The Best 20 Fun Challenges To Do With Friends: #8 Is The Most Popular!


Be a part of the most nonsensical activity just because you think it’s fun to do. Nobody’s ever watching, except your buddies. And they’re not going to judge you because they’re a part of the stupid game as well. So let’s talk about the 20 fun challenges to do with friends.

Doing crazy stuff like this is not only a great way out of boredom, but it’s fun too. You can create new memories with your friends or family members by indulging in such activities.

Some are incredibly creative in nature while the others are plain senseless. But it doesn’t matter as long as you’re having fun with your friends. So let’s get started!

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20 Fun Challenges to Do With Friends

#1 Whisper Challenge


What you need for this; noise-cancelling headset and pieces of paper with phrases written on them. Place those headphones on your friend’s ears before blasting the music loud. Then you select a phrase and tell it to your friend. Since he or she can’t hear you but can only read your lips, guessing the correct answer will be quite funny.

You can go with phrases like “holy guacamole” or “fuggedaboutit.”

#2 Egg Drop Challenge

Most people have done this in school, but that doesn’t mean you can’t do it now. This does constitute as one of the most creative out of the 20 fun challenges to do with friends.

The activity requires paper towels, straws, newspaper, paper, tape, and raw eggs. You and your buddies have to build a sort of structure for the raw egg in less than only a few minutes. Following which you go to the second floor of any building and drop that egg. Whoever’s egg survives the drop wins!

#3 Oreo Challenge

Now, this is fun and delicious. You might need tons of Oreos for this. The goal is to fit as many Oreos as you can in your mouth. Chilling with friends and Oreos at the same time is never going to be boring again, ever!

#4 Pizza Challenge


The pizza challenge ranks the highest when it comes to fun challenges to do with friends at a sleepover. Order an entire delicious pizza pie from your favorite pizza place. Each person participating in the challenge should be able to eat the whole pie in only one sitting.

The friend who finishes the pizza first, wins this challenge. And anyone who throws up along the way ceases to be a part of the game.

#5 Food Tasting Challenge

Here, you get two options. The first one is when you blindfold participants and the second challenge also requires you to block their sense of smell. If you’re not taking part in the game, then you can gather all the different types of food items together. Include fun dishes like hot sauce, pop rocks, various kinds of cheese, jerky, etc. (Food appearance and smell influence taste)

For the nose-less version of the challenge, you can use a clothespin to block the sense of smell. Your friends will put on the blindfold and try to guess the name of the food by tasting it. And when playing just with the blindfold, they don’t need to eat the food. Sniffing like a dog sounds perfect.

#6 Makeup without Mirror Challenge

There’s nothing more fun than having your friends look cartoon-like. The makeup without mirror challenge is quite a goofy activity to indulge in when you have nothing else to do.

First, you blindfold a friend and gather some makeup items like eyeliner, blush, eye shadow, and lipstick. Feel free to add more contents if you like. Then this friend turns into a makeup artist and tries to apply makeup on another friend’s face.

With nothing visible, the result can turn out to be quite scary and hilarious.

#7 Ice Bath Challenge

If there were an article about the 20 fun challenges to do with friends in the summer, this one would top the list. For the challenge, all that you need to do is get into a kiddie pool or bathtub. And don’t forget to fill it with ice and water.

Another thing that you should probably remember is to keep towels at your disposal. You might need them more than anything else in the world after performing the challenge.

But this is not the Ice Bucket Challenge. The one listed below is the real Ice Bucket Challenge.

#8 Ice Bucket Challenge

If you’ve not heard about the ice bucket challenge, then it means that you’ve only just come back from another planet. So tell me, how was the journey to the center of the moon or another galaxy entirely?

Let me tell you about it anyway. You need a bucket that has some water with lots of ice. Another requirement is a friend that will do the honor of turning the bucket upside down on your head.

The best place to perform the challenge is your backyard or driveway. And if it’s wintertime, there’s nothing more challenging than doing something like this.

Bathing suit or regular clothes; doesn’t matter. Just make sure that you a pair of dry clothes with some towels to warm you up after you complete the challenge.

Donald Trump ALS Ice Bucket Challenge

#9 Cinnamon Challenge

When food is involved, the game can get incredibly fun, at least for others to watch. You should know that there’s a reason why we lightly sprinkle cinnamon on different kinds of foods. That’s because the flavor is too overpowering. So consuming as little as even one tbsp of cinnamon is easier said than done.

