The Best Surf Fishing Rod Buying Guide

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Are you having problems with your surf fishing rod? Maybe you have purchased the wrong one. Here are things you need to consider and tips on choosing the right surf fishing rod for the particular type of shore fishing. Included in this post are the five best surf fishing rods available in the market.

Use surf rods when fishing from a rocky shoreline. It has two essential functions – one is to get a baited hook from the farthest distance, and two, to pull the fish back in, amidst the breaking waves, to the shore. Thus surf rod is built for power and distance.

Tips on Choosing a Surf Rod


The available range of surf rods is from 9 to 14 feet in length. The length is a vital factor to consider and depends on the angler’s physical ability. For shorter anglers, you should find a rod with the shorter end of the spectrum for convenience and comfort during surf fishing. The length is the most important element that will contribute to the casting distance. Length is essential when surf fishing because the objective is to present the lure or bait past the breaking waves. Also, the larger the species of fish the anglers are targeting, the bigger the rod is needed as it can survive more leverage. The rod with 10 to 12 feet long is the suggested length for most anglers. (


Another important factor to consider is the power of the surf rod. The power is the strength of the rod or its lifting capability and may vary from light to heavy. Most anglers prefer a medium-heavy type of surf fishing rod. This kind of fishing bar will display the most versatile option for most anglers. Also, choose the one with a suitable line. The heavy the strength of the rod the better it will perform with heavier line. The risk of breaking is higher in a lighter line. (


The action refers to the taper or bend of the rod under pressure. The rod with fast action bends nearer the tip, while the one with slow action bends from the center. The bending and tapering are vital when it comes to casting distance. The fast tip rod will provide better casting distance and is ideal when fishing lures in the surf. The fast action rod is ideal for rigs with a single hook. The slower – medium action surf rods are perfect for treble hooks since they don’t require the setting power of single hooks. (

Real Seats and Handles

Most anglers overlook the importance of reel seats and handles. The reel seats should have a non-corrosive material like graphite. Although metal alloy reel seats are not that bad, it might corrode over time. The handles are quite long, which is vital for the two-hand casting method used to throw bait with some distance over the powerful waves. The handles are made from foam or cork and are just a matter of preference for the angler when deciding which surf rod to choose. A high-quality graphite reel seat is the best option. (

For Live Bait

Live bait fishing requires a medium-fast action and a somewhat stiff tip surf fishing rod. Since this type of angling involves heavy sinkers and big baits the mentioned features are needed. You should not use rods with soft tips since it may tend to bend too much to provide the best casting distance and sturdiest hook set.

For Lures

For the purpose of casting lures, you need a rod with a medium-fast to fast action surf fishing rod since it provides the tip speed to lash the smaller baits longer distance.

Top 5 Best Surf Fishing Rod

1. Penn Prevail Surf Spinning Rod

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Penn Prevail rod has two-piece graphite composite blank that makes it both highly durable and lightweight. The superb balance and lightness of this rod enable anglers to fish for a longer period, and the graphite makes it easy to heavy lures easy to handle and catches large fish quickly. It has woven carbon fiber as an outer covering to protect the fishing rod banks and the fishing guide.

Penn Prevail Surf fishing rod has smooth stainless steel guides having aluminum oxide inserts which make it ideal for both braid and monofilament fishing lines to slide through enabling for easy, untroubled reeling. The aluminum oxide and stainless steel composition make it resistant to saltwater erosion which makes it very durable. This rod makes the guide perfect for all type of fishing and offshore angling, particularly in saltwater. The handle is made of rubber shrink tube for optimum comfort and a steady hold even when wet.

Comfortable handle that maintains grip even when wet
Durable and can hold heavy lures and fish
Steel guides with aluminum oxide inserts that protect it from salt water erosion
Very sensitive to even the slightest pulls from fish
With carbon fiber outer covering to protect it against damage

Tend to become sensitive which result to premature hook-set makes the angler to miss the fish.
Very stiff.

2. Okuma Graphite Longitude Surf Fishing Rods

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Okuma Longitude Surf Fishing Rods is a durable rod and reel combo and has been tried and tested for optimal performance. All the fishing gears are of high-quality materials. It’s because of this why anglers depend on products manufactured by Okuma. The Okuma Longitude is 10-foot rod ideal for surf fishing and is lightweight, extremely sensitive and well-balanced because of its durable fiberglass. Its EVA grip is very comfortable to handle and prevents it from slipping out on wet hands.

