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The 15 Best Rash Guard Bjj of October 2021

These rash guards for BJJ are pretty awesome. And they provide all types of BENEFITS FOR FIGHTERS and ATHLETES alike.

It goes without saying that the demand for such compression wear is increasing every year. When that happens, supply grows too. In that case, manufacturers are constantly trying to produce the coolest BJJ rash guards.

For that reason, what I’ve done is shortlisted the 10 best rash guards you can buy in 2021. The goal is to save you from getting lost in that avalanche of both more recent and old products.

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If you’re crazy about BJJ, there’s no chance you won’t feel the same about these 10 BJJ rash guards.


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So here’s an option that doesn’t get sidelined for any possible reason. It’s the Elite Sports Star Short Sleeve Compression BJJ Rash Guard. The product is designed for a broad field of sports. This includes BJJ, kickboxing, cross-training, and surfing. Yeah, that’s right!

The material you’re dealing with here has been subjected to antifungal and antimicrobial treatment. Meaning there’s no need to bother your mind with unhygienic bacterial growth.

The presence of flatlock stitching is not the only praiseworthy design element. The materials used for construction are spandex and polyester. Now that’s worth noting too, isn’t it? Especially if durability is important to you!

The Elite Sports Star Short Sleeve Compression BJJ Rash Guard has graphics printed on it. Despite that, eliminate worries such as the graphics peeling, fading, or cracking. They don’t even cause any sort of skin irritation. So comfortable wear is a huge part of the experience!

The garment is equipped with anti-slip quality bands. These are located on the sleeves and waist. And they go a long way in preventing the clothing from riding up.

So what’s the moral of the story here? That the Elite Sports BJJ Rash Guard boosts recovery and performance. The compression fabric makes way for better blood circulation. And additionally, the honeycomb material in the back and underarm region adds strength. Lots to like about the current pick, am I right?

The Elite Sports BJJ Rash Guard features a top quality polyester and spandex blend. That brings forth maximum longevity and flexibility. Two of the most important factors when buying a BJJ rash guard. Or any other form of physical training as a matter of fact.

I would have liked the compression wear even more if it had a deeper V-shaped neck. Because that constricted feeling is no good during practice sessions and competitions.

Panels are tightly stitched for optimal compression.
Reinforced, wide hem keeps the guard from riding up.
Moisture control capacity is excellent.
V-neck is too high.


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The brand recommends buying a size up. That’s how much they value fit and comfort. So expect just that from the Tesla Men’s Long Sleeve T-ShirtBaselayer Cool Dry Compression Top. It has a high-quality spandex and polyester material construction. Like most of the other top-rated BJJ rash guards on the competitive level.

What’s more about this fabric is that it enjoys non-abrasion properties. So durability and elasticity benefit the most from this kind of a design. You’ll be quite relieved and surprised to know that the fabric has the ability expand. In order to keep the surface dry throughout the training session!

Even breathability along with ventilation are factors that don’t let you down. Heat dissipation is quite commendable in here. And so is the comfortable fit.

But what’s unique and hard to come across is the 3-D geometrical engineered pattern. To state in simple words, the 3-D structure prioritizes comfort along with free movement. And to be honest, this should be the reason to sway you in the direction of the Tesla-made rash guard.

When a polyester/spandex rash guard offers great elasticity, what is the one thing that stands out? The ability to facilitate full-range movements! Apart from the longevity of course. So are you prepared to handle that?

Tesla strongly suggests you order a size up. But I strongly advise you to go 2x higher. That means if you’re an S, opt for an L. Only then will you be able to swear by the comfortable fit.

Compression material is thick yet breathable.
​Sweat-absorbent capacity is high.
Longer length allows you to tuck it in.
Sizing is a bit tricky.


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This Hayabusa Rash Guard appears on every list of the best rash guard BJJ. If you don’t believe, please feel free to check it out. The compression shirt has a top quality elastane and polyester combination construction.

At the same time, it also features titanium fibers responsible for bringing two advantages into the picture. The first has a lot to do with antibacterial properties. While the second encourages thermoregulation!

But that’s not all. The manufacturer decided to add silicone banding as well. This is found in the inner region. To lock the garment down without maximum shifting! Your level of BJJ performance can be the highest, it doesn’t matter. The athletic shirt has the strength to withstand anything.

It doesn’t falter when it comes to optimizing body temperature. So maintaining muscle function is expected. Then there’s the breathable compression feature that supports circulation. And the best part is that the Hayabusa Rash Guard meets professional standards. So it’s time to gear up for your next competition!

I have to point out that this compression wear is equipped with phenomenal fabric technologies. So you the door to thermoregulation, flexibility, comfort, and longevity is wide open.

