Valuable Information to Help You Choose the Best Fishing Line for Spinning Reels


One of the most versatile and popular types of fishing reels is the spinning reels. It is also considered as one of the easiest types of fishing reels to handle. You can use the spinning reels on any variety of species. But what is the best fishing line for spinning reel anglers?

Types of Fishing Line for Spinning Reels​

There is no doubt, choosing the right fishing line is critical for a successful fisherman. This is particularly true when fishing using spinning reels. If you choose the incorrect fishing line it could cost you some fish as well as some of your precious time in the boat.


This is used by many fishermen because they think it is the most balanced type of fishing line. Monofilament has more movement as compared to others with its stretch characteristics. It has light line applications. The stretching can improve the fight with a fish. However, it requires you to adjust the drag frequently to prevent the line from damaging.

​Monofilament is the cheapest type of fishing line available in the market, which makes it the best choice for anglers and beginners on a budget. Also, you can purchase this line in clear color so fish can barely notice it. It is one feature that makes it popular.

​The biggest drawback for this type of fishing line is that it has the tendency to tangle or empty the spool prematurely, which gives a spinning angler a hard time. Be very cautious on the rate of your pound test and make sure to match it with the monofilament you choose. Or else, you could be spending a lot of time dealing with the issues instead of fishing.

​Another drawback is that you need to replace it more often because of its elasticity. Stretching, fraying, and regular stress can wear down the line faster, so it is best that you check your line before you go to your favorite fishing area. Monofilament is the recommended type if you want some action on your line and willing to give up line memory and longevity. (


​This is a new type of fishing line available in the market today. Fluorocarbon is a special compound that adds clarity and durability to the fishing line. The chemical makes the line very smooth but incredibly durable. This type of fishing line is highly resistant to abrasions.

​The compound provides the angler durability not present in the mono line. The fluorocarbon gets a higher rate at pound test as retaining a small diameter. It is almost invisible in water. It can refract light much better as compared to mono lines. Once submerged in water, the light passes through the line making it almost invisible. As compared to mono, this is much better as a leader line.

​The only drawback for this type of fishing line is its memory. It has the worse memory as compared to mono, which means it remains on a particular shape longer and barely loosens when being spooled to a reel. You will encounter line issues when spooling. If you are on a tight budget, this is not a good choice since it is more expensive than mono.


​Braided fishing line is stronger as compared to the mono line with the same diameter. If you prefer light action, you can opt to a small pound test in braided and have a very thin diameter line it can get through the water easily and help it sink faster. If you prefer a heavy pound test, you can do so without the need of upgrading reels. For a spinning reel, memory is the common issue with the fishing line.

​As compared to other lines, braided has the least amount of memory, which means you can expect an almost flat, smooth line after a few casts. It lessens the spooling problems thus it requires less maintenance while fishing. As compared to other fishing lines, braided can last longer on the reel. It is rot resistant, abrasion resistant, and UV resistant. If you want something with added sensitivity, choose the braided line. It does not have stretch which means you can feel even the slightest move from a fish.

​The main drawback of this type of line is its visibility in the water. It is not at all transparent, thus you will have a hard time catching a fish. You can combine a solid braided line with a good fluorocarbon leader. The addition of leader is another breakpoint in the line making fighting a fish a little bit harder.

​If you choose braided and you are not good with tying line-to-line knots or swivels, you should practice now. A quality braided fishing line possess all the good characteristics long lasting, super thin, super strong, and shortest memory line to the spool. (

​Top 5 Best Fishing Line for Spinning Reels

​Choosing the best fishing line for spinning reels is important to be a successful fisherman. If you pick the wrong one it could not only cost you some fish, but you will be wasting your precious time in the boat as well.

1. ​Kastking Super Braided Fishing Line

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This product consists of good quality Ultra High Molecular Polyethylene fiber. This is the same material used in manufacturing the bulletproof vests and protective gear. Kastking Fishing Line has impressive abrasion resistance because of wax free treatment. This makes sure that the line will function smoothly through guides. The lure action will likewise improve.