The Okuma Longitude has size 80 spinning reel ideal for catching stingrays, small sharks and other fish found in the surf. It has single ball bearing for accurate and smooth casts, and you will love how fast the reel can retrieve the line. Can hold up to 260 yards of 25-pound line, you can catch even those hiding in the rough surf. The rod is sensitive enough to alert you even a slight nudge of fish on the line so you can start reeling it. Okuma is priced to fit most budgets.

Its 10-foot rod is durable and flexible
Tested for reliability
Has large high-performance spinning reel provides accurate and smooth casting in the surf.
Fish will never swim away from your bait because of its comfortable and sensitive design.
Convenient and easy to use.
At an affordable price.

The rod can become stiff when it is your first cast but will improve after continued use.
This type of reel is not ideal for smaller saltwater fish.

3. Daiwa BFSF1202HRB Beefstick SurfCast Rod

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The Daiwa BFSF1202HRB Beefstick this rod is designed to withstand the pressure. It does not matter if you are using mono or braid, you will love the incredible strength and sturdiness engineered into every model. It has solid 2-piece heavy-framed fiberglass blank, very durable ceramic guides. It has stainless reel seat with EVA grip. Because of its rugged and robust fiberglass blanks, it is durable enough to withstand the pressure. Plus an attractive and quality hardware finish. The conventional rods have hard-chromed stainless guides. The reel is 12 ft, line weight is 20 to 40 pounds and can handle 1 to 10 oz. lure.

Heavy-mounted, cut-proof Ceramic guides
Quality, Stainless-hooded composite reel seat
Rubber butt cap
Super-strong tubular fiberglass blank

The rods are heavier as compared to other graphite rods.

4. Tica UEHA Series Surf Fishing Rod

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The Tica UEHA is designed mainly for casting in the surf and has a durable construction that is strong enough to reel in perch and salmon. The rod has sturdy graphite which is flexible and lightweight. It enables the rod to bend without breaking. The titanium ring guides ensure that it is well rigged. It is also resistant to rust and corrosion, which a common problem when fishing in salt water.

The black graphite construction provides a sleek and elegant look. The dark color likewise won’t scare any nearby fish. The aluminum tip and silver titanium ring guides provide stylish appeal and make it easy to handle. It is also resistant to corrosion from salt water. The reel seat likewise has durable graphite, and your hands will love the black cork tape on the handle. It provides a comfortable grip and prevents it from slipping.

Made of lightweight construction that is durable and flexible
The rubber grip is comfortable to handle, and you will appreciate its convenient two piece design.
Help you save from buying other fishing gear if you surf fishing on the east and west coasts.
It features a stylish and sleek design which makes it comfortable to use.
It includes a 30-day guarantee.

There is a tendency that the tip may break off under pressure.
Since this is a medium action surf fishing rod, you may feel sluggish when casting.

5. Tsunami Airwave Elite Surf Spin Fishing Rod 1102M

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This Tsunami Airwave Elite includes surf, inshore, jigging, and blue water models. It has eight two-piece spinning rods that range from 8 feet, 8 inches to 11 feet, 4 inches. The Tsunami Airwave features its F’3 Friction Fit Ferrule, which has a smooth sanded ferrule. This lightweight and well-balanced medium action surf rod weigh 15 to 30 lbs. Very comfortable to fish with because of its thin, vinyl butt and fore grip as well as Fuji reel seat. The lure weighs 1 to 4 oz, but you will not have any trouble tossing it.

You can comfortably fish 11- footer for a longer period without fatigue and pain.
Stronger, lighter and more powerful high-performance fishing rod
With stylish design that anglers will surely love
Well-balanced medium action surf rod
With smooth sanded ferrule
Can survive the waves and pressure when surf fishing.

Not recommended for smaller fishes

Final Words

Among the five best surf fishing rod featured above, we think that Penn Prevail Surf fishing rod is a good choice. It possesses all the ideal qualities a surf fishing rod should have. We consider Okuma as the second best. If you find this review helpful to you, you can share this post to your friends and relatives who are into fishing.

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