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What to Look For When Choosing the Best Fishing Pliers

One of the most important tools that you should not forget if you go fishing is your pliers. Your fishing adventure can be easily ruined if it is time for you to reel the fish and remove the hook or cut the line off and you don’t have the tool with you. In case you still don’t have the tool, here are tips on what to look for when choosing the best fishing pliers.

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Criteria in Choosing a Fishing Plier


​It is important that you choose fishing pliers made of a high quality material that does not rust or corrode due to water salt content. Pliers made of stainless steel and aluminum is a good choice. These materials are both very durable and heavy duty metals that can withstand the damaging effect of the salty water, thus it will last longer. Also, since you need to deal with rigid, tough fishing lines, the plier you need should have the capability to cut the line with ease, otherwise there is a tendency that you might hurt yourself.

​When choosing, you should not focus on the price for most of the high priced pliers are the one that is made of good quality material. (

​Spring Loaded Handles

​Adjusting and readjusting your grip can tire out your hands. To avoid tiring out your hands the spring loaded handles is an important feature. For the smooth and fluent motion of the plier, the quality of springs is important. This provides ease and comfort when in use to the angler.

​Cheap fishing pliers are hard to handle, so make sure that you choose the one that is easy to work with regardless how much it is. Generally, the bigger the size of the spring, the easier it would be to handle. Also, another advantage of the spring loaded hinge is that it makes the handle return to its open position, which means that all you need to do is to press them together without thinking of prying them open since it is done automatically for you. (


There are lots of big old item that is heavy and difficult to carry. Since most of the fishing pliers are made of metal, you can expect them to be hefty, but there are lots of them in the market that are so lightweight because of technology and its design. You can actually use only one hand to handle it, it is important that the pliers will not weigh you down.

Convenience is one of the reasons why you should choose for the best quality pliers. Likewise, choose the one with a clip or strap that you can attach to your fishing pouch or belt since you will need to remove hooks or cut off lines. Thus, you need to carry them every time you go fishing. (


Since a good quality plier may cost you a lot choose the one with a warranty. In case the item is damaged upon opening the package or some of the parts need to be fixed, you can bring it to the repair shop using the warranty so you don’t have to pay for it.

If the item does not offer a warranty but it has a money back guarantee, you can still consider it. You can test the item for a few weeks and if it is not what you expected, you can return it easily.

Other Features

To attract customers to purchase their products, manufacturers add extra features which are beneficial for both the parties. So, before you pay for the item check out first which item have extra features that will benefit you. Make sure that the fishing pliers that you will choose are the one that distinguishes that item from the rest. Otherwise, they would all be the same.

Top 4 Best Fishing Pliers

We have chosen four of the best fishing pliers available in the market to review to help the readers decide which the right product is for you. The items are described based on the criteria mentioned above.

1. Cyber Monday Bite Aluminum Saltwater Fishing Pliers

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As the name implies these pliers are made from aluminum alloy and is subjected to heat for maximum force and rigidity. The Cyber Monday has replaceable, very sharp tungsten carbide cutters. The grips molded into the handles are smooth, which can help in improving alleviation and handling of the tool. It also has replaceable black stainless-steel jaws. To replace it, simply loosen the small screws. The fishing pliers are available in 6.5” blue and in 7.5” crimson. If you fish with treble hooks choose the 6.5” type since it has a cup up ring nose.

100% corrosion resistant.
It is easy to use for minimizing the strongest braided traces.
It has a good quality rubber inserts grip helpful during extreme circumstances.
The two metal grips resist exactly and there is no shaking in the grip.
Strong packaging 5-year warranty.

The tool cannot pinch anything thinner than the fingernail.
The carabiner clip and lanyard are substandard.

2. Piscifun Aluminum Fishing Pliers

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The Piscifun fishing pliers have the most amazing specs you will find in a pair of fishing pliers. You can use them both in saltwater and in freshwater. It has impressive built that are comfy and lightweight. The pliers are available in 6.7” and have titanium stainless steel aluminum jaws. This plier is easy to handle because it is made from aluminum but it remains resistant to corrosion. It is also suitable even for smaller fishes, 25lbs and below.

The cutter works perfectly, better than other pliers, and its mono, fluorocarbon, and the braided line can be handled conveniently. The item is also available in wide variety of colors. It is also ideal as a gift item. You can simply ask their favorite color. Replacing the hooks is easy because it has split ring opener.

Anodized aircraft-grade aluminum
Entails woven nylon belt holster
Ergonomic grip
Replaceable titanium coated tungsten carbide cutters
Titanium-lined stainless-steel jaws

High priced
Line cutter is a little bit bulky
Sheath appears reasonably low rate

3. Booms Stainless Steel Fishing H1 Fishing Pliers

Check Price on Amazon

Booms Fishing X1 Pliers is one of the most popular fishing pliers that you can find on the market today. The manufacturer of this product has created a solid item. The pliers are made from aluminum body that measures 7.7” and weighs 6 oz. The tool has powerful Tungsten steel tips with crimper and split ring opener. The package also includes a pouch and lanyard. Just like other pliers, it is available in different colors.

The company offers a lifetime guarantee, with 100% money back in case of non-artificial damage. It is one of the rare fishing pliers that offer a lifetime guarantee. Having a lifetime warranty means that you are buying a good quality product. This is surely a pair of fishing pliers that should be in your backpack.

Easy-to-carry 6.3” long with an automatic open spring for one hand operation
Its ABS plastic handle is very convenient and comfortable to hold.
Very durable since it is made from 420 stainless steel.
Very convenient for fishermen as it includes a belt holder sheath for storage and for safety handling.

No known drawback for this item.

4. Freehawk Multi-Function Fishing Pliers

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These multi-function fishing pliers offer great value for your money. Even if it is less expensive it can still function the way a high-quality fishing pliers do. It also has added features that can prove show useful it is. One of its popular features is its size. It is only around 6.5”. The item is very durable and compact, in spite the fact that it is less expensive as compared to others.

There is nothing special with its ergonomic handles but it still provides a better hold. Since this tool is made of steel, it is normally heavier than others but others don’t mind it at all. These fishing pliers are worth the money you spend on it.

Twisted nose stainless steel pincers for ease of snare removal
Low cost
Cutters function well for interlaced line
With two little edges

Cutting edges are not well honed
Some user complaint about the pincers being somewhat small

The Verdict

Based on the above description of the products mentioned, we strongly recommend Cyber Monday Bite fishing Pliers. It is made from an alloy that can resist corrosion. The tungsten carbide cutter is very sharp. It is lightweight and very easy to handle and it also offers a 5 – year warranty. Cyber Monday Bite definitely is the best fishing pliers among the four.

​The least product that we recommend is the Freehawk Multifunction Pliers. They still possess some of the criteria of good pliers but it is not as good as the others. Hope this review can help you decide in choosing the right fishing pliers.

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