The goal is to have all of that without drinking liquids. But you should know that cinnamon tends to leave an unpleasant burning sensation. So think twice before trying it out.

#10 Lemon Challenge


Out of the 20 fun challenges to do with friends, this is the sourest one. It’s quite simple though. Cut some lemons and challenge your friends to eat as many as they can. And mind you, things might get extremely sour.

#11 Chubby Bunny Challenge

It’s also known as the marshmallow eating contest. Stuff marshmallows in your mouth and try to say these words “chubby bunny.” It might be easy for you to say that with a few marshmallows in your mouth. But as the number keeps increasing, the more you’ll realize that you’re about to lose.

#12 Powdered Donut Challenge

Who doesn’t love donuts, right? Now there are chances that you might not if you fail at completing the challenge without barfing.

This one’s for all powdered donut lovers! The objective is to eat as many as five powdered donuts. If you do it before the other participants within five minutes without drinking anything, you win.

Powdered Donut Challenge

#13 Accent Challenge

It’s pretty self-explanatory, isn’t it? Write down several accents on pieces of paper. Tell your friend to hold one sheet over his or her head while another person tries to do that accent.

You can make the activity more fun by including Southern accents, Cockney accents, Californian accents, Bostonian accents, and the like. You should play such a game to uplift your mood as it brings joy and laughter back into your life.

#14 Pickle Challenge

If you love pickles, then you should go for this! But let me warn you, the challenge can get highly disgusting as well. But that just means more fun, doesn’t it?

You and your precious buddies have to finish an entire jar of pickles in less than 15 minutes. Whoever finishes first or the most number of pickles in that time frame wins the challenge. Every challenge to do at home list raves about how great and fun the pickle challenge is. So you’ve got to try it too!

#15 Say Anything Challenge


In this case, the more the participants, the better the game. Say any word that pops into your head. And the next player will have to come up with a word that starts with the last letter of your word. The rule here is not to wait for more than a second to utter the word.

If you take more than one second, then you get punished for it. The punishment is scotch tape on the face. In the end, the person who has the least amount of scotch tape wins. And the game ends once everybody runs out of words to say in less than a second.

#16 Saltine Challenge

Yes, another food challenge. After all, there are so many food items that we can use to challenge our friends with. The activity involves eating as many saltines as you and your friends can in less than 60 seconds.

You have to eat them one at a time, and you’re allowed to drink water. Since saltines are dry, consuming them in large numbers can be quite challenging. (Are saltines healthy?)

#17 7-Second Challenge

When playing with a group of friends, you assign seven tasks to each other and try to complete them in under seven seconds. It does seem like a simple activity, doesn’t it? But seven seconds is not a long period of time.

7 Second Challenge With Miranda Sings | Zoella

#18 Dizzy Challenge

You don’t need 20 fun challenges to do with friends when you’re bored. To have a good time with them, this one’s more than enough. You repeatedly spin on a spot until the dizziness kicks in. And as soon as you stop, you have to carry out a task.

Have all your friends do this and see who wins! Nobody might win, but the game will make you laugh pretty hard.

#19 Internet Slang Challenge

You think you and your friends know everything? Time to find out! Get all the internet slangs ready and try to guess the full forms of as many as you can. You might be surprised at how much you and your friends don’t know.

#20 Try Not To Laugh or Smile Challenge

The whole point is not to laugh or grin. Here’s where the participants can get as creative, spontaneous, and funny as they like. You can make the game more fun by keeping some water in your mouth. (The science of laughter)

Feel free to watch funny videos on YouTube or listen to silly audio clips as well. Let’s see to what extent you can control your laughter.

That’s a Wrap!

So these are the top 20 fun challenges to do with friends. Most of them are challenges to do with food. And that’s because there are many challenging food items to consume at one go. The best of all is the pickle challenge. So don’t forget to try it at home!

Have you ever performed the popular ice bucket challenge? And did you and your friends enjoy it? I’m sure there’s a lot that you would like to share such moments with your buddies.

So did you like the ideas discussed in the article? Is there any other fun challenge that you want to add here?

Please let me know in the comments section below. Thank you for dropping by!

Have a fun day!

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