If you prefer basic looking rash guards without any fancy decals or popping of colors, you’re in the right place. But if you don’t, then you’re in the wrong one. This Hayabusa Rash Guard has a very simple design.

Fit doesn’t let you down.
​Extra length with band prevents the guard from riding up and untucking.
Quality and durability are standout factors.
Material is too thin.
Minimal design does not look visually appealing.


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So here’s the long sleeve version of the top pick. The brand offers the same compression BJJ rash guard in three different styles. These include star short sleeve, long sleeve, and standard short sleeve. The first one I have already reviewed. The second one I’m reviewing right now. And the third one you’ll find further down.

Moving on, the Elite Sports Full Long Sleeve Compression BJJ Rash Guard provides the same kind of features. It can be used for multiple sporting activities. Such as boxing, cross-training, MMA, kickboxing, and BJJ.

The fact that it has been subjected to antifungal and antimicrobial treatment says a lot about quality. As for comfort, there’s the perfect blend of spandex and polyester. Along with remarkable flatlock stitching! This guarantees durability as well.

And what’s more are the anti-slip sleeve and waistbands. These keep the compression wear from rolling and riding up. So don’t expect anything less than superior comfort when you put on any Elite Sports rash guard.

Would you believe me if I said that this pick boosts recovery and performance? Believe it or not, it’s true. The compression fabric improves blood flow. And that, in turn, promotes faster recovery and better performance.

What do experts say about buying the best rash guard BJJ with graphics or decals printed on it? That they just look good without possessing the ability to last. So, to be honest, it’s not any different in this case too.

Honeycomb panels add strength.
​Sizing couldn’t be more accurate.
Appropriate elasticity is a part of the deal.
Graphics tend to wear out.


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As you can see, I have listed this as the best all-purpose BJJ rash guard. So what do you think I mean by that? It simply conveys that the Sanabul Essentials Rash Guard is designed for more than just BJJ. You can wear the garment for surfing and other outdoor activities too. Isn’t that amazing!

Anyway, now let’s talk about design. Its completely sublimated graphics are infused into the material. That means they don’t peel, fade, or cause skin irritation. The graduated compression element in the torso and arms is installed for one reason only. To improve your blood flow across the muscles!

What about heat dispersion? For that, Sanabul has designed the underarm with ventilated mesh. On top of that, there’s the antimicrobial treatment that reduces fungal and bacterial growth. So the chances of infection growth and distribution get eliminated. Even when you come in contact with your opponent or training partner.

Now here’s a feature that the other rash guards discussed so far don’t come with. UV protection! So this is the road to understanding why the Sanabul Essentials Rash Guard is suitable for surfing. And other outdoor activities as well, apart from BJJ of course!

Not only is the current option high-performing, it’s plenty affordable too. Getting your hands on good quality, great features, and affordability is quite a rare occasion. So you need to cherish it while it lasts.

What if I tell you that the Sanabul Essentials Rash Guard bleeds color when it comes in contact with water? Now, this can be water present in the washing machine. Or your sweat and moisture from the training session. The only good news here is that it eventually stops.

Compression fit is very snug all over.
​Ventilated mesh material underarm initiates heat dissipation.
Built to withstand heavy sessions with many sparring partners.
Neck is a bit too high and tight.
Color bleeds during wash, but only for the first few times.


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Now here’s why you would want to buy the Legend Rash Guards Rash Guard for Men Compression & Base Layer Shirt. It is built using an incredibly soft and breathable material. So this takes care of sweat management. Along with comfort!

But there’s more to be taken care of other than sweat. Rash guards are built to endure all types of physical training sessions. These include cycling, running, hiking, and the like. In that case, you’ll appreciate the strength of this compression wear.

It even offers UV protection to keep your skin safe against the harmful rays of the sun.

Moving on to the fit, there are no complaints in that department. The excellent blend of spandex and nylon keeps the muscles strong and fluid. Such a structure offers the ideal sleek fit, which is something that many BJJ enthusiasts desire.

When compared to a Gi, this rash guard is comparatively more flexible and softer. Plus, it doesn’t have any flashy branding across the chest area. That means you get to beat down your opponent in style.

It sounds like a relief to find out that this rash guard offers maximum protection. Especially against mat burns that are often a part of MMA and BJJ.

Once you run your hands over the material, doubts about quality take form. And I’m saying this because that’s exactly how I felt. The quality of the Legend Rash Guards Rash Guard does seem a bit dicey.

Fabric is lightweight yet extremely durable.
​Sun protection is a remarkable bonus.
Fit is snug with minimal wrinkles and folds.
Quality is questionable.