These fishing lines are designed to boost casting durability and distance. Thus there is no need for you to worry about break-offs or fraying. The test strength ranges from 10 to 150 pound test and is available in different colors like grey, blue, yellow, green, pink, multicolor and white. It is made of 4 high strength strands. On the other hand the higher stencil strength is 65 pound to 150 pound with eight strong strands for smooth function.

For superior throwing and knot strength the 8-strand line is covered tighter as compared to other brand with smaller profile. This item does not cost that much but it does not compromise its quality.

Greater abrasion resistance
Low memory
Smaller diameter
Strong knot strength
Ultra-high sensitivity and zero stretch

Visible in clear water


2. ​Power Pro Spectra Fiber Braided Fishing Line

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At present, the anglers are more aware as compared before. The fact that most of the bodies of water are becoming clearer is precisely why PowerPro has manufactured Microline. With its thin diameter the lures can move more in the water and the preferred presentation that most anglers wanted to have. Its three end braided construction and almost zero stretch which makes it as the most sensitive line as compared to others. Whether you fish for Trout, Bass, Walleye, or Panfish, this fishing line which change the way you think about fishing.

Ultra-strong braided Spectra Fiber
Treated with Enhanced Body Technology for incredible round and sensitive line
Varying Diameters (0.005inch – 0.035inch)
Varying Lengths (150-3000 yards)

Visible in clear water

3. ​Stren High Impact Monofilament Fishing Line

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The Stren High Impact monofilament fishing line is very resistant to shock in case of hard-hitting species. This mono line is very durable and is perfect for saltwater bay and coastal fishing to blue water. With an amazing combination of durability, impact resistance and strength, it provides the type of performance that serious offshore and coastal anglers demand on their spinning, trolling and casting reels

Saltwater Tough For All Coastal And Offshore Fishing
Shock Resistant For Fighting Line-Punishing Gamefish

You need to replace it more often because of elasticity concern.
It gets tangle easily and empty the spool prematurely.

4. ​Berkley Trilene Big Game Monofilament Custom Spool

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One of the best features of Berkley Trilene Monofilament Spool is its durability. It does not break easily, thus you will not lose your big catch. It is corrosion and abrasion resistant. It resists line twists that are normally experienced when fishing with spinning reels. Another impressive characteristic of this fishing line is its sensitivity. You will find this line very sensitive to bites, but you will feel exactly what your fishing lure is doing underwater.

Easily handles large fishes from 10lbs to 60lbs
Never snaps, rarely needs changing
Quality line at an affordable price
Recommended low-visibility line
Very tough, ultra-strong line

No known drawback.

5. ​Kastking Fluorocarbon Kote Fishing Line

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This fluorokote fishing line is a combination of Kastking Copolymer and 100% fluorocarbon coating that makes it invisible when underneath the water. It likewise has low memory and the copolymer has superior castability. It sinks eaily with low absorption. The Kastking Fluorokote line has low stretch thus the best alternative for mono line.

Invisible when used in clear water particularly when dealing with intelligent fish.
Dense and sinks quickly help get the bait to the bottom.
Ideal for instantaneous hook sets since it does not stretch.
It is superior in abrasion-resistance as compared to other fishing lines.
With built-in resistance to elemental factors like chemicals and sunlight, thus it does not break down easily as compared to braided or monofilament.

Not recommended for top-water lures.
This fishing line is slippery and the knots can become loose easily.

The Verdict

So, which is the best fishing line for spinning reels? Well, it all depends on your fishing needs. Among the three types of fishing line, braided was considered as the best since it possesses all the good qualities of line like long lasting, super thin, super strong, and shortest memory line to the spool. Thus, we recommend the Kastking Super Braided Fishing Line as it has all the qualities a good fishing line should have. The Kastking Flourokote is also a good choice because of its capability to become invisible when submerged in water.

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