice fishing, bass fishing, surf fishing or trout fishing.

Casts excellently, works best and goes well on the reel.
It does not fray and the knots hold well.
Still very efficient even after using it for years and can still cast well after numerous snags without failure.
You can use it practically in any type of fishing condition.
Available in different colors.

Sometimes line break under load conditions
The color may fade and some has problem with thickness.

3. KastKing Fortis Braided Fishing Lines

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Kastking Fortis is the improved braided fishing line that eliminates the problem with color fading that has been a common problem to many fishing lines. It is tougher because it is made with high-quality polyethylene fiber that is also used on making protective gear and body armor.

Line reliability has been protected and there is no need to use a fluorocarbon leader. It can withstand extreme conditions that can resist abrasion and does not create noise on the guides. This is recommended for extreme fishing under worst conditions.

Very low memory for easy to cast
Amazing abrasion resistance as well as the knot strength
Round and smooth design helps in increasing the cast distance and total fishability.
Small diameter to test LB ratio
No stretch makes a line with better sensitivity that provides rock solid hooksets.

Some users experience strength issues that break when snagged. This problem is common to most of Kastking fishing line products.
Tangles easily, new users and novice fisher will have difficulties using it.
When used in saltwater the color still fades and frays easily after several uses.

Final Verdict

The three products mentioned above possess all the features that most anglers are looking for the braided fishing line. However, there is one that stood up and exceeded their expectations. Kastking SuperPower Line is definitely the best-braided fishing line among the three.

The line can cast the farthest and it is without memory and with greater sensitivity. Its castability is high and the 8 strand braids are better and stronger as compared to others. This type of fishing line can make the fishing experience for professional and novice enjoyable.

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