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Interesting and Helpful Facts about the Best Polarized Sunglasses for Fishing

Finding the right pair of sunglasses for fishing is important. You need to choose the pair that is compatible with the type of fishing you will be having and your surroundings. Most manufacturers include different features to help you in your fishing adventures. You need to consider several features before making a decision which of the best polarized sunglasses for fishing to choose.

​Polarized sunglasses for fishing are the most popular choice. One reason is its all-around useful feature. It does not matter your purpose of wearing the sunglasses is. This type of fishing sunglasses can help prevent strain and damage in the eyes. They lower the reflected light by 98%, ultimately lessening glare. It improves overall clarity, allowing anglers to view the water accurately.

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​Benefits of Using Polarized Sunglasses for Fishing

This type of glasses is uniquely designed to lessen the glare typically designed on water, snowy or glass surfaces. There are several benefits in using polarized glasses including:


Driving to your fishing destination at 6 am sunrise could be an uncomfortable ride. However, you can make it more enjoyable with a pair of polarized lens. Rather than adjusting the visor on your car so you can have a clear view of the road, you can just put on your polarized glasses, and you are ready to go. Using this type of glasses can help reduce eyestrain.


Your vision is dramatically improved when trying to check into water or down on ground surfaces. Glare can significantly affect your eyesight not only during sunny days but also during partly cloudy days. Polarized sunglasses can help reduce glare that can damage your vision. Your vision becomes clearer as you check out the school of fish. Having a good view will make your fishing adventure a fulfilling event.


The color does not refer to the color of the frames, but the color that you see through each lens. Try to observe, wear a regular sunglass then remove it, notice the change in intensity? It means that if you put on the accessory, you will not see things as clear as possible.

Maybe the colors around were pale that they become dull. In polarized lenses, you can see the objects around you as clear as possible as if you are not wearing a pair of shades. The colors are vibrant and real. The glasses will help you spot your next catch quickly.

Fishing Environment

Your fishing environment is one of the important factors you need to consider, particularly if you will spend your days fishing offshore choose a gray base lens. The recommended colors are Amber, copper or rose lenses with green mirror for inshore and freshwater fishing.

Top 4 Best Polarized Sunglasses for Fishing

1. Flying Fisherman San Jose Polarized Sunglasses

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The Flying Fisherman San Jose fishing glasses has polarized premium triacetate lenses. The lenses are designed to resist impact thus you don’t have to worry if you drop it. The lens will not quickly develop scratches thanks to its modern hard coating. This type of polarized glasses gives you a comfortable feeling and carries a classic fashionable design.

It has a metal frame with spring loaded hinges that prevent stretching. To prevent the sunglasses from slipping off your face, it has soft rubber pads. It blocks glare. Thus your eyes are protected from the harmful UVB and UVA rays. This fishing sunglass can reduce eye fatigue when fishing.

It has an excellent Accu-Tint Lens Coloring system that provides additional color contrast without the bothersome distortion of natural colors to help you see clearly. The Flying Fisherman is available in amber or smoke lenses. You can choose from nickel, copper or silver metal frames. It is made from high-quality materials and has passed the durability test to ensure they can compete with expensive eyewear in quality and performance.

It last longer because of its premium Triacetate polarized lenses which are very durable.
This fishing sunglass is lightweight, which makes them comfortable to wear during sunny days when the glare of the sun makes it hard for you to spot the fish in the water.
Your eyes are 100% protected against UV rays.
You can view everything around you clearly while wearing these fishing sunglasses. Thus you will not have any difficulties catching your target.
It does not cost that much, but it provides the feel of an expensive brand of eyewear, which makes it perfect for anglers who would prefer to spend more on their fishing equipment than on fishing apparel.

The nose pieces may leave indentations, but it is no big deal for some.

2. Costa Del Mar Fantail Fishing Sunglasses

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Costa Del Mar Fantail Sunglasses are available in either polycarbonate (580P) or glass (580G). The 580 G is scratch resistant and offer the clearest optics. The 580P lenses are more lightweight and provide impact resistance. Its LightWave glass provides 100% protection against UV and 100% polarization and is 22% lighter and 20% thinner as compared to regular polarized glass.

