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How To Sharpen Ice Auger Blades With Best Sharpeners?

Do you want to know how to sharpen ice auger blades? Then, you are in the right place. Today, we will show you step-by-step process to sharpen the ice auger blades. So, you can learn the easy to follow a process from our blog and apply it to shape your blades too!

​The ice auger blades become dull after some months. Therefore, this is important to sharp getting a good result. Moreover, this is more important to do it in a right way. Otherwise, it may be damaged because you approach with the wrong way. Or, you might also become injured sharpening the blades.

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Things you need to sharp Ice Auger Blades

​There are so many things that you may need to sharp the ice auger blades. You need to have the things for complete the process. Otherwise, you may not be able to shape it properly.

  • Blade Removal Kit
  • An Appropriate Blade Sharper

Note: Depending on your choice, you can use different types of blade sharpeners for your blade. This is a good idea to read the manual instruction for a recommended tool for sharpening. Otherwise, you can go for any random sharpener for your blade.

​Step By Step Tutorial on How to Sharpen Ice Auger Blades

​We will give you step by step instruction to sharpen ice auger blades. Our tutorial will teach you quickly and safely. Therefore, you can trust on our steps and follow later. However, you need to do it exactly what we are going to describe. Otherwise, you may not get the appropriate result that you are looking.

​Step-1: Remove the blades
​Firstly, you need to remove the blades from the ice auger. This is important to remove for working. You can get a blade removal with your ice auger. So, use the tool to remove the blades.

​Don’t try to sharpen when the blades are attached with the ice auger. This can injury you very badly. Moreover, this will not sharp the blades properly.

Remove the blades

Step-2: Place the Sharpener Tool on the blade

​Choosing the right sharpener tool for your blade is significant. Therefore, you should read the user manual properly for selecting the blade sharpener.

​Some companies recommend a special type of sharper for good result. So, you should always use the sharpener tool for your blade. Otherwise, you may not get a good result.

​You need to place the tool on the beveled-edge side of the blade. The side needs to be sharpened.

Note: If your ice auger does not recommend any sharpener tool, you can use any of the tools we recommend later in the instructions.

​Step-3: Slide the Tool

Have you placed the sharper on the beveled edge of the blade properly? Then, this is time to start sharpening your blade.

​You need to slide the tool in one direction. Make sure to hold the tool at 90-degree direction. You should slide the tool in one direction only. Using back and forth direction will never sharpen your blade properly.

​Note: You should always give light pressure when sliding the tool. Otherwise, it can not only damage the blade but also cause injury. So, you should always apply light pressure instead of heavy pressure.

​Step-4: Perform Several Passes

​You need to perform several passes in order to sharpen your blade. The blade will conform to the tool’s angle when it becomes fully sharp.

​Until that moment, you need to perform sliding the tool against the blade. Moreover, you should not stop sliding at the middle of the blade. You should finish one slide throughout the blade before stopping.

​Step-5: Reassemble the Ice Auger

​As soon as your sharpening is completed, you can reassemble the ice auger. You need to use the assembly kits to reassemble the blade.

​You should know how to reassemble the ice auger properly. If you are a beginner, you should remember the process how you have removed the blade. Or, you can also take help from the user manual instruction book.

Top 3 Ice Auger Blade Sharpers

​1. Strike Master Ice Augers Lazer Deluxe Ice Auger Sharpener

This is one of the best ice auger sharpeners in the market. This is a compact and easy to use tool for sharpening the blade. The tool is small enough to adjust on your pocket too!

​It is a carbide-tipped sharpening tool for sharpening any model of ice augers. You need to remove the blades from the machine and place the tool on the blade. Then, simply slide the tool. Follow several times to complete your sharpening!

Check on Amazon

2. Byer Outdoor Gear 235 All In 1 Sharpener

This is an all-in-one sharper. This is a plastic made sharpener for different types of tools. You can adjust the angles in order to get an exact edge. Therefore, this is easy to fix the edge for sharpening ice auger, game shear, hatchet and many other tools.

​This is only 6.25-inch orange kit. There is also a thumb rest for getting more control for sharpening. In short, this is a safe and effective kit for sharpening the blade.

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​3. Accu Sharp 007 AugerSharp Ice Auger Sharpener

​This is an effective ice auger sharpener. It comes with a diamond honed tungsten carbide blade for sharpening properly and quickly.

​There is also an orange finger guard in order to protect you from any kind of injury. The kit is also easy to use and clean. You can use soap and water for cleaning the kit after use.


​Now you can sharpen your ice auger blade properly. Follow our step by step process properly to shape your blade. You should always be careful when sliding the sharpener tool. Otherwise, it can cause serious injury too.

​So, follow our steps and finish your sharpening. Don’t you know the best ice auger blade sharpener? Then, you can also choose from our best recommendations too! They are the best for sharpening the blades and give you a perfect edge. Do you have any question? Feel free to ask through the comment box!

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