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Here’s another praiseworthy option manufactured by Elite Sports. This one ranks as the best BJJ rash guard with short sleeves. And don’t think that you can’t wear it for any other workout. Because that’s not true! Cross-training, kickboxing, MMA, boxing, and surfing are all included here.

The company doesn’t neglect the possibility of bacteria buildup. And the proof of that is the antifungal and antimicrobial nature of the guard. On the other hand, the proof of strength and durability is the presence of flatlock stitching. Along with the use of spandex and polyester!

As for the graphics, they are fully sublimated. Meaning they don’t peel, fade, or crack. Or even irritate the skin duringa workout. So a comfortable experience is what you’re looking at here. The kind that also improves blood flow! Thanks to the use of exceptional compression material.

Apart from boosting recovery and performance, what else do you get? A stylish design responsible for making you look like a pro at what you do.

So the labels come off. I have already mentioned this in the previous Elite Sports review. So it’s a problem with all such compression wear manufactured by the brand.

Anti-slip sleeve and waistbands prevent the guard from bunching up.
​Sweat-trapping capacity is quite high.
Flatlock stitching is a durable component.
The labels peel off with time.


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If you buy the Meister Rush Long-Sleeve Rash Guard, you’ll find no similarities between it and any other pick. The fit is so comfortable and sleek you know it’s designed for athletes. And as far as creating a base layer is concerned, there’s nothing better out there.

The use of top quality fabric combination determines durability and comfort. I’m sure you would agree. So that’s what you get with the spandex and nylon blend. The thing moves in accordance with the body. That means your mobility struggles with zero restriction.

At the same time, this best rash guard BJJ protects the skin. Against what exactly you might be wondering. It keeps your skin from experiencing chafing or burns. If you’ve been into BJJ long enough, you know how common those are.

Furthermore, you might also value the inner rubberized waistband. This liner is necessary for keeping the compression wear’s waistline stable. In order to eliminate ride-up.

So, believe me, you won’t take too long to switch to the Meister Rush Long-Sleeve Rash Guard as your go-to option. For all types of physical training sessions!

Let’s get to the point right away. The material combination, in this case, comes with great advantages. The most important one being flexibility. So you can enjoy a complete range of movement. Without any restrictions!

Let’s say that you wear the large size. So if you decide to buy this pick, you’ll obviously choose a large. But that would be wrong. Even large feels very small.

Rubber waistband holds the guard in place when grappling.
​Silver logo/lettering is reflective for visibility.
Good quality material and construction for durability.
Sizing is not accurate.


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The last one on the list is the first that offers such appealing visuals. If you’re not interested in buying any of the nine options discussed above because of the way they look, here’s a solution. The VERUS Rash Guards MMA Grappling JiuJitsu Training Gear is not like them. It’s the best rash guard BJJ alright. But, at the same time, it adds more color to your workout outfit.

Enough with the physical appearance though, let’s find out what more is worth noting. This best rash guard BJJ is designed using two materials. The first is top quality, soft, and lightweight polyester. And the second fabric is durable, 4-way spandex. Polyester is what brings comfort into the mix. While spandex contributes to elasticity, flexibility, and durability.

The addition of rubber band and ergonomic seams in the waist region is another point to highlight. As it helps in maintaining the position of the gear!

Overall, the VERUS Rash Guards MMA Grappling JiuJitsu Training Gear provides complete protection. Against cuts, rashes, and scrapes! And isn’t that the whole point of buying the best rash guard BJJ?

Unmatched protection against common injuries associated with BJJ, MMA, and the like. It’s the best way I would like to describe the VERUS Rash Guards JiuJitsu Training Gear.

So what if the sizing is inaccurate? This seems like a common problem with most rash guards. All you have to do is order a size or two up.

Polyester/spandex blend is comfortable and stretchy.
​Protection against scrapes and cuts is noteworthy.
Dry tech properties eliminate moisture and sweat throughout.
Sizes fit small

The End

My Choice: Elite Sport Star Short Sleeve Compression Bjj Rash Guard
If you plan on training with the best rash guard BJJ, you know what to pick. Choosing anyone out of the 10 options offers plenty of benefits. To make your session more enjoyable! So it all depends on your personal preferences and taste.

But if you want me to suggest the ultimate pick, here it is. The Elite Sports Star Short Sleeve Compression BJJ Rash Guard.

Its graphics don’t peel, fade, or crack. On top of that, the compression fabric enables better blood circulation and faster recovery. Then there are the antifungal and antimicrobial properties that help in maintaining hygiene. So you have every reason to want to buy something like this.

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