The primary feature of Costa is that it gets rid of almost all glares from yellow light which is usually hard on your eyes. Costa Del Mar enhances the green, blue and red light to provide better colors and contrast, as it blocks the yellow light. Also, the lenses have a water-repellent coating and an anti-reflective coating that will benefit you a lot when you are out on the water. The 580 lenses are available in Gray, blue mirror, green mirror, amber, copper, and silver mirror lenses.

You can choose from different frame design like the square design with large/medium fit. It also has co-injected nylon frame for optimum durability, and it can survive prolonged use in outdoor conditions. The integral stainless steel hinges resist corrosion and maintain its shape. Its wire core temples provide stability and durability for the entire frame. The Hydrolite lining in the interior provides 360-degree coverage. The rubber lining keeps the sunglasses in place. The Fantail model includes a Lifetime Warranty.

Comes with a durable Costa Del Mar Case
Comfortable nylon frame design to keep the glasses secured on your face
Hydrolite™ rubber lining is durable and keeps the sunglasses from slipping
Lifetime Warranty offered for manufacturing defects
Polarized 580G Lightwave lenses are perfect in eliminating glare, and provides very precise definition

It is quite expensive

3. Costa Del Mar Blackfin Polarized Sunglasses

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The Costa Del Mar Blackfin is not only intended for fishing, but you can also wear it even during a casual walk. The black frame is sleek, and it fits your face perfectly, while the polarized lenses provide optimum performance, so you can view your surroundings, without affecting your vision.

Just like other polarized sunglasses, it can reduce the glare. It is one of the important features since glare can cause eye strain and migraines, particularly during summer. You will love how durable these sunglasses are. It comes with a nice carrying case and a soft cloth to clean them, so it won’t scratch.

Stylish and perform at its best that will make you look fabulous during your fishing adventure, and even on a casual walk.
Your line of sight will not be affected by anything since the glasses has incredible peripheral vision.
With glare reduction features, and getting rid of the primary cause for eye strain and headache.
The lenses made of a scratch resistant material so that you can use them for a long time.
Included in the package are carrying case and a soft cloth.

The sunglasses are a little bit smaller on the side. But others don’t mind it at all.
Some users say that the sunglasses may become fog a bit, making them less perfect when the weather is not okay.

4. Hulislem Blade Sport Polarized Sunglasses -Case Color May Vary

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The Hulislem Blade is the last pair of sunglasses that we will review. It is probably the one that you need. It has durable design at very affordable price. The price is somewhat similar to Oakley, but there are some that are on sale. It has lightweight polycarbonate frame that you almost forgot you have sunglasses on. It is important that you wear lightweight sunglasses during fishing, so it will not weigh you down.

The lenses have UV 400 mirror flash coating which limits the exposure of your eyes to the amount of light. This type of coating also makes sure that no light of wavelength 400 nanometers or lower will reach your eyes. The UV light range with a wavelength less than 400 nanometers can cause damage to the eyes.

These sunglasses have stress resistant o matter frames to withstand whatever you dish out to it. Each of the lenses has a polaric ellipsoid geometry so that you will have better depth perception, clarity and color contrast. It also has rimless jacket frame for better lower vision field. The lenses also have Accu-Tint coloring system thus you will see things around you accurately, and your vision is enhanced.

Affordably priced.
Light frame and very durable.
Reliable UV protection.
Traditional styling.

Light can bleed in behind the glasses.
Nose pads are stuck in place.
Won’t be a good fit for everyone.


All the mentioned products here possess the qualities a perfect polarized should have. They only differ on the price and some additional accessories included in the package. Like the Costa Del Mar Blackfin and Fantail, they come with a nice carrying case and a soft cloth. Costa Del Mar also includes a lifetime warranty. If you find our best polarized sunglasses for fishing review helpful to you, feel free to share it with others.

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