Here Are the Best Fly Fishing Waders of 2021

best fly fishing waders

Whether you are starting out in fly fishing now or you are an experienced angler, you need to have quality equipment available at all times. The best fly fishing waders as of 2021 should be a decent place to start.

Why would you need waders?

Because of the fact that fly fishing can take place in such varying locations, there are many different opinions on proper equipment. For instance, waders are traditionally worn either in colder seasons or by those who are fly fishing in cold waters.

However, that is mostly because older wader technology was not very well-suited to warmer temperatures. Those waders were mostly made out of plastic and non-breathable materials which meant that they were very uncomfortable to wear in such circumstances.

Modern wader technology has changed dramatically. Waders now use material which is much more comfortable for the wearer. This is particularly true for those who are willing to invest in some quality equipment and not their cheaper equivalents.

The main concern with waders should be the fit and the type of material that they use. You will also find that many have additional properties such as extra pockets, for example. The color is also entirely up to you so you might wish to consider various options available before committing to a purchase.

Thick vs light waders

Today, most of the thicker waders are made out of neoprene. Their insulating properties are perfect for colder temperatures and they can vary in thickness from 3mm to 5mm. The thicker the material, the less likely you are to use these in warmer weather or water.

While they can certainly keep you extremely warm, they can also be very uncomfortable as they can be on the heavier side. Today, they are only used in specific circumstances where extreme temperatures do not allow for much choice on the matter.

Breathable waders, in contrast, are made out of a wide range of materials. They are often incredibly comfortable and have the exact same qualities as their thicker relatives. The difference is that you will be able to use them in much more diverse temperature conditions.

Unless you are planning on fishing in very cold waters, breathable waders are most likely the way to go. They are more comfortable, can keep you as dry as neoprene waders, and are also more environmentally friendly.

Potential benefits and risks

Anyone who has gone fly fishing should be able to come up with a lot of different pros and cons in regards to waders. First and foremost, they can be absolutely essential for those who are sensitive to cold temperatures. After all, fly fishing can be a strenuous exercise when you are entrenched deep in cold water.

Immersing one’s feet in the water for a long time is not a healthy exercise. When you include additional hazards such as extreme temperatures, you run into additional risks too. Waders are a simple but very effective solution to that and many more problems as we will discuss further on.

Another thing you will want to take into consideration is the depth of water you will be fly fishing at. Those who frequently fish in shallow waters may simply want to invest in wetsuit boots, example, which can also be used to keep your feet warm.

In contrast, those who fly fish in deeper waters should certainly consider investing in waders instead. Protecting your body from the chest down is surely worth the investment. After all, serious anglers will probably spend quite a few hours and being wet for the entire duration can be extremely uncomfortable.

For some anglers, wearing a wader is not even a choice but a necessity. Those who traverse waters with hazards such as poison ivy, for instance, should never risk going into the water without proper equipment.

While they are generally safe, waders require a certain level of caution. Heavy waders, for instance, can be potentially lethal if proper care is not taken. The belt and harness should always be properly attached and the waders should be inspected every single time before use.

Failure to do so can have catastrophic consequences. If the belt is not tied up correctly or the waders have a sizable hole in them, water can quickly fill in. Unless you react very quickly and without panicking, the waders might actually bring you underwater rapidly.

Some of the best fly fishing waders of 2021

1. Redington Crosswater Wader

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Starting off our list we have a very simple but effective wader. Redington is well-known for its quality products and this one is not different at all.

Made out of breathable material, which means that you can use them in many weather conditions, particularly in warmer temperatures.
Much lighter than their usual counterparts.
Includes high density neoprene booties which can even be worn on their own for light work as you might want to wear the waders outside of fly fishing activities.
Very comfortable to wear and set up as the opposing buckles make everything easier.
The chest pocket is quite decent and barely visible. It is very easy to get things in and out which is an absolute must while you are fly fishing.

Wader boots are not included so you will have to buy them separately.
You will not be able to use them in colder weather conditions. At best, you could use them in cool weather but anything colder than that will be very uncomfortable.
Their build quality makes them a bit fragile so you will have to be careful while using them, otherwise you risk leaks.

2. Adamsbuilt Truckee River Wader

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The Truckee River Wader is a surprise by Adamsbuilt as it has a lot of features that you would expect to find from much more expensive brands.

Made out of a high-grade breathable membrane which makes them ideal for warm waters.
A ton of extras including reinforced knees and seat, attached gravel guards, line hand-warmer pockets, top drawcord, inside accessory pocket.
Includes quick-release belt and easily adjustable suspenders.
Feels like a premium product despite the mid-range price.
Very lightweight despite the extra bells and whistles.

If you don’t take good care of them, they will most certainly have holes in them soon.
While the build quality is good, they can be flimsy so extra care is required to avoid leaks.

3. Orvis Men’s Encounter Wader

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You cannot go really go wrong with Orvis and this wader is no different

Very comfortable and breathable with durable polyester and a unique technology to keep water out.
Stockings are double-taped glued and stitched so no water will make its way to your feet.
Includes double knees, double seat, adjustable suspenders, breathable gravel guards, and dual pockets with plenty of room.
Fantastic build quality which makes them very durable and solid.

Finding the right size can be extremely difficult because these waders are far larger than usual.
If you are not planning on adding more layers underneath, they can be a bit uncomfortable as they might not fit properly.

4. Webetop Men’s PVC Fly Fishing Chest Water

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Another surprise, this time by Webetop. These are, in fact, some of the most stylish waders you could possibly hope to find.

Unique design which makes them suitable for people of all ages, extremely useful if you are considering them for a gift.
Includes fixed back shoulder strap and a handy pocket though it could use a bit more room.
Includes boots which are actually anti-skid and anti-slip due to the thermoplastic elastometer.
They look and feel very light despite the fact that they are perfectly waterproof.

Using them in anything other than very warm weather would not suffice.
Do not include almost any extras.

5. Hodgman Mackenzie Cleated Nylon/PVC Boot-foot Chest Waders

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The best cold-weather entry, these are some surprisingly quality waders considering the extremely low price.

Much lighter than neoprene and rubber waders.
Includes PVC boots which are very durable.
Very comfortable and they allow for flexible movements which might come as a surprise to wearers of neoprene waders.

You will most likely need to buy a separate wader belt, particularly if you are planning on fly fishing in deep waters.
While durable, the boots can be somewhat uncomfortable.


Though we took a look at some great products, the biggest surprise here were the Adamsbuilt Truckee River waders. Not only are these premium-looking waders considerably cheaper than other brands but they also include more features and extra accessories than you might expect.

These are the best fly fishing waders for warm weather, particularly at this price point. You will be hard-pressed to find a better equivalent without paying hundreds